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					                                                Oregon State Capitol Foundation
 Summer Newsletter                                                                                 Volume 10, Number 2
 June 2010

     Inside this                                                State Capitol State Park
                                            The State Capitol State Park is spring-    experience when they visit the Capitol
New Board Member ................... 2    ing back to life. Blossoming trees and       and surrounding park. He says, “This
Pacific Wonderland Plates ........ 2      flowers provide backdrops for spectacu-      should be the epitome of what Oregon is
Thank You for Your Support ..... 3
Become a Capitol Friend........... 3
                                          lar photographs. Sunshine highlights         all about. It should be a showcase…a
Capitol Connections.................. 4   Oregon’s past from its many historical       place where people feel proud to bring
                                          monuments. The open spaces, water fea-       visitors.”
                                          tures and resident squirrels provide good,
                                          old fashioned fun. The park is one of
                                          Oregon’s many treasures.

                                            The parks around the State Capitol have
                                          long existed. However, Senate Bill 632,
                                          passed in the 2007 legislative session,
                                          officially designated those grounds as the
                                          State Capitol State Park. The legislation
                                          transferred park management responsibil-
                                          ity from Department of Administrative          Capitol Fountain during Cherry Blossom time.
                                          Services to Oregon Parks and Recreation        Photo courtesy of Robin Maxey.
This newsletter is a quarterly            Department. The bill also created a park
publication of the Oregon State
                                          manager position, transferred three            The State Capitol State Park covers
Capitol Foundation (OSCF).
                                          groundskeeper positions and directed         three city blocks of the Capitol Mall
The OSCF is a tax exempt
                                          construction of permanent restrooms to       area. A variety of trees and plants grow
organization dedicated to
preserving and enhancing the              replace unsightly portable toilets.          throughout the park, including a rose
historical integrity of the Oregon                                                     garden and a planter that spells out
                                          Groundskeepers now look more like park
State Capitol.
                                          rangers with uniforms and badges that        “Oregon” using shrubs. There are over
                                          identify themselves more easily to visi-     70 different tree species creating an ar-
 Frank Brawner, Scott Burgess,
 and Debbie Lowery                        tors. The parks & recreation department      boretum character. One Douglas fir was
                                          is also working with a stakeholders group    grown from a seed carried to the moon
                                          to develop guidelines for future planning    by Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa in
       Oregon State                                                                    1971 and was transplanted to the Capitol
     Capitol Foundation                   and management of the Capitol grounds.
                                                                                       in 1976 from Oregon State University.
900 Court Street NE, Rm 140A
                                            Jim Bader, State Capitol State Park        There are 36 memorial trees on the
Salem OR 97301
                                          Manager, said his goal is to maintain and    Capitol grounds. The most recent was
Phone: 503-986-1388
Fax: 503-9861684                          preserve the character of the grounds.       dedicated on May 26, 2010, in honor of
                                          Jim wants park visitors to have an “awe”     former state Senator Lenn Hannon.
 The grounds west of the Capitol,       blossom time and from Memorial              Pacific Wonderland
formerly referred to as Willson         Day to Labor Day. The Wall of
Park, were named for Salem foun-        Water, added in 1990, has 22 noz-
                                                                                    Plates Prove Popular
der William H. Willson. From            zles which shoot water 12 feet into
1853 to 1965 it was a Salem city        the air into a plaza that also has         As of May 1, over 3,400 of the
park until the state took it over.      stone plaques listing information        classic, limited-edition Pacific
These grounds feature the Breyman       about each of Oregon’s county            Wonderland license plates have
Brothers Fountain at the far west       seats. Oregon Parks and Recrea-          been sold. The total revenue gener-
end of the park, added in 1904 as a     tion improved the functionality and      ated from the sales so far is
memorial to Werner and Eugene           safety of the Wall of Water foun-        $340,300. Of that amount,
Breyman; the Waite Fountain do-         tain by installing an automated dis-     $165,070 goes back to Department
nated in 1907 in honor of business-     infectant system. The grounds also       of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for start-
man E.M. Waite; a gazebo built in       include a peace pole donated by the      up costs. The remaining revenue
1982; the Capitol beaver family         Society of Prayer for World Peace,       will be evenly split between the
added in 1985; and a Parade of          and a large boulder from the Ore-        Oregon State Capitol Foundation
Animals sculpture built in 1991.        gon Trail.                               and Oregon Historical Society. Or-
In 2005, the Oregon State Capitol                                                ganizations will receive their first
Foundation (OSCF) dedicated the           The Oregon State Capitol Park          checks sometime this month.
Walk of Flags featuring flags from      has much to offer all its visitors. It
all 50 states. In 2009, the Tribal      is indeed an Oregon treasure.
Flags Monument was added which
displays the nine flags of Oregon's       Capitol grounds can be reserved
federally recognized Native Ameri-      for weddings, concerts and other
can tribes. Near the west entrance      activities free of charge. For more
of the Capitol is a replica of the      information, call 503-947-3247.
Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

