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                                                An in-house monthly magazine published from National Institute for Micro, Small and
                                                Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) [ Formerly known as National Institute of Small Industry
                                                Extension Training (nisiet) ] (An Organisation of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India)

Volume 8

Issue 7
                      Workshop on women empowerment at Port Blair
                      Workshop on women empowerment at Port Blair
July 2009             User convenience is the hall-mark of good service. Delivery at doorstep is
                           one such well-known and time-tested convenience. Persons/firms
                       concerned with sale of goods and services have all along been aware of
                        this and put it to practice. In these times of hectic schedules and fully
                      crammed lifestyle, even governments are laying stress on the convenience
 Inside...                  of delivery at doorstep. Besides, in certain situations especially
                            concerning developmental initiatives, it is the most suitable way.
                      Responding to such                                                                                                  the     SHG
 Induction training
 on MSME
                      situation, ni-msme                                                                                                  movement, and
 promotion for        had organised a                                                                                                     the    issues
 Industrial           4-day workshop on                                                                                                   concerning
 Extension Officers
                      Women Empower-                                                                                                      w o m e n
                      ment through Rural                                                                                                  empowerment.
 From the Director
 General’s Desk       Enterprises and                                                                                    Dr. C. Rani,
                      SHG Livelihood by                                                                                  Director, School
 CDCG meeting of
                      M a r k e t i n g                                                                                  of    Entrepre-
 Gadchiroli Pottery   Strategies at Port                                                                                 neurship and
 Cluster              Blair during 27-30                                                                                 Extension (SEE)
                      July 09.                                                           of ni-msme and one of the Programme Directors
 Review of SFURTI                                                                        had presented an overview of the workshop
 Coir Clusters
                      Sponsored by the Department of Industries
                      of the Union Territory of Andaman, the                             structure, inputs, methodology and objectives.
 Review of KVIC
                      workshop was attended by the members of                            Mr. Chelladurai, Dy. General Manager of
 SFURTI Clusters      the local SHGs and NGOs.                                           NABARD had expatiated on NABARD’s
                      The inaugural event took place on the 27th.                        support to SHGs, and its role in micro finance
 Workshop on          Mrs. S.K.P. Sodhi, IAS, Secretary (Industries),                    and women empowerment.
 Possibilities of
                      Govt. of Andaman & Nicobar Islands was                             The main themes focused during the four days
 Development          the Chief Guest of the inaugural. Addressing                       were: Gender Issues and Women
 across Jharkhand     the delegates, she had observed that women                         Empowerment; SHG Formation, Dynamics
                      should be treated with respect, and be given                       and Grading; Dynamics of Women
 DG’s endeavours      equal status and equal rights with men. Mere                       Entrepreneurship – Problems and Challenges;
                      economic emancipation does not resolve the                         Marketing Strategies of Micro Enterprise
 Induction            problems that women face in society in various                     Products; and Business Idea Generation and
 programme for
                      contexts. She suggested that the participants                      Identification of Projects.
 executive trainees
 of NMDC              should derive the best advantage from their                        The delegates had participated in the theme
                      exposure to the expertise and experience of                        deliberations enthusiastically. The SHG
                      the senior faculty members of ni-msme.                             members were provided with guidance in
     and more...                                                                         product identification. Group discussions were
                      Earlier, Mr. M.N. Murali, Joint Secretary and
                                                                                         facilitated on gender related issues. The groups
                      Director of Industries had welcomed the
                                                                                         had presented the views and suggestions that
                      dignitaries, delegates and the invitees, while
                                                                                         had emanated from the discussions. They also
                      Prof. N.V.N.S. Dev, Registrar of ni-msme had                       expressed their impressions about the
                      dilated upon the growth and importance of                          workshop, appreciating the initiative.
