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           1.    Buy a diary to note your shoots
           2.    An sms will be sent to your cell phone to notify you about a shoot: If you replied correctly to the notification sms, we
                 will ad you to our confirmed booking list.
           3.    Once we have received all the details regarding the shoot such as: call time, location & wardrobe, we will send you
                 the info.
           4.    Be prepared for early call times and ANY location.
           5.    We need to confirm availability BEFORE the production gives us details.
           6.    If you have other arrangements when we request availability for a shoot, DO NOT REPLY-it will not count against
           7.    You have to know that you are available for the whole day before confirming for a shoot.
           8.    Once you send your name to confirm that you will be at a shoot, the deal is sealed.
           9.    We ONLY work with reliable committed people
           10.   We try our best to do a booking for a shoot in advance, but due to the nature of the film industry, it is not always
                 possible and out of our control. Therefore most bookings will be a day in advance, during office hours, but
                 occasionally during weekends & after hours. A last minute booking may occur due to the unpredictability of the


1.    Report to the Coordinator on set when arriving for a shoot.
2.    Remember to sign in and out – this is the only proof we have that you are on a shoot – we cannot invoice if your name is not
      on the sheets, therefore you will not get paid.
3.    Never Speak to actors while on set, outside the studios or ask for autographs, UNLESS they are speaking to you
4.    Behave!! You are representing SHOOT Casting Agency
5.    No Cell phones to be switched on while on set and shooting
6.    Never speak to the Director
7.    Listen to instruction from the floor manager
8.    Never look directly into the camera or actors while shooting
9.    Never speak out loud
10.   Be prepared for a long day – take magazines/board games with to keep yourself busy if you are not part of a scene
11.   Take extra snacks incase you get nibbly
12.   We only want positive & well behaved people on set, so please treat fellow artists & actors with respect whilst working.
13.   Report to extras eating tent/craft tables for lunch/breakfast
14.   Craft will always be available (tea, coffee & juice)
15.   Breakfast/lunch will be served if you are on call during these times
16.   Look after your possessions. SHOOT Casting Agency or the production company can not be held responsible for any loss.
17.   No family or friends to accompany you on a shoot unless otherwise specified or requested. Children under 16 to be
      accompanied by adult.
18.   BE FAIR: if you do your bit, so will your agent. If you look your best, do your best and are
      positive, your agent will try his / her absolute best to “sell” you as a performer. Never,
      ever become complacent - remember that you are only as good as your last work and that
      no-one will remember how great you were or looked in a production five years ago.
      Even if he / she does not always succeed, please remember that your agent makes
      numerous calls and organize many castings to promote you as an artist. For this you will
      pay your agent a fee when you work. This Agency fee sometimes has to cover costs retrospectively (to pay for many of the
      previous castings
      that you were sent to but did not get). Please take this into consideration before
      complaining about paying the agency fee.
19.   COMMUNICATION: Never speak negatively about: Agents, payments or working – this ALWAYS gets back to us & it’s a bad
      reflection on your character. Please remember that anyone can make a mistake. If something happens on set, or if
      your agent or a production office has made a mistake, please be understanding and
      refrain from ranting and raving on set or anywhere else if you are unhappy about
      something. Rather phone the relevant person and discuss the matter. This is the mature
      thing to do.
20.   Remember that you would normally be contractually obliged to keep any information
      about a shoot or a fellow actor (or the producer/s) confidential. Be very careful when
    talking to the press, or to fellow actors, family members and friends. You do not want to be slapped with legal action for talking


    1.   Be prepared for early call times & Long days
    2.   Always be on time
    3.   You will be penalized by SHOOT Casting Agency if you arrive late
    4.   The film industry requires artists to be on call for 12 hours.
    5.   Overtime paid if on set after 12 hours
    6.   You will be penalized by SHOOT Casting Agency if you leave before wrap.
    7.   We know that shoots can be long, but we encourage you to PLEASE be patient & enjoy your time.


    1.   Always take at least 4 options for wardrobe for the wardrobe department to work with when on a shoot.
    2.   Take options of what was specified on sms
    3.   DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER telling the wardrobe department that you did not know about taking wardrobe. This is a
         FIXED rule.
    4.   No stripes, checks, dots, brands, white, red or black unless otherwise specified.
    5.   No noisy shoes
    6.   Ladies always take a handbag
    7.   You always have to: look your best, have clean & tidy hair, be shaven, smell good, be neat, have ironed clothes and do
         your own make up if you are an extra on any shoot.


    1.   Own Transport essential, unless otherwise specified
    2.   If using public transport, please make proper arrangements
    3.   The best investment you can make is to buy a MAP OR GPS
    4.   Locations vary & we only receive the location address – so PLEASE don’t call us for directions


    1.   No shows are unacceptable, unless: a doctor’s note or proof of accident by insurance company can be presented. You
         will forfeit any money due to you, should you not show up for a shoot. We put in a lot of hard work to complete a
         booking. The production expects the amount of people they ordered to be on set.
    2.   Once you confirmed to be available for a shoot, no cancellation will be accepted. Be certain of your availability before
         taking on a job. A cancellation will be treated as a “no show”
    3.   As indicated, No shows & cancellations will result in forfeiting all money due to you, AND you will be deleted from our
    4.   Taking drugs/alcohol onto set is totally unacceptable. You will be blacklisted from this agency & others and forfeit any
         payment due to you


    1.   We do NOT answer “PLEASE CALL ME” If you want enquire about something, then call us. We have thousands of
         people registered and it will be unaffordable to answer on every “plse call me”
    2.   We also do not chat or answer questions you may have via sms. Call us if you have a question.
    3.   We do not keep our artists numbers saved on the office cell phone. When you confirm your availability for a shoot via
         sms, STATE YOUR NAME! We are not psychic…
    4.   Calling the Office number: 011-4529996 will result in someone ALWAYS answering during office hours. There is no
         excuse for not getting hold of us

    1.   Being part of SHOOT Casting Agency does not mean that you are employed by us. We act as the “scout” to production
         companies, who then employ you on an ad hoc basis.
    2.   We CAN NOT guarantee any work.
    3.   We reserve the right to select or not to select artists for shoots – we will not book you if we find you rude to any of our
    4.   We do NOT deal with any other person besides the person who is registered with SHOOT Casting Agency. If 18 years &
         older, do not ask your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend or any family member or friend to call on your behalf and to query
         about anything.
    5.   Any changes such as: personal info, contact numbers, availability, hair colour or style, MUST be brought to our attention.
    6.   Come for regular updates of photographs – the photo we have of you MUST represent your look.


    1.   NO
    2.   We will not register anyone who belongs to another agency. Being with more than one agency creates unnecessary
    3.   We want our artists to be loyal to us as much as we are loyal to each artist.


    1.   See it as a privilege to be part of SHOOT Casting Agency & being represented by us.
    2.   Appreciate our efforts
    3.   Wherever you are on a shoot, you stand for what/who we are. Our image is very important, therefore we expect each
         artist to be professional at all times.
    4.   Look after your work and comply with our rules. If you do or say something out of line, we will hesitate to consider you for
    5.   Always remember that you have a responsibility towards the other members of the
         agency that you represent. If your conduct is not professional, it may reflect badly on
         your agent and fellow actors. You may cost yourself future work, but you could also
         cost other members of your agency potential jobs. If it is said that an actor from
         SHOOT Casting Agency is unreliable, difficult or unprofessional; people may not make that very important call to your
         agent that could have made you or your fellow-actor a huge star...


    1.   SHOOT Casting Agency does not tolerate ANY threats by an artist, family member or friend who runs to: the Media,
         Labour Department or CCMA, if unhappy about something. We do not exploit or discriminate against ANYONE. We work
         honestly, truthfully and take pride in our people and work
    2.   Threats or defamation of the Agency’s character or employees may result into legal action


    We put in a lot of hard work by:
    1. Finding new productions to supply artists to
    2. Negotiating the best rates where possible
    3. Sending you to auditions: This takes a lot of effort going through the briefs & requirements from Casting Directors. We
        search our database for candidates fitting the description of the brief, then go through each individual profile to make sure
        the database was correct in the selection. We then notify you of the audition.
    4. Sending your picture on a continuous basis to our clients and casting directors who require extras, models or artists for
        their print/tv campaign or for a bit part/featured part on local soaps. We make sure that all candidates get equal
          opportunity to be selected by clients. Once the client has made a selection, we then have to find out about availability of
          our artists.
    5.    Signing Contracts: Once the artist, model or extra is selected for the tv or print ad, and availability is confirmed, a
          contract is sent to us stipulating shoot dates, fees etc of which we will read through and make sure the contract complies
          with the laws of the film industry. We then sign the contract on your behalf.
    6.    Liaising with Clients
    7.    Liaising with Wardrobe departments
    8.    Liaising with coordinators to get correct info and sign in/time sheets
    9.    Invoicing
    10.    Following up on outstanding money – all to our expense
    11.   Handing over accounts for collection if not paid - our expense
    12.   Generating pay sheets once money has been received
    13.   Paying artists
    14.   Updating our database regularly
    15.   Dealing with thousands of queries, artists & clients each day in a professional manner, as all aspects of our business are
    16.   Improving our Agency


    1.  We receive a brief from a Casting Director stipulating the product, time & venue of audition & specific requirements (such
        as look, age, character etc) for an adverts to be shot.
    2. The “bookers” will do a search on our database
    3. We notify you via sms about the audition:
        Shoot Cast: Audition 4 PEP thurs 21 January anytime btwn 11am & 12.Pays R10000 day & R20000 usage fee if u r
        chosen 4 the advert. If u r available,sms ur name & PEP to 082…Details to follow shortly.
    4. REPLY AS REQUESTED!! We work with many auditions and if you just reply with your name and forget to ad “PEP” we
        will have to run around finding out which info to send where…
    5. You will note that our sms will stipulate “anytime between e.g: 11am & 12. Auditions are for specific roles during specific
        time slots and not a full day procedure.
    6. We will NEVER send you to an audition if we think that you are NOT what the client is looking for!!
    7. Make sure that we have your e mail address on our records. At times we have to e mail a script for your role. We do
        NOT send any faxes.
    8. You HAVE to go to auditions in order to get chosen for an advert.
    9. Photo castings/auditions: This is for Print adverts only. A Good reason to have good quality photos! Casting Directors
        choose artists directly from photos. ( see our Portfolio options)
    10. We offer “orientation” for all the new comers. This is vital as we give a presentation at a minimum cost of what is
        expected of you at an audition: what to say, what to wear, who is who and all relevant advice.
    11. Whatever you do, refrain from changing your look (however small the change) after going for an audition until the shoot
        date. Always remember that you are in continuity and that there may be re-shoots

    Call back:

    12. This is when you have been to the audition and the client made a selection of a few possible candidates for his
        commercial, and he wants to see you again.

    Short listed:

    13. This is when the client made a list of his “favourites”. We then inform you of being short listed and you have to make
        sure you are available for the shoot day incase you made it to the final list.

    Wardrobe Call/ fitting:

    14. When you have been selected for a feature part in a commercial, you will have to attend the wardrobe call. This call is
        included in your day fee. If wardrobe is provided, it remains the property of the wardrobe department and must be looked
        after and returned.

    Call time:

    15. This is the time you have to be on set for the shoot

     1.    Strictly electronic payments to your account are made. NO Cheque or Cash payments will be made. No exception to this
    2. Payments to artists vary from 30 days to 120 days, FROM DATE OF INVOICE, NOT FROM DATE OF SHOOT.
    3. We work according to the payment terms of the production company. If the company works on 90 days, but they have
           NOT paid us within the 90 days, we usually give them 3 weeks to settle the account. Thereafter we hand the account
           over for collection at OUR COST and NOT to the cost of the artist.
    4. It is as much our interest as it is yours to ensure payment is received in the shortest possible time. If you have not been
    5. Always check your statement for description of payment, e.g: Binnelanders 30 June. Do NOT call us to find out what you
           have been paid for!!!
    6. Payments are made monthly, from the 1st of each month ONLY on what was received during the previous month.
    7. Rates will be confirmed on booking of the job.
    8. You DO NOT get paid for going to an audition
We will always tell you the full rate offered by the production


      1. Extras on Soapies, Drama or Film: @ R200-R450 per day
      2. Extras on Commercials: @ R500 -R1000 per day
      3. Featured parts on commercials: @ R 1000 – R 8000 per day
All fees/rates are structured by Production companies and NOT by SHOOT Casting Agency


     Penalties will be deducted from money due to you for the following:

     1.   Leaving a shoot before wrap time or being released
     2.   Arriving late
     3.   Journal Credits – the journal credit reflecting onto our account, does not stipulate who the account belongs to, therefore
          we have to go through thousands of artists and check bank details in order to find out who this journal credit belongs to.
     4.   Unnecessary enquiries about payment.
     5.   Penalties will be calculated according to the loss/expense we as an agency suffer and can vary from time to time without


     1.   Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
     2.   PLEASE don’t call us at 10pm on a Sunday night….


     1.   R300 is payable on registration.
     2.   R100 will be deducted annually to stay active on our system with a 10% increase each year after 2nd year.

CHILDREN (ages 0 -15 years):

     1.   Updates of pictures are extremely important. Directors usually choose children from photographs before asking to see
          them. If the photo does not represent the way your child looks(as they grow so quickly),or the photos are outdated, we
          can not represent your child.
     2.   We have to apply for work permits in order for your child to work on a shoot. Therefore we can not register you child
          without a birth certificate and letter of consent – this is issued to the labour department.
     3.   Once your child is selected for an ad, the working hours will be in accordance to the child labour act.

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