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									Starting Your Business                                      When Is Change Of Use Permission Not Required?              Is The Proposed Change Of Use Allowed?
If you are starting or moving your business into another    You need not apply for change of use permission             Change of use applications are assessed based on the
premises, the premises need to be approved for your         when:                                                       Master Plan 2008 of the site and the prevailing
type of business.                                            The approved and proposed uses are in the same            guidelines. The Master Plan is the statutory land use
                                                              use class.                                                plan which shows the permissible land use and
                                                                                                                        development intensity for the site.
What Is Change Of Use?
                                                            The change of use of the following uses in a
You may need to obtain planning permission from URA
                                                            commercial building or shophouse to shop use does            Building Use Table
before the use of a particular premises is changed from
                                                            not require planning permission:                             The Building Use Table provides a guide on allowable
its approved use to another use.
                                                                                                                         change of uses within a building. Change of use
                                                             Restaurant           Bar/Pub              Confectionery
                                                                                                                         proposals are denoted either as:
Use Classes
                                                             Health               Sports &             Betting Outlet   L uses that are permitted and can be lodged under
Your business is likely to fall into one of the 16 uses.
                                                             Centre               Recreation                                the Change of Use Lodgment Scheme
 Class I            Shop
                                                                                                                        P uses that can be permitted in the Master Plan
 Class II           Office or Commercial School              Amusement            Pet Shop             Office/              zoning
 Class III          Restaurant                               Centre                                    Commercial       C uses that are subject to consideration
 Class IV           Health Centre or Amusement Centre                                                  School           X uses not permitted
 Class V            Motor Vehicle Showroom
                                                             Nightclub            Laundry/             Child Care
 Class VI           Theatre
                                                                                  Dry Cleaning         Centre           You need to submit an application for change of use
 Class VII          Light Industrial Building
                                                                                  Shop                                  which are denoted as P and C. You can lodge for
 Class VIII         General Industrial Building
                                                                                                                        change of use which are denoted as L if it satisfies the
 Class IX           Special Industry                         Community            Motor Vehicle        Showroom         lodgment criteria.
 Class X            Warehouse                                Building uses        Showroom
 Class XI           Convalescent Home
                                                                                                                        Change Of Use Application Help Tool
 Class XII          Child Care Centre                       How To Check The Approved Use Of The                        You can use the self-help Change of Use Application
 Class XIII         Community Building                      Premises?                                                   Help Tool to find out whether there is a need to submit
 Class XIV          Sports and Recreation Building          You can check the Electronic Development Register.          a change of use application and whether the change of
 Class XV           Nightclub                               It is an electronic repository of all written permissions   use can come under the lodgment scheme.
 Class XVI          Pet shop                                granted or refused by URA from Year 1995 onwards.
                                                            Searching of the record is free and a fee of *$30 is        Change Of Use Application
Uses that are not under the use classes are “unclassified   only payable if you wish to download a copy of the          All Change of use applications as shown below are to
uses”.                                                      decision notice.                                            be submitted via Online Business Licensing Service
                                                                                                                        (OBLS) website. You can expect a decision within 2
When Is Change Of Use Permission Required?                  Alternatively, you can submit an online service             weeks. To submit an application, please click the link
You need to apply for planning permission if the            “Enquiry On Approved Use” with requisite fees of            below.
proposed change of use is:                                  *$50. You can expect a reply within 7 working days.
 From one use class to another use class
                                                                                                                         - New Change of Use Application
 From one class to an unclassified use (or vice versa)
                                                                                                                         - Renewal of Temporary Permission Application
 Between unclassified uses
                                                                                                                         - Change of Use under Plan Lodgment.

                                                                                                                        Change Of Use Lodgment
                                                                                                                        Under the lodgment scheme, you can obtain instant
                                                                                                                        approval for change of use proposal that complies with
                                                                                                                        a set of lodgment criteria. To check whether the
                                                                                                                        premises can come under the lodgment scheme,
                                                                                                                        please click here.
                                                                   General Guidelines On Change Of Uses
 Information Required For Change Of Use
                                                                   Child Care Centre/Student Care Centre/Kindergarten
 Submission & Lodgment                                   
 Before you can make a submission, you will need:
  A SingPass                                                      Restaurant
  Owner’s consent and his/her particulars               
  Applicant’s particulars
  Postal Code and floor area of the subject premises              Student Hostel
  Fees (*$300 for change of use application, *$150 for  
   renewal application, *$100 for lodgment).
* Fees are subject to GST
                                                                   Temporary Change of Use Within Selected

                                                                                                                                        » Quick Guide
                                                                   Shophouses & Shopflat Developments in Residential
Time Frame                                                         with 1st storey Commercial & Commercial/Residential
You can expect a decision within 2 weeks for new         
change of use and renewal applications. For lodgment,
you can obtain instant approval for change of use                  Temporary Change of Use to Hotel Use Within
proposal.                                                          Selected Shophouses & Shopflat Developments

                                                                                                                                        CHANGE OF

Useful Links                                                       Workers' Dormitories Within                an      Industrial   or

                                                                                                                                        USE OF
Definition of Use Classes                                          Warehouse Development      

Electronic Development Register                                    Development Control Handbook series


Form DC 15                           We wish you every success in
                                                                   your business!
Enquiry on Approved Use
                                                                   Should you need clarification or advice, you are
Master Plan 2003                                                   welcomed to contact us at:
                                                                   45 Maxwell Road
                                                                   The URA Centre
Building Use Table                                                 Singapore 069118

Change Of Use Application Help Tool                                Hotline : 6223-4811      Email :                                                        Visit out website at :

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Apply for Change of Use Application & Lodgment

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