                  School of Enterprise Development (SED)
Induction Training on MSME Promotion for Industrial Extension Officers
SED, ni-msme organised Inaugural function of Induction
Training on MSME Promotion for Industrial Extension
Officers (13 July – 13 Nov 09) sponsored by Department of
Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala held at
ni-msme on 13 July 09. 30 Industrial Extension Officers
attended the programme. The first 12 weeks of the training
programme will be conducted at ni-msme premises, that is from
13 July to 03 October 2009 and the remaining part of the
programme will be conducted at Cochin, Kerala to cover all the
practical aspects.
Mr. M. Abdul Majeed, Additional Director, Department of
Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala inaugurated the
programme. He explained about the various aspects of Kerala
which help the promotion and development of MSMEs such as infrastructure, natural resources, human resource,
transport facilities and also the pro industrial policies and the most important one is the public support. He stressed on the
need of appropriate media interventions in the promotion and development of MSMEs, rehabilitation of sickness etc. He
particularly stressed on the promotion and development of environment friendly micro and small enterprises with location
                                                               mobility and low investment and traditional based industries.
                                                           Dr. U.B. Raju, Director, SEM of ni-msme explained about the
                                                           mortality of MSMEs and the remedial measures to be taken. He
                                                           also emphasised on the factors in setting up of MSMEs and
                                                           managing them in the present scenario of economical melt down
                                                           and local as well as global economic recession.
                                                        Earlier, Dr. GUK Rao, Director (SED) and Programme
                                                        Director welcomed the dignitaries and briefed about their
                                                        programme contents and objectives. In his welcome address
                                                        he explained the role of MSMEs in the economic development
                                                        of the country and also the role of ni-msme in the field of
                                                        MSME promotion in India as well as in other developing
                                                        nations through its rich experience in training, research,
consultancy and information services. This was all explained in the context of designing this exclusive programme to
benefit the Industrial Extension Officers of the Government of Kerala being these officers are a key link in the chain of
enterprise development. Dr. N. Sri Laxmi, Head, C-LAIMS of SEM proposed a vote of thanks.
 Fish Festival 2009
 The National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) in association with the State Fisheries Department of Fisheries, Govt. of
 A.P. organised the Indian Fish Festival (INFISH-2009) during 11-13 July 09 at Hyderabad. The main objective of the festival
 was to bring the fish farmers, technocrats, feed manufacturers, R&D institutions, traders involved in fisheries and consumers
 under one platform to discuss the recent development in production technologies and strategies for marketing of fish and
 fishery products and also create awareness among the consumers on fish as healthy food.
 ni-msme also participated in the event by setting up a stall to explain the activities and services offering to the MSMEs
 for promotion and development. A large number of visitors visited the stall. It was organised by Prof. V. Vishwas Rao,
 Head, Sendoc and coordinated by ni-msme team.
 Mr. Sharad Pawar, Minister of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India inaugurated
 INFISH-2009 on 11 July 09 and Mr. K. Partha Sarathy, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Fisheries
 & Veterinary University, Govt. of A.P. was the Chief Guest of valedictory function held on 13 July 09. Dr. GUK Rao,
 Director (SED), Prof. P. Udaya Shanker, Head, C-ICFS, Dr. G.P. Vallabh Reddy, Faculty (SED) Prof. NVNS Dev,
 Registrar and other faculty of ni-msme attended the event.
 Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General, ni-msme thanked Mr. P. Krishaniah, IAS, Chief Executive of NFDB for
 providing an opportunity to ni-msme to participate in the mega event.

                             From the Director General’s Desk
                             From the Director General’s Desk
                                              63rd Independence Day
                            Independence is a happy state.           They need to link their institutions – governmental,
                            While we enjoy it, we must               non-governmental and FIs, skill development, infrastructure
                            remember with humility that it is        and self-employment institutions, as also other corporations
                            a precious gift our heroes have          – to entrepreneurs, and re-orient their policies and schemes
                            given us by making great sacrifices.     in light of the current scenario. The institutions must focus
                            Therefore, we must keep in sight         on particular segments like women and minorities to synergise
the ambitions and dreams they had wanted to realise.                 the effort of encouraging enterprises in rural and urban areas.
