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                         Press Release

                         Interbrand Cincinnati Helps Charmin Change the Way Consumers Shop for
                         Toilet Paper
                         23 May 2005

                         Redesigned Packaging Encourages Consumers to “Roll Up” to Larger Sizes
                         (Cincinnati; May 23, 2005) – Interbrand Cincinnati is helping Procter & Gamble’s Charmin brand to
                         simplify the way consumers shop for toilet paper and fulfill consumers’ number-one expressed need:
                         fewer roll changes.

                         Charmin’s new family of Regular, Big, Giant and Mega size toilet paper rolls, which features
                         Interbrand’s enhanced packaging redesign, began hitting shelves in February 2005. Early results indi-
                         cate that consumers are “rolling up” to the larger sizes, and praising the packaging for clearly commu-
                         nicating roll sizes and the brand’s value.

                         “Consumers have long been confused by bath tissue product offerings,” said Interbrand Vice President
                         and Group Account Director Bill Rempe. “Between abstract roll sizes, disparate roll counts and number
                         of plies, few understand what they are actually buying or how to determine value in the category.”

                         Charmin’s thickness and overall quality have made it difficult for the brand to compete with inferior
                         brands touting the number of sheets per roll as the basis of product value, so Charmin sought ways
                         to reframe the value in consumers’ minds. Charmin also was looking for ways to move consumers to
                         larger, more profitable roll sizes. Larger sizes meet consumer demands for fewer roll changes, provide
                         retailers with more product in less space, and reduce Procter & Gamble’s manufacturing costs.

                         The year-long project produced packaging with multiple verbal and graphic elements to better commu-
                         nicate Charmin’s roll size and overall value:
                             • Roll size names were changed to Regular (1x), Big (2x), Giant (2.5x) and Mega (4x). This elimi-
                                 nates confusion that used to exist with names such as Single and Double, which consumers
                                 thought referred to the number of plies.
                             • Each package includes a “roll equivalency” violator that does the math for consumers (for
                                 example, “4 Giant Rolls Equal to 10 Regular Rolls”).
                             • Roll-size icons show the complete range of size offerings on every package to drive awareness
                                 and encourage trade up.
                             • A different Charmin Bear illustration for each package communicates both product benefit and
                                 roll size.
                             •   The Mega Rolls package includes an extender device that allows consumers to use the Mega
      Creating and managing
                 brand value

                               Press Release

                                       Rolls with their existing toilet paper holder.

                               “Consumers want improved shopability and better differentiation of sizes, and Charmin’s new packaging
                               gives them that,” Rempe said. An in-market test to gauge consumer acceptance of the Charmin design
                               change showed that consumers preferred the new packaging 2 to 1 over the old design. Sales volume
                               in the test market exceeded expectations and volume forecasts suggest strong future growth. Most
                               important, the packaging successfully transitioned consumers to larger roll sizes by a double-digit mar-

                               “The new packaging design is helping to make consumers aware of the new roll sizes and is driving our
                               overall Charmin business,” noted Laston Charriez, Charmin Marketing Director. “Charmin shipments
                               are up versus a year ago and Mega Roll already represents a significant portion of the overall Charmin

                               About Interbrand
                               Interbrand (, the leading brand consultancy and author of the annual ranking of
                               “The Best Global Brands,” published by BusinessWeek, combines the rigorous strategy and analysis of
                               a management consulting practice with the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of branding and design.
                               The company offers a comprehensive array of consulting services that guide clients in the creation,
                               enhancement, maintenance and valuation of their most valuable asset -- their brands. Founded in 1974,
                               Interbrand has offices in over 30 cities in more than 20 countries around the globe and clients from
                               among the most respected businesses. For more information, visit the world’s only online exchange
                               about branding, produced by Interbrand, at

                               NOTE: A high-resolution jpg of the Charmin product family is available upon request.

                               Becky Schultz
                               Interbrand Cincinnati

                               Lisa Marsala

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      Creating and managing
                 brand value

                               Press Release


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