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Short Blank Job Applications


Short Blank Job Applications document sample

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									                      07/24/09          ******************************************************
Mapping from Web/Paper App to Flat File
   Note: There will be at least one record for each question. If the question was not answered, there
          will be a record with only the question number. For those questions that have multiple
          entries (ex: 07a, 07b, etc), there will be only one entry if the question was left blank,
          and the question number will not have a letter following it.
Question     Data Elements -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   000       app-id                       a10
             app-code                      a1
             app-literal                  a30

            filler                       a4
            app ccyymm                   a6   mm: 01 Spring; 05 Summer I; 06 Summer; 07 Summer II; 09 Fall
   001      qual                         a2
            code                         a6   qual is 73, code is FICE
            dest-abbrev                  a5
   002      major                       a60   can occur two times, for first choice and second choice
   003a     payment date time           a15   yyyymmddhhmmsst      200805151752235
            payment status               a4
            payment amount               n5
            payment trace nbr           a12
            payment custref             a12
            payment ctype                a1
            payment cc nbr              a19
            payment exp mmyy             n4
   003b     bill addr1                  a30
            bill addr2                  a30
            bill city                   a20
            bill state                   a2
            bill zip                     a9
            bill ctrycode                a3
            bill ctyrname               a30
   004      submit date time            a30   SUBMITTED: 05/14/2008,20:12
            transmit date time          a30   TRANSMITTED: 05/15/2008,18:32