  The former Capitol Park, east of           New Board Member
the building, features the Circuit               Welcomed
Rider statue by A. Phimister Proc-                                                 It is expected that sales will in-
tor added in 1924 as a monument to                                               crease over the summer as license
early preachers; statues of John          Representative Matt Wingard            plates are marketed at car shows
McLoughlin and Jason Lee by Gif-        was appointed to the OSCF Board          and other popular venues.
ford Proctor; and portions of the       on March 17, 2010, to replace Rep.
Corinthian columns from the sec-        Deborah Boone who had served on           To purchase a plate, you can go to
ond Capitol building. A memorial        the board since April 2007. He was       any DMV office or download ap-
to Oregon’s Medal of Honor recipi-      elected to the Oregon State Legisla-     plication forms on DMV’s website
ents, situated around the base of the   ture in 2008. Rep. Wingard was a         and get the plates by mail at: http://
U.S. flag in front of the Capitol,      television reporter in Yakima and
includes 13 pillars of granite and      served as a congressional aide to
bronze plaques with images and          U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings from Cen-           At the time of purchase, you pay
medal citations for each recipient.     tral Washington State. In 2001, he       a one-time surcharge of $100 per
                                        worked as a committee administra-        set of plates, in addition to the
  Other park features are the Capi-     tor for the Oregon State Legislature     DMV's standard $23 plate fee and
tol Fountain and the Wall of Water      before starting his own consulting       regular registration fee. Pacific
located across Court Street from the    company. Rep. Wingard is an              Wonderland plates are unique be-
Capitol’s main entrance. The Capi-      Aloha High School graduate and           cause unlike other special Oregon
tol Fountain, which had not oper-       received a broadcast journalism          plates, you will not be charged any
ated for years, has been turned on      degree at the University of South-       additional fees when you need to
again and operates during cherry        ern California. ■                        renew your registration. ■
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                                                 Oregon State Capitol Foundation

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                                                                                                                                                Page 3
 900 Court Street NE, Rm 140A
       Salem OR 97301


                                                         Capitol Connections
     Board of Directors
                                                                    In Memoriam
      Frank Brawner, Chair
                                 Former State Senator Lenn Hannon, 66, died April 1 at his home in Salem. Hannon
    Fred VanNatta, Vice Chair
                                 was the longest-serving legislator in modern times, representing the district that cov-
     Senator Jason Atkinson
                                 ered Ashland and much of the southern portion of Jackson County from 1974-2004.
     Senator Betsy Johnson       Born in Roseburg on the fourth of July, 1943, he spent most of his life in Ashland.
     Senator Joanne Verger       Hannon worked for the city of Ashland street department and later as an independent
   Representative Vicki Berger   insurance agent. His political career began as a Democrat in 1974 when he defeated
    Representative Brian Clem    incumbent Republican Lynn Newbry by 37 votes. In 1980, Hannon switched to the
   Representative Matt Wingard   Republican Party, making him one of seven Republicans in the 30-member Senate. In
          Sandra Allen           2003, in an unusual power-sharing agreement, he became co-leader of the Senate.
                                 Hannon ended his legislative career in 2004 when he accepted a seat on the State
           Frankie Bell
                                 Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. He resigned from the board in Septem-
      Kathryn Boe-Duncan
                                 ber 2005 due to health problems. Hannon is survived by his wife Dixie, five children
           Jane Cease            and 12 grandchildren.
          Herb Colomb
          Verne Duncan           Ed Westerdahl, 74, former aide to Gov. Tom McCall, died April 8 at his home in
         Paul Hanneman           Palm Springs, California. He earned a degree from Portland State University in 1962
           Ginny Lang            and became the first graduate to sit on the state Board of Higher Education from 1971
          Bill Markham           -75. Westerdahl was a 28-year-old lobbyist for Portland General Electric when he
                                 managed Tom McCall’s 1964 campaign for secretary of state. Two years later, he
        Anthony Meeker
                                 managed McCall’s successful bid for governor and became the governor’s top aide.
           Denny Miles           Westerdahl became the first director of the state executive department in May 1969.
            Fred Neal            He left state government after McCall’s reelection in 1970 to become general man-
          Norma Paulus           ager for the Port of Portland. Four years later, he joined John Pihas and Ron Schmidt
          Annette Price          to form a public relations firm. Westerdahl was president of Metra Steel, one of fore-
           Norm Smith            runners of Schnitzer Steel Products (1978) and owner of High Reach from Northwest
        Gerry Thompson           Marine Iron Works. He acquired Service Steel in Portland (1983), transferring man-
         Gary Wilhelms           agement to his son, Edward III. Westerdahl is survived by his wife Lynda, four chil-
                                 dren and numerous grandchildren.

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