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									                                          42th SOUTHINGTON APPLE HARVEST FESTIVAL

                                          Apple Harvest Festival Committee
                                          P.O. Box 907
                                          Southington, CT 06489

                    2010 AHF BOOTH APPLICATION
                                  1st Weekend Oct 1-3, 2010
                                 Friday, October 1   5 pm- 9 pm
                                 Saturday, October 2 9 am- 9 pm
                                 Sunday, October 3 12 pm -7 pm

                                  2nd Weekend Oct 8-10, 2010
                                 Friday, October 8   5 pm- 9 pm
                                 Saturday, October 9 9 am- 9 pm
                                 Sunday, October 10 12 pm– 5 pm

                        MUSIC, FOOD AND FUN
                   Please return the application and application fee
                       ALL DATES IN APPLICATION ARE FIRM

                    DEADLINE July 16 2010 to the address above.
                                        (Form Updated Mar 2010)

Southington Apple Harvest 2010                                               Page 1 of 7
                                         BOOTH APPLICATION 2010
                                    (Please enter information into gray boxes if completing using MS Word)

CONTACT NAME(1 vendor per Application):
STREET/P.O. Box:                                                              EVENING (after 5pm):
TOWN:                                                                         DAYTIME PHONE:
STATE:                                                                        CELL PHONE:
ZIP:                                                                          FAX PHONE:
COMMERCIAL:             Social Security #                        or Federal ID#
NON PROFIT: (Church, School Civic, etc): State Tax Exempt #
TYPE of CONCESSION (check one)
      Non-Profit Food                       Food                                                 Services
     Non-Profit Exhibit                  Merchandise                                        Other enter:
There is a Limit two (2) food products per vendor. Food products are exclusive and preference will be given to previous year’s
participants. No beverages are allowed to be sold. Hot Coffee or tea must have prior approval due to vendors selling just
coffee or tea. If you are not a participant of the festival as a listed food vendor you will not be allowed to sell food. Remember
to apply for Health Permit at the Southington Town Hall by Sept 15!
FEES Payment MUST be sent along with completed pages 2, 3, 4 & Insurance Cert.(if available)
                                         Commercial Assessment $ 800.00
                                         (Does not apply to Non Profit groups)
                                                  Festival Surcharge $ 400.00
          (Applies to all Groups for Electricity, Grounds, & Sanitation services)
                                             Tent fee or Trailer fee $
                                                                  (from Page 3)
                                                                  Counters $
                                                                  (from Page 3)
                                                 Tables/Poles/Sides $
                                                                  (from Page 3)
                                                     Special electrical $
                                                   (Over than 110v see Page 4)
                                   TOTAL APPLICATION FEE $
I/WE understand that this application is subject to approval by the Apple Harvest Festival Committee, which has the sole
authority to accept or reject any vendor, food item, product or promotional materials to be sold or distributed. You will be
provided with a copy of the accepted application. In consideration of the promotion, advertisement, and coordination of the
Apple Harvest Festival sponsored by The Town of Southington, the undersigned agrees to conform to all terms, standards and
rules listed on this application, and to the penalties for non-compliance as set forth in this application. I/We also understand
and agree that the organization I/we represent takes responsibility for any and all damages to our organization’s booths.

Printed Name of Authorized Signature                 Authorized Signature of Business                              Date

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:              ACCEPTED:            Yes             No           Payment Amount Included: $
Insurance certificate Received Date:
Apple Harvest Festival Authorization Name:                                                                     Date

     Southington Apple Harvest 2010                                                                          Page 2 of 7
CONTACT NAME(1 vendor per Application):
STREET/P.O. Box:                                              EVENING (after 5pm):
TOWN:                                                         DAYTIME PHONE:
STATE:                                                        CELL PHONE:
ZIP:                                                          FAX PHONE:
TENTS(s) Please note, booths on or immediately around the town green can be max size of 10x10.
   Number         Size            Cost per Unit
                  10 x 10         $ 350.00
                  10 x 20         $ 600.00
                  15 x 15         $ 475.00    (call for availablity 1st)
                  20 x 20         $ 575.00    (call for availabilty 1st)

                  Number of Extension poles $10 per pole

       Window Sides add $50          Solid Sides (included/no charge)

COUNTERS Front counter skirting is included

  Number of       Size        Cost per Unit      Placement in booth (check all that apply)
                  10 x 10     $ 40.00                front           left side           right side          rear
                  15 x 15     $ 55.00                front           left side           right side          rear
                  20 x 20     $ 65.00                front           left side           right side          rear
                  NONE NEEDED

  $               TOTAL COUNTER FEE
                  Number of tables @ $10.00 per table.       Size of table is 8’ x 30”
                  NONE NEEDED (vendors can bring own)
  $               TOTAL TABLE FEE
TRAILER Please provide ALL THREE of the dimensions. Measurements must include any awnings, hitches and
anything else that may affect size. ALSO include a photo or sketch showing doors, hitches, and selling points of
your trailer/unit for placement determination. Your trailer or unit is subject to approval by the Apple Harvest
Festival Committee.          Height             Length                     Width

  $               TOTAL TRAILER FEE           ($10 per foot in length for every foot over 12 ft.)

