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					Syteline Workflow

What is Workflow?

 Knowledge management
 Document management
 Collaboration

   All terms referring to a WORKFLOW
Workflow Overview (cont)

 Workflow is E-mail Based
 Workflow is an electronic tool used to
  automate business processes
 The process can be as simple as circulating
 Or as complex as routing many documents
  to several users from multiple departments
  for a response
Workflow Overview (cont)

   Workflow involves the routing of
    information to individuals based on a set of
   Allowing individuals to respond to this
    information and cause SyteLine
    Transactions to occur based on their
Workflow Overview (cont)

 Workflow allows visualization of
  processes throughout an organization
 Workflow allows “real time” responses to
  real world events
 Workflow allows you to closely track the
  status and progress of active workflows
  throughout the organization
Tasks Within Workflow allow you….

 FYI - Send information to many people
 Response - Request information from
 Loop - Return to a previous step
 Split Path - Create a parallel series of steps
  to process concurrently
Tasks Within Workflow allow you….

 Milestones - Specify text to display in the
  Exchange Folder
 Launch - Start another flow using a
  different template
 Custom Roles - Distribute tasks to
  individuals or departments that are not
  known until you run the flow
Workflow allows you to do...

 On The Fly Editing - Change or add a step
  while flow is active
 Delegate a task to another recipient
 Escalate a task if not responded to in an
  preset amount of time
 Eliminate Bottlenecks or Inefficiencies
  within your organization.
Planning Guidelines

1.   Select the steps that create the template
2.   Decide who receives the flow
3.   Determine how responses lead to other steps
4.   Additional Documents Required?
5.   Determine If You Should Notify Yourself
     When a Step Completes
6.   Determine When a Response is Due
7.   Security Considerations
Tips for Creating Workflows
   Use the FYI step to keep users notified during a
    flow’s progress
   Try to use the number of days and hours rather
    than actual dates and times when setting when a
    response is due. Allowing you to easily reuse
   Use Custom Roles whenever feasible to ensure
    flexibility in your workflow.
   During testing and startup – Consider logging
    your flows
   Use Milestones – To keep participants notified.
Workflow Benefits

   Gain Control of Business Processes
   Streamline Business Processes
   Increase Speed of Business Processes
   Audit Trails of Processes and Database Tables
   Extend Business Processes beyond Enterprise
   Improve Internal and External Communications
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