Our dear Bapuji had envisioned a prosperous rural India              Finance has ever been a problem to small entrepreneurs.
with flourishing local crafts, an India where every urban            Following the RBI guidelines, the major commercial banks
and rural family lives decently with all basic human needs           of the country are opening special branches to assist the
fulfilled. Sadly, this vision of Bapuji’s is yet to come true.       MSMEs, with SIDBI coordinating their activities as the
While our economy has progressed remarkably, many of                 nodal bank. In addition, the Credit Guarantee Trust Fund
our heritage assets have disappeared, and large pockets of           Scheme of our ministry too facilitates credit through SIDBI
poverty, unemployment and under-employment prevail both              and other banks. This should resolve the problem of the
in rural and urban belts, in spite of governmental initiatives.      genuine entrepreneur.
MSMEs are recognised as the backbone of the economy,                 In recent times, skill development has emerged as the most
whether in terms of poverty alleviation or in employment             suitable approach to enterprise promotion. With 17 Central
generation. Micro enterprises have the inherent strength of          ministries including HUPA, Labour & Employment (LE),
refining the human resource by turning it towards entrepreneurship   Food Processing (FP), Rural Development (RD), DoNER,
and converting it into valuable wealth creating capital, and by      and HIPE involved in promoting micro enterprise through
putting to dynamic use the available set of resources.               skill development, and with the scheme of upgrading ITIs and
Among the approaches to entrepreneurship development,                polytechnics in the country, skill development is top priority now.
SHGs have proved to be effective. Among non-traditional              ni-msme is always executing the policy initiatives and
segments of society such as women, minorities, the                   schemes of the Government. We are constantly modifying
handicapped group approach to entrepreneurship has been              our focus through multiple activities to meet the emerging
found to be encouraging. For the last 35 years EDPs too              needs of the MSME sector. From the day of inception,
have motivated thousands of people to launch enterprises             we have been organising training programmes, general as
throughout the country. I am proud that ni-msme was                  well as customised, to meet the needs of national and
the first-ever organisation in the country to encourage              international clientele. We have been executing research
entrepreneurship among non-traditional groups.                       and consultancy projects besides. We have become self-
Over the past four decades plus ni-msme has organised a              supporting, and launched focused new units like the
host of training programmes for the developing countries.            National Resource Centre for Cluster Development. We
Commencing with our first international programme in                 are now assisting the ministries of HUPA, LE and FP in
1967, to date we have trained more than 7,000 executives             skill development. Our ser vice to MSME has been
from 127 countries under ITEC, SCAAP and other plans.                recognised within the country and abroad. Our participation
Developing human resource in friendly developing countries           in SFURTI has helped revitalise the artisans of 22 traditional
through civil training under bilateral agreement has been            clusters across the country. Our participation in two clusters
India’s international policy, with a spending of about USD           in UP – far from the head-quarters – was a huge challenge.
500 million every year. Our Institute has shared the                 For 2009-10 we have scheduled 12 training programmes
responsibility of satisfactorily discharging this commitment.        for the executives of the developing countries. We also
This year we are planning to enlarge consulting services to          have sponsored programmes for a few countries in the
countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, and the Republic            wing. Mostly, we are concentrating on activities to support
of Sudan.                                                            our self-sustenance. Every year we are improving our
In a large country like India, participation of States in the        infrastructure, adding a new facility or a new block.
Central initiative is essential to achieve result. Many States       Our achievements have been possible only because of the
have yet to adopt the MSMED Act 2006, which facilitates              committed cooperation of the faculty and staff. I thank each
the emergence of new generation of entrepreneurs. Micro              one of them, and look forward to their continued support.
enterprises can create employment with strikingly less capital:      I strongly believe that the country will progress only through
Rs. 72,000 per job as against Rs. 5.75 lakh in the large unit.       MSME promotion. This Institute will play a pivotal role in
Perceiving this advantage, 20 Central ministries are                 the process. I congratulate everybody participating in this
formulating schemes for micro enterprise promotion in                constructive task of promoting the MSMEs.
various sectors. The States can follow the example. Each
State is blessed with unique physical and human resources.                                            Dr. Chukka Kondaiah

                  School of Enterprise Development (SED)
Cluster news...
