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					  ExEcutivE Summary
              SEEd GrantS
for outrEach and intErnational activitiES
        nEw initiativES ProGram

                                 August 1, 2009
The Seed Grants for Outreach and International Activities Program began in 2001 to give life to bold new ideas
in outreach and international programs. To date, the program has funded 118 projects with over one million dol-
lars which has generated $19 million in external funding. The program has launched innovative educational and
research programs in every college and school across the university. As a demonstration of the program’s value,
the Deans provided a dollar-for-dollar match on all ten successful projects in 2008 despite declining resources.
The program is a cost-effective means of fulfilling the university’s mission in engagement and internationalization
– two areas that are critical to UC Davis’ tradition as a land grant institution and current reputation as a tier-one
global research university.

miSSion and mEtricS of SuccESS
Our mission is to support innovative new programs in the areas of outreach and international programs to: ad-
vance knowledge, enrich student learning and help solve society’s most pressing problems. To date, we have sup-
ported 118 new and creative programs related to: a) University Outreach (continuing, distance, and lifelong learn-
ing, and academic engagement with the broader society), or b) International Programs (international research,
educational, and outreach programs).

We measure the success of the program according to the following criteria.

1)     Return on Investment
2)     Advancement of the University’s Mission
3)     The Global Reach of the Seed Grant Program
4)     Impact Across the University
5)     Valuable New Partnerships

Return on Investment
Total seed grant funding of over $1,000,000 has generated $19,000,000 in external funds. The program is a cost-
effective pathway for creating external funds for the university.

Advancement of the University’s Mission
The seed grant program has significantly contributed to the university’s mission in the areas of outreach and in-
ternational programs.

                                        The seed grant program has played a critical role in expanding research
                                        funding and collaborations for UC Davis. Seed funds allowed Key Dewey,
                                        for instance, to convene a group of leading researchers from many coun-
                                        tries to draft a successful multi-million dollar research proposal from the
                                        Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at reducing malnutrition in Af-
                                        rica. Similarly, Roberto Sainz established a Brazil-U.S. Consortium involv-
                                        ing UC Davis, Cornell University,
Kay Dewey                               and benchmark universities in
                                        Brazil focusing on nutrition and
ruminant livestock. Modest seed grant funding also helped Ed Taylor
obtain $1,150,000 in external funding for work in research, training, and
outreach on rural economics in Mexico. According to Ed Taylor, “the seed
grant not only provided critical funding but also leverage to secure new
funds by demonstrating a UC Davis commitment to the project.”                                          Roberto Sainz
                                          Seed grant funding has also helped many junior faculty launch their re-
                                          search and outreach projects. Cary Trexler’s research trip to Viet Nam
                                          resulted in his larger grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
                                          and a prestigious Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to Vietnam in 2008-09.
                                          Li Zhang’s seed grant project on the increasing popularity of psychother-
                                          apy in urban China supported her successful Guggenheim fellowship
                                          application, enabling her to take time off from teaching for one year to
                                          pursue her research full time. Kathryn DeRiemer’s project on ‘Tools for
                                          Disease Forecasting’, a collaboration with Fudan University in Shanghai,
                                          China led to a $700,000 grant from Fogarty International Center Nation-
                           Cary Trexler
                                          al Institutes of Health for ‘UC Davis-China Infectious Diseases Research
                                          Training’ program.

The program has contributed to curricular development and has benefit-
ed both graduate and undergraduate students in many disciplines. The
Africanists Initiative in 2005, for instance, provided funding for more
than a dozen UC Davis graduate students in the social sciences, humani-
ties, and agriculture to pursue research and language training in Africa.
In 2007, a modest seed grant allowed Professor Robert Irwin in Spanish
to internationalize the Latin American Cultural Studies Program at UC
Davis. The program allowed an exchange of graduate students with a                                      Globe Theatre
leading university in Columbia combined with a new graduate seminar
in Cultural Studies Research offered as a real-time course with students in both universities participating. Profes-
sors Ahmet Palazoglu and Bob Powell, with the seed grant funding, began hosting graduate students from the
Middle East Technical University in Turkey (the leading scientific university in the Middle East) for research, a col-
laboration that may lead to the first joint Ph.D. program at UC Davis (pending approval of the current proposal).
UC Davis undergraduate theater students benefited from the opportunity to learn about the language and genius
of Shakespeare on the Globe Theater stage in London. All of these rich learning experiences were made possible
by the Seed Grants for Outreach and International Activities program.

