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									            State Capitol and Executive Residence Board
                             Wisconsin State Capitol
               Governor’s Conference Room, First Floor – East Wing
                    Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 1:00 p.m.

AGENDA (Tentative)
1. Call to Order
      Legislative Chairperson, Senator Risser will call the SCERB meeting to order.

2. Introduction of New Members:
      Legislative Chair, Senator Risser will introduce a new SCERB member.
       Mr. John J. Fernholz, Landscape Architect, replaces Mr. Kent Johnson.

3. Oath of Office:
      At the conclusion of the meeting Mr. Fernholz will be required to sign the Oath of
      Office witnessed by a Notary Public.

4. Roll Call
      SCERB Secretary Mr. Michael Stark will call the roll.

5. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (June 21, 2004)

6. State Capitol

       A. ATM Machine in the Rotunda Basement – At the last meeting SCERB
          approved adding an ATM machine in the Rotunda Basement vending room.
          The machine would be owned, operated and maintained at no cost to the state
          by Mr. Michael Huckaby, owner of the Capitol Deli and Espresso Bar.
          Approval was contingent upon this arrangement being legal and verification
          of the necessity of completing an RFP. Legal Council from DOA will be
          present to answer any questions.

       B. 9/11 Memorial – At the request of the students from Princeton Senior High
          School further discussion on this memorial will be held at a future meeting.

       C. Wisconsin Eye – Further discussion on this matter will be held if the proposal
          has reached agreement.

       D. Shoe Shine Stand – Representative Owens has requested to have this item
          listed on the agenda.

       E. Trees on the Capitol Park Promenade – Mr. Daniel Stephans, Architect with
          the Division of State Facilities.
7. The Executive Residence

      A. Barrier Free Rest Room Facility - Mr. Daniel Stephans. Presentation of plans
         to remodel one the of the first floors restroom facilities in order to make it
         usable for the disabled. A motion will be required to allow this space to be
         modified and refurbished.

      B. Portable Barrier Free Access Ramp in the Front Foyer – Mr. Daniel Stephans.
         Presentation of plans to construct and install a portable accessible ramp
         inside the front foyer of the Executive Residence. The intent is to install this
         ramp only when necessary to accommodate guests and visitors. A motion is
         required to allow the construction of this portable ramp.

      C. Update on the Exterior Barrier Free Access Ramps at the Front Entrance – Mr.
         Daniel Stephans. These two ramps were approved at the last SCERB meeting.

      D. Security Issues at the Executive Residence – Acting Capitol Police Chief,
         Marc Schmidt

8. Other Business

9. Next Meeting
      The next SCERB meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 1:00 PM
      in the Governor’s Conference Room, First Floor East Wing, State Capitol.

10. Adjournment

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