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									                                                    Staples Advantage® Office Products Program
                                                    Staples Advantage is proud to partner with National Association of Personnel
                                                    Services (NAPS) and its affiliates to offer you a discount office products
                                                    program. This program allows members of NAPS and its affiliates to maximize
                                                    their buying power in any location across the nation.
                                                    Taking advantage of discount pricing and services is easier than ever with
                                          ®, an easy-to-use Internet ordering solution (pre-registration
                                                    required). Through the website you will have access to items
                                                    you use every day and can order online at your convenience.
                                                    Sign up today and take advantage of:
Register online or fax back this
completed order form to                             •     Online Ordering and control on - password protected
(800) 501-7658.                                           website with live pricing, shopping lists, and immediate access to over
Company Name:
                                                          30,000 products.
                                                    •     Ability to order by phone and fax
                                                    •     FREE Next Day Delivery on qualifying orders
Address:                                            •     Easy Online Return Process
                                                    •     Dedicated Account Manager
Phone:                                              •     Reporting Capabilities
                                                    •     Value Added Services

Email:                                              This program is offered through Staples Advantage. The NAPS pricing is not
                                                    available in our Staples retail stores, Staples direct mail order catalogs or
# of Catalogs:
                                                    For a StaplesLink account, register online or fax back your completed form
If you are a current Corporate Express or Staples   to (800) 501-7658. For more information, contact your Account
Advantage Customer, list your account number:       Representative, Jada Sanders, at (888) 224-3784 x4506 or

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