The seed grant program is an important mechanism for supporting this
critical aspect of the university mission. One-third of the seed grant proj-
ects involved local or global engagement. One key project led by Mike
Lawler of UC Davis Extension expanded the university’s engagement ef-
fort with local Native American tribes in California to support tribes on
a national level in building their own social welfare programs. As a re-
sult of the seed grant funding, the Tribal Temporary Assistance to Needy
Families (TANF) Program now serves 20 tribal governments nationally.
                                           Another project in the UC Davis                            Travis Lybbert
                                           Center for Biophotonics helped
                                           prepare under-represented high school students for careers in science.
                                           Travis Lybbert, a junior faculty member in Agricultural and Resource
                                           Economics, launched an innovative pocket PC-based mobile lab for field
                                           experiments to promote economic development in South India. Other
                                           programs helped extend the university’s engagement efforts in the hu-
                                           manities, agriculture, engineering, economics, social welfare, law, and
                      Tribal TANF Program  many other fields, both locally and globally.
                     Seed GRAntS foR oUtReAch And InteRnAtIonAl ActIvItIeS / new InItIAtIveS PRoGRAM
 Worldwide Impact

                                                             the Global Reach of the Seed Grant Program
        Europe          24
                                                             The program has supported research and educational
          15     Middle                      America         collaborations in 48 countries. Reflecting the univer-
                  East                         28
                   4                                         sity’s strong ties to Asia, one-quarter of the projects in-
      9                                                      volved China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, and other
                                                             Asian countries. The other projects involved partner-
                                                     16      ships and collaborations in Latin America, Europe,
                                                             North America, Africa, and the Middle East.
                    Multi-Regional Projects 22

Total Countries: 48

Impact Across the University
Over the last eight years, University Outreach
and International Programs, with the support
of the Deans, have funded projects in every
college and school. Over one-third of the
projects were in the College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences, one-third in Letters and
Science, and nearly ten percent in the College of

valuable new Partnerships
The program has helped faculty forge important external relationships with benchmark universities, government
agencies, industry, and other key organizations. Faculty have collaborated with leading universities around the
world, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Cambridge University, Middle East Technical University,
American University in Cairo, and Delhi University. In addition, UC Davis has expanded its partnerships with
governmental agencies (USAID, Fulbright, National Science Foundation), industry, non-governmental agencies,
cultural organizations, ethnic communities, and charitable foundations.

fundinG Summary
Initial start-up funding was provided by the former Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Bob Grey in the
amount of $450,000. The program has continued to the present with reserve funds from the Summer Sessions
reserve, matching funds from the Deans, and funding from donors. The program will be paused this fall due to
the university’s budgetary shortfall, although the program should be resumed in the fall 2010 with support from
the campus and donors.

In summary, the program has been successful in fulfilling its objectives and it offers a cost-effective method for
stimulating innovative projects that advance the university’s mission in the core areas of engagement and interna-
                                               Seed GRAnt AwARd SUMMARy