   01       ssn                          a9
            ssn lit                     a40
   02       dob                          a8   cymd
   03       last name                   a20
            first name                  a12
            middle name                 a12
            suffix                       a5
   04       other-names                       same format as 03, max of 3
   05       gender                       a1   m/f
   06       birth ctry code              a3
            birth state                  a2
            birth city                  a22
07    ethnicity                a1    I American Indian or Alaska Native; A Asian or Pacific Islander
                                     N Black, non-hispanic;              H Hispanic or Latino
                                     O White, Non-hispanic origin;       " " No Ethnicity supplied
08a   US citizen                a1   Y/N
      ctry of citizenship      a30   if not U.S.
08b   perm res status           a1   Y/N/blank
      perm res date             a6   yyyymm
      perm res number          a12
      perm res literal         a20
08c   bcis app                  a1   Y/N
      bcis int                  a1   Y/N
08d   not currently used
09    father ed level           a1   0: no HS 1: some HS 2: HS dipl or GED     3: some college 4: Bachelor's/4 year degree
      mother ed level           a1   5: Graduate/Professional degree           6: Associate's Degree
10a   curr street 1            a40
      curr street2             a40
10b   curr city                a22
      curr state                a2
      curr zip                 a14
      curr cntry code           a3
      curr county              a30
      curr exp                  a8   (ccyymmdd)
10c   how long at this addr     n4   yymm                 ex: 1205 12 yrs, 05 months
10d   phone number                   up to 3 entries
        type code               a2   WP work phone, CP cell phone, HP residence phone
        country code            a3   if entered
        area code               a3
        phone number            a7
11a   perm street 1            a40
      perm street 2            a40
11b   perm city                a22
      perm state                a2
      perm zip                 a14
      perm cntry code           a3
      perm county code          a3
      perm county name         a30
11c   perm street 3
11d   phone type                a2   OT perm phone
      phone ctry                a3
      area code                 a3
      phone number              a7
12    email addr               a75
13x   emer name                a25
13y   emer phone               a25
14    entry ccyymm              a6   ccyymm
      mini or short semester    a1   blank M:Mini    S:Short   N: not a mini or short semester
15a   hs name                  a43
      hs city                  a22
      hs state                  a2
15b   hs code                   a6
      blank                     a9
      hs grad dt                a6   ccyymm
       home schooled            a1    Y/N/blank
       TEXAS grant              a1    Y/N/blank
15c    IB Diploma               a1    Y/N/blank
16     ged type                 a7    ENGLISH or SPANISH or blank
       ged state                a2
       ged date                 a6    ccyymm
17     admissions basis         a1    C College Transfer, Degree-seeking
                                      D Dual Credit
                                      E High School Early Admission
                                      G GED
                                      H High School Graduate
                                      I Individual Approval (no high school diploma or GED)
                                      M Home Schooled/High School Graduate
                                      N College Transfer, Not Degree-seeking
                                      R Readmission from prior semester
                                      T Transient- Seeking a degree elsewhere
18                                    only here if no previous college info entered
18aa   coll name                a43
       code qual                 a2   ZZ no code available, 72 FICE, 73 NASC
       code                      a6
       1st semester attended     a6   ccyymm
       not currently used        a1
       last semester attended    a6   ccyymm
18ab   hours earned              a5   nnn.n
       college city             a22
       college state             a2
       probation/suspension      a3   B39 probation, B40 dismissal, ZZZ both probation and dismissal
19     reason for attending      a1   A Associate Deg      T Credit for Transfer
                                      C Certificate        J Job Improvement
                                      P Personal Enrich    B Bach of App Tech (BAT)
20     TSI info                 a39
       not currently used        a1   always blank
       thea rel                  a1   Y/N
       tsi alt test rel          a1   Y/N
       tsi alt test name         a1   C Compass            S Asset
                                      A Accuplacer         M Maps
       tsi test needed           a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt test           a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt sat            a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt sat ccyymm     n6   ccyymm format
       tsi exempt act            a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt act ccyymm     n6   ccyymm format
       tsi exempt taks           a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt taks ccyymm    n6   ccyymm format
       tsi exempt assoc          a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt transfer       a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt mil active     a1   Y/N
       tsi exempt mil retired    a1   Y/N
       tsi date                  a8   ccyymmdd format
21     res: RESPE               a56
       prev tx college           a1   Y/N
       prev tx college name     a43
     prev tx coll ccyys 1      n5
     prev tx coll ccyys 2      n5
     prev res status           a1
     prev res basis            a1
22   res: RESRC             a36
     blank                     a1
     state of res              a2
     ctry of res code          a3
     ctry of res name         a30
23   res: HS/GED              a69
     blank                     a1
     hs name                  a43
     hs city                  a22
     Live tx 36 mos            a1   Y/N
     live tx 12                a1   Y/N
     US Cit or PermRs          a1   Y/N
24   res: Basis
     file own tax rtn         a1    Y/N
     claim as dep             a1    Y/N
     support                  a1    Y/N
     support other           a25
25   res: Self               a74
     US Citizen               a1    Y/N
     US Perm Res              a1    Y/N
     filler(unused)           a2
     PermResApplic            a1    Y/N
     filler(unused)           a1
     Visa                    a30
     Curr Tx Res              a1    Y/N
     Tx Res Years             n2
     Tx Res Months            n2
     Why Move Tx              a1    why move: E Education,M Military Assignment,W Employment,O (free form other)
     Tx Mil Home              a1    Y/N
     Tx Mil Leg St            a2    state abbrev
     Tx Real Prop             a1    Y/N
     Tx Title date            n6
     Tx Business              a1    Y/N
     Tx Business date         n6
     Tx License               a1    Y/N
     Tx License date          n6
     Tx Work                  a1    Y/N
     Tx Spouse                a1    Y/N
     Tx Spouse Other          a1    Y/N
     TX Spouse Years          n2
     TX Spouse Months         n2
     Tx Homeless              a1    Y/N
26   res: Par/Guard          a74    same as res: Self
27   res: Comments           a80
     comment                 a80    max 10 comments
28   Univ/Maj Ques           a80    description          "*****University & Major Specific Question"
                                                         followed by question number
                                                         answers follow until new question or answer record
29   FERPA certification         a16 mm/dd/yyyy,hh:mm format
     Meningitis certification    a16 mm/dd/yyyy,hh:mm format
     Truth certification         a16 mm/dd/yyyy,hh:mm format
30   ccardnbr                    a24
     fee waiver                   a1   Y/N
     ccexpdat                 a6(ccyymm)
     cctype                      a10 M: Mastercard V: Visa A: AMEX I: Discover D: Diners Club
                                       C: Check O: money order P: use previous pmt
     ccholder                    a30
31   essay topic                  a2   E1 first essay, E2 second essay, etc
     essay lines                 a80
99   empty record, marks the end of the application

09 Fall
c Islander


ege 4: Bachelor's/4 year degree
's Degree
ent,O (free form other)

ic Question"

on or answer record
rs Club

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