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                               New Selection of Staff for the SHERQ Industry

                                                                                                                                  CAREER SERVICES

SITE ENGINEER / PROJECT MANAGER /                                          R998,680                        NQC132575                     Established
CONTRACTS MANAGER                                                                                                                          1983

This Site Engineer/Project Manager has a National Certificate in Project Management, Advanced
Diploma's in Quality Management and Quality Control with 30+ years experience in Over Head Power
Stations, Gautrain, Commercial building and other Electrical and Mechanical projects. He is
immediately available and is looking for new challenges in Gauteng.
SHE SPECIALIST                                           Negotiable           KFA109873
This SHEQ Specialist / SHEQ Manager has 2x BSc qualifications 1) Bachelor of Science Honours in
Applied Environmental 2) Bachelor of Science General in Mathematics and Statistics. He is an expert
in occupational safety, environmental and safety management, safety auditing, accident investigation,
hazard identification, and process safety. His many accomplishments in the management of risks to
people and high value property assets are noteworthy. He is currently in East London and is willing to
move anywhere in SA for the right opportunity.
QC/QA INSPECTOR                                         Negotiable             KAB127677
This QC/QA Inspector / Manager has worked himself up from trade with 43+ years experience in the
Mining and Petrochemical Industry with a vast amount of Code Experience. He is open to
opportunities anywhere in or Abroad South Africa.
QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER                              R220,000             KAA118683
This Quality Assurance Manager with a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry has over 5 years
experience covering manufacturing, concrete, packaging, chemistry and mining. Seeking challenging
opportunities in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West. Will consider other areas in
South Africa.
QA/ QC OFFICER/ SITE SUPERVISOR                       Negotiable            KBG132275
This Site Supervisor/ QAQC Officer has over 6 years hands on experience in reinforced concrete
structures, water retaining structures, roads, mining projects, multi storey buildings and earthworks on
multi million rand contracts. He has an S2 in Civil Engineering and is busy with his National Diploma in
Building. Seeking opportunities anywhere in South Africa.
RISK AND SAFETY SUPERINTENDENT                             R500,000                KGG109024
This PDI Risk and Safety Officer/ Manager with a BTech (Safety Management), a National Diploma in
Safety Management and Modern SHEQ/ Risk Management training course has over 5 years
experience in the health and Safety field. His experience covers mining, petrochemical and power
generation. Seeking employment in Gauteng, Limpopo or Mpumalanga. Registered as Safety
Practitioner with the Institute of Safety Management (IoSM)
QUALITY MANAGER                                          R470,000              KBA118287
This Quality Assurance Officer with Total Quality Management and Internal and Supplier Auditing
certificates has over 8 years experience covering roads and earthworks, engineering, mechanical,
electrical, building, instrumentation and manufacturing. Seeking opportunities anywhere in South
SHEQ MANAGER                                              Negotiable            KID50714
This SHERQ Coordinator/ Manager with a National Diploma in Safety Management has over 10 years
of solid experience mainly covering building, mining and civil. Registered with IoSM as a Safety
Practitioner. Currently busy with his BTech in Safety Management. Seeking opportunities anywhere in
South Africa.
QA/ QC OFFICER                                           R237,600                 KBB112183
This QA/ QC Coordinator has over 11 years experience covering petrochemical, manufacturing,
electrical, roads and earthworks and building. Seeking a challenging position preferably in Gauteng or
Mpumalanga. Would consider other areas in South Africa.

                                       The Specialist Personnel Consultants
         HEAD OFFICE: JOHANNESBURG ● 6th Floor Randhill, 104 Bordeaux Drive ● P.O. Box 2616, Randburg, 2125, South Africa
          Telephone +27 (11) 789 3337 ● Facsimile +27 (11) 787 0024 ● E-mail: ● Website:
                   Professional Career Services (Pty) Ltd Reg. No. 83/06629/07 Director: P.B. Park B.Sc. (Eng.) (Managing)
                              Professional Career Services – Curriculum Vitae
                                    Tel: +27 (11) 789 3337   Fax: +27 (11) 787 0024

QUALITY OFFICER                                                    R241,000           KA110651
This PDI Female Site Engineer / Junior Site Agent/ Quality Assurance Officer has 5 years civil
construction experience mainly related to roads and earthworks. She is looking for employment
anywhere in South Africa.
QUALITY CONTROLLER OFFICER                              Negotiable             KBG111852
This Female Quality Control Officer/ Site Foreman holds a National Diploma in Building. She has over
7 years construction experience. Her experience covers both building and civil projects. Seeking
opportunities in Gauteng.
SAFETY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT R871,860                                    KIA132686
This Safety Manager has a B.Tech and a National Diploma in Safety Management with 16+ years
experience in the Safety field, working on various industries (Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills
Pharmaceutical, chrome smelters, Platinum and coal mines). He is looking for new challenges in
Gauteng or KwaZulu Natal.
QUALITY INSPECTOR                                         R234,000              KBG114890
This Quality Assurance Inspector with Total Quality Management, Internal Quality Auditing, Material
Testing Course (Aggregates and Manufacture) and construction of Asphalt certificates has over 10
years experience. His experience covers roads, earthworks, dams, aggregates, manufacturing,
stormwater, asphalt, concrete, water resources and mining projects. Seeking opportunities anywhere
in South Africa.
QUALITY AUDITOR/ INSPECTOR                             R420,000               KAB115374
This Quality Officer holds a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and has over 5 years construction
experience. He has worked on earthworks, roads, pipelines, storm water, traffic studies and water
reticulation projects. He has also completed various short courses in ISO. Currently busy with his
BTech in Civil Engineering. Seeking a challenging role as a Quality Officer or Site Technician/ Agent
preferably in Gauteng, Mpumalanga or Limpopo.
SHE OFFICER                                               R300,000               KGG110786
This SHE Officer with a BTech in Environmental Health, SAMTRAC and various short courses in
SHEQ has over 4 years experience. Her experience covers power generation, civil, bridges and
concrete work. Seeking opportunities anywhere in South Africa.
QUALITY OFFICER                                        R385,084           KBG124990
This Quality Officer with a National Diploma in Civil Engineering has over 4 years experience covering
bridges, concrete, water & sewer reticulation, structures and earthworks. Currently busy with her
BTech in Civil Engineering. Seeking opportunities in anywhere in South Africa.
SHEQ OFFICER                                              Negotiable            KIG131474
This AA SHEQ Officer / Manager completed relevant qualifications and has been involved with the
Building, Commercial, Retail and Civil, Roads &Earthworks, Power Station, industry since 2003. The
applicant is looking for an opportunity where he can grow further in his career and become part of a
winning team. He will consider opportunities in or outside of South Africa.
QUALITY MANAGER                                           R550,000               KAA114725
This ISO 9001 Quality Manager who is busy with his Diploma in Quality has over three years
experience covering mechanical. piping and civil. Seeking opportunities anywhere in South Africa.

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