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									report                                                                                 Inspirations for Administration

                                                                                                   september 2010

for an effective
E-health, electronic contact
points, cloud computing,
An overview of inspirations,
trends and tools that help
public institutions to manage
more efficiently.

   Public administration currently provides more public services than ever before with rather
   scarce resources. How could technologies help solve this dilemma?
                                                                                                                     CLOUD COMPUTING

              At Microsoft, we see information and communications                                Microsoft Hohm is another example of a free cloud-based
              technology (ICT) as a key enabler in addressing the daunting                       application. At a time where we see increasing efforts to update
              energy and climate challenges the world faces. Smart 2020*,                        the energy grid and implement smart meters, Hohm offers
              an influential report by The Climate Group, found that                              consumers today personalized recommendations on how
              the use of ICT could help society reduce its CO2 emissions                         to manage energy use at home and in their garage. Indeed,
              by approximately 7.8 gigatons in 2020. This would be the                           Microsoft and Ford recently extended their partnership with
              equivalent of 15% of global emissions, an amount greater than                      the 2011 aim of connecting an electric Ford Focus to Microsoft
              the current total emissions from the United States.                                Hohm, enabling remote recharging. Available today in the
                                                                                                 U.S., Hohm will be expanding to Europe in the near future.
              The emergence of cloud computing, providing individuals
              and organizations with hosted computing services over the                          To help build out our cloud offerings in Europe, we recently
              Internet, can play a major role in contributing to environmental                   opened an innovative data center in Dublin which consumes
              sustainability. First, cloud computing enables reductions in cost                  50% less energy than a traditional data center of comparable
              and energy consumption by moving computing from on-                                output. It was recently recognized as best practice by the
              premise servers to data centers optimized for energy efficiency.                    European Commission Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.
              It also reduces barriers to develop innovative environmental
              solutions by allowing organizations flexibility to scale up their                   Microsoft is committed to continuing to invest in the
              needs based on what they require without investing in additional                   development of a range of business and consumer solutions &
              IT infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, the cloud allows                      services that contribute to solving energy and climate issues.
              government agencies, environmental organizations, utilities                        We welcome the chance to work together on these solutions
              and other business to focus on ways to reduce environmental                        with our partners, customers, suppliers, policymakers and
              impacts without worrying about maintaining the servers and                         other key stakeholders.
              IT infrastructure to accomplish that.

              Eye On Earth ( is an example of the                              For more information:
              potential of cloud computing providing key environmental                 
              data to European citizens through an easy-to-understand free
              web application. Eye On Earth was created in collaboration by
              the European Environment Agency and Microsoft to support
              governments in not only tracking and monitoring real-time air
              and water quality across Europe but also enabling feedback
              from citizens across 32 European countries, in 24 languages.

              *Smart 2020 is a report done by The Climate Group on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) with independent analysis by McKinsey & Company.

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            main idea

                                                                                          of the State
                               Regions, cities and municipalities are facing today the challenge of providing

                               top quality public services in an increasingly greater scope and scale.

                               They have to deal with budget constraints, at the same time skillfully

                               supporting entrepreneurs and local communities. Smartly used information

                               and communication technology (ITC) can help solve those dilemmas.

                               How to use it and where to look for inspirations how to use it optimally?

                               Here are some thoughts on where public administration managers

                               should look for ideas.

This special reportis published by THINKTANK Magazine
in cooperation with Microsoft.

        contents 00004  _  _  _  _ The pillars of innovative state: knowledge and technology: Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland

                        00006  _  _  _  _ Technology: effective management, not a mere administrative tool: Jacek Murawski, DG Microsoft Polska

                        00012  _  _  _  _ New technologies, new public services: better solutions for administration: Sławomir Kosieliński

                        00020  _  _  _  _ Digital Poland: 5 inspirations for an e-state

                        00022  _  _  _  _ The Ideas Behind The Imagine Cup

                        00030  _  _  _  _ Info: Contact details
       The pillars
       of innovative state:
        knowledge and technology
Waldemar Pawlak: An innovative state today is the one governed consistently, with clear
strategic vision and knowledge how to capitalize on the potential of new technologies.
Its institutions consciously implement the policy of innovation – explains Waldemar Pawlak
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in an interview with THINKTANK.

                     __THINKTANK:_ Today_ public_ institutions_ face_     :: Developing knowledge-based economy and
                    challenges_ of_ providing_ public_ services_ more_    making the most of new technologies is one of
                    efficiently_and_at_lower_cost._To_meet_them,_the_     the priorities of Europe 2020 strategy presented
                    state_must_get_modernized._What_does_this_mean_       by the European Commission. This document also
                    today?                                                assumes an increase of spending on research and
                                                                          development, raising professional qualifications
                     __WALDEMAR PAWLAK: An innovative state to-           and fighting poverty. Poland is among the coun-
                    day is one that is governed consistently with a       tries that implement this strategy and our natio-
                    clearly defined vision and a strategy. Among the      nal innovative policy goals have been laid down
                    most effective tools that can make the admi-          in Strategy for innovativeness and effectiveness of
                    nistration at the state level more efficient is the   the economy draft document.
                    implementation of e-administration with its e-          The main challenge specified in the document
                    services, as well as simplification of procedures     is to build a competitive and effective economy
                    and shortening of the response time in a citizen-     based on knowledge and new technologies. An
                    administration relations. So, e-administration is     innovative economy tends to be more resistant
                    a means to boost the effectiveness of government      to crisis, more stable in terms of employment and
                    agencies in providing their services to citizens.     boosts the overall image of the country in inter-
                    It also allows for gathering in one place in the      national arena.
                    cyber-space of all matters that involve different
                    government agencies. The mission of Ministry of         _
                                                                           _Government_ agencies_ are_ becoming_ more_
                    Economy in this respect is to provide the most fa-    innovative_through_implementation_of_speci-
                    vorable environment for businesses to operate in.     fic_programs_both_in_the_field_of_optimization_
                     _What_are_the_most_important_objectives_of_the_      it_comes_to_providing_services_to_businesses._
                    innovative_state_today_and_what_are_the_pillars_      Are_there_any_particular_initiatives_of_this_type_
                    that_its_institutions_should_be_based_on?             being_carried_out_in_Poland?
                                            report                                                                                 4_5

:: The Ministry of Economy is deeply involved in many
projects supporting innovativeness. Let me mention one
of the tangible examples: the Central Commercial Activity
Register. The idea behind creating the Register is prima-
rily to introduce standardized procedure for opening a
business and cutting the costs of such an operation. The                             Waldemar Pawlak:
existence of the Register will also contribute to generally                          Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy.
understood trade safety.                                                             Actively promotes the use of technologies
  The modern state also supports the idea of single Electronic                       for development of government agencies.
                                                                                     He can be contacted via his blog:
Contact Point. It will not only provide the information and
operational functionality, but will also provide assistance to ci-
tizens, entrepreneurs and administration on procedures related
                                                         :: The Ministry of Economy is open to
to running one’s own business. The Contact Point will also se-
                                                         cooperation with business in the field of
rve as electronic mail box for submitting applications and other
                                                         sustainable development and environment
documents required in the process of setting up a business. The
Polish Contact Point belongs to the network of Contact Points
set up throughout EU under the provisions of the Directive The Minister of Economy presides over
                                                         the chapter of the Polish Register of Cleaner
on services in the internal market (the Bolkestein Directive).
  Innovative entrepreneurs may also benefit from our sup-Production and Responsible Business (Polski
port under the operational programs co-financed from the Rejestr Czystszej Produkcji i Odpowiedzialnej
EU Structural Funds, for example the Innovative Economy  Przedsiębiorczości) maintained by the Polish
                                                         Cleaner Production Movement Association.
Operational Program, with the main objective to develop the
                                                         Ministerial delegates are also involved in the
Polish economy based on modern companies. Other incentives
                                                         Pure Business (Czysty Biznes) competition
to implement new technologies in business are the instruments
                                                         held by the Partnership for the Environment
listed in the Act on Certain Forms of Support of Innovation
                                                         Foundation. Additionally, as a part of the Po-
Activities, such as a know-how loan or granting the status of a
                                                         lish Product of the Future competition held
research & development centre. I should also mention a pilot
program called the Innovation Voucher (Bon na innowacje),by the Polish Agency of Enterprise Develop-
                                                         ment (PARP) since 1997, as of 2008 the Mi-
designed to encourage micro and small businesses to collabo-
rate with the scientific community.                      nister of Economy set up the Special Award
                                                         called ‘eCO2 Innovation’ for the product with
  Additionally, foreign investors carrying out new investments
                                                         highest potential for greenhouse gas emissions
in Poland are eligible for assistance under the System of sup-
porting investments of key importance to Polish economy. The
                                                           Poland also participates in the Sustainable
system applies to such branches of national economy as the au-
                                                         Production through Innovation in Small and
tomotive, electronics, and aviation industries as well as research
& development activities.                                Medium sized Enterprises in the Baltic Sea
                                                         Region (SPIN) project. This project is in Po-
 _Innovativeness_of_the_state_does_not_only_mean_sup- land run by the Central Mining Institute and
porting_new_technologies,_but_also_manifests_itself_in_ the Partnership for the Environment Founda-
investing_in_long-lasting_effects_–_such_as_environment_ tion. The objective of the project is to support
protection_and_sustainable_development._Can_you_point_ innovativeness in small and medium sized
out_some_sources_of_inspiration_of_this_kind_in_Poland? enterprises in the Baltic Sea region.          
effective management,
not a mere
administrative tool
                                        report                                                                                6_7

Information technology has contributed enormously towards more effective management
and better communication in business environment. The time has come for the
public sector to follow this road in order to cater to the needs of citizens more efficiently.

