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					Coupons & Likes On Facebook

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• According to new figures released by a joint
  survey Facebook users use the Like option for a
  brand for one overpowering reason – discounts
  and special offers.
• Surveying 1,550 U.S. respondents aged 15 and
  older from March 2009 to April 2010, 40% of
  consumers like a brand or company on
  Facebook to “receive discounts and promotions.”
  When it comes to getting freebies, 36% would
  like a brand who offered giveaways.

 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a
          Facebook Fan Page.

• Here are the reasons why
  your business should
  have a face book fan
• You can have a large
  number of Fan base. This
  makes fan pages
• You can create brand advocates.
• You can easily promote it with tools provided by
• The Facebook Pages Insights analytics tool
  gives you useful information about your fans and
  their interactions.
• You can build a community for your clients and
• It’s another funnel to your website.
• You can add unlimited photos and videos.

 Coupons and Customer Coding

• The obvious way to market would be through
  coupons of your own. If you have flyers or
  discount coupons for your business, you can
  easily transfer that to your Facebook page.
• Grab the content & images from your existing
  flyer or website and then transfer that to a tab
  on your page’s navigation menu.
• Call your tab something simple like Coupons,
  Discounts or offer to grab attention. Then, to
  encourage prospects to Like your page, only
  make the coupon or discount available to
Samples Of Offers & Coupons

Not having a fanpage is COSTING you money and
                 LOSING your business
   “We are offering you a total facebook fanpage
             service at a rock bottom price”

     Thank You……..

Description: A Facebook Fan Page or a Landing page no doubt gives your business a professional image. Now a days Facebook Fan Pages are not only for Big Fish’s out there in the market but also for small business like entrepreneurs, freelancers etc. After the end of this article following can be known • Coupons & Likes On Facebook • Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Facebook Fan Page. Coupons and Customer Coding • Loyalty, Lists and Like Highlights