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                                  OFFICAL ENTRY FORM
                                  Deadline: March 23, 2009

          Please print this form, complete it, and submit it with your design entry.
                               All entries should be mailed to:
                                       Brown Shoe Co.
                                    ATTN: Martha Kveton
                                     8300 Maryland Ave.
                                     St. Louis, MO 63105

Entrant Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________


Home Phone: _____________________ Alternate Phone: _______________________

University Currently Attending: _______________________________________
(if applicable)

The Brown Shoe “Shoe Design Contest” is subject to the Official Contest Rules created by Brown
Shoe and found on its website at

By signing this form, Entrant represents and warrants that 1) Entrant is at least 18 years of age
and meets all other eligibility criteria; and 2) Entrant’s design submission is not more than 180
days old.

I understand that shoe designs can be similar and that Brown Shoe may have previously
produced, or may in the future produce and put into production designs that are similar to mine.
Therefore, I agree not to pursue any form of action or claim related to my design submission and
hereby release Brown Shoe Company, Inc., its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, and all of their
respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (“Brown Shoe”) from any form of action or
claim of damages, costs or losses of any kind arising out of my participation in the contest or
related to any contest prize.

I hereby grant Brown Shoe permission to use my name and likeness, prize information, and
photographs or likeness of my design submission, including my storyboard materials and content,
in whole or as part of composites or reproductions, in any other medium of expression now
known or hereafter discovered for any promotional or advertising purposes related to the Brown
Shoe “Shoe Design Contest” without compensation to me.

I certify that the information I provided above is true, and that my design submission, including the
actual design and related materials, are my own original design and creation, and are not
protected by any agreement that would prohibit my right to enter my design submission in the
Brown Shoe “Shoe Design Contest”.

Entrant Signature: _______________________________Date: _________

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