WRITTEN BY>     Jacek Murawski

                      When I was plooking           service from public service providers. More-
at some works of this year’s Imagine Cup com-       over, digital natives have been successful in
petition finalists the first thing that impressed   convincing their parents and grandparents to
me was their innovativeness. Strolling along        share these expectations.
the spacious foyer of Teatr Wielki in Warsaw,
where these were exhibited, I had a chance               The potential of new technologies has
to look at modern software designs prepared         already been noticed by the business sector.
by the brightest IT students from around the        Companies carried out research and adjust-
world. These students have tried hard to ad-        ed their offers to the needs of modern soci-
dress and solve challenges that are facing our      ety. Government institutions are now going
societies today. The winners’ works were also       through a similar transformation, reorient-       Jacek Murawski:
noticeably practical. Talking to the finalists, I   ing their ways of functioning to the chang-       Micrcosoft Poland General
could not help the feeling that they were the       ing needs and expectations of their citizens.     Manager. Contact him
ones who best understood the perspective and        Research shows that over 90 per cent of local     through his website:
the potential of modern technology in solv-         government agencies are planning to imple-
ing urgent social problems and its role in the      ment IT solutions, which are generally per-
general functioning of societies.                   ceived as catering to the needs of the informa-
                                                    tion society.
   The term ‘information society’ was first            There is more to it than just mere words.
used in a document commonly known as the            In rural areas, access to new technologies
Bangemann Report, presented to the Council          means a quicker access to geodetic maps and
of Europe more than 16 years ago. Since then        EU agricultural subsidies. In urban institu-
an entire new generation has been born. A           tions, new technologies mean shorter queues
generation of young people, for whom using          and lower service costs. Subsequently, at the
modern information technology for commu-            regional level, a more efficient system of in-
nication and access to various services is just     formation management translates into direct
natural. This generation of ‘digital natives’ has   investments in the region, and finally at the
become used to satisfying their needs through       national level this new approach means effi-
technology, and consequently expect quality         cacy and innovation.
                                                                                This illustrates that new IT potential is perceived as sim-
                                                                                ply buying new hardware, rather than modifying the ap-
                                                                                proach and methods to make better use of such solutions.
                                                                                    Thus, the answer to changing the needs of government
                                                                                administration lies in comprehensive IT solutions, in con-
                                                                                trast to the approach described above. Systems that enable
                                                                                the state administration to go through the entire process
                                                                                of customer service: beginning with identification of their
                                                                                needs, to implementation of appropriate services, to pro-
                                                                                viding these and finally gathering feedback. Needless to
                                                                                say that ‘customers’ in this case means ‘the citizens’– that
                                   It should also be noted that new tech-       is all of us. Systems of this nature function in modern state
                               nologies can be successfully employed for        administrations all over the world. Thanks to our global
                               social development, social activation and        experience in cooperation with the public sector, at Mi-
                               building social capital. Digital technology      crosoft we understand the profound nature of this change
                               is also a field for intensive growth, creating   and are observing it closely. From my point of view, which
                               new jobs and promoting entrepreneurship.         is based on the experience in the organization I represent
                               It is important, however, that the qualifi-      and on my own personal analysis that there are five areas
                               cations of the people professionally active      to be discussed here. Or, to be more precise, five starting
                               should meet the challenges of this new in-       points of discussion on the use of new technologies for the
                               formation job market.                            efficiency of state administration.
                                   Public institutions are among the most
                               important and most sensitive elements of
                                                                                           [ ]
                                                                                             1 Inspiration

                               a society. This alone is a good reason for
                                                                                           New opportunities
                               maximising the social and economic gains
                                                                                           – cloud computing
                               offered by the use of advanced technolo-
                               gies and new solutions. The condition is           TTechnologies have always been an accelerating enabler in
of Polish communes plan        that they themselves should be able to take      modernization of the public sector. Today, if they are properly
to introduce electronic        advantage of the opportunities in the first      and fully used, we can observe a hyper-acceleration. One of the
workflows in their offices.
Source: Local dimension        place. The change is also stimulated by          most interesting concepts having a high potential to boost the
of the information society     evolving relations between local govern-         effectiveness of government administration is cloud computing.
development. Conditions,       ments, their clients and all other stakehold-    This new model of using advanced technologies opens new op-
plans and expectations for     ers. These redefined relationships require       portunities in the field of optimisation of internal processes as
the years 2009-2013 research
by the Miasta w Internecie     far more jobs and tasks to be processed by       well as the improvement of customer service. Cloud computing
Foundation.                    the administration than in the past.             is based on the assumption that the end-user is provided with
                                                                                IT virtual services on the client-server basis. Consequently,
                                  At the same time, according to Micro-         this means that the IT tools and applications are delivered on
                               soft research, only one in seven local in-       subscription basis by specialised providers, replacing costly in-
                               stitutions (at the county level, either ur-      frastructure, need for expertise and maintenance. Cloud com-
                               ban or rural) invested in new technology         puting allows for building modern and sophisticated back-office
                               projects. Regrettably, these investments         structures without heavy investments. Today, some administra-
                               exclusively consisted of purchase of new         tion agencies have given up buying data back-up servers and are
                               computers and office productivity software.      exploring opportunities of cloud computing in this area.
                                            report                                                                                     8_9

  Are there any tangible profits for the Polish society? Let us             IdeA IN brIef
imagine that citizens are able to vote in general elections via the
Internet, as in Estonia. I firmly believe that in such a case, the          _ 1 Information technology has contributed
voter turnout could even reach 90 per cent. At the same time,                   enormously towards more effective management
this solution would help cut costs of elections.                                and better communication in business
                                                                                environment. Public sector can follow this road.
  One may say: pure futurology. A dozen or so years ago the
same was said about the conclusions contained in Bangemann                  _ 2 Implementation of new technologies allows
Report. But the surrounding reality is changing faster than we                  faster, more efficient and cheaper dealings
expected. Not so long ago we were deliberating about the con-                   with citizens’ affairs.
cept of a comprehensive citizen service system functioning at               _ 3 Today, new technologies are used not only
the regional level of state administration. Both reliable and af-               for pure digitalisation of administrative processes,
fordable. The idea then seemed totally unrealistic.                             but for fostering economic and social growth
  Today, however, we have such a system. It is called Mi-                       in cities and regions.
crosoft Citizen Service Platform (CSP) and enables local
government officials and civil servants to provide services
to citizens and businesses. It is a cluster of integrated com-
munication applications including an e-mail client, a calendar
manager, and instant communicator. Plus a website with inter-
active forms for the citizens, information about land develop-
ment – for map projection data and map queries. Finally, the
CSP provides a multi-channel access to the administration unit,
such as the telephone, the Internet, e-mail or instant messaging.  And, if it turns out that apart from paying
Of course, all the channels are fully integrated into the system local taxes or parking tickets by the click of a
of processing citizens’ requests and complaints. The system has  mouse, citizens can also apply for a building
been implemented, among others, in Istanbul, one of the big-     permit or register a new business, then the
gest cities in Europe.                                           overall costs of doing business are bound to
                                                                 drastically fall.

           [ ] 2 Inspiration
                                                                   This is not all. In the area of education, for
                                                                 example, tools that boost the process of learn-
            Stimulating and supporting                           ing and knowledge management can also be
                                                                 excellent to support business – government
  One of the key functions, perhaps the very first of all, of a cooperation. E-learning platforms appear to
local government at the commune level is stimulating and sup- be ideal in this respect, as they allow for an
porting local entrepreneurship. Challenges faced by the state increase in the intellectual and social capital
administration in this area fall into the top priority category. at the regional level. In the long run, this will
Institutions which succeed in creating the most favourable en- result in considerably improving the local job
vironment for cooperation with businesses will develop faster. market, i.e. local employability, defined as an
This is the moment where technology comes into play: when ability of an individual to find and keep a job.
used appropriately and skilfully (e.g. virtual customer service And creating new jobs is good for both busi-
point), it will elevate local business – local government coop- nesses and institutions. This statement does
eration to a new, higher level.                                  not require any further elaboration.

                  New technologies can be successfully utilized
                       for social development, social activation
                                     and building social capital.
                                 On one hand, it is for the government in-         or joint public procurement. Video conferences instead of
                               stitutions to ensure that qualifications of pro-   costly trips, electronic workflow rather than paper documents
                               fessionally active citizens suit the present day   circulation have already been introduced in numerous Euro-
                               requirements or be ahead of them. The more         pean towns and cities and brought about considerable savings.
                               skilled IT users we are, the greater the chance
                               of us using modern technology for economic         An innovative institution is not one with the largest
                               development. On the other hand, state insti-      number of servers. It is an institution where the bureaucratic

                               tutions should promote entrepreneurship as        red-tape is kept at the lowest possible level. Civil servants and
                               early as at the school level and support entre-   office workers do not duplicate each other’s work. There is no
                               preneurial activities. In carrying out these du-  reason whatsoever, why government institutions should be
                               ties modern IT systems seem inevitable.           prevented from becoming well-managed and effective organi-
of all school and university                                                     zations and the people who work there from carrying out their
students have a computer
at home. Source: Social
Diagnosis 2009 research.
                                          [ ]3 Inspiration
                                                                                 respective responsibilities supported by modern IT solutions.
                                                                                 New technologies have potential to lighten their workload,
                                           Better resource allocation
79 per cent enjoy                                                                too often a result of poor work organization.
broadband access                           and performance optimization
                                                                                  This is why we should take into consideration particular so-
to the Internet.
This generation will             Today state institutions are satisfying more lutions like queue management systems and supporting com-
welcome a chance to            social needs than ever before. At the same munication, especially instant communicators. The main ben-
‘knock on’ virtual doors of    time they have less money at their disposal. eficiaries of these systems will be citizens who save one of the
a virtual office rather than
walk into a real building.
                               All local administration officers, from may- most precious commodities nowadays – their time. Indeed,
                               ors in both rural and urban areas, through introducing new technology solutions at the municipal office
                               governors, to the prime minister at the na- in Bydgoszcz resulted in substantial work efficiency improve-
                               tional level are aware of scarcity of resources. ment. Some meetings have been replaced by audio or video
                               The economic crisis has only contributed to teleconferences, mobile appliances have been synchronised
                               a common conviction that the pressure on with office computers. All these innovations lead to shorten-
                               effectiveness is a fact of life today. Public ad- ing of the decision-making process.
                               ministration is no exception to the rule of
                               omnipresent cost-cutting process. Why don’t
                               we then boost efficiency by means of imple-                  [ ]
                                                                                              4 Inspiration
                                                                                            Difficult communication
                               menting new technologies right at the start?                 can be made easier
                               According to research done by the ‘Cities on
                               the Internet’ (Miasta w Internecie) Founda- The potential of new technologies is most clearly visible in
                               tion entitled Local dimension of the informa- the field of communication, both internal and external. Mod-
                               tion society development. Conditions, plans ern platforms make the workflow (memos, decisions, no-
                               and expectations for the years 2009-2013, tices, etc.) smooth, which is vital for government institutions,
                               62 per cent of Polish gminas (communes) where correspondence management significantly influences
                               plan to introduce electronic work-flows. the overall performance. These platforms also allow for effec-
                               Sounds good. But what about the remain- tive external information management. Additionally, through
                               ing one-third? Chances for cost reduction a well-thought system, local institutions keep in touch with
                               in government administration should be citizens, communicate with them on a daily basis using, for in-
                               perceived in a broader perspective than stance, social network services, gather feedback and respond to
                               just tighter budgeting, joint service centres their needs. This, however, means including the citizens in the

                                Thanks to technologies state institutions are able to
                                govern and make better decisions, instead of wasting
                                time only on the arduous task of administering.
                                           report                                                                               10 _ 11

                                                                    of local government agencies are planning implementations
                                                                    which are generally perceived as catering to the needs
                                                                    of the information society. Source: Local dimension
                                                                    of the information society development. Conditions,
                                                                    plans and expectations for the years 2009-2013 research.

                                                                     to the conclusion that this tendency cannot
                                                                     be overlooked in building the relationship
                                                                     between citizens and the government.
decision-making process. Interestingly enough, 59 per cent of         The city of Waterloo in Belgium offers its
all communes declare their willingness to introduce electronic citizens e-mail addresses in the municipal
systems and applications that would facilitate citizen access to domain. They put questions to their ‘e-con-
their services. Nearly half of the communes declare such an sultants’ and obtain up-to-date information
attitude towards businesses. For the Małopolska Voivodship about local news and events through the local
(region) a project of this category came into being as a web por- web service. These solutions draw upon in-
tal called Wrota Małopolski (“The Gateway to Małopolska”). It dividual citizen’s experience in using modern
is one of the first comprehensive solutions at the regional level, technologies at home.
whose objective is to both promote the region as a whole as
well as facilitate access to digital data and sort out things in the   Thanks to the solutions described above
e-office. Administrative data from the whole region is gathered it becomes possible for government institu-
and processed in one place, allowing for electronic workflow tions to focus on the substance, rather than
between the government agencies involved.                            the form. In other words, they are able to
                                                                     govern and make decisions instead of wast-
                                                                     ing time on mundane administering. And
           [ ] 5 Inspiration                                         new technologies are there to help.
            Let us find stimulation
            in innovativeness of citizens                              Public institutions in Poland are in a privi-
  Government agencies which plan to meet the growing de-            leged position. We do not have to go through
mand for easier access to their services and seek to invest in      all the phases of digitalisation that govern-
new technologies, are faced with a fundamental question: Who        ment agencies in the world had to strug-
will benefit from the changes? Let me answer: We all will! Ac-      gle with. By capitalising on other countries’
cording to the Social Diagnosis 2009 research 94.1 per cent         experience and general willingness of the
of all school and university students have computers at home.       society, it is possible to skip some stages. It
79 per cent enjoy broadband access to the Internet. This gen-       is worth mentioning that the readiness and
eration will welcome a chance to ‘knock on’ virtual doors of a      eagerness to use new technologies character-
virtual office rather than walk into a real building.               ises the whole generation and to some extent
  The citizens’ pressure on government services meeting their       the whole society. Consequently, government
expectations is growing. This is due to the fact that in our        administration employees will soon become
households we have been using new technologies for some             competent in terms of using digital technolo-
time now. The rapid process of adopting personal IT solutions       gies as well as become more aware of the citi-
is here to stay. Proof can be found in the sky-rocketing market     zens’ needs. The term ‘e-administration’ has
for electronic banking in Poland. In the years 2007 and 2008,       ceased to be a myth and is becoming a reality,
our country was the fastest-growing IT market in Europe, with       even in Poland. What we need now is constant
the highest personal computer sales figures. Managers of gov-       development. Technologies that will help al-
ernment administration who analyse this data will soon come         ready exist. Simply reach out and grab.      
New technology
new public services
                                            report                                                                                            12 _ 13

Innovation is not only the domain of businesses – public administration also employs
better and less expensive solutions. Public offices will be using so many technologies
in the next few years that this may lead to a significant breakthrough for citizens regarding
the quality and way that their needs are met.

WRITTEN BY>      Sławomir Kosieliński

                          In search          of a more    administration domain. However, they require ma-          Sławomir Kosieliński:
effective state as well as more efficient institutions,   nagers to take a systemic and broad approach. Not         President of the Mikromakro
many solutions are currently being discussed.             separately to the required technologies, not just to      Institute Foundation, publicist,
Some of them, such as an integrated system for                                                                      historian. Co-founder of the
                                                          the specifics of a public office, and not only to the
                                                                                                                    “National Foresight Poland
crisis communications and ePUAP (a Public Ad-             needs of citizens, but to all these elements working      2020 Programme", contributes
ministration Services Platform), have been talked         together.                                                 to the "Krakow – Małopolska
about for many years. Several solutions in areas            Here are a few directions, in which taking such an      2020 Technology Perspective”,
crucial for citizens, such as an smartcard IDs and        approach can bring excellent results to public ad-        foresight programme.
passports or finally the possibility of filing a perso-   ministration institutions and improve their quality
nal income tax return on-line are already in place.       and efficiency.
Others, dedicated to business, such as on-line Na-
tional Companies’ Register or the Communica-
tions Platform of the Ministry of Treasury allow
for more efficient operation of businesses.
  There are a dozen or so of these silo implementa-
tions that include a single project, ministry or area,
                                                                      1    DIRECTION
                                                                            A more effective
                                                                            citizen services
                                                            Today, creating information management systems
not counting the smaller projects independently im-       isn't a problem – with current advanced technolo-
plemented by cities or regions. However, due to their     gies and with the solutions available, we can create a
isolation, citizens do not see them as one complete       platform that fulfils even the most sophisticated ne-
system and they haven’t led to any leapfrog changes       eds of citizens. ePUAP (the electronic Public Admi-
in the quality of work of public offices work or cu-      nistration Services Platform) is an example of such
stomer services they provide.                             a project. It will help public institutions develop and
  However, such a change might soon take place.           then provide e-services for businesses, individuals as
Institutions have so many new solutions and the de-       well as other public institutions.
sire to implement them is so high that it won't take        The platform will offer such diverse services
much to achieve considerable benefits in key areas;       that now are dealt with in different places, as re-
and there are at least several of them in the public      gistering a private business, inscription into the
                             registry of hotels, obtaining permission for        Code of Administrative Procedure (see below). This is such
                             cutting down trees or agreeing on the time          an obvious move that it can be implemented right away – it
                             of a pilgrimage march. Currently the portal         uses the existing information system of the Ministry of Justice
                             offers 65 of 100 promised services. To be able      and doesn’t require any expenses. The same could be done
                             to use them, a citizen still needs a secure elec-   with administrative procedures dealing with geodesy, land
                             tronic signature which is verified by a valid,      management or the process of granting mortgage loans.
                             so-called qualified certificate, but it will soon
                             be possible to have a ‘trusted profile’, which         WHAT A PUBLIC SERVANT MUST KNOW
                             will replace the qualified signatures (a login         Amendments to Article 220 of the Code of Administrative

                             and password will be assigned to users by a            Procedure (as a consequence of amendment of the
                             public office).                                        Computerisation Act of June 17, 2010) mean that an
                               For ePUAP to work, local governments                 administrative body cannot request a certificate to confirm facts
                             should enable citizens to take care of issues          or legal status, if these are known to this administrative authority
of the 100 planned
services are currently
                             through this system. What will be challeng-            or possible to be determined on the basis of its records, registers
available on e-PUAP,         ing for such cities as Poznań or Szczecin (and         or other data available or public records of other public bodies.
designed as a platform for   also for some regions, i.e. Małopolska), which
e-communication between      have already invested in their own interactive

                                                                                             2
citizens and the state.                                                                             DIRECTION
                             services, is integrating their platforms with
                             ePUAP. For smaller government agencies                                 Better management
                                                                                                    of eco-resources
                             and institutions, such as county offices or local
                             construction supervision authorities, ePUAP           Due to rising energy costs, saving electricity and other reso-
                             is an opportunity to minimise costs and fulfil      urces attracts growing attention. A strategic plan for sustaina-
                             statutory duties. However, to-date experience       ble urban development may involve various issues: reducing
                             of e-offices shows that the platform itself isn't   carbon dioxide emissions, increasing the energy efficiency of
                             enough. The real battle for                         buildings, developing ecological urban transport (electric and
                               effectiveness doesn't take place at a system      gas-powered buses), improving water, air and land manage-
                             design stage, but at the time of its implemen-      ment quality or waste recycling.
                             tation. Only few countries have succeeded             Cities are looking for savings in these areas, while increasingly
                             in combining the practicality of IT systems         aware citizens demand that environmental standards be intro-
                             with the simplicity and transparency of ad-         duced – and this trend will only become stronger. Amsterdam’s
                             ministrative procedures, integrating existing       municipal authorities introduced a programme which helped
                             resources into a system that works.                 to design an environment-friendly city that is also comfortable
                               Let's take a look at an example: in Poland,       for residents. The intelligent city project was launched two years
                             opening a corporate bank account or ob-             ago – thanks to its implementation, the CO2 emissions in Am-
                             taining a certificate of no arrears from the        sterdam are to fall by 40% in comparison to 1990.
                             Social Security (ZUS) requires presenting a           Here, once again, collaboration was the key – this time betwe-
                             current hardcopy record from the National           en citizens and the city. Using modern communications plat-
                             Companies’ Register (NCR) to public offi-           forms connected to systems which monitor energy consump-
                             cials, which means a trip there. Meanwhile,         tion, authorities are carrying out a series of projects enabling
                             the details which the public servants need are      residents to better plan their electricity consumption, use means
                             already available, therefore there is nothing       of transport more consciously and more economically utilise
                             stopping them from verifying details in the         common appliances – also at work, including public offices. The
                             NCR search engine (                  city has installed the first 500 smart electricity meters that allow
                               We already have the technology and the            on-line tracking of energy savings and, for example, launching
                             solution, however, in order to change the           a competition between neighbours over who will save more.
                             way of doing things, we should change the           Local governments in Poland are also trying to implement such
                             procedures according to the recently revised        projects, however, these are still pilots rather than mass roll-outs.
                                          report                                                                                                  14 _ 15

                                                                             IdeA IN brIef

                                                                             _ 1 Innovation is not only a domain of businesses
                                                                                  – innovative solutions also create value
                                                                                  in the public administration sector.

                                                                             _ 2 Today, their use in the public administration domain
                                                                                  is particularly meaningful, especially in such areas as:
                                                                                  more efficient public service offered to citizens, saving
                                                                                  resources, improving health care, regional transport
                                                                                  and logistics as well as crisis communications.

                                                                             _ 3 It is in this area that, with little effort, rapid improvement
                                                                                  in quality and efficiency can be achieved.

Currently, Bielsko-Biała, a city in southern Poland, is the        was 16th, however, in the CO2 emissions area
most advanced in the country with its plan to save energy by       it ranked 20th. An energy management sys-
monitoring primary schools. Authorities created a database         tem for the capital could set a good example
containing information from the monitoring of schools and          for other cities. So far, Warsaw has signed the
other urban buildings and discovered that the use of energy in     Covenant of Mayors Initiative, a Climate Pack
similar facilities can be very different. They also examined how   of the European Commission dated January
thermo-modernisation influenced cost reduction of thermal          2008, which calls on mayors to commence
energy. The result showed that only by switching off lights in     actions aimed at reducing carbon dioxide
buildings where they were not needed at the time, the city saved   emissions by at least 20%. However, the other
7 thousand PLN a day.                                              cities that are taking part in the initiative have
  The authorities are taking it a step further – an IT system      much higher ambitions – many of them want
integrated with metering equipment will allow modernising          to achieve 30% and understand that having
the energy network. Management will be possible through a          the reputation of a green city attracts the bri-
radio and broadband network; today, the city monitors and          ghtest and most creative.
analyses energy consumption in 140 municipal buildings. In
future data will be collected through remote meters connected
to a network, while the database will be linked to a numeric
map of the city.                                                      ECO-SAVINGS
  For a local government such a solution is quite a costly up-        The example of schools shows that energy cost in public
front investment. However, imagine the scale of savings if it         buildings can be reduced by up to 45%. An average Polish
was implemented nationwide. In Poland, an area for develop-           school, not including summer and winter holidays, and other
ment in this field is only just opening. Between 1990 and 2007,       days off, runs for 40 weeks a year. Weekly, it is open 12 hours
Warsaw increased its greenhouse gas emissions by 18.49%. In            a day and 8 hours on Saturdays, which is equal to 2720 hours
the European Green City Index (EGCI), a study prepared by             of work annually. As there are 8760 hours in a year, the building
the Economist Intelligence Unit in collaboration with Siemens,        is used less than one third of time, but the lights stay are
which includes measurements and a ranking of ecological para-         switched on! Consuming 1kW of energy in a school at night
meters of the top 30 European cities from 30 countries, Warsaw        and on weekends amounts to 2,7 thousand PLN per year.
            3    DIRECTION
                  Remote e-health
  The healthcare system is one of the many
crucial areas of state activity and one of the
                                                   as details about surgeries, in which various specialists parti-
                                                   cipated on-line, allowing for better consultations regarding
                                                   difficult cases.
                                                     The health care system requires complex changes – applying
more interesting ones in terms of using tech-      new technologies is only one aspect.
nology to improve efficiency. The relation be-       E-health solutions should be taken into account, as they
tween medicine and technology is obvious,          can allow for a slightly different planning of system solutions,
however, the main question today is how to         such as investing in one larger hospital in the region, instead
create integrated information systems with         of several, and in parallel managing dozens of smaller centres,
patient data which would allow for more ef-
fective medical treatment and to provide some
of the less complicated services online.                    AN ECG ON THE WAY TO HOSPITAL
  Telemedicine, constantly developing, ena-                 ICT solutions allow equipping paramedics with tele-ECG
bles studying, monitoring and managing data                 machines that have a touch screen and a built-in GSM/
about patients, educating them as well as the               GPRS modem. The patient’s heart and condition
staff regardless of the physical location of the            can be monitored during his transport and voice
patient and the information available about                 communication is possible with the monitoring centre.
him; it also makes it possible for a team of                Thanks to this solution, cardiologists do not need to be
doctors to cooperate. Its practical applications            on the ambulance teams, while the high speed real time
include systems for monitoring patients who                 transmission makes it possible for a single doctor
require regular supervision, but don’t have to              to oversee a number of medical examinations sent
be admitted to a hospital (such screening tests             to the monitoring centre. Before a patient reaches the
for people who are chronically ill with diabe-              appropriate medical unit, the availability of detailed
tes or heart disease, Holter monitoring, etc.).             information about his health will allow preparation of
Telemedicine also allows creating integrated                necessary medical equipment and facilities for his arrival.
databases containing complete patient infor-
mation (vital for a correct diagnosis) as well              INNOVATIONS IN E-HEALTH
                                                            This area is growing very rapidly – this is visible not only
                                                            through the solutions offered by corporations.
                                                            During the 2009 Imagine Cup, a contest organised
                                                            by Microsoft for the best innovative students, Polish
                                                            students from the Adam Mickiewicz University in
                                                            Poznań, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the
                                                            Poznań University of Medical Sciences, presented
                                                            a project called ISIS. It aimed at decreasing the mortality
                                                            rate of newborns by enabling early detection of
                                                            pathologies of a pregnancy. It is a modern medical
                                                            system which can be deployed on a standard PC
                                                            at the home of the pregnant patient, replacing
                                                            expensive, stationary diagnostic equipment.
                                            report                                                                                                    16 _ 17

                    Innovation in providing public service is not a race for
                    gadgets. These are profound changes in the approach
                 towards the role and responsibilities of public institutions.

where patients can go and have a remote ECG done, a diagnosis         As of this year, each new car registered in
and a teleconference with their doctor. The development of tele-      the EU must be equipped with an alarm sys-
medicine will change certain ways of doing things, for example        tem called eCall. In the event of an accident
ECG descriptions can be centralised at the monitoring centre.         or other emergency, it will transmit vehicle’s
Another aspect is greater safety and convenience for patients         exact position, determined with a satellite na-
with chronic illnesses, for example, who do not have to show          vigation system, to the emergency response
up in person at the clinic. A comprehensive patient monitoring        centre. The alarm can be activated manually
system may also include locating them through GPS, which              by vehicle occupants or sent automatically by
allows for a rapid response of emergency services in case of          sensors located in the vehicle, which detect
an incident.                                                          collisions, for example. The system commu-
  Major telemedicine centres in Poland, such as the Cracow-           nicates over the 112 emergency telephone
based John Paul II Hospital, the hospital of cardiology in Anin       number with the accident response centre,
near Warsaw or the Military Medical Institute are examples of         relaying information such as time and loca-
how telemedicine can change the work of doctors. The latter           tion of the accident as well as the identification
facility remotely delivers healthcare services to Polish missions     of the vehicle involved.
abroad, in Afghanistan for example. Doctors in Poland help              This is another area where innovative e-
specialists in military bases to identify difficult cases, classify   services can be offered. The research carried
them and determine the best treatment.                                out among European drivers show that while
                                                                      driving a car, they would most like to obtain

            4     DIRECTION
                   More efficient transportation
  Big cities have more and more traffic ‘bottlenecks’, while the
ways of getting rid of them are dwindling: there is no place for
                                                                      information about having made a wrong turn;
                                                                      then about an accident which occurred on the
                                                                      road that they have planned to take; and final-
                                                                      ly about traffic restrictions and speed limits.
creating new routes and detours in city centres. For now, the         They would be happy to pay for such services
problem mostly concerns large urban areas, however, given the         as route supervision, accident notifications or
current trends of growth of mobility and the increasing number        an automatic update of maps in navigation
of cars, smaller cities will soon be facing it as well. Improving     devices. Local governments can cooperate
traffic conditions is an increasingly important part of managing      with the private sector in this regard, creating
a state as well as regions and agglomerations.                        systemic solutions.
  However, using city's information resources not only allows
managing traffic just to limit congestions, but also to increase
the city's revenues. Authorities achieve two objectives this way:
reduce the traffic of private cars in the most congested urban           FASTER IN CITY CENTRES
areas and improve the traffic flow. Available solutions, inclu-          Stockholm, residents massively use public transport. Only about
ding automated route modification through a radio system, will           7% of individuals use private cars, resulting in three quarters
work as long as the conditions of roads and public transport             of traffic being operated by public transport at rush hours.
are improved.                                                            The local government implemented a city traffic analysing system.
  Such projects are strongly supported by the European Union.            ‘Trafik Stockholm’ collects data about the traffic conditions in the city,
It provides funding for solutions that prevent accidents, provide        then sends information to drivers, helping them choose the right
continuously updated information on traffic and road works               routes and controlling traffic lights as well as variable-message signs
(which allows avoiding bottlenecks) or optimise engine per-              in such a way as to reduce traffic congestions. There are high
formance which helps improve a vehicle's energy efficiency.              congestion fees charged for driving into the city centre.
    A MOderN STATe: HOW brITAIN dId IT

    The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, decided to implement the idea of a modern state, which optimises
    its efforts, reduces costs and tries to use all available technologies to improve serving its citizens.
    The British decided to face the task of changing the state's institutions systemically.
    As a result, Sir Peter Gershon's report was developed. It shows areas where it is possible to rationalise
    the way institutions work and it points to resources in the UK public sector that are being wasted.
    The Gershon Efficiency Review was published in 2003 and became a roadmap of reforms that
    should be implemented by the administration.
    A team of analysts pointed out a need to ‘release’ resources from the public sector. Analysis showed that
    most of these resources were being involved in purely administrative activities, which did not create
    added value for the customer (the citizen). Reallocating these resources and moving them to public
    ventures which directly create value, were the foundation of the administration reform in the UK.
    Gershon saw a significant part of the savings and optimisation sources in the application
    of new technologies and integration with the existing activities of the administration.


         ) 1.                            2.                            3.
                                                                                                      4.
¬   joint initiatives of the   ¬   using IT systems          ¬   electronic auctions       ¬    e-Service for
    administration which           to provide                    and shared                     citizens: solutions
    facilitate providing           integrated services           purchasing as well             that allow
    citizen services               to business entities:         as joint coordinated           communicating
    (for example                   automation and                initiatives                    with a public office
    a common call centre           computerisation               concerning large               without the need for
    for public institutions)       helped reduce                 public procurement             physical presence.
    as well as creating            business costs                orders enabled                 Development of
    shared service centres         as well as the                considerable                   integrated customer
    for administrative             number of paper               reduction of costs             support platforms at
    activities;                    documents;                    of public institutions;        government offices.

    The report streamlined British administration’s approach to optimisation. As a result of the corrective actions
    (implementing IT technology, creating shared service centres, introducing "a single point of contact"),
    municipalities and regions saved 20 billion GBP between 2007 and 2008.
    All administrative agencies in the UK created their restructuring plans under the guidelines of the report.
    Today, the British government is constantly expanding the reforms with further requirements,
    such as zero-emission of its operations or the new needs of local communities and minorities, etc.
                                        report                                                                    18 _ 19

            5    DIRECTION

                  Managing crisis
  Recent crisis situations due to floods and other effects of
unexpected weather phenomena underline the importance of
emergency communications systems. In Poland, there is a lot                      of Swedes travel
of room for innovations in this respect. An emergency com-                       by car in downtown
                                                                                 Stockholm. The others
munications system is composed of hundreds of voice radio                        use public transport.
networks built over the years to support diverse uniformed,
emergency, municipal and transportation services. Difficulties
in communication between these services result in financial
losses in such situations as a flood or other disasters.
  A new communications system for the police, fire brigades
and ambulance rescue is a must; it is also clear how it should
work. Meanwhile, for almost a decade it has received no more
than just lip service. European countries have standardised on
TETRA system, a network which allows coordinating the ope-
rations and collaboration of public safety and rescue services.                   Towards new
                                                                                  public services
  TETRA is growing and changing together with the public
sector. Today, the system is limited to voice communication,           We are accustomed to associating the
however, there are plans to introduce more advanced data             word ‘innovation’ with business and a
transmission, which will open up completely new opportuni-           market race to offer better products and
ties, for example the possibility of sending maps or images from     services. However, it also applies to the
the disaster scenes.                                                 public domain. Here, it is also possible
  Special integrated communications system should cover the          to implement new solutions, allowing
whole country right away, thus making it cheaper and more            for more efficient and less expensive
effective, as long as the network is not only provided to public     operations. However, innovation in
administration and uniformed services, but also to business          providing public services is not just a
administrators of critical infrastructure, such as refineries or     race for new gadgets, but these are pro-
telecom operators. Poland's neighbours and allies have decided       found changes in the approach to the
on TETRA's standards; therefore, they expect that Poles will         role and responsibilities of public insti-
make a similar choice, especially since the concept of building      tutions as well as reaching for solutions
one pan-European emergency communications system is more             which weren't previously available, but
and more often discussed at the European Commission.                 are commonly used today.
                                                                       Public institutions are interested in
   SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS BY SWEDES                                  whatever that can improve their work.
   In Sweden, MSB, a government agency for crisis management,        They also adopt the principles of the
   is responsible for developing and supporting a digital special    New Public Management approach,
   communications system called Rakel. Today, it is used by          which treats citizens like customers and
   25 thousand users: policemen, border guards, government           provides New Public Services. This, in
   officials, fire-fighters as well as ambulance stations, local     turn, inevitably signifies reaching out
   governments and private utility companies, including energy       for technology. A modern state is not
   companies. In three years, it is assumed that a total             one where computers are just put on
   of 50 thousand to 70 thousand people will be using this system.   desks. It is a state which, together with
   The business model is based on the assumption that the agency     citizens, business suppliers and stake-
   does not get profit, but charges a subscription fee to keep the   holders, seeks and finds – in technology
   system working. For example: the annual cost for user from the    – the answers to questions about how
   public sector is 900 EUR, while for commercial user – 1250 EUR.   to develop better.                      
5                 digital Poland:
                      for an e-state
The use of innovative technology by the public sector can provide a stimulus to
the development of the state, but, most importantly, can improve the quality
of public service delivery to citizens. Implementing changes requires a systemic approach.


                                                  Poles are
                                                                                                 is the estimated amount that
starting to approach their state institutions as clients, not
                                                                                                      a town or city can save by
as mere supplicants. They are less interested in what IT                                     including its municipal institutions
solutions are used in, for example, the vehicle registration                               into an energy management system.
process, but they can appreciate and praise an official who
                                                                    Lower energy consumption is an economic and political
can help them go through the process quickly, efficiently
                                                                    necessity: UE member states are required to reduce their
and with a smile.
                                                                    CO2 emissions. Energy costs can be reduced with the use
    What the client of a modern state needs today is lower
                                                                          of technology: an IT system integrated with energy
costs of public services, easy access to public services,
                                                                   metering devices can change the way energy is managed.
efficient communication, and security. To be able to re-
                                                                                 The experience of Polish city of Bielsko-Biała
spond to these needs, Polish institutions need to make
                                                                           shows that by controlling electricity consumption
use of technology. They can look for inspiration in a set of
                                                                    in primary schools, a city can save 7 thousand PLN a day.
five directions which, from the perspective of a modern
state, are important for the delivery of public services to
citizens, businesses and institutions.

                                                                                        effICIeNT CLIeNT SerVICe
_1 efficient_citizen_service: all the measures needed to

     deliver public services efficiently with the use of inte-
     grated solutions, among others, IT solutions;
                                                                   65           out of the 100 services planned for the
                                                                                   e-PUAP platform are already available.
                                                                         Improving efficiency in this area of government
     working to reduce CO2 emissions, to improve the con-                  activities is not only about implementing new
     dition of the environment, but also to reduce costs;            technology and supporting well-known processes
_3   e-health: delivering high-quality medical services to         (e.g. the single point of contact concept). Rather, it is
     all those who need such services, while working to              also about changing the existing procedures, rules
     reduce costs;                                               and regulations so as to make use of what technology
_4   efficient_transport: designing transport solutions that         offers. Before we can make full use of the five main
     help to reduce traffic congestions, thus reducing the              services offered by the e-PUAP system (security,
     costs of transport;                                             communications, front-end, payment support and
_5   crisis_communication: working to develop an efficient               service directory), the existing regulations must
     and reliable communication system that allows re-                                  be adapted to the potential offered
     sponding to crisis situations.                                                             by information technology.
                                       report                                                                                                      20 _ 21

                                  USD is the amount that the government
                                    of a hypothetical state with around
     20 million citizens and e-health solutions in place can save

     by 2020, a study by the consulting firm Booz&Company shows.
     A modern healthcare sector means full, secure and quick access                                          is the percentage of rush-hour
     to patients’ medical records and details of the treatments used of                                        traffic in Stockholm, Sweden,
                                                                                             carried by means of public transportation.
     each patient. Technology helps to develop telemedicine systems:
     online consultations help to save money, as fewer hospitals are                         IT systems help to manage road traffic in cities:
     needed and access to top-quality medical services is wider.                             no congestions on the roads mean not only citizens
                                                                                             who are more satisfied with their government
                                                                                             and their towns and cities, but it also help to reduce
                                                                                             business costs and, as a result, to make regions
                                                                                             more competitive. The use of IT systems that help to

                  3.                                                                         manage road traffic is not only a way to reduce traffic
                                                                                             jams, but it is also a potential source of revenues
                                                                                             for the local government, e.g. from ‘congestion fees’.

2.                                           4.

                                                                           5.                           10billion
                                                                                                                                PLN is the estimated
                                                                                                                                  amount of losses
                                                                                                       caused by the floods in Poland last May.
                                                                                                       For a communication system to be modern
                                                                                                       and reliable, it must use IT solutions. A crisis
                                                                                                       communication system that covers the entire
                                                                                                       area of a country helps to efficiently deliver
                                                                                                       public security services. But not only – it’s also
                                                                                                       a system which, if it works efficiently, helps to
                                                                                                       directly reduce the bill for losses caused by
                                                                                                       natural disasters. In Poland, the flood in May
                                                                                                       2010 resulted in losses of around 10 billion PLN.

                                                            20 billion
                                                             GBP is the amount saved by
                                                             the British administration in
                                                             2007-2008 by implementing
                                                             optimisation measures
                                                             in Gershon’s report.

                                            Technology helps to manage, not only to administrate.
The idea behind the Imagine Cup:
Inspiration for Administration
Public sector managers, who reform state institutions, can get inspired to make
a change by looking at the works of the Imagine Cup competition’s finalists.
The ideas of these young programmers help solve dilemmas of state institutions. Below is
an overview of the winning works from the global finale, which took place in Warsaw this July.


                                                            More than 325 thousand                     students
                                          from over 100 countries are actively addressing the challenges of a
                                          contemporary world and want to solve such problems as a polluted
                                          environment and achieving primary education for everyone. “It’s
                                          amazing! You are our future!”, Michelle Obama said in her speech
                                          addressed to several hundred top IT students from all over the world
                                          who were present in Warsaw.
                                            Over 400 top young IT specialists, authors of games, software and
                                          breakthrough solutions responded to this declaration with applause.
                                          Last year, the best computer science students competed in Cairo and
                                          this year the Imagine Cup gala took place in Warsaw. Along the way,
                                          they had to win local editions of the contest – 325 thousand students
                                          from 113 countries applied. Next year, the competition will be held in
                                          the United States.
                                      report                                                                                   22 _ 23

                                                              Let’s adopt such solutions from these young programmers,
                                                              which will support state institutions! The ideas created
                                                              as a result of the Imagine Cup competition are almost
                                                              turnkey solutions for public administration managers.
                                                              We can already make use of the systems designed by
                                                              Serbian and Polish students allowing communicating
                                                              with the deaf. The idea presented by the Brazilian team
                                                              for cheap, automatic trash recycling can also
                                                              be implemented. Let’s make use of these today!
                                                              Jacek Murawski: General Manager of Microsoft Poland

                                                                        WHAT IS THe
                                                                        IMAGINe CUP?
                                                                        It is the world’s premier student technology
                                                                        competition. The contest develops imagination,
                                                                        creativity and passion for learning and using new
                                                                        technologies. The goal of this initiative is also to
                                                                        inspire young people to use new technologies to
                                                                        solve important problems of the present day.
                                                                        The key theme of next year’s Imagine Cup is
                                                                        the same as this year’s: Imagine a world where
                                                                        technology helps solve the toughest problems.
                                                                        Projects may be inspired, for example, by the UN’s
  The Imagine Cup allows young people to let their imagina-             eight Millennium Development Goals. Participants
tions soar and deal with specific problems by designing new             are invited to help in solving major global issues
IT and technology solutions. This year, the best amongst                through creating software, for instance. The
                                                                        thematic scope includes such subjects as: extreme
the best struggled with a global subject: the most pressing
                                                                        poverty, hunger, universal primary education,
social and economic global issues.                                      disease control, medical care, environmental
  The Millennium Development Goals were the inspiration                 sustainability, and other relevant issues of our
and frame for the projects. These are part of a declaration             contemporary world. The finals of the Imagine Cup
signed in the year 2000 by all 192 United Nations member                2011 will be held in New York.
states and at least 23 international organizations, which               You can register by completing a form at:
agreed to achieve the following goals by 2015: eradicate      
extreme poverty and hunger among over a billion people,                 If you have any questions concerning the Polish
reduce child mortality rate, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria,                  edition of the Imagine Cup, please write to:
and other diseases, help the disabled in becoming a part of
society. The Millennium Development Goals clearly define
        The Imagine Cup allows young people to let their
        imaginations soar and deal with specific problems
        by designing new IT and technology solutions.

areas of existing social problems. Students suggest-        Through the use of several technologies, i.e.
ed ways of solving these problems as well as those         speech and face expression recognition as well as
concerning environmental sustainability, gender            converting text into sign language, they made it
equality and achieving universal primary education.        possible to converse with the hearing impaired.
The competition rewards the most creative
approach to solving a given problem, which                   The ‘fteams’ team from Lodz, which was repre-
means that the primary assessment factor is                senting Poland in the same category, but failed
how innovative is a solution rather than wheth-            to get into the finals, developed a similar, though
er it is technologically advanced. A bonus was             less advanced project of a sign language translator.
granted to those projects which best met the               Young people, who think outside the box, use their
real problems and were easy enough to be im-               imagination and are result and not profit- oriented
plemented even in Third World countries.                   have a chance to accomplish great things. During
The solutions used by the innovators may be a              the award ceremony in Warsaw, Jon Perera, Educa-
barometer of the trends and changes in the tech-           tion Strategy Director at Microsoft, said: “At this
nology market: one-third of the projects in the            moment, hundreds of people in Redmond are
competition used Windows Azure, an increasingly            thinking how you managed to do this. Do not stop
popular platform based on the concept of cloud             dreaming, let the Imagine Cup be your starting
computing.                                                 point to something very special”. Here are the most
                                                           interesting and inspiring examples of innovative
 Which global problems did they mostly try to              solutions presented by the teams that strived for
solve?                                                     the coveted prize.                                
 The Thai team, SKeeK, won the most prestigious
competition (Software Design) with their eyeFeel
project. The students presented a new way of com-
municating with the hearing-impaired.

               Works presented at the Imagine Cup finals often overcame the limits
               of imagination, and so I believe that creating room for cooperation may
               actually help in solving social problems. Polish university professors doubt
               that we were capable of coming up with breakthrough technologies. I disagree.
               Close cooperation between science and business as well as exploring creative
               potential, like at the Imagine Cup, is the road to breakthrough solutions.
               Barbara Kudrycka, Minister of Science and Higher Education
                                    report                                                                                            24 _ 25

                                                                                278million               people have a hearing problem or
                                                                                                         are completely deaf, according to
                                                                                                         the World Health Organization.
                                                                                                         8 out of 10 of them live in
                                                                                                         underdeveloped or developing
                                                                                                         countries, where medical care
                                                                                                         is expensive and not easily
                                                                                                         accessible. Cheap technology
                                                                                                         to communicate with the
                                                                                                         outside world would make
                                                                                                         life a lot easier for them.
                                                                                                         Sourse: WHO

           Categor y > . . . . . . . . SOFTWARE DESIGN
           Team > . . . . . . . . SKeeK, Thailand

           Software design is the competition’s most prestigious category. Three students
           from Thailand, under the banner of SKeeK, bagged the first position thanks to their
           eyeFeel project. Their innovative solution helps people with no hearing disabilities
           but who don’t know the sign language, to communicate better with the hearing-
           impaired in real time.

           It is a program which uses cameras and a number of technologies, including speech and
           face expression recognition systems as well as a text-to-sign language translator to trans-
           late sign language, thus facilitating real time conversation with people with hearing loss.
           Innovators from SKeeK called their project ‘augmented reality’. The software actually
           recognizes facial and mouth movements, translates them into text and then places it in
           virtual conversation text balloons, just like in comic books. But everything happens on
           a computer screen. “We started thinking about communication with the deaf by ask-
           ing ourselves: what are the components of communication? What does the process of
           communicating with a deaf person look like and what are its limitations? When looking
           for answers to these questions, we already know that our goal would be to incorporate
           as many different ways of transmitting information as possible: from gestures, mouth
           movements, to body language” says Pichai Sodsai, one the creators of the idea and the
           team leader. For now, the program works in English, but the winners are already think-
           ing about using this solution in their native Thailand. “In our country, the deaf are often
           excluded from society. Our project could help them to engage in everyday life. And that
           is why it is so important. I hope that it will help all over the world”, says Sodsai.     
              TO HAVE AN OLD RADIO

                                                                        115million            children around the world do
                                                                                              not go to school – they usually
                                                                                              work and the only possibility of
                                                                                              education is through distance
                                                                                              learning, thanks to materials
                                                                                              sent to them by teachers.
                                                                                              Internet via radio could help
                                                                                              solve some of the issues related
                                                                                              to universal access to learning.
                                                                                              Source: UNICEF

        Categor y > . . . . . . . . SOFTWARE DESIGN
        Team > . . . . . . . . OneBeep, New Zealand

        Fourth year computer science students from Auckland, New Zealand, created an innovative
        technology of transferring information by using radio waves.

       "The product may prove revolutionary for the future of education in Africa, as it allows data transfer
        to places where there are no internet services, phone lines, or GSM cellular network antennas,”
        explains Chanyeol Yoo, the lead developer of the project. The essence of the innovative solution is
        its low-cost nature – it works independently of the infrastructure. All the student needs to have is
        a simple laptop with an audio output, a cable and a regular radio. The software converts a data file
        into audio and sends it via FM or AM radio waves. The laptop, which receives this data, must also be
        connected to a radio with an antenna and an audio cable. “This is what we call internet without a
        network”, says Chanyeol Yoo. Currently, this solution allows sending text files, spreadsheets or small
        pictures. The idea that the Kiwi students presented perfectly complements a program, which has
        been carried out for the past five years by the One Laptop Per Child organization. Children from
        countries such as Ghana, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia have already received 1.2 million low-cost
        computers and will now also be able to get new versions of educational materials via radio waves.
        The product will soon be patented, but the authors do not want to earn profit from it. They want to
        make the software available as an open source, so that it can be translated into national languages
        and help educate as many children in developing countries as possible. “This project has a chance
        to change the reality of education in the poorest countries in the world”, say the programmers from
        New Zealand. There is a plan to improve the technology to enable sending films and programs.
        Similar solutions could be used for communication by seamen and communities where access to
        the outside world is difficult. The solution could also be applied when spreading knowledge about
        improving the quality of life, for e.g. about methods of preventing AIDS or malaria, and may also
        be invaluable in emergency situations. The project will greatly contribute to the second objective
        of the eight Millennium Development Goals – achieving universal primary education.                  
                                 report                                                                                                 26 _ 27


          Categor y > . . . . . . . . INTEROPERABILITY AWARD
          First prize > . . . . . . . . Xormis, Jamaica

          The Jamaican solution is innovative because it collects a variety of information in real time
          from a place where a natural disaster occurred – from mobile phones, emails, photos, videos,
          and helps connect them to form a map of needs that arise after a disaster. It is a kind of
          Emergency Operations Center, but available only to specialized agencies on the Internet and
          importantly – free of charge. Even the UN hasn’t had a solution like this.

          “We tried to imagine what is most important when a hurricane or earthquake strikes, what plays a
           crucial role in providing aid. This way of thinking helped us design a solution,” says Derron Brown,
           one of the five Jamaican student programmers in the team, which came up with an idea how to
           integrate the efforts of providers of humanitarian aid with the efforts of rescue coordinators in
           specific regions affected by a disaster. They designed Xormis, a so-called eXtensible Opportunity
           and Resource Information Matching System. “It works a bit like an ‘Internet humanitarian stock
           exchange’, where you can find necessary resources and direct them to places where they are
           most needed”, explains Derron.
          “We hope to implement Xormis on a larger scale, of course, in a version tailored to the needs of
           humanitarian organizations”, he adds. Xormis won the Special Category award for interoper-
           ability; in this category, those projects were awarded which, in an unconventional way, used
           Microsoft’s technologies and combined them with other technologies to ensure connectivity
           between people, free data transfer or cooperation with other systems. The team of four friends
           from the North Caribbean University did not fall apart after winning – they have decided to start
           a company in the near future, which would deal efficiently with allocating resources in difficult
           circumstances. They are making Xormis available for free. After all, effective humanitarian aid
           (after natural disasters) and development aid (which supports long-term economic and social
           growth) are priorities of aid agencies operating worldwide.                                       

                                                                       10billionUSd               each year is allocated to aid
                                                                                                  under the auspices of the UN’s
                                                                                                  Office for the Coordination of
                                                                                                  Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
                                                                                                  It is just a fraction of the money
                                                                                                  sent to areas affected with
                                                                                                  natural disasters. Due to bad
                                                                                                  conditions and logistic problems,
                                                                                                  a large part of this aid is wasted.
                                                                                                  A system, which would manage
                                                                                                  humanitarian aid, could help
                                                                                                  solve this problem.
                                                                                                  Source: ONZ
                              Idea > . . . . . . . . A GAME SHOWS WHY WORKING TOGETHER
                              CAN HELP DEVELOPMENT

                                      Categor y > . . . . . . . . SOFTWARE DESIGN
                                      Team > . . . . . . . . By Implication, Philippines

                                      Games are one of the most popular categories of software design, but who said that
                                      they can only be used for fun? The Wildfire game was acknowledged as the most
                                      ingenious, promising, and well-designed application in the Game Design Category
                                      at the Imagine Cup.
                                      It is based on a popular scenario: the world is in danger and only the bravest of heroes
                                      can save it. However, to fulfill the mission, the player must first spread the news to
                                      other people... and cooperate. The opponents, with whom the players have to fight,
                                      are real: rampant poverty, gender inequality, inadequate education and environmen-
                                      tal degradation. They can be defeated through social interaction and volunteerism.

                                      Therefore, players of the game walk around the city with their avatar and convince
                                      others to help raise awareness about hunger in the world, for example. In order to
                                      achieve this, they have to learn what the Millennium Development Goals are so that
                                      they can encourage others to share their ideas. The aim is to convince as many people
                                      as possible. “I think that cooperation between people is one of the most important
                                      conditions for such a project as achieving Millennium Goals to be successful. Getting
     Around the world, 70% of
deaths among children under           support and persuading people is one of the most difficult tasks. It is for this reason that
      the age of five could have      we designed a game which shows how difficult it is to gather volunteers and how you
been avoided if they had been         should take care of them”, says one of the three game developers from the University
given appropriate medication
   (for example for a common          of Philippines. The project has begun to live its own life – you can download the game
  cold) and if they were better       for free from By Implication’s website and the Ministry of Education in the Philippines
    nourished. Only 5% of the         is thinking of treating it as scientific aid, which teaches cooperation. Wildfire is not only
 global public is aware of this.
                                      fun, but it encourages to engage in social actions and shows that we can achieve more
       An action which helps to
   understand the importance          together than alone. “What inspired us to create the story was the rescue operation in
     of social mobilization and       the Philippines after the Ketsana typhoon struck in September 2009. It was then that
    how difficult it is to gather     we understood that financial support isn’t enough if there aren’t any volunteers around
      volunteers would greatly
      contribute in this regard.      and no cooperation,” says the young Filipino, who designed the game. “I hope that this
                        Source: ONZ   inspiration will give birth to more than just a video game”.                               
                                  report                                                                                28 _ 29

I hope that the ideas
of the young people who
participated in the Imagine
Cup contest, with their
unique character, will be
implemented and used
to help solve social problems.
Henryka Bochniarz, President                                    MILLeNIUM
of PKPP Lewiatan                                                d e V e LO P M e N T G O A L S

                                                                 Millennium Development Goals are eight
                                                                 international development goals that the UN
                                                                 member states have agreed to achieve by the year
                                                                 2015 to make the world a better place.

                                                             _ 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger – halve the
                                                                 proportion of people living on less than $1 a day; halve
                                                                 the proportion of people who suffer from hunger
 THE IMAGINE CUP – THE BEST WILL MEET                        _ 2 Achieve universal primary education – all children
 AGAIN NEXT YEAR                                                 can complete a full course of primary schooling,
                                                                 both girls and boys
  Notwithstanding, only one team could win the grand
prize and a cheque for 25 thousand USD, all other            _ 3 Promote gender equality and empower women
participants were among the elite group of talented,             – eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary
young innovators. The presence of representatives of             education preferably by 2005, and at all levels by 2015
companies investing in innovation, in the halls of the       _ 4 Reduce child mortality rate – reduce by two-thirds
Palace of Culture and Science, was proof enough that             the under-five mortality rate
many of the solutions shown may soon see light of day
                                                             _ 5 Improve maternal health – reduce by three-quarters
and appear on the market as commercial products.                 the maternal mortality ratio
The Imagine Cup, also known as “the technological
Olympic Games”, has shown that a mixture of diffi-           _ 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases – reverse
cult challenges, innovators’ talent and the possibilities        the spread of HIV/AIDS and limit the number of new
                                                                 infections, reverse the incidence of malaria and other
of new technologies helps find solutions to problems
                                                                 major diseases as well as limit the number of illnesses
that seem impossible to solve. The competition is also
a platform which helps meet professional ambitions.          _ 7 Ensure environmental sustainability – integrate the
In 2006, four Polish students from Bialystok won third           principles of sustainable development into country
                                                                 policies and programs; reverse loss of environmental
place in the contest’s national finals in the software de-
                                                                 resources. Halve the proportion of people without
sign category. Their idea was a so-called ‘GarbWatcher’:         sustainable access to safe drinking water.
a program, which through a webcam controls whether               By 2020, achieve a significant improvement in
a person working in front of a computer retains the              the lives of at least 100 million slum-dwellers
right posture. Creating the program as a team proved
                                                             _ 8 Develop a global partnership for development
to be only the beginning: two team members, Arkadi-              – further develop an open, rule-based, predictable,
usz Kondratiuk and Marcin Bartoszuk, founded their               non-discriminatory trading and financial system.
own company based on experience from the Imagine                 Includes a commitment to good governance,
Cup competition. As a result, was cre-               development, and poverty reduction
ated – it is a company that specializes in the design            – both nationally and internationally.
and implementation of advanced information systems              Source:

for business.
                                              Interviews with the participants of the Imagine Cup clearly show that
                                              we have an interesting generation, which is going to create new solutions.
                                              They are active, young people working as volunteers, active in their communities.
                                              During the finals, I met emphatic technology designers. That is why I am
                                              certain that designing various services is becoming our national discipline.
                                              Beata Bochińska, President of the Institute of Industrial Design,
                                              jury of the Imagine Cup’s Polish edition

                                                “The Imagine Cup not only motivates to act               This year, 1600 students took part in the
                                              but also opens up new horizons. To have your             national edition of the Imagine Cup’s com-
                                              chance at winning, you must not only be up-              petition alone. Next year, the best young
                                              to-date with new technologies, but consider              software designers will also face global
                                              solutions for your project, which is still un-           challenges. Once again they will be support-
                                              der testing. This is what leads to innovation”,          ing the implementation of the Millennium
                                              says Marcin Bartoszuk. “Imagine Cup was                  Goals. The Imagine Cup Finals will be held
                                              also proof of our knowledge; it became our               in New York. In accordance with the UN’s
                                              portfolio, which helped in starting our own              obligations, there are only five years left to
                                              business”.                                               achieve the MDGs. As the statistics of the
                                                                                                       UN’s Development Program show, not all
                                                This year’s winners of the competition’s na-           goals can be achieved if the current level
                                              tional edition in the software design category           of involvement of member states stays the
                                              were students of the Technical University of             same. UNDP experts confirm, however, that
                                              Łódź (with a project of a sign language trans-           technology support could significantly ac-
                                              lator): Tomasz Ciejka, Grzegorz Glonek,                  celerate the implementation of the MDGs.
                                              Magda Jonczyk, Daniel Moliński and Jacek                 Students who will pursue this task in the Im-
                                              Pintera. The team will still be working to-              agine Cup competition, have a real chance

                                              gether – they are starting cooperation with              of solving global problems.                  
                                              the Ministry of Economy. “All the teams that
                                              got to the finals in Poland had to draw one of
                                              five tasks to complete. We will be in charge
    students took part in                     of structuring communication between each
    the Polish edition of the
    Imagine Cup’s competition.
                                              department of the Ministry, which has allo-
    The number of participants                cated 25,000 PLN to the project; the deadline
    is growing every year.                    is mid-December”, says Grzegorz Glonek.

More information about effectively using technology to address state issues:

    Microsoft                                                                                               THINKTANK

    Marek Kosycarz                                  Piotr Marczuk                                           Publisher:
    Citizenship Director                            Government Relations Director                           THINKTANK Sp. z o.o.
    al. Jerozolimskie 195a                          al. Jerozolimskie 195a                                  Editorial office:
    02-222, Warsaw                                  02-222, Warsaw                                          ul. Mińska 25
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    ph. 0048 22 594 16 01                           ph. 0048 22 594 10 00                                   ph. 0048 22 628 04 10, fax 0048 22 628 04 12                             
                                                                                  WARSAW – THE CAPITAL
                                                                                  OF INNOVATIVE

Promoting innovation and developing a knowledge-based eco-                For the first time in history, the final stage of the competition was
nomy can help Poland to build an information society and to               hosted in Poland. For a few days, the country was the world’s capi-
effectively compete with the oraz rozwój gospodarki opar-
Promowanie innowacyjnoœci developed countries of Western                   raz the latest technology. Poland was konkursu the venue
                                                                      Potal ofpierwszy miêdzynarodowe fina³yselected as odbêd¹ for
tej na wiedzy daj¹ Polsce mo¿liwoœæ efektywnejglobal mar-
Europe, thus gaining competitive advantage in the budowy                    w world’s która Imagine Cup in 2010 for a number of reasons,
                                                                      siêthe Polsce, final ofna kilka dni stanie siê œwiatow¹ stolic¹
spo³eczeñstwa informacyjnego i skutecznego konkurowa-                     including the great achievements of Poland’s representatives,
                                                                      najnowoczeœniejszych technologii. Za przyznaniem Polsce who
nia z rozwiniêtymi krajami Europy Zachodniej, a tym                       have organizacji œwiatowych fina³ów Imagine Cup
                                                                      prawa taken top places as many as 12 times in the last five rounds
Microsoft appreciates przewagi konkurencyjnej na and
samym uzyskiwaniayoung and talented IT specialists glo- is                2010 competition, and a kilka coalition of dosko-
                                                                      w of the roku przemawia³ostrong czynników, Polish partners pro-
considerably contributing to their development. It supports and
balnym rynku.                                                             viding support naszych reprezentantów, którzy w piêciu
                                                                      na³e osi¹gniêcia for the event. The initiative was also supported by
stimulates highly qualified people at the beginning of their pro-         well-known scientists and business people as well as government
                                                                      ostatnich edycjach konkursu stawali na podium a¿ 12 razy
fessional careers, offering them a wide range of educational pro-
Microsoft, doceniaj¹c zdolnych m³odych informatyków                       circles. koalicja polskich partnerów wspieraj¹cych przed-
                                                                      oraz silnaPoland is one of the fastest growing EU member states and
ma swój znacz¹cy wk³adexperience placements and training
grammes, attractive work w ten proces. Wspiera i stymu-                   the key region for Microsoft’s educational projects. Microsoft’s
                                                                      siêwziêcie. Inicjatywê popar³y tak¿e osobistoœci ze œwiata Po-
luje przygotowanie wysoko wykwalifikowanych a good
courses. Microsoft helps young IT specialists to make kadr                lish biznesu oraz been, for many years, supporting the develop-
                                                                      nauki isubsidiary hasœrodowiska rz¹dowe. Polska jest jednym
start in their field, providing them pracy, oferuj¹c im the latest
wchodz¹cych dopiero na rynek with direct access to szeroki                ment of the rozwijaj¹cych siê krajów cz³onkowskich Unii
                                                                      z dynamiczniejPolish academic community, running a number of
advances in technology and with opportunities to work with
wachlarz programów edukacyjnych, atrakcyjny program                       programmes addressed to both the academic staff and the
                                                                      Europejskiej i kluczowym regionem edukacyjnych inwesty- stu-
the best szkoleñ. the marketplace. Imagine Cup, a technology
praktyk iexperts inPomaga m³odym informatykom wystarto-                    Microsoft. Polski an important international event in Poland is
                                                                      cji dents. Hosting such oddzia³ firmy od lat wspiera rozwój
competition organised by Microsoft, is a great opportunity for
waæ w zawodzie, umo¿liwia im bezpoœredni dostêp do                        a unique opportunity for the country to
                                                                      œrodowiska akademickiego realizuj¹c promote itself and to build
                                                                                                                      szereg programów
enterprising students to present their innovative ideas to a wide         its competitive advantage based on innovation, entrepreneurship
osi¹gniêæ najnowszej myœli technologicznej i wspó³pracê               adresowanych zarówno do kadry akademickiej, jak i samych
audience and to receive business support in turning their ideas           and creativity. For one week in July, Poland was the centre for the
z najlepszymi ekspertami na rynku. Organizowany przez                 studentów. Organizacja miêdzynarodowej imprezy tej
into true businesses.                                                     exchange of ideas and creative energy, where a large number of
Microsoft konkurs technologiczny Imagine Cup jest dla                 rangi stanowi dla Polski wyj¹tkow¹ szansê na promocjê i bu-
                                                                          young and talented people from all parts of the world demonstra-
przedsiêbiorczych studentów doskona³¹ szans¹ na zapre-                duje jej przewagê konkurencyjn¹ w oparciu o innowacyj-
The Imagine Cup competition is very popular with technology               ted their ideas of how to make use of new technology in solving
zentowanie szerokiemu gronu swoich innowacyjnych                      noœæ, przedsiêbiorczoœæ i kreatywnoœæ. Przez tydzieñ lipca
students worldwide. Last year’s round attracted around 300 tho-           real problems of our civilisation, how to inspire one another and
pomys³ów oraz otrzymanie biznesowego wsparcia w celu                  2010 roku Polska bêdzie centrum wymiany pomys³ów
usand students from 100 countries. This year’s round of the com-          how to compete to be the best.
ich przekszta³cenia w realny biznes.                                  i twórczej energii, gdzie rzesze m³odych i zdolnych ludzi
petition was the eighth in its history. Over the years, Imagine Cup
has become not only the world’s biggest IT technology student
                                                                                                                              jak wykorzy-
                                                                      z ca³ego œwiata poka¿¹ swoje sposoby na to,and it is the respon-
                                                                          The future lies in the hands of young people,
Konkurs Imagine Cup cieszy siê ogromn¹ popularnoœci¹
competition, but also the world’s centre for the latest technology    staæ nowe technologie w rozwi¹zywaniu realnych proble-
                                                                          sibility of the business world to effectively support and promote
solutions developed by young technicznych
wœród studentów kierunków IT specialists. na ca³ym œwie-                  the future cywilizacji, inspirowaæ
                                                                      mów naszej leaders in technology. siê nawzajem i rywali-
cie. Do ubieg³orocznej edycji zg³osi³o siê ok. 300 tys.               zowaæ o miano najlepszych.
uczestników ze 100 krajów. Tegoroczna edycja konkursu
bêdzie ósm¹ w jego historii. W tym czasie Imagine Cup                 To w rêkach m³odych ludzi jest przysz³oœæ, a zadaniem
sta³ siê nie tylko najwiêkszym turniejem informatycznym               biznesu jest skuteczne wspieranie i promowanie przysz³ych
dla studentów, ale tak¿e œwiatowym centrum premier tech-              liderów bran¿y technologicznej.
nologicznych, których twórcami s¹ m³odzi informatycy.
                   WHY CLOUD COMPUTING?
                   WHY CLOUD COMPUTING?

               Why now?                                                             Going forward, all organisations, and especially entrepreneurial
               Innovation in the computing industry continues to enable new
               Why now?                                                             SMEs, forward, all organisations, and especially entrepreneurial
                                                                                    Going will be interested to tap into computing resources
               Innovation in for society, from a “PC continues to enable new
               opportunitiesthe computing industryin every home” to “cloud          SMEs, will be interested to tap afford in order resources
                                                                                    beyond what they could previouslyinto computingto increase
               opportunities for recent, nebulous image refers to the use of
               computing.” This society, from a “PC in every home” to “cloud        productivity and reach wider markets.
                                                                                    beyond what they could previously afford in order to increase
               computing powerrecent, nebulous image and that the use of
               computing.” This that you do not own refers to is located            productivity and reach wider markets.
               elsewhere, in “the cloud” of remote networks. that is located
               computing power that you do not own and                              New Responsibilities
               elsewhere, in “the cloud” of remote networks.                        Before the promise of cloud computing can be realized we
                                                                                    New Responsibilities
               What’s new? This concept is familiar to anyone who uses              Before the promise of cloud computing privacy, portability
                                                                                    all need more confidence in the security,can be realized we
               What’s new? to concept is familiar to anyone who for
               online services This manage and store data, like Hotmailuses         and availabilityconfidence in the security, privacy, portability
                                                                                    all need more of our data. We need a safe, open and
               email or Flickr for photos. On thestore data, like Hotmailand
               online services to manage and other hand, businesses for             interoperable cloud our data. isWe need a safe, open and
                                                                                    and availability of – one that protected from the efforts of
               governments havephotos. On the other hand, businessestheir
               email or Flickr for preferred to keep and control data in and        interoperable cloud – one that is protected open platform of
                                                                                    thieves and hackers while also serving as anfrom the effortsfor
               own IT systems.
               governments have preferred to keep and control data in their         sharing and hackers while also serving as an around the world.
                                                                                    thieves and storing information for people open platform for
               own IT systems.                                                      We need connectivity we can depend on. around the world.
                                                                                    sharing and storing information for people
               As these organizations look to drive down costs, there is            Legitimate questions reflect the responsibilities that come with
                                                                                    We need connectivity we can depend on.
               As these interest in alternative approaches. Cloud-based
               increasing organizations look to drive down costs, there is          cloud-based services:reflect the responsibilities that come with
                                                                                    Legitimate questions
               increasing interest in powerful approaches. Cloud-based
               services are now morealternative and reliable for such users.        Are you confident that your privacy is being protected, that
                                                                                    cloud-based services:
               Large data centresmore economies of scale, providing cheaper
               services are now offer powerful and reliable for such users.         youryou confident that your privacy is being protected, that
                                                                                    Are data is secure, that you can reach it when you need? If
               Large data power, with economies of scale, only for what you
               computingcentres offer the flexibility to payproviding cheaper        you live inisone country you can reach it when you need? If
                                                                                    your data secure, that but your data is stored in another,
               use. Like electricity, with don’t need to to pay only for what you
               computing power, you the flexibility own the generators;              whose laws govern, and are the rules consistent? in another,
                                                                                    you live in one country but your data is stored
               just plug electricity, youyou go.
               use. Like in and pay as don’t need to own the generators; you        whose laws govern, and are the rules consistent?
               just plug in and pay as you go.                                      Industry and governments can build on solid experience
               New Opportunities for Europe                                         Industry and governments The current solid experience
                                                                                    to address such questions. can build on computing trend
               By lowering costs, and also lowering barriers to entry for IT
               New Opportunities for Europe                                         holds the potential for tremendous cost savings, flexibility,
                                                                                    to address such questions. The current computing trend
               By lowering costs, and also offers “the medicine needed IT
               developers, cloud computinglowering barriers to entry forfor         holds the potential we move to embrace evolving cloud
                                                                                    and growth. Yet as for tremendous cost savings, flexibility,
               Europe’s credit-squeezed economy”,“the medicine needed for
               developers, cloud computing offers as Commissioner Reding            technologies, Yet alsowe move to fundamental expectations
                                                                                    and growth. we as must meet embrace evolving cloud
               has stated. Simply put, economy”, as Commissioner can do
               Europe’s credit-squeezed both users and developers Reding            about the management of your data. Microsoft is working
                                                                                    technologies, we also must meet fundamental expectations
               more with less, by accessing greater computing power without
               has stated. Simply put, both users and developers can do             with customers, partners, of your data. Microsoft is working
                                                                                    about the management and governments on the bold goal
               having to invest up front large sumscomputing power without
               more with less, by accessing greater for equipment.                  with customers, partners, and potential.
                                                                                    to help Europe realise its cloudgovernments on the bold goal
               having to invest up front large sums for equipment.                  to help Europe realise its cloud potential.
               Innovation flows from these new capabilities. In a program
               called BizSpark, aimed these new capabilities. In a program
               Innovation flows from at helping early stage start-ups by             For more information:
               providing them with software and support,stage start-ups by
               called BizSpark, aimed at helping early many of the 8,000  
                                                                                    For more information:
               participating European companies are already providing cloud-
               providing them with software and support, many of the 8,000
               based services. Cloud companiesenable a new company like
               participating European resources are already providing cloud-
               Lokad in France to deliver sophisticated sales forecasting tools
               based services. Cloud resources enable a new company like
               for large France to or manufacturers to sales forecasting tools
               Lokad in retailers deliver sophisticated optimize inventories.
               for upcoming BizSpark European Summit, in Paris, will bring
               The large retailers or manufacturers to optimize inventories.
               together many BizSpark European Summit, in Paris, delivering
               The upcoming more promising start-ups who are will bring
               their solutions in the cloud.
               together many more promising start-ups who are delivering
               their solutions in the cloud.

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