; Shareholder Waiver of Notice
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Shareholder Waiver of Notice


Shareholder Waiver of Notice document sample

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									[From: Free Document Downloads at TheSmallBusinessOwnersManual.com]

This document should be used by an individual shareholder
to waive notice of a special meeting of shareholders.

The following text of this document should be reviewed and
edited to fit your purposes.

[Find, then fill-in, or delete text in brackets like this: “[NNN]”

If there are dates in this document, they will automatically change to today’s date.

For additional assistance mailto:LegalHelp@TheSmallBusinessOwnersManual.com or
call 888/872-6601)

Otherwise the following text should be reviewed and edited as needed:
                        (INDIVIDUAL SHAREHOLDER)

I, [SHAREHOLDER’S NAME], the holder of [N] shares of stock of [COMPANY
NAME] Corporation, do hereby waive notice of the special meeting of the shareholders
of [COMPANY NAME] Corporation, and consent to the holding of the meeting that is
scheduled to be held on the following date and time and at the following location:
       Date: [DATE]

       Time: [TIME]

       Suite: [SUITE]

       Street: [STREET]

       City & State: [CITY AND STATE]

I understand that the sole purpose of the meeting shall be to discuss and vote upon the
following resolution that has been adopted by the Board of Directors and that is to be put
before the shareholders for their approval:

It is my understanding that no other matters will be placed on the agenda of the special
meeting, and this waiver of notice and consent to the holding of the above-mentioned
special meeting is given on that understanding.

Dated: [DATE]


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