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					                             Transitional Studies

Dept.   Course #   Title                                     Units
ENGL    R030       English Skills                            .5-3
ENGL    R030K      Individualized Study Skills                       0.5
ENGL    R030R      Individualized Reading                            0.5
ENGL    R030S      Individualized Spelling                           0.5
ENGL    R030T      Techniques of Tutoring                              1
ENGL    R030V      Individualized Vocabulary Development             0.5
ENGL    R056       Reading Skills 4                                    3
ENGL    R066       Grammar and Writing 4                               3
ENGL    R066A      Grammar and Writing 4 Part A                        1
ENGL    R066B      Grammar and Writing 4 Part B                        1
ENGL    R066C      Grammar and Writing 4 Part C                        1
ENGL    R068       Basic Composition                                   5
ENGL    R068A      Basic Composition Part A                          2.5
ENGL    R068B      Basic Composition Part B                          2.5
ENGL    R080       Developmental Vocabulary                            3
ENGL    R084       Introductory Creative Writing                       3
ENGL    R090       College Vocabulary                                  3
ENGL    R095       College Reading Skills                              3
ENGL    R095A      College Reading Skills Part 1                       1
ENGL    R095B      College Reading Skills Part 2                       1
ENGL    R095C      College Reading Skills Part 3                       1
ENGL    R096       Intermediate Composition                            5
ENGL    R098       Short Courses in English                  .5-10
ENGL    R100       Composition: ESL Emphasis                          5

ESL     R030D      ESL Vocabulary for Daily Life                     0.5
ESL     R030E      ESL Vocabulary for Shopping and Health            0.5
ESL     R030F      ESL Vocabulary for School and Community           0.5
ESL     R030G      ESL Vocabulary for Work and Play                  0.5
ESL     R030H      Crossroads Café I                                 0.5
ESL     R030J      Crossroads Café 2                                 0.5
ESL     R040       English Coversation I                               3
ESL     R042       English Coversation 2                               3
ESL     R044       English Conversation 3                              3
ESL     R046       ESL Oral/Listening Skills                           3
ESL     R050       Reading Skills 1                                    3
ESL     R052       Reading Skills 2                                    3
ESL     R054       Reading Skills 3                                    3
ESL     R060       Grammar and Writing 1                               3
ESL     R062       Grammar and Writing 2                               3
ESL     R064       Grammar and Writing 3                               3
ESL     R070       Pronunciation: Improving Spoken English             3
ESL     R098       Short Courses in ESL                      .5-10
                         Transitional Studies

MATH   R009    Basic Mathematics                          3
MATH   R009A   Basic Mathematics I                        1
MATH   R009B   Basic Mathematics II                       1
MATH   R009C   Basic Mathematics III                      1
MATH   R010    Pre-Algebra                                4
MATH   R010A   Pre-Algebra I                              1
MATH   R010B   Pre-Algebra II                             1
MATH   R010C   Pre-Algebra III                            1
MATH   R010D   Pre-Algebra IV                             1
MATH   R011    Elementary Algebra                         5
MATH   R011A   Elementary Algebra I                     2.5
MATH   R011B   Elementary Algebra II                    2.5
MATH   R023    Geometry                                   3
MATH   R093    Overcoming Math Anxiety                    1
MATH   R098    Short Courses in Mathematics     .5-10

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