Special needs of tents or trailers?

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                  BOOTH - ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 2010
CONTACT NAME(1 vendor per Application):
STREET/P.O. Box:                                                  EVENING (after 5pm):
TOWN:                                                             DAYTIME PHONE:
STATE:                                                            CELL PHONE:
ZIP:                                                              FAX PHONE:
   1. No electric heaters. Stoves or fryolators must be propane fired.
   2. No electric fixtures, appliances, etc. other than approved lights will be used without permission and special
       wiring by the Festival electricians. Light bulbs must be rubber coated.
   3. Extension cords must be ground fault and can be a maximum of 100ft. and must be heavy duty #10 or
   4. All booths will unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances each night after closing.
   5. Tent lighting is included

                                  110V (included in the $400 festival Surcharge Fee)
                                  208V (select Amperage below)      208V cost is $10 per 10A

                                              10A           30A            50A              70A            90A
$           TOTAL 208V FEE
                                              20A           40A            60A              80A            100A

    Optionally list items that need power or if you have any questions:

    Southington Apple Harvest 2010                                                       Page 4 of 7
Southington Apple Harvest Festival Information


The Application FEE and the three Application Forms (Booth Application, Booth Tent/Trailer and Electrical
Requirements) must be received no later than July 16, 2010. Checks should be made payable to
the “Town of Southington / AHF”. Please Mail Check, Pages 2-4, and Insurance Certificate if Available
        Apple Harvest Festival Committee - Booth
        P.O. Box 907
        Southington, Ct 06489

Preferential consideration for booth space will be given to non-profit organizations and will be given on a
first come first serve basis as well as previous Festival participation. Decisions will be at the discretion of the
Apple Harvest Festival Committee whose decision will be final. If the Festival committee does not select
your entity for vending participation all payments will be returned to you. We will make every effort to
accommodate your booth location however we reserve the right to change location up to the day of the

Non-Profit Organizations
To qualify as a non-profit, the organization must be a civic, fraternal, church, social service, school or school
organization with a non-profit status and tax-exempt number.

Commercial Business Food and Non–Food Fee
There will be $800 commercial assessment fee in addition to other fees and surcharges specified in this

The Town of Southington must be listed on your current insurance policy as “Additional Insured”. Minimum
liability insurance coverage must be $1,000,000 combined single limit. A COPY OF YOUR CERTIFICATE OF

Health Permits & Inspection $50.00 at Town Hall; Inspection: 3:00pm FRIDAY OCT 1ST
All food booths must apply for a health permit with the Health Department of the Town of Southington
prior to September 15th. The Town of Southington will assess each commercial vendor a $50 permit fee.
Non Profit will not be assessed $ 50 but must apply. Permits will be given after the health inspection on the
opening day of the festival. We ask that all food vendors be ready for 3pm on Friday October 2nd. Health
permits are only valid for food items listed on this application and the health permit. Selling of any other
food items is not authorized by the Town of Southington.

Tents/Booths               Setup can begin Wed evening Sept 29 to Friday Oct 1 by 3:00 pm
Vendors using tents must use tents supplied by the Festival. Tents will include solid sides, an electrical
hook-up according to vendor specification, and front counter skirting, if used. Cost of tent will be
determined by size. Counters and/or tables will require an additional fee as well as windows in tents.
Location of tent is allocated based on size and electrical needs. Tents positioned on or near the Town Green
can only be 10 x 10 or 10 x 20. Every effort will be made by The Apple Harvest Festival Committee to
assign tent location based on previous years’ locations; however, there is no guarantee.

Patron Seating
Tables and chairs provided by the Apple Harvest Festival are solely for the use of customers. Vendors may
bring chairs and tables for breaks or sitting areas or purchase them in the application. Please do not take
any tables and chairs. Should a need arise, contact a committee member who is happy to accommodate

Southington Apple Harvest 2010                                                             Page 5 of 7
Trailers         Setup can begin Thursday SEPT 30 to Friday Oct 2 by 3:00 pm
Trailers over 12 ft. long will be charged $10 per foot for every foot over 12 feet. Total trailer measurements
include all signs, awnings and non-movable hitches or anything else that adds to the length. Total cost of
larger trailers and fees for special requirements will be the responsibility of the vendor and must accompany
application. Location of trailer is allocated based on size and electrical needs and will be communicated at
arrival. Previous participants are not guaranteed previous space. Please note due to traffic regulations
trailers located on the street may have to be moved should the police department determine the need. The
Festival Committee will do its best to prevent and limit moving of trailers once in place.

