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ITB 2006 – South Pacific Village
       8th – 12th March 2006
         Berlin, Germany

         Compiled by SPTO.
                                SPTO – ITB 2006 Report


                                                         Page No.

1.   Introduction to ITB 2006                            2

2.   The ‘South Pacific Village’ Concept                 2

3.   Participating Countries and Partners at ITB 2006    3

4.   Remarks on ITB 2006 – South Pacific Village         5

5.   Preparation Plans for ITB 2007                      15

6.   Recommendations                                     14

7.   Conclusions                                         16

8.   Annexes

     Annex 1 – List of Contacts made at ITB 2006         18

     Annex 2 – List & Contact Details of Partners        20

                               SPTO – ITB 2006 Report


The ITB 2006 was very successful for all the SPTO member countries with the presence
under the concept of the ‘South Pacific Village’ after a few years of individual country
participation. The present at the ITB 2006 South Pacific Village included seven (7)
SPTO member countries and a total of 35 private sector partners from even (7) countries
represented by more than 43 delegates.

The plans and implementation of the South Pacific Village was jointly coordinated
between SPTO Head office in Suva, the NTOs of the 7 member countries and the SPTO
European Office, which was represented by Interface International GmbH lead by Ms.
Karin Zwiers and her very hard working staff. The entire 5 days of meetings and
exhibition at ITB was well planned for the Village despite certain delays in arrival of
some countries’ and companies’ promotional materials.

Overall, many positive comments and encouragements have been received from members
of Messe Berlin as well as other countries about the return of the South Pacific Village
into ITB. The upgraded village design has also captured many attention and as a result
the South Pacific Village was awarded the third place for the Best Exhibition Stand in
the Hall 5.2a, which consist of Australia / Oceania, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. The
award was a great publicity opportunity for the SPTO and its member countries, which
have toughened the ‘South Pacific Village’ concept for future ITB. Likewise, the concept
can also be adopted for other key shows that SPTO member countries participate at like
the WTM, PATA and the proposed ASTA show in the USA.

Plans are underway for an even bigger South Pacific Village presence at ITB 2007 and
most countries and private sector partners that participated in 2006 have confirmed in
principle their participation for 2007. Thus, SPTO and its European representative
office will proceed with plans for 2007. Preliminary discussions for a larger space for the
South Pacific Village in 2007 was held with Messe Berlin reps and a space confirmation
should be made in April or May 2006.


The South Pacific Village was proven effective for the region as well as for the individual
countries that participated at ITB 2006. Many of the frequent participants of ITB from
other parts of the world have noticed the return of the village presence of the South
Pacific with its upgraded village design.

       2.1 The ITB 2006 Village Setting:

       The South Pacific was located on one end the entrance into Hall 5.2a from halls
       25 and 26. The other end is at the exit into halls 3 and 4. However, this is also
       an entry point for visitors who are moving into hall 5.2a from halls 3 and 4.

       The village had a total area of 186 square meters, which accommodated the 7
       countries and their private sector partners. Another extrqa 16 square meters of
       space was allocated separate for an Office space and storage area. While there
       were some confusion on the first day as to the allocation of space and tables, all
       proceeded well throughout. However, there needs to be clear allocation of tables

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

       and space in next year’s Village based on recommendations for improvements in
       the recommendation section of this report.

       2.2 The Method of Coordination and Cost of South Pacific Village:

       The South Pacific Village was coordinated directly with Messe Berlin between
       SPTO through the Interface International GmbH, which is the SPTO rep in

       Through this method of having SPTO Europe coordinate all on ground
       arrangements in Germany, it was proven very effective and helpful for the
       success of ITB 2006. However, all SPTO head office in Suva coordinates
       arrangements with all its member countries. There SPTO Europe office
       coordinates all arrangements with Messe Berlin and Exhibit International (Booth
       Constructor) and SPTO Head office coordinate with all the member countries
       that confirm participation at ITB. Each country’s NTO then coordinates with its
       private sector partners.