PRoPoSAl                                                                                                              PRIncIPAl
Program on Identity, Ethnicity and Citizenship in the Americas                                                        Thomas H. Holloway
Undergraduate Summer Session Course in International, Community-Based Assessment/Instructional Materials              Kenneth Brown
UCDHS International Resource Center for Telemedicine Program Development                                              Thomas S. Nesbitt
International Business Leadership Program                                                                             Albert Harrison
Values and Evaluating                                                                                                 Winder McConnell
Proposal for Start-Up Funding to Develop an Internship Program, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gender and    Judith Newton
Global Studies
Research and Education Collaboration with Universities in Turkey                                                      Bob Powell
Executive Leadership Institute for Educators: The 21st Century School Leader                                          Margaret Wilcox
Promoting Study Abroad                                                                                                Chris Reynolds
International Distance Learning Program: Wine Production                                                              James Lapsley
Initiative to Organize a Workshop in Legon, Ghana, West Africa: Re-Thinking the UC Davis African-American &           Jacob Olupona
African Studies' Outreach and International Programs in a Transatlantic Context
Development of a Proposal for a Joint US-Brazil Fipse-Capes Funded Program in Animal Science                          Roberto Sainz
Consortium for the Study of Asian Economics (CSAE)                                                                    Robert Feenstra
Scholars At Risk: A Pilot Program                                                                                     Beth Greenwood
Viet Nam Food Storage Capacity Project with Can Tho University                                                        Louis Grivetti
Promoting International Health at UC Davis - Builds on New Masters of Public Health                                   Marc Schenker
Binational Training, Research and Institutional Development for the Study of Economic Change and Sustainability in    J. Edward Taylor
Rural Mexico
Initiating a Collaborative Project with Zhejiang University in China on Non-Point Source Pollution in Hang Jia Hu     Minghua Zhang
Watershed in Zhejiang Province                                                                                        Randy Dahlgren
Build A New Partnership With Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Through a Research Collaboration On             Shu Geng
Water Resource Management
The Granada Television Relationship Expansion                                                                         Barbara Sellers-Young
Establishing an International, Cooperative Program for Graduate Education on Precision Agriculture for Reducing       D. Ken Giles
Pesticide Use in Danish and California Agriculture.
Collaborative Initiatives with American University in Beirut/American University in Cairo/Lebanese American Univer-   Suad Joseph
Latina/Latino Citizenships in the Americas: Concepts, Expressions and Practices                                       Ines Avila-Hernandez
International Collaborative Genetics Research Training Program                                                        Sergey Nuzhdin
Partnerships in Education and Research with Zhejiang University                                                       Patrick Brown
Border Academy 2003: Intimate Partner Violence in the Border Region                                                   Adela De La Torre
Develop a K-12 and Pre-service teacher education Program: Gender and Global Issues in the Classroom.                  Leslie Rabine
Exploring a New Paradigm for Agricultural Development: Lithuania                                                      Calvin O. Qualset
Integrated Planning & Design Education for Community & Regional Improvement                                           Randall Fleming
Cross-Cultural Research in Early Science Education and Children's Scientific Reasoning                                Zhe Chen
Pilot Cultural Training Program for UC Davis Students Enrolled in SSA, STPA and EAC Programs                          Jean-Xavier Guinard
Project CATEUS (Cooperative of Technological Applications for Teaching University: Physiology                         W.J. Weidner
Teaching The Teachers: The UC Spanish Literature AP Project                                                           Robert Blake
UC Davis Samara State University Partnership                                                                          Michael Lawler
Tourism Development Program                                                                                           Deborah Elliott-Fisk
                                                                                                                      Beth Greenwood
Can Tho University Partnerships                                                                                       James Hill
Expanding On-Site International Internship Development                                                                Linda Hughes
Vet AID                                                                                                               Lislie George
Biodiversity Research & Conservation in Southeast Asia: A Regional convention to Develop UC Davis Research Part-      Daniel Potter
nerships and Student Internships                                                                                      Jeanine Pfeiffer

