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Startup Budgeting


Startup Budgeting document sample

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									                                                   T OM S NOOK
                   PO Box 661044  Miami, FL 33266  305-281-7165 

                 EXECUTIVE / CONSULTANT in Information Technology/Project Management
        Results-focused technology leader equipped with an M.B.A. and 15 years of experience as a CTO/CIO.
          Proactive change agent and problem solver adept at devising creative solutions to complex issues.
          Assertive team builder with a track record of motivating top performers to exceed aggressive goals.
                Visionary business partner capable of guiding entrepreneurial ventures to profitability.


-   Technology Architecture/Integration       -   Project Management                   -   Profit/Loss Responsibility
-   High-Speed Networking                     -   Startup Operations                   -   Budgeting
-   High-Definition Video Conferencing        -   Internal Consulting                  -   Cost Control
-   International Technology Partnerships     -   Strategic Analysis                   -   Proposal Preparation
-   Data Center Configuration                 -   Organization/Staff Development       -   Grant Writing/Fund Raising
-   Global IT Delivery                        -   Conflict Resolution                  -   Public Speaking/Presentations


2010 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders Award
“Innovative Use of High-Speed Networking for Education” Governor, State of Florida, 2008
“IDEA Award for Innovative Use of High-Speed Networking for Interactive Music Education” Internet2, 2006


Chief Technology Officer, NEW WORLD SYMPHONY, Miami Beach, FL, 1995 to Present
Provides executive leadership as head of IT, managing all aspects of strategic IT planning, budgeting, design,
implementation, and support as they pertain to the business plan. Directs high-speed global networking and new
technology development activities. Drives efforts to build rapport and credibility with department heads.
 Spearheaded the transformation of IT into a strategic business partner and orchestrated the on-time, within-budget
  delivery of multiple large-scale projects, including the introduction and integration of new technologies, such as VoIP,
  Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and Internet2.
 Slashed hardware costs 60% via virtualization. Cut networking and telephone costs by 90% and 23%, respectively,
  by deploying dark fiber. Reduced energy costs 40% by moving servers to a cloud environment. Trimmed cost of
  operations 22% through the introduction of high-definition video conferencing, which eliminated the need for travel.
 Championed national and international collaborations, employing ultra-high-speed fiber networking over Internet2
  and affiliate global networks to facilitate interactive distance music education.
 Designed the technology infrastructure, including 17+ miles of internal 10 Gigabit fiber, for the new Frank Gehry
  music education campus, which is scheduled to open on South Beach in January 2011.
 Was awarded $350,000 in grants from the National Science Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts to
  fund a high-speed fiber network.
 Established an innovative eight-year workshop that assisted 150+ international institutions in maximizing the benefits
  of high-speed networking and upgraded technology.
 Served as a guest lecturer, speaker, and panelist on visualization, cloud computing, network security, high-speed
  networking, and advanced video conferencing at business, educational, and university conferences throughout the
  US, South America, and Europe.


Master of Business Administration, University of Maryland          Bachelor of Arts-Psychology, American University

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