                                                               Prabhu, CDE visited three cluster pockets namely
CDCG meeting of Gadchiroli Pottery cluster                     Gadchiroli, Talodi and Chamorsi on 28 July 09. The team
The Cluster Development Coordination Group (CDCG)              interacted with the Artisans to understand their activities,
meeting of Gadchiroli Pottery cluster under SFURTI was         experiences of exposure visit and benefits of skill
held on 27 July 09 at Zilla Parishad Hall, Gadchiroli to       development programmes etc. The team motivated the
                                                  discuss      Artisans to take active role for construction of Up-draft
                                                  a b o u t    kiln. Also visited CFC which is under construction.
                                                  action       Coir Board Steering Committee Meeting
                                                  plan and     The Fifth Coir Board Steering Committee of SFURTI
                                                  purchase     Project reviewed progress of implementation of SFURTI
                                                  of machi-    Coir Clusters on 31 July 2009 at Coir House, Kochi. Mr..
                                                  nery and     V.S. Vijayaraghavan, Chairman, Coir Board chaired the
                                                  equipment    meeting. Mr. M. Kumara Raja, Secretary, Coir Board, Mr.
                                                  for the      Antony Vaz, Joint Director, Ms. Anita Jacob, Dy.Director,
                                                  proposed     SFURTI and Regional officers were present. Mr. K. Surya
                                                  common       Prakash Goud of NRCD participated in the meeting.
centre (CFC). Mr. P.A. Roy, Dy. CEO, Zilla Parishad            The Chairman, Coir Board advised all the concerned officials
chaired the meeting. Mr. M.B. Kamble, Dy.Director,             to involve and implement the activities of the project by
KVIC, Nagpur, Mr. S.G. Hedaoo, Director & Nodal                March 2010. The Regional Officers briefed about the
Officer (West Zone), SFURTI, Mumbai, Mr. Bhoomaya,             progress in their respective clusters especially construction
Asst. Director (SFURTI), Mumbai, other officials of KVIC,      and operation of CFC. The critical issue in case of Puttukottai
representatives of Implementing Agency, DRDA, MSKVIB,          cluster regarding land lease agreement and additional funds
Banks and Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud of NRCD, ni-msme           for implementation of CFC in Gudiyatham cluster were
participated in the meeting.                                   discussed. The committee reviewed the progress and ratified
                                                               the revised DPRs submitted by the Implementing Agencies.
Mr. Jitendra Kumar, President of Gramodaya Sangh
briefed about the present status of the cluster and then       Review of SFURTI Coir Clusters
placed the proposed action plan and draft report on            A review meeting was organised by Coir Board to review
management of CFC before the members. Mr. S.S. Prabhu,         SFURTI coir clusters under the Chairmanship of Mr.. V.S.
CDE explained the various activities completed so far under    Vijayaraghavan on 1 August 2009 at Hotel Avenue Regent,
SFURTI such as skill development programmes,                   Kochi. Mr.. Sesh Kumar Pulipaka, Joint Secretary, Ministry
formation of SHGs, Design Development Workshop and             of MSME, New Delhi,           Mr.. M. Kumara Raja, Secretary,
Participation of Artisans in the Exhibitions.                  Coir Board, Mr.. Antony Vaz, Joint Director, Ms. Anita Jacob,
The members observed the presence of only one Artisan          Dy.Director, SFURTI including the State Government
and hence suggested to include at least 5 senior Artisans      officials from Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Kerala, all
in the CDCG. The proposed action plan was discussed            Implementing Agencies, Regional Officers of Coir Board
and approved. While discussing on purchase of Oil fire         and Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud of NRCD were present
Shuttle Kiln, Mr. Goud informed that it is an induced          in the meeting.
cluster and the Artisans are scattered. The SFURTI             The Implementing Agency of each cluster briefed about their
programme is being implementing in 14 villages and are         project status in terms of physical and financial progress,
located at a considerable distance from the proposed CFC.      activities completed so far, proposed activities for the current
As the Artisans were imparted with skills on Terra-kota,       year and time schedule for completion of the activities etc.