                          Seed GRAntS foR oUtReAch And InteRnAtIonAl ActIvItIeS / new InItIAtIveS PRoGRAM
PRoPoSAl                                                                                                            PRIncIPAl
International Symposium with Ryukyus                                                                                Darrell Hamamoto
A Proposed Study to Determine the Market for an MS in Intercultural Relations at UC Davis                           Beth Greenwood
Undergraduate/High School Science Education Mentoring Project                                                       Pam Castori
International Post-Baccalaureate and Internship Exchange                                                            Margaret Swain
Housing and Community Development in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: From CA to Catalonia                             Robert Wiener
International Health and Cross-Cultural Medicine                                                                    Colleen Denny-Garamendi
                                                                                                                    Marc Schenker
International Activities Planning Workshop                                                                          Bernd Hamann
Strengthening the UC Davis and Can Tho Partnership                                                                  Cary Trexler
Collaboration between UC Davis and Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center                                  Roger Chetelat
Joint Exchange Graduate Training Program: UC Davis and University of Oslo, Norway                                   Gail Goodman
Pacific Rim Distance Education Exchange                                                                             Beth Greenwood
International Conference for the Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy                                     Alan Taylor
International Meeting of Sapotaceae Researchers                                                                     Daniel Potter
UC Davis -- Wageningen University Partnership Program in Plant Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Sciences,    Patrick Brown
and Environmental Sciences
Distance Learning and Postgraduate Degree Programs with the National University in Argentina in Environmental       Jerry Last
Engineering, Toxicology, Environmental Studies, and Public Health
Establishing Food Sensory Science Courses and Collaboration in Thailand                                             Michael O'Mahony
Africanists' Initiative                                                                                             Tim Caro
Development for UC Davis Extension and Alumni Association Programs in China                                         Shu Geng
Collaborative Agricultural Research and Development (CARD): Next Steps in the UC Davis and Can Tho University       James Hill
Research and Educational Collaboration with Middle East Technical University in Turkey                              Ahmet Palazoglu
                                                                                                                    Robert Powell
Development of a Postgraduate Exchange Between the Department of Theater & Dance, UC Davis, and the Shanghai        Lynette Hunter
Theatre Academy
Food Packaging Course at the Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture in University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka          Jatal Mannapperuma
Start-Up Funding to Develop a Visiting Scholars Program in Gender and Global Issues                                 Margaret Swain
Online Introductory Course in Animal Health Population Medicine                                                     Jan Ilkiw
The Davis-Freiburg Community Exploration Course                                                                     Frank Hirtz
Collaborative USA-Russia Training in Biology                                                                        Sergey Nuzhdin
Multimedia Case Studies for Social Welfare Training and Development                                                 Michael Lawler
UC Davis-Shakespeare's Globe Exchange Program                                                                       Peter Lichtenfels
International Cross Cultural Educational Collaboration to Improve Health Care                                       Michael Wilkes
Collaboration in Basic Experimental Fusion Science Research between UC Davis and Tsinghua University (PRC)          David Hwang
Opening of DHU-UC Davis Institute of Physics of Fibrous Soft Materials and A Symposium on Soft Matter Physics       Ning Pan
Defects, Surfaces, and Interfaces in Ceramics: a Collaboration with Brazil and Mexico                               Alexandra Navrotsky
UC Davis and University of Dar es Salaam graduate interaction initiative                                            Tim Caro
Child Protection From a Rights Perspective                                                                          Beth Ober
Linking South Asia and the Middle East                                                                              Suad Joseph
Development of Rapid Throughput Screening Methods for Commerical Commodities: A Joint UC Davis Aix-Marseille        Mathew Augustine
University Student Training Program
Exploring an Integrated Lab for Field Experiments in Economic Development                                           Travis Lybbert
Award for EAP student scholarships (matched by CAES 2 to 1) Authorized by Vice Provost Lacy via email dated         James Hill
01/10/2007. Available funds resulted from 2004-05 seed grant funding for the Wageningen U. project being returned
to UOIP on DOC 01-010990858, 1/16/07. Awarded to James Hill, Associate Dean, CA&ES.
PRoPoSAl                                                                                                              PRIncIPAl
Enhancing Rwanda research and technology transfer capacity to sustain increased productivity and competitiveness      James Hill
in food crops: A collaborative Effort of the Government of Rwanda and UC Davis
Feasibility of Flash-heated Breast Milk for Reduction of Maternal-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Tanzania            Caroline Chantry
UC Davis-METU OYP Collaboration                                                                                       Ahmet Palazoglu
Linking science and management in restoration projects: training students through a US-China collaboration            Valerie Eviner
Collaborative International Screening for Fragile X                                                                   Randi Hagerman
Understanding the Middle East and the West: A Professional Development Institute and Conference for California's      Alan Taylor
Classrooms and Communities
Technology Transfer and Engagement for Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Ghana                                  Johan Six
How to Effectively Implement a Tribal TANF Program Handbook for Native American Communities                           Michael Lawler
Back to the Roots: Exploring the Academic Initiatives of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences       Neal Van Alfen
Managing the Private Self: The Rise of Psychotherapy in Reform-Era China                                              Li Zhang
"Proposal for Partial Support of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities                                          John Rundle
2008 Symposium on Multihazards Around the Pacific Rim"
Regional Modeling of the Impact of Aerosols: Collaboration between UC Davis and Chengdu Science University,           Bryan C. Weare
Geomorphology and Microbes: A UC Davis Collaboration with Sichuan University and the Jiuzhaigou Park Authority, Joan Florsheim
Art of Regional Change                                                                                                Jonathan K. London
Integration of Information Technology into High School Curriculum                                                     Harry H. Cheng
Latin American Cultural Studies                                                                                       Robert McKee Irwin
2008 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE OPUS PROJECT                                                                         Mark Francis
Lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) to reduce malnutrition in Africa: Development of a proposal for the Bill and   Kathryn Dewey
Melinda Gates Foundation
Combining Agroecology and Anthropology to Address Andean Pest Outbreaks: A Collaborative Approach                     Jay Rosenheim
"Bilateral Collaborations in Chemical Biology: A Partnership Between UC Davis and Academia Sinica, Taiwan"            Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague
International Research and Education Collaboration with Tokyo University of Science                                   Yayoi Takamura
An International Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Lead Contamination in Traditional Foods among Mexican         James Grieshop
Migrants in the U.S. and Communities of Origin: The Contributions of Epidemiology, Anthropology, and Community
Marking the Bicentennial: Understanding the Legacy of European Rule in Latin America                                  Charles Walker
Advancing soil conservation research through enhanced stakeholder- researcher interaction in rural Honduras           Johan Six
"A Collaboration Program among UC Davis, Peking University (Beijing, China) and the                                   Tingrui Pan
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL; Lausanne, Switzerland)"
"FOCUS ON POSTHARVEST PRACTICES AND FOOD SAFETY ISSUES FOR SMALL SCALE                                                Marita Cantwell
Tools for Disease Forecasting                                                                                         Kathryn DeRiemer
Investigating the Establishment of a UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center in Chile                                      Kent J. Bradford
POINT-OF-CARE TESTING IN CAMBODIA, CHINA, AND INDONESIA                                                               Gerald J. Kost
Developing and Studying Academic and Adolescent Literacies In Partnership with Yolo and Sacramento County             Steven Athanases
Promoting Excellence: Creating a Coaching Curriculum for the Renaissance Scholars                                     Michael Lawler
Using Electronic Corpora to Develop New Models of Language Learning and Language Use                                  John Hawkins
Engaging Junior High School Girls in Science and Engineering Learning Paths via Female Air Quality Faculty Mentor- Anthony Wexler
UC Davis Program for International Energy Technologies                                                                Andy Hargadon
Rare-earth Nanomaterials and Their Applications in Biomaterial Science: a Collaboration with Peking University in     Gang-yu Liu
China under UC's 10 Plus 10 Alliance Program

                           Seed GRAntS foR oUtReAch And InteRnAtIonAl ActIvItIeS / new InItIAtIveS PRoGRAM
PRoPoSAl                                                                                                             PRIncIPAl
International Conference to Advance Education and Research Collaborations Concerning the Sensory Science and         Charles Shoemaker
Market Penetration of Quality Olive Oil
Linking Agricultural Livelihoods and Conservation Priorities in Costa Rica: Collaboration between UC Davis and the   Valerie Eviner
CATIE for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education
Seizing the Opportunity: Faculty Exchange Program with Brazil, Chile, and Peru                                       Charles Walker
Advancing tuberculosis detection and prevention to improve animal health, human health, and rural livelihoods in     Woutrina Miller
Africa: a partnership between UC Davis and Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Understanding Global Environmental Pollution through an Educational Exchange between UC Davis and City Uni-          Ronald Tjeerdema
versity of Hong Kong, China
Promoting Agricultural Outreach and Soil Fertility Improvement in Uganda                                             Kate Scow

                                                                                                            PRePARed by:
                                                                                                   Office of the Vice Provost
                                                                              University Outreach and International Programs
                                                                                                             August 1, 2009

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