       All costs concerning the Village are forwarded to SPTO and in turn, SPTO
       allocate costs to each country based on spaces allocated to them as well as
       request for other items such as tables, DVD players and screens, etc.

       While SPTO paid EUR 42.117,07 to Messe Berlin for the rental of the 186 square
       meters and the 16 square meters, the Exhibit International, which is the
       construction company is also paid separately.

       The total construction cost of the whole 202 square meters allocated for the South
       Pacific Village and the office space adds up to a total of EUR 71.104,00. The
       total cost for the whole South Pacific Village including all other extra obligatory
       items required totals up to about EUR115.000,00 . However, 50% of the
       construction cost was settled prior to the start of ITB and the other 50% will be
       settled after ITB plus any additional costs incurred during the course of the


It was encouraging to see that there was strong private sector support for the at least 6
of the seven countries that participated in the ITB 2006 South Pacific Village. Apart
from Vanuatu, which only has one representative from the NTO, the other six countries
have private sector partners present at their stands.

While it was advantageous for the purpose of cost sharing for the stand, it was also
important because it is the private sector members who have products to sell and NTOs
are there for basic general representation for the whole industry. Likewise, SPTO was
also present for general representation for both its country members as well as its
tourism industry members.

SPTO represented all its member countries in supplying general information and holding
meetings with buyers more on regional issues rather than selling one particular country.
The emphasis of SPTO was on the region and the key tourism attractions of the region as
compared to other regions.

       3.1 Participating Countries & Private Sector of Each:

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

The following table depicts the countries that participated with their NTO reps
and their private partners and names of delegates that attended the ITB 2006:

Country            Private Sector Partners                 Names of Delegates

                    1.    Air Pacific – Frankfurt          Ms. Ute Rosenberger
                    2.    ATS Pacific Fiji                 Mr. Max Stork
                    3.    The Warwick Fiji                 Mr. Jack Stark
NTO Reps:
                    4.    Sheraton & Westin Resorts        Mr. Gordon Rigamoto / J. Drysdale
                    5.    Treasure Island Resort           Mr. Graham Back
Mr. Bill Gavoka
                    6.    Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji     Mr. Paul Hughes / Mr. A. Gee
                    7.    Rosie Holidays                   Mr. Eroni Puamau
Ms. Josephine
                    8.    Koro Sun Resort                  Ms. Merilyn Young / Ms. J. Bartlett
                    9.    Sonaisali Island Resort          Ms. Serah Constable
                    10.   Blue Lagoon Cruises              Ms. Serah Constable
                    11.   Sofitel                          Mr. Paul Stevens
                    1.    Tahiti Nui Travel                Ms. Nelly Grange / Rafaela Taufa
                    2.    Accor Siet                       Mr. Francoise Chambrier / F. Gers
                    3.    Air Tahiti Nui                   Ms. Teriana Paquier / Maeva
Ms. Taina
                    4.    Intercontinental Resort (FP)     Mr. Pierre Lesage
Mr. Maui Ciucci
                    5.    Maitai Hotel                     Mr. Christophe Gomet
                    6.    Tahiti Tours                     Mr. Diana Chinchoi Jacquet
                    7.    Tekura Tahiti Travel             Mr. Jean Noel Epely
                    8.    Tahiti Cruises / Huamana         Ms. Helene Rottier
                    9.    Le Meridien Hotels (FP)          Ms. Marieke Chatigner
                    10.   Compagnie Polynesienne de        Ms. Viana Devimeux
                          Transport Maritime
                    1.    Trans Niugini Tours              Mr. Michael Bates / Maike Voss
Papua New
                    2.    Melanesian Tourist Services      Ms. Terri Everest
                    3.    Air Niugini / TPA– Germany       Mr. Rudeger Knospe
Mr. Jim
                    4.    PNG Tourism Promotions           Ms. Meike Lang / Charlotte N
                          Authority – Europe
Ms. Alice