General Booth Rules
1. All booths and trailers must be set up and ready for Health & Fire Inspectors by 3:00 pm on
   the first Friday, October 1, 2010.
2. All booths and trailers agree to conform to the Southington Fire Department’s “STANDARDS
   FOR TEMPORARY BOOTHS AT CARNIVALS FAIRS, ETC” during the Festival dates. Current
   standards will be sent upon vendor approval, but are subject to change. You will be provided
   with a copy of any changes when The Apple Harvest Committee receives them.
3. All booths must have a working fire extinguisher with up-to-date inspection tag.
4. You are not allowed to nail or staple into canvas, tents and counters. Dismantling of any part
   of your booth is strictly prohibited. Any alterations needed to your booth must be indicated on
   your application. Your organization is responsible for any and all damage to your booth.
5. All booths should be open during the official dates and hours of the Festival which are as
   follows. Changes in schedule due to weather will be posted on our website at
   www.southington.org Select Apple Harvest Festival from Left List
                      1st Weekend
                      Friday, October 1, 2010   5pm-9pm
                      Saturday, October 2, 2010 9am-9pm
                      Sunday, October 3, 2010 12pm-7pm
                      2nd Weekend
                      Friday, October 8, 2010    5pm-9pm
                      Saturday, October 9, 2010 9am-9pm
                      Sunday, October 10, 2010 12pm–5pm

6. The official hours are subject to change at the discretion of the Apple Harvest Committee. In
    the event of inclement weather, The Apple Harvest Festival Committee, whose decision shall
    be final, will determine early closings or late openings. No refund or fee adjustment will be
    given for closing due to inclement weather.
7. No helium balloons or other articles that use helium shall be sold or given out at any booth.
8. Use of alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs is prohibited by any festival vendors or
9. Parking in the municipal lot behind Abby Park is allowed for vehicles with Festival parking pass.
    No parking is allowed on closed streets surrounding the Town Green.
10. No parking is allowed on either side of Riccio Way during official Festival hours. Parked cars
    will be towed at owner’s expense. A special loading/unloading zone will be designated on Main
    Street for temporary parking.
11. Absolutely no obstacles (i.e. signs, boxes) will be allowed outside booths, except garbage cans.
12. All booths must be emptied and cleaned by 8:00am Monday, October 11
13. No other items, except those approved, may be sold from booths (i.e. raffles, novelties, etc.)
14. It is the responsibility of the vendor to arrange his line of patrons, so other vendors and main
    pedestrian traffic ways are not affected.
15. There will be transportation provided by the apple harvest committee to bring food in as
    needed while the festival is running.

Southington Apple Harvest 2010                                                         Page 6 of 7
Food Booth Rules
1. No open charcoal fires are allowed.
2. All food booths on grass on the Town Green must use a plywood or pallet flooring provided by
   the vendor and removed at the end of the Festival.
3. Water for sanitation, cleaning or other Health Dept. regulations must be provided and disposed
   of properly by the vendor.
4. Absolutely no booths will do business prior to the opening on Friday, October 1 at 5pm.
5. Each booth is responsible for emptying their trash barrels into the large dumpsters
   provided by the Festival both during the day and at the close of each night. Do not dump
   garbage into common Festival garbage barrels.
6. All Food Booths and trailers must have two trash barrels with lids.
8. Disposing of any materials in the storm drains is strictly prohibited.


          Deadline                  Activity
          July 16                   Send Application with
                                      - Check with TOTAL Fee Amount (all $$ Fees, Tents, Trailers Electricity)
                                      - 3 pages of Completed Booth Forms on Pages 2-4
                                      - Optionally include Insurance Certificate
          August 1                  Insurance Certificate Must be Sent by Aug 1
                                     (Town of Southington listed at $1 million)
          Sept 15                   Apply for Health Permit at Town Hall on Main St across from Green

          Sept 28-30                Committee coordinates Tent & Electric Setup

          Sept 29 Wed.              Booth Setup and Residency can begin by Vendors
          SEPT 30 Thursday          Trailer Placement and Setup begins by Vendors

          Oct 1 3:00 pm             Setup for all Booths completed
                                    Booth Inspection at Festival
          Oct 1-10                  ENJOY two Weekends!

          Oct 11 9am                Vendors dismantle; All Trash in supplied Dumpsters
                                    Leave as clean as you found it please.
                                    See you next year!

We look forward to a great festival. If you have any questions please call or write!

Apple Harvest Festival Booth Chairperson: Rodney Ragucci
Email: Rodney Ragucci Rodney@ctairtemp.com       (email address changed)

Apple Festival Committee
P.O. Box 907
Southington, CT 06489
Email: AHFestival@Southington.org
Web Site: www.southington.org
Information Line: 860-276-8461

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