2011 summer training schedule by ashrafp


									                                                                 Marion County CASA
                                                                 PO Box 12765, Salem, OR 97309
                                                                            503-378-6327 x216

                                   2011 Training Schedule
                                    Tuesdays, 5:30 to 8:30 pm

   Before the first class of each section, please read all of the chapters in the section.
   Missed classes must be made up before you are sworn in as a CASA.
   A water fountain is available.
   There will be one 15-minute break.
SECTION I:            Systems In Which We Work

7/12:                 Orientation – Pick up Training Materials, All Staff

7/19:                 Chapter 1 - Introducing the CASA Volunteer Role

7/26:                 Chapter 2 – Introducing The Law, the Child Protection system & the
                      Courts. Guest Speaker: Phil Wiseman, Attorney

SECTION II:           Cultures From Which Our Children Come

8/2:                  Chapter 3 – Developing Cultural Competence
                      Guest Speaker: Mark Schwier, DHS Trainer with Portland State

8/9:                  Chapter 4 – Understanding Families, Part 1:
                      Sexual Abuse Training: Meet at Liberty House

8/16:                 Chapter 5 – Understanding Families, Part 2:
                      Impact of Substance Abuse, Poverty, Importance of Family
                      Guest Speaker: Kirsten Heydel, Women’s Crisis Service

8/23:                 Chapter 6 – Understanding Children
                      Guest Speaker: Kevin Rentz, Psychiatric Crisis Center

SECTION III:          How We Do Our Job

8/30:                 Chapter 7 - Communicating as a CASA Volunteer Meet at DHS
                      Guest Speaker: Jason Walling, Prg Mgr Child Protective Services

9/13:                 Chapter 9 – Practicing the CASA Volunteer Role
                      Reporting and Monitoring Meet at Library: Anderson RmA

9/20:                 Chapter 8 – Practicing the CASA Volunteer Role
                      Gathering Information
                      Guest Speaker: Honorable Judge Prall, Juvenile Court

9/27:                 Chapter 10 - Putting It All Together, All Staff

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