he suggested to meet immediate requirement of the              While reviewing Rangat Middle Andaman cluster, Mr. Goud
Artisans at village level rather than supporting minimum       informed about his recent visit to the cluster and his
number of Artisans to manufacture ceramic products using       interactions with the Artisans and specially on preparation
Oil fire Shuttle Kiln. The members convinced with              of DPR etc. He also informed that as the Artisans could
comments of Mr. Goud and suggested Implementing                not mobilise sufficient funds, the revised DPR would be
Agency to concentrate on establishment of updraft kiln         submitted to Coir Board shortly. He explained the initiatives
at the earliest at all the villages. The members also agreed   of ni-msme as Technical Agency in solving various issues
to purchase of Oil fire Shuttle Kiln.                          in respect of Sakigopal and Alhanat clusters. Further, with
Visit to Gadchiroli Pottery Cluster                            regard to Tamil Nadu clusters, he explained in detail the
The team consisting of Mr. M.B. Kamble, Dy.Director,           action taken for strengthening of forward and backward
KVIC, Nagpur, Mr. Bhoomaya, Asst. Director (SFURTI),           linkages, need for market assessment, involvement of BDS,
Mr. Prabhakar, Development Officer, Mr. C.P. Singh, Dev.       communication to IAs regarding their BDS requirements etc.
Officer, Mr. R.M. Khodke, Asst. Dev. Officer and Mr.                                                              contd..5

                                                DG’s endeavours
    Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General visited Chaitanya Jyothi
    Welfare Society (Handicrafts Society), Nellore on 11 July 09. He
    discussed with the functionaries on implementation of Ambedkar
    Hasthasilpa Vikas Yojana (AHVY) Scheme for wooden cutlery, leather
    puppet, palm leaf craft, fabric painting and he suggested functionaries
    to take up activities for development of artisans in the district. He
    also pursued about the progress of the work related with data collection
    of AHVY Scheme by SED, ni-msme.
    Later, he visited Suraj Mahila Mandali (Handicrafts Society) and
    discussed on implementation of Ambekdar Hasthasilpa Vikas Yojana
    (AHVY) scheme for embroidery, painting and patch work.
    Dr. Chukka Kondaiah visited Vikrama Simhapuri University on 12 July 09. He had discussions with Dr. Vishweswara
    Rao, Vice Chancellor and Faculty on developing the curriculum on entrepreneurship to be introduced in PG courses.
    On 13 July 09 he addressed the faculty and students on significance of entrepreneurship.
    Director General as a member, attended the Executive Committee Meeting of NIESBUD, New Delhi on 3 July 09.
    Later, as part of the follow up activity Director General discussed with Dr. PK Mohanty, Joint Secretary, Ministry of
    HUPA & Mission Director, JNNURM and apprised about the National Workshop on Skill Development for
    Unemployed Youth held on 29 June 09. He also discussed on the three Centres likely to be established at ni-msme
    under SJSRY and JNNURM schemes.
    He held discussions with Joint Secretary, MSME about the activities on open land of ni-msme. He also met the
    Secretary, MSME and apprised the ongoing activities of the Institute.
    Director General participated in CEOs meet organised by FAPCCI in connection with visit of Canadian Delegation
    on 16 July 09. During the meet he interacted with the members of delegation and offered the services of ni-msme
    for promotion of MSMEs.
cluster news from page 4
Review of KVIC SFURTI Clusters
Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) organised two-day review meeting at Bangalore to review the status of
South Zone SFURTI clusters during 16-17 July 09.
On 16 July 09, Mr.. K.K. Gupta, Dy. CEO reviewed all the clusters of South Zone. The Cluster Development Executive
(CDE) of respective cluster presented details of progress in terns of physical and financial targets with the help of
representative of Implementing Agency (IA). Later, the discussions were held on Action Plan for the year 2009-10 and
analysed the problems in its implementation and provided inputs for the CDEs.
On 17 July 09, Sri. J.S. Mishra, IAS, CEO discussed with TAs, IAs and CDEs regarding status of the project and major
interventions accomplished in the cluster so far. It was decided to complete the project by end of March 2010.
Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud of NRCD participated in the review meeting, supported CDEs in presentation of project
status and also helped them in finalisation of Action Plan for the year 2009-10. Discussed with the CDEs regarding
support services required and the Action Plans finalised.
Workshop on Possibilities of cluster development across Jharkhand
The Industries Department of Government of Jharkhand organised one day workshop on “Possibilities of cluster
development across Jharkhand” on 20 July 09 at Hotel Ashoka, Ranchi. Ms. Sunila Basant, adviser to the Governor
inaugurated the workshop. Secretary, State Industries Mr. N.N. Sinha, Director (Industries) Ms. Aradhana Patnaik and
Director (Handicrafts) Mr. Dheerendra Kumar were present. The objective of the workshop was to sensitise officials,
entrepreneurs and NGOs on cluster development methodology, cluster initiatives of various State Governments and
cluster development schemes of Government of India. Resource Persons from DC (MSME), ILFS and SBI were
invited to share their experiences in cluster development in addition to ni-msme.
Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Resource Person, NRCD deliberated on scope of cluster development in the State of
Jharkhand. On this occasion, Mr. Goud discussed on overview of cluster development in India, cluster development
initiatives by various agencies in Jharkhand, need for cluster mapping, experience in implementation, need for development
of induced clusters and methodology for development etc. The presentation was well received by the participants.
After completion of the workshop, Mr. Goud discussed with Ms. Aradhana Patnaik, Director (Industries) and other
senior officials of Industries Department regarding services offered by ni-msme for cluster development and scope for

                 Union Budget – 2009 : Impact on Direct Taxation
The Union Budget – 2009 meet was organised on 8 July            the budget is meant for the common man with a focus
09 jointly by National Institute for Micro, Small and           to bridge the gap between rich and the poor.
Medium Enterprises (ni-msme), Institute of Cost and
                                                                The team from the Income Tax Department interacted
Works Accountants of India - Hyderabad Chapter and
                                                                on the occasion were: Mr Suresh Batni, Additional
Institute of Company Secretaries of India – Hyderabad
                                                                Commissioner; Mr Devender, Income Tax Officer and
Chapter at KLN Prasad Auditorium, Federation of
                                                                Mr Y Prasad, Income Tax Officer.
Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
Mr. A. Bhaskar Reddy, IRS, Commissioner of Income               The Chief Guest highlighted salient features of the budget,
Tax, Andhra Pradesh was the Chief Guest.                        which are: Scrapping of surcharge; Abolition of fringe
                                                                benefits tax and commodity transaction tax; Charitable
Mr. Ch. Venkateswarlu, Chair man – Professional
                                                                institutions covered include environment related subjects;
Development Committee, ICWAI welcomed the Chief
                                                                Relief to trust by not taxing anonymous donations
Guest and other dignitaries. He stated that the government
                                                                received to the extent of 5% of their total income or a
has taken new initiatives in the current budget.
                                                                sum of Rs.1 lakh, whichever is higher; Minimum alternate
Mr A. Visweswara Rao, Chairman, ICSI - Hyderabad Chapter        tax on book profits increased to 15% and carry forward
informed that main focus of the budget is on the expenditure.   of MAT credit is extended to 10 years; All small businesses
The objective is to overcome the current market crisis.         with a turnover upto Rs.40 lakh have option to declare
Mr G. Narayana Rao, Chairman, ICWAI - Hyderabad                 their income from business at 8% of turnover and enjoy
Chapter highlighted that the budget encompasses vast areas.     exemption from compliance of maintaining books of
Each of the aspect calls for an expertise for comments.         accounts. They will be allowed to pay their entire tax
Dr U.B. Raju, Director (School of Enterprise                    liability at the time of filing return by exempting them
Management), National Institute for Micro, Small and            from paying advance tax.
Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) said that the budget               Good interactions have taken place wherein views were
would act as stimulus in the current period of recession.       expressed on the subject in detail by the speakers.
