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					How-to quick reference guide
University of Puget Sound, Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
Updating Regional Club Logger Pages
1. Follow this link:
2. Enter your user name: [your alumni club]
3. Enter your password: [your alumni club/committee password]

4. On the top tool bar navigation, select “Site Management”, then “Site Content” then click on “Manage
Chapter Pages.”

5. Click your Chapter Page name (not the Edit link). Then select either “home” or “events”.
6. Once your page appears, click the Chapter Edit button. The editing tool bar looks very similar to MS

7. Once you make your changes or add content, click the “Save Changes” button. Then, from the top tool
bar, select Site Management, then Site Content, then Manage Chapter Pages.

8. Select your chapter page (click the page name, not the edit link). Then, click the button that says
“Publish All.”

You’re all set! You’re changes and content are now live online.
Using LOGGER[net] Email
1. Follow this link:
2. Enter your user name: [your alumni club/committee chapter]
3. Enter your password: [your alumni club/committee password ]

4. On the top navigation menu, hover over Email Marketing.

5. Click on the “Create/Manage Email List” button.

6. Then, click on “Create a Recipient List.” Name your recipient list (Seattle Alumni – Date). Click on “Advance
Query,” then select your list recipient criteria using the address tab. Click the plus sign.

7. Select “Address” on the second drop down tab. Then select “City” on the third drop down tab. Type in the city
that you would like included on the list. Click “Add.”
8. When adding multiple cities, you need to make sure the last drop down menu in the row says “or”.
9. Follow step 7 and 8 to add as many cities as necessary for your list. You’ll know that your list will be correctly
gathering when the red text at the bottom of the page says “Query OK.”

10. Before you save your list, be sure to add a row that is for state to ensure that you’re just pulling the city in your
state (for example, there are multiple cities in the country called Oakland. If you’re in California, you’ll just want to
pull the Oakland, California.)
             o To add the state, select “State” instead of “City” and enter your state in the field.
             o Ensure that the drop down between the last city on your list and the state says “or.” This ensures
                that you’re gathering alumni that live in any of the cities that you’ve selected AND the state that you
                live in.
Click the “Save List” button at the bottom of the page.
Creating an email
  1. To create an email, click on the “Create and Manage Content” tab.

  2. Then, click the “create content” button.
3. Give your email a name (i.e.: Agenda for Communications Committee Meeting).

4. The text that automatically appears on the screen is part of the template. It includes the university’s
address, how to be removed from receiving emails, and why the recipient is receiving the email (because
of their affiliation with the University of Puget Sound Alumni Community.) Click the “Preview HTML” to
view how your recipients will see the email.
Writing your email:

12. Begin typing your email text between the two lines that are on the screen above “Removal

13. Once your email content is okay (be sure to click the “PREVIEW HTML” button to view your email
how your recipients will see it). You must make sure that you have entered text on the “text
version” tab of the email.
To quickly enter text on the “text version” copy and paste non-linked text from the HTML
view of your email. You can add links, but make them simple (for example, to direct people
to LOGGER[net], type in To direct people to the
alumni page on the Puget Sound website, type )
Addressing your email:

   1. Click the “Address & Assemble Email” tab at the top of the page. Then click, “Address and assemble
      a new email.”

   2. Click the “Edit” link (far right of the table) associated with the email you would like to send.

3. Type an Email Name (this is not necessarily the subject of your email. )

4. You’ll need to enter an input in the “TO” field. Enter “Seattle Alumni.” This is what will appear in the
“to” field when you open your email.
5. Enter a subject (this is what the recipient will see in their inbox.)

6. Select the name of your email from the drop down box in the “Email content and recipient list” section.

7. Select the recipient list from the drop down menu in the same section.

8. Scroll to the section of the page that says “Available Categories.” Click “General News” and click the
“Select” button. Then select “Regional Club events” and click the select button.

9. Click the Save Email button at the bottom of the page.

Sending your email:

   1. Click the Send and Schedule tab.
   2. On the calendar, click the date that you would like the email to be sent. Then, click the time that
      you would like it to be sent *Note: all times are Eastern Standard Time.
    3. Click the name of your email in the pop-up box.
    4. Click the “Schedule this email now” button.
    5. You will see your email on the calendar to be sent. It will be pending approval. Once Alumni
        and Parent Relations Staff approve the email, it will be sent out to your
        recipient list. ** Please notify Alumni and Parent Relations when you have an
        email ready to be sent. **

That’s it!

After your email is sent, you can revisit this page, and select the reports tab. This will enable you to see
how many people opened your email, what the “click through” rate was (how many people clicked on
links from your email), and any emails that bounced back.

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