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Shopping List Template Editable - PDF

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                                                   2010-201 RemiTTAnce FORm
                                   Closing Report from your AGM - due on or before Feb 15, 2011

Organization: ___________________ _____________________                              Organization Phone: (               ) ________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________                                City: ______________               _______________________
State: _________________________________________________                                        ___________________________________________
                                                                                     Zip: _______                                         ____
Contact Person: _____________________________________                                Home Phone: (              ) ______________________________________
Size of Your Organization: ____________________________                              Estimated # of Shoppers: ____________________________________

Instructions for the Remittance Form:

         1. In the $ Amt Raised field below, fill in the dollar amount received for each project.
         2. In the $ How Many field below, fill in the number of orders the $ Amt Raised represents.
         3. After you have completed the Remittance Form, please make ONE CHECK for the total amount,
            payable to Alternative Gifts International.
         4. Keep a copy of this form for your records for your records.
         5. Complete this Form within 4 weeks and mail the check (Due on or before Feb 15, 2011.)

                                                                  $ Amt     How                                                                         $ Amt     How
 Pg                   Project Title & Location                                         Pg                    Project Title & Location
                                                                  Raised   Many?                                                                        Raised   Many?
  1   Supporting Community Grain Banks (Cameroon)                                      22    Supporting AGI’s Mission (Global)
  2   Providing Nutritious Food for Children (Asia)                                    23    Providing Malaria Nets for Families (India)
  3   Feeding Hungry & Homeless (USA & Canada)                                         24    Supplying Medicine to War-Torn Villages (Burma)
  4   Mobilizing Disabled Children for Education (DR Congo)                            25    Relieving Illness with Medical Supplies (Global)
  5   Improving Livelihoods of Children (Egypt & Palestine)                            26    Delivering Doctors Kits to Medical Facilities (N. Korea)
  6   Teaching Children the Values of Interfaith Unity (Israel)                        27    Improving Healthcare Access (Africa)
  7   Supporting Kenya’s Deaf & Orphaned Children (Kenya)                              28    Preventing Diabetes with Native Foods (USA)
  8   Helping Kids Stay In School (Myanmar & Vietnam)                                  29    Providing Clean Water (Bolivia)
  9   Raising Global Awareness in Youth (USA)                                          30    Promoting Healthier Farming (Central & South America)
 10   Promoting Primary Education (Sudan)                                              31    Planting Trees (Haiti)
 11   Rescuing Girls (India & Southeast Asia)                                          32    Alleviating Poverty/Sust. Harvest (Haiti & Nicaragua)
 12   Providing Safe Houses (Iraq & Peru)                                              33    Restoring Forests with Rural Communities (Nepal)
 13   Empowering Women through Literacy (Mexico)                                       34    Equipping Tribal Families/Solar Energy (Western USA)
 14   Promoting Self Sufficiency for Women (USA)                                       35    Improving Lives/Disaster-affected (India & Malawi)
 15   “Hugging Grannies” for China’s Orphans (China)                                   36    Reducing Disease with Solar Cooking (Africa)
 16   Saving Lives of Haitian Families & Children (Haiti)                              37    Training Peacemaker Partners (Canada)
 17   Educating New & Expectant Mothers (Lebanon)                                      38    Protecting Children in Extreme Poverty (Haiti)
 18   Protecting Ecosystems (Rwanda)                                                   39    Collaborating for Reforestation (Haiti)
 19   Strengthen Families/Healthcare (Ethiopia & Haiti)                                40    Transforming Lives with Micro-Loans (Nigeria)
 20   Promoting Good Health & Nutrition (Haiti)                                        41    Restoring Livelihoods of Displaced Persons (Zimbabwe)
 21   Meeting Global Needs (Global)                                                    GC    Gift Cards *NEW*          QTY: _____

                                                                                                                                             Subtotal   $

                                                      Materials Payment Balance Due (gift cards, catalogs, shipping charges, etc. (SEE INVOICE)         $

                                                                                                                                              TOTAL $

                                                   PLEASE complete the Market Evaluation Form

              Mail check and form to: Alternative Gifts International, PO Box 3810, Wichita, KS 67201
                                ALTeRnATive GiFTs inTeRnATiOnAL – mARkeT evALuATiOn FORm
                                 AND RETURNED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF YOUR GIFT MARKET

Form completed by (First & Last Name): ______________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________ Location of Market: ____________________________________________
Market Date(s): ______________________________________________ Amount Raised: $ ______________________________________________

What was the name of your market? ___________________________________________________________________________________________
                                     (For example: “Grace Presbyterian Annual Alternative Gift Market” or “Gifts for Change Holiday Market”)

Estimated number of Market Shoppers? __________________________________ What Year did you begin hosting a Market? ________________

 Please evaluate your Alternative Gift Market by rating the following:                     Strongly Agree          Agree           Disagree       Strongly Disagree

 1. The AGI Market Resource Pack is easy to use and follow.
 2. The AGI website is quick and reliable for processing orders.
 3. AGI Staff are helpful and responsive.

                   Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your comments enable AGI to better serve you.

                                   (Use an additional blank sheet of paper to elaborate on any of the responses)

4. What ideas/challenges did shoppers share about the market? ___________________________________________________________________


5. What ideas/challenges did volunteers share about the market? ___________________________________________________________________


6. Who can we contact about hosting next year’s market (our 25th Anniversary)? Will there be a new coordinator? __________________________

            The next section concerns ‘Best Practices’ – those strategies the volunteer team implemented to make the market successful.

7. What new or repeat strategy worked the best to increase market attendence? _____ ___________________________________________________


8. Next year, the best way to improve our market will be to: ________________________________________________________________________


9. Were other congregations/schools invited to work together to participate in your AGM? If yes, how many participated?_____________________

If no, would you consider inviting other congregations or schools to participate in your market?____________________________________________

Page1                                                              Alternative Gifts International - PO Box 3810, Wichita, KS 67201 800.842.2243 •
                                  ALTeRnATive GiFTs inTeRnATiOnAL – mARkeT evALuATiOn FORm
10. Did other non-profit agencies present their projects in your market? YES          NO                              _
                                                                                              If Yes, how many? _______ _____________________________

11. Did your market sell products or crafts from the SERRV organization or other Fair Market resources? YES                NO

List other(s): _________           ____________________________________________________________________________________________


12. Did you use the AGI website to process credit cards? YES           NO      Please explain your experience (positive or negative): _________________

_____           _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. May we share your name as an advisor to others who want to build an AGM in their community? YES                         NO

14. Did you involve Youth? Yes No If yes, how? __________________________________________________________________________________

If no, can we share some ideas with you on how to involve Elementary, Middle schools and High schools, in the future? __________________________


15. Are there non-profit agencies/causes that your congregation or school have come to expect every year in the AGI catalog? Please share what AGI catalog

agencies/causes are important to your team: _______________________________________________________________________________________


Next year AGI plans to offer ALL Market Materials online, in downloadable format. Please use the box below to indicate the type of computer

system you are using and which Market items you use and expect to download: We use a Mac                             We use PC

                                                                                                                 We use AGI market
                                                 Yes, we will download this                                            materials               We prefer to receive
                                                                              We do not use this Item in
             Check all that apply ...            item from your website in                                    as a template to create our      Printed material via
                                                                                    our Market
                                                           future                                              own (Example: catalog/          postal mail service

 Project Posters

 Project Inserts

 PowerPoint Presentation

 Promotional Posters

 Childrens Activity Pages

 Market Master Forms (incl. Cashier Instr.,
 Receipt Master, Shopping List, etc.)

 Market Follow-Up

What else would you like to receive that would be helpful to facilitate your market?
Page 2                                                              Alternative Gifts International - PO Box 3810, Wichita, KS 67201 800.842.2243 •

Please indicate the Insert level(s) you prefer to use at your Market (Check the level(s) that applies)

          Low Price Point                               High Price Point                                          General Price Point

Next Market year AGI plans to make the Inserts available by download, CD or email. Please indicate the format
preferrence that you would like to receive your inserts in: .pdf      .doc (editable)           U.S.Mail

Other _____________________________________________________________________________ (Please detail)


Next year is AGI’s 25th Anniversary (2011-2012). To commemorate this special year we are considering offering
our 25th year catalog in a Black & White photography format. We would like your feedback on this idea and we
welcome additional ideas and feedback about our catalog. Please share in the space below:

                                      Please use the back of this page for additional comments.

Page 3                                                 Alternative Gifts International - PO Box 3810, Wichita, KS 67201 800.842.2243 •

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