                    1.    Crown Beach Resort               Mr. Sonny Williams
Cook Islands
                    2.    Island Hopper Vacations Ltd      Mr. Robert Skews
                    3.    Tipani Tours                     Ms. Teresa Reed/Viana Tixier
Mr. Chris Wong
                    4.    Atiu Development Society         Mr. Jurgen Manske-Eimke
                    5.    Pacific Resort                   Mr. Thomas Koteka
Ms. Glenda
                    6.    Mangaia / Ara Moana Bungalow     Mr. Jan Kristensson
                    1. Teta Tours                          Mr. Sitafooti Aho
                    2. Dateline International Hotel        Ms. Kololiana Naufahu
Mr. Sione

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

                             1. Island Hopper Vacations              Mr. Dominic Thomsen
                             2. The Aggie Grey Hotel                 Ms. Beverlyn Barlow
       Mr. Sala Pio

                             1. National Tourism Office              Ms. Jeanette Mckeague-Baude

       Please refer to Annex 2 for a full list of the South Pacific Village delegates and
       the email contact.

       3.2 Remarks on ITB 2006 Coordination by Each Country:

       Because of the central coordination by SPTO on all matters relating to the Pacific
       Village at ITB 2006, it was easy as the main focal points of disseminating all
       information is to the NTOs and the NTOs then inform their private sector

       A separate report will be documented based on the evaluation form to be
       completed by each country as well as its private sector members. This report
       will depend so much on the response rate of all the participants and on a timely
       manner. The questionnaire survey will be distributed and conducted by SPTO
       Europe and jointly evaluated with SPTO Marketing Coordinator. Meanwhile
       the NTO reps and some private sector members have already given their opinion
       and feedback on how best to improve the ‘Village setting and layout for next
       South Pacific Village. These suggestions are all incorporated into the
       recommendation section of this report.


The ITB 2006 marked a return of the South Pacific Village and our presence was
definitely noticeable by all other exhibitors but more importantly the trade &
professional visitors and the general public. The South Pacific Village Design and
decorations was unprecedented it the new upgrades.

With the participation of seven (7) countries and thirty-five (35) private sector partners
at the Village, it has emitted a good impression to the European market about the South
Pacific region as a destination. Most of the exhibiting countries that attended have
expressed positive sentiments about the return of the Pacific Village concept and will
surely participate next year under the South Pacific Village banner.

       4.1 Program of Events – South Pacific Village:

       On Monday 6th March 2006, SPTO Marketing Coordinator meet with the
       Interface International Team at their office at Peterburger str. 94, 10247 Berlin
       from 11.30am – 2.30pm.

       The meeting was on the following issues relating to the preparation for the ITB
       2006 such as:

               Items for the briefing session on Tuesday 7th March 2006 with all South
               Pacific delegates;

                       SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

        Final checking of delegate names tags and registrations;

        Reviewing the costs so far and also looking at the likely costs that could
        be incurred during ITB and how it is going to be allocated and distributed
        between all the countries;

        Discussed with Ms. Karin Zwiers the required improvements for
        coordinating the South Pacific Village at ITB 2007 based on the
        experiences so far in the preparation phase;

On Tuesday 7th March, all the South Pacific Village delegates who were present
assembled at the Art’otel and picked up by coach at 3.30pm to visit the South
Pacific Village while it was still under construction in Hall 5.2a at the ICC. The
visit was purposely to have all countries pre check their booth sizes, identify their
tables and do any recommended last minute alterations with the booth

All delegates returned to the Art’otel by 6.00pm for a briefing session on all the
planned programs for the South Pacific Village for the ITB week. Interface
International director and SPTO Europe Rep, Ms. Karin Zwiers conducted the
session after a brief introductory speech by CEO of SPTO, Mr. Lisiate Akolo.
Mr. Akolo praised all the countries and their partners for the commitment they
shown in participating in the return of the South Pacific Village Concept to ITB.

A Briefing kit was distributed to all participants, which contained detailed
timetable of the whole ITB 2006 week, outline of a program for the South Pacific
delegates, some analyses of the Europe market and lists of key wholesalers and
agents in Germany, Austria and other EU countries. This was prepared by
Interface International and delivered as part of its service benefits to Fiji, Cook
Islands, Samoa and SPTO (all countries under SPTO) whom they officially

ITB Day 1 – Wednesday 8th March 2006

Business appointments started for all the South Pacific Village delegates at
9.30am and the day ended at 6.00pm. The whole of the first day until 4.30pm
was specifically open for the trade professional meetings only. The last one and
half hours in the evening from 4.30pm to 6pm was also open for general visits by
consumers as well.

For SPTO desk, there were seven (7) specific appointments with different
professionals but there were many general visitor calls to the desk. Apart from
discussing with the trade professional and consumer visitors, SPTO staff also
made sure all things proceeded well for all partners in the Village.

The list of specific appointments at SPTO desk on the first day is presented here:

1. Ms. Claudia Hugel – Lufthansa - Regional Manager for Asia Pacific

Lufthansa was interested to get more information about the region and what are
the current connections from Germany into the South Pacific region. They were

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

referred to the Air Pacific desk at the South Pacific Village. SPTO briefed the
Lufthansa rep on the flight connections between the South Pacific destinations
and which airlines are serving the region.

2. Mr. Sanjiv Bisaria – General Manager, International Marketing

Mr. Sanjiv Bisaria represents a marketing publication company, which is based
in India. SPTO briefed Mr. Bisaria on how the South Pacific region perceived
India as an emerging source market and the efforts by some countries so far in
assessing India as an emerging market. SPTO have also produced a Market
Intelligence report on the Indian market in September 2005 and it is circulated to
all its member countries for their perusal. SPTO advised them that if they have
plans on how to promote the South Pacific region, they should submit in a form of
a Marketing Proposal.

3. Mr. Peter A. Semone – PATA Vice –President Development

The discussion with Mr. Semone was on the plans for the South Pacific Village at
the PATA Travel Mart 2006 in Hong Kong. Mr. Semone was briefed on the
concept for the Pacific Village and the number of countries and private sector
that are likely to participate in the Hong Kong show in September 1006.

4. Mr. Marco Trucco & Ms. Mariolina Longoni – Staff of TTG Italia and
organizers of the Global Trade Exhibition 2007 in Rome

The TTG team wish to discuss the prospects of a South Pacific Village at the
Globe Travel; Exhibition 2007 in Rome, Italy. The event is somewhat a week
apart from ITB and thus, SPTO advised the TTG team that a concept of a Pacific
Village depends so much on the support and commitment of the SPTO member
countries. SPTO will have to present information on the event and the market
potential from Italy to its members before a decision can be made. More
information on the details of the show has been requested by SPTO so that such
information can be presented to our members for their perusal.

5. Ms. Astrid Schoones – Placement Office representative of Students for Breda
University, The Netherlands

Ms. Astrid Schoones represents the NHTV Breda University, which had seeked
SPTO assistance to host its student interns for their study placement in 2006.
Unfortunately, the students for 2006 could not confirm their placement and thus,
it was postponed until a later date. SPTO advised on the progress of the
Internship for students and that SPTO is open to accept students for internship
purposes. Certain concerns were raised regarding any possible cost subsidy by
SPTO towards the placement of students as they will be working during the
course of their internship. SPTO briefed Ms. Schoones on the immigration
status of students, which prohibits them to be engaged in a remunerated
employment. Thus, student internship should be strictly on some form similar
to volunteer scheme. SPTO also raised the option of NHTV and other
universities looking at approaching SPTO member countries to possible student
internship. SPTO offered to facilitate the contacts between the university and
its member countries.

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

6. Mr. Wolfrgang Weitlaner – Editor of Tourism for the Pressetext – A tourism
publication in Germany

Discussion was on the potential for advertisements and promotions of the South
Pacific brand in the German and larger European market.

7. Mr. Benjamin P. Brigham – School of Marