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Shop Retail Manager


Shop Retail Manager document sample

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									                        COTSWOLD CARE HOSPICE

                                JOB DESCRIPTION

TITLE:                                                 Shop Manager

RESPONSIBLE TO:                                        Head of Retail

SALARY:                                     £7.81 per hour (£15,320 per annum)

HOURS OF WORK:                               Full-time 37.5 hrs - 5 days per week
                                               (including alternate Saturdays)
                                              33 days including 8 bank holidays


Cotswold Care Hospice has a network of Charity Shops throughout southern
Gloucestershire: the shops are managed by paid managers and staffed by
volunteers. The Manager of the shop is responsible for the day to day running
of the shop.

Main responsibilities will include:
 the line management of any deputy managers based in the shop;
 supervision of the volunteers working in the shop;
 the stock taking and monitoring of goods;
 the daily and weekly recording of income and expenditure;
 the management of the Gift Aid scheme within your shop ensuring the
  maintenance of accurate records;
 the maintenance of a friendly and welcoming environment for our
  customers; and
 to ensure the training of all staff and volunteers in the shop is up to date.


1)       To be responsible for the day to day running of the shop, including:-

              opening up and closing the shop, as the main key holder;
              ensuring the growth and maintenance of Cotswold Care Hospice
               Gift Aid data base;
              ensuring sufficient staff and volunteer cover at all times;
              ensuring that shelves and rails are fully stocked, and that all
               goods displayed are clean, attractively arranged and clearly
              ensuring that the shop maintains a clean and tidy appearance;
          ensuring that the shop is run in an efficient and cost effective
           manner so as to maximise the funds raised for the Cotswold Care
          ensuring that a friendly and helpful attitude to customers is
           displayed by all staff;
          Working to both financial and non-financial targets;
          Ensuring accurate and prompt reporting of all required financial
           and non-financial information using the relevant medium, both
           paperwork and electronic records.

2)   To be responsible for the reception and selection of goods for sale,

          keeping a stock record and monitoring goods received;
          establishing guidelines for the selection of goods for display;
          devising and implementing a competitive pricing policy;
          ensuring that valuable and collectable items are identified and

3)   To maintain a daily record of all income and expenditure (with receipts
     where appropriate) and to ensure that all takings are banked on a
     daily basis and that a small cash float is kept securely. To prepare
     weekly accounts for the Retail Manager. To complete all necessary
     electronic reporting both daily and weekly.

4)   To be responsible for the volunteers working in the shop, including:-

          recruiting volunteers as appropriate to ensure proper cover
           during the opening hours of the shop;
          devising and delivering training for volunteer staff;
          identifying training and development needs by means of regular
           job evaluation reviews;
          offering encouragement, support and advice for volunteer staff;
          encourage good staff working relationships.

5)   To ensure that all regulations are adhered to in respect of Health &
     Safety, electrical or mechanical goods, Trading Standards legislation,

6)   As a member of the Cotswold Care Hospice team, to promote the aims
     and objectives of Cotswold Care Hospice.

7)   To achieve weekly budgets to ensure the profitability of the shop.

8)   To manage and motivate the deputy management staff to include the
     completion of annual appraisals, as well as, regular updates on

The post holder will have demonstrable organisational skills and be able to
work on his/her own initiative. Management experience, if possible within the
retail industry, would be an advantage.

A reliable, experienced person with a sense of responsibility, the post holder
must show enthusiasm and capacity to motivate volunteer staff within an
innovative environment.

Experience of using computers generally and e-bay particularly would be an

The above job description may be subject to review, in agreement with the
post holder, to respond to future developments and demands of the service.

We the undersigned have reviewed the above job description and agree that it is
an accurate reflection of the requirements of the post.

Job Holder’s Signature:………………………………….


Line Manager’s Signature:………………………………

                                     COTSWOLD CARE HOSPICE

                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION
  The person specification should set out the qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge,
personal attributes, interests, other requirements which as post holder requires you to perform
                                   the job to a satisfactory level.
  Job Title:     Shop Manager

                                  ESSENTIAL                        DESIRABLE              METHOD OF
                      The qualities without which a      Extra qualities which can be     ASSESSMENT
                        post holder could not be           used to choose between
                               appointed                 candidates who meet all the
                                                                essential criteria
                     Good educational                 Evidence of experience working      Certificates
                     background                       in retail environment at a
   QUALIFICATIONS    Numerate                         supervisory level
                                                      Cash handling and
                                                      Bank procedures trained
                     Work in a team environment       Previous retail background
                     Shop work                        Working in the charity sector       Application
     EXPERIENCE      Till work                        Provision of customer services in      Form
                     Serving customers                a retail environment                 Interview
                     Customer liaison                 Lead others and make decisions      References
                     Stock processing                 To recognise sales potential
                                                      Achieving success against
                                                      financial targets
                                                      Implementing working
                                                      Previous direct management of
                                                      resources, staff and volunteers
                                                      On-going development of staff
                                                      (Assist) The drive and ability to
                                                      motivate and enthuse staff and
                                                      Recruiting volunteers
                                                      Organising and building a team
                                                      of volunteers
                                                      Understanding of issues related
                                                      to working with volunteers
        SKILLS       Helping to keep a shop running   Selecting, pricing, preparing and   Application
                     smoothly                         presenting donated stock               Form
                     Happy in a customer facing       Identifying opportunities to         Interview
                     role                             generate income                     References
                     Communication with               Acting as public face for the
                     customers                        Hospice
                     Good people skills               Encouraging public to donate
                                                      High standard in sales and
                                                      display area presentation
                                                      Ability to associate with
                                                      customers and volunteers

     KNOWLEDGE       Charity work                     Hospice work                        Application
   PERSONAL         Positively committed to             Confident to work on own             Application
   ATTRIBUTES       working in charity retail           initiative                              Form
 (Demonstrable)     Ability to work with the            Flexibility                           Interview
                    manager/deputy                      Creative                             References
                    Self-motivated                      Commitment
                    Enthusiastic approach               Committed to achieving high
                    Practical and Organised             retail standards
                                                        Courteous and polite
                                                        Ability to work within a team
                                                        (Supporting the manager in the
                                                        day to day running of the store)
      OTHER         To cope with hard, physical         Highly active/high energy levels     Application
 (Please Specify)   work – lift heavy or bulky items    Cope well under pressure                 Form
                    (To assume full responsibility in   Personable                            Interview
                    Manager’s absence)                  Undertake a hands-on role            Document
                    Prepared to work Saturdays          Create window displays                  Check
                    Work three days per week

Date Reviewed:           Feb 2011                       Reviewed By:             Head of Retail
Working in the Cotswold Care Charity Shop

Enjoy working as part of a team? Why not consider charity retail?

Working in a charity shop is often much more challenging than commercial
retail and being part of a team generating funds to help patients and their
families living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses – making a
difference to your community comes with its own rewards.

Working alongside an enthusiastic team of loyal volunteers, your role will be

There are two different employment opportunities within most Cotswold Care
shops, they are:

      Shop Manager and Deputy Manager

The Manager role assisted by the Deputy requires you to successfully motivate
staff and volunteers, and manage all available resources to the maximum
benefit of Cotswold Care, in terms of both income and public perception of
Cotswold Care as a charity.

This is a hands-on role involving the selection, pricing, and presentation of
donated stock and of course customer service. Working with the Retail
Manager, the shop employees should have the ability to realise sales targets,
recognise sales potential of items donated, identify opportunities to generate
income, and achieve maximum sales and profits.

Both the Manager and Deputy Manager roles require you to not only be the
public face of Cotswold Care at the payment counter, but to keep the sales
and display area to a high standard of presentation at all times. This involves
ensuring stock is correctly ticketed, priced, and well prepared for sale.

The ability to communicate with the public in a manner consistent with a
retail environment is essential. The ability to encourage the public to donate
saleable goods and ensure an adequate stock is available is desirable. You
will need to be numerate to a level that ensures correct cash register and
banking procedures are carried out.

Although not essential, previous retail or charity retail experience is beneficial.

A copy of the Manager’s job description is attached.
Cotswold Care Hospice has 13 shops and a warehouse situated in:

Dursley x 2

Nailsworth Warehouse

The clothes sold in our charity shops are of good quality and prepared to
ensure they are clean, fresh and mended before they are hung on the
shelves. If the quality is not up to scratch the item is classed as ‘rag’. The rag
is sold so that every item donated makes money for the Hospice.

Antiques are donated to Cotswold Care on a regular basis and a qualified
valuer will assess each piece, be it jewellery, clocks, vases and more, to
ensure the best price is obtained.

The shops also sell a lot of household goods, books, puzzles and games, toys
and small pieces of furniture.

We sell all our goods at reasonable prices. Most of the items in a charity shop
represent a huge saving for the customer because of their low prices. But the
profits really do add up.

The twelve Cotswold Care Hospice charity shops this year have a target to
raise £1 million. All profits will be used to directly support the costs of running
the Hospice. The shops operate with a large quantity of voluntary staff,
enabling costs to be kept to a minimum.

To apply for the vacancy please let us have relevant details using the
application form enclosed.

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