Mr A. Nageswara Rao, Secretary, ICWAI - Hyderabad Chapter       Mr. Venkateswarlu proposed a vote of thanks. Conveyed
introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering and explained       thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, participants for
about his commendable work in the sphere of taxation.           making the event success.
Mr A. Bhaskar Reddy, IRS, Commissioner of Income                There were nearly 200 participants representing various
Tax, Andhra Pradesh has made a presentation on Union            walks of life – professionals, industries, institutions, etc.,
Budget – 2009 : Impact on Direct Taxation. He said that         have actively participated.
            German PG research scholars visit                                        New EPABX System
 Ms Ariane and
 Ms Diana, PG
 R e s e a r c h
 scholars from
 G e r m a n y
 associated with
 ALEAP and
 wish to meet
 several women in
 India to interview
 and elicit the
 information on
 experiences of
 working women and gender issue aspects. In this context, they visited
                                                                          Director General inaugurated the EPABX sys-
 ALEAP and had discussions with Mrs K Rama Devi, President ALEAP
 and later visited SEM, ni-msme on 27 July 09 and discussed with Dr.      tem of BSNL which is installed on 23 July 09.
 N.Srilakshmi, Head, C-LAIMS on various aspects on gender issues          This system is having one of the latest feature
 and on the role of working women in India. They also met Dr. U.B.Raju,   of Direct Inward Dialing System which sup-
 Director, SEM and Prof. P. Udaya Shanker, Head, C-ICFS and a few         ports less human intervention. All the ni-msme
 women staff of ni-msme and had interactions to gain first hand           faulty attended the event.
 information. They expressed satisfaction over the visit to ni-msme.
                  School of Enterprise Management (SEM)
                       Induction programme for executive trainees of NMDC
School of Enterprise Management                                                               experiential learning, team spirit,
(SEM), ni-msme organised                                                                      inter-personnel relations, conflict
inaugural function of Induction                                                               management, etc., which are
programme for executive trainees of                                                           extremely useful for the growth
NMDC on 31 July 09. Participants                                                              of an organisation. He suggested
numbering 80 came from a range                                                                the participants to shoulder the
of national technological institutions                                                        responsibility and become assets
i.e., Indian Institute of Technology                                                          to the organisation.
of Khargpur, Roorkee; National                                                                Mr. VVS Sundaram, Joint General
Institute of Technology of                                                                    Manager (HRD), NMDC
Warangal, Suratkal, Raipur,                                                                   informed that decision to join the
Durgapur, Tiruchurapalli; BHU,                                                                corporation is a good and right step.
Varanasi; ISM, Dhanbad; IIFT, Delhi. Specialisations are:         Serving the public sector invariably means national pride. He
mining, geology, metallurgy, materials, mechanical, industrial    asked participants not to take this as a job, it as a career. He
engineering, electrical, civil, and commercial. Mr. S             advised the participants to develop multi skills and maintain
Venkatesan, Director (Production), NMDC was the Chief             good interactions to raise the corporation value.
Guest of the function.
                                                                  Earlier, Dr UB Raju, Director (SEM), ni-msme has
Mr. Venkatesan in his inaugural address stated that               welcomed the guests and participants for the inaugural. In
participants are now part of the family of NMDC. He               his welcome address, referring to the students he said that
further said that today Indian economy is strong on account       they are moving from the student life to employee life which
of public sector contribution and the skills of the personnel     is a transition and calls for transformation. Moving from
percolating to the private sector like information technology,    the listening to practicing and dealing with experienced
petroleum, mining, steel, etc. Corporation stared with a          personnel both up in the ladder and sub-ordinates is a
small investment and now reached to a high level and              challenging task. There is a need to understand cross
number of its initiatives became independent entities. He         functional relations for which good interactions are essential.
expressed that the contribution of employees has brought          Expertise is not enough in this context, human resource
the laurel to the organisation in many aspects. He suggested      management skills are of utmost important. The institute
the participants to work hard to take the organisation to newer   has been undertaking number of activities for the
heights and advised them to follow discipline, dedication,        corporation for the last 3 decades. For making the
cordial relations with all employees, etc.                        programme effective, participants have to have good
Dr Chukka Kondaiah, Director General, ni-msme stated              interactions and be demanding. Training being residential,
that the participants are very young, enthusiastic, have zeal     time available is quite a lot and this has to be used to make
to learn. He informed that the ni-msme has been serving           the programme purposeful.
nearly 50 years to more than 100 countries. He said that          Prof. P Udaya Shanker, Head (Centre for Industrial Credit
one of the initiatives of ni-msme in training is: T-group         and Financial Services) of SEM, ni-msme proposed a vote
training, wherein the focus is on: behaviour, sensitivity,        of thanks.
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Ms. Achala Singh, Secretary to Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands was the Chief Guest of
the valedictory event organised on the 30th. Mr. Ajit Anand, Asst. Director of Industries had welcomed the house
and the dignitaries, and Prof. Dev summed up the workshop proceedings. The Chief Guest had shared her own
experience in women entrepreneurs’ promotion, and stressed on the need to develop risk taking ability and self
confidence to emerge as successful entrepreneurs. Later, she had distributed certificates to delegates.
The workshop received all round appreciation.

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                                                               Mr. N.V. Ram Anand, General Manager (HRD & S), Mishra
                                                        Dhatu Nigam Ltd., (A Govt. of India Enterprise), Ministry of
                                                        Defence, Hyderabad met Director General and got acquainted with
                                                        the activities of the Institute on 1 July 09.
                                                             Dr. Vishweswara
                                                         Rao, Vice Chancellor,
                                                         Vikrama Simhapuri
                                                         University, Nellore
                                                         called on Director
                                                         General and held
                                                        discussions regarding
                                                        introduction       of
                                                        entrepreneurship in
                                                        their         course
                                                        curriculum on 10 July 09.
                                                            Ms. Sudha Shetty, Senior Programme Manager, The Alliance to
                                                        Save Energy, Bangalore called on Director General along with Dr.
                                                        GUK Rao to discuss on collaborative programmes in the field of
                                                        energy saving on 24 July 09.

                                   Farewell to Prof. Sudhakara Rao
                                   Farewell to Prof. Sudhakara Rao
The Recreation Club of ni-msme bid a farewell to Prof.              Prof. Sudhakara Rao lauded for good unity among the
B. Sai Sudhakara Rao, Head, EAC                                                           faculty and staff to meet
and Faculty, SEE on his                                                                   challenges of the Institute. He
                                                                                          recollected his earlier association
superannuation after 32 years of
                                                                                          with Dr D Nagaiah and Dr DD
service on 31 July 09.
                                                                                          Mali. He expressed that he has
Prof. Sudhakara Rao was                                                                   learnt a lot during his service in
appointed in the Institute as                                                             the     Institute     which       is
Research Associate in SENDOC.                                                             incomparable and he felt lucky to
He worked in various positions till                                                       work in the Institute.
he became the Faculty Member                                                                  Dr Chukka Kondaiah, Director
in various centres. As Head, EAC                                                              General and Ex-officio President
his contribution is innumerable.                                                              ni-msme Recreation Club stated
Dr C Rani, Prof NVNS Dev, Prof                                                                that Prof Sudhakara Rao has lot
GP Vallabh Reddy, Prof P Udaya Shanker and Mr Ashok                 of concern for the Institute and his contribution is
Kumar spoke about their association with Prof Sudhakara             unforgettable. He also said that Prof. Sudhakara Rao is
Rao. He has been lauded for the initiatives, commitment,            well disciplined, quick learner and ability to execute tasks
sincerity, dedication and contribution to the institute. He never   meticulously. His contributions through CRR, PMRY, ILO
compromises on work and his involvement in the CRR                  programmes are commendable.
programmes is commendable.                                          Mrs. K. Satyavani, General Secretary, ni-msme
                                                                    Employee’s Recreation Club coordinated the event.

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