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Email Marketing by yaofenjin


									Email Marketing
These slides will be available on my
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Who am I and what qualifies me to
be here?

 25 year direct marketing background
 Data processing
 Consulting clients: VeriSign, Viansa Winery,
 The Mechanics Bank and Lyris
Email Marketing is Great

 It’s fast
 It’s inexpensive
 It’s easy to execute
 It’s easy for prospects to respond
 But it does not replace postal mail
Golden Rule of Email Marketing

 Make all email meaningful and valuable to the
Best uses for Email Marketing

 Communicating with customers
 Qualifying and recontacting leads
Email Marketing Lists

 Rental files – Check your sources!
 Email and postal files are not the same.
 Pricey – expect $400 or more per thousand for
 B-to-B and $200 for B-to-C
 You never get to touch the names.
Email Marketing Offers

 Remember the golden rule – always have an
 offer that is meaningful to the recipient.
 Not “free trip to Hawaii”, but not “update” or
 “information kit”.
 B2B – white papers, webcasts, information kits
 or podcasts
 B2C – free shipping, gift with purchase, 10%
 off first offer
Email Creative
Email Testing

 Use testing to improve email results
      Targeting – new lists, new selections, new titles,
      Offers – where is the best ROI?
      Content – subject line, copy, from address, design
      Timing – frequency, day of week and time, use of repeat
      and trigger emails
      Components that effect delivery and SPAM filter issues
 See my website for paper on Email Testing.
Email Marketing Results

 Response rate is best analytic
 .5% is considered terrific
 .2% is considered great
 Calculate results on a cost per lead – does it compare
 to other executions? Does it beat them?
 Use of click through and click to response
 Results peak in about 3 days.
Executing Email Campaigns

 Do it yourself – lots of choices – Lyris, Vertical
 Response,, etc.
 Use the list provider
 Use an agency or freelancer
 Outside services like Xpedite and SilverPOP
Privacy and Permission – Huge Email
Marketing Issues

 Consumers are very emotional about internet
 Spam accounts for 18 – 38% of all email traffic
 ISPs and email marketers are under increasing
 pressure to decrease Spam levels
 Regulated by Federal Government

In every commercial email:
  Be clear that the email is an advertisement
  Provide clear and conspicuous notice of the
  opportunity to opt out
  Provide functioning opt out
  Provide a postal address of the sender
  Use a valid subject line
  Use a valid header
CAN-SPAM Compliant
Not CAN-SPAM Compliant
Consequences of Non-Compliance
Consequences of Non-Compliance
       Civil Enforcement
          FTC - $11,000 per violation, State $250 per violation, ISP’s $25
          per violation, etc.
       Criminal Enforcement:
          DOJ enforcement
          One year in prison
          Up to five years “Aggravated Violations”
“Aggravated offenses” get triple violations – above PLUS
   –   Address harvesting
   –   Dictionary attacks
   –   Unauthorized relays
   –   Unauthorized sending through third-party computers
Make Sure your Customers don’t
Think You’re Spamming Them

 Don’t forget the Golden Rule.
 Immediately send confirmation or welcome
 message to new customers
 Never rent or barter your lists with other
 companies or divisions
 Don’t assume customers want to receive your
 emails just because you have their email
 address – send a soft offer to test the waters.
Make Sure your Customers don’t
Think You’re Spamming Them

 Don’t send too frequently.
 If multiple departments or divisions deliver
 email to customers and prospects, assign a
 “gate-keeper” to manage contact strategy and
Spam Filters and ISP Delivery

 ISPs are not required to deliver email and most
 have policies explicitly prohibiting Spam
 Non-delivery (white or blacklisting) should be a
 concern for all marketers
 Spam Filters are a huge issue
 Use tools to predict deliverability like Campaign
 Monitor, Lyris, etc.
Mobile Marketing

 What is mobile marketing?
 Two times as many mobile accounts as email
 accounts globally.
 Mobile marketing is growing and is a viable
 enhancement to your email programs.
Mobile Marketing Continued

 Benefits – very immediate, get people
 wherever they are and response is usually
 Clutter is lower than email.
 However, there are clearly defined rules – opt
 in, carrier approval, limited characters ,etc.
 To execute, you need a promotion plan – print,
 website, on package, in venue or out of home,
 broadcast, etc.
Mobile Marketing, Continued

 You need an offer
 –   Text to win
 –   Product promotion
 –   Subscriptions
 –   Coupons
 –   Location and hours updates
 –   Polls
 –   Games
 –   Surveys
 –   Donations
Email Marketing

 ClickZ –
 DM news –
 DMA –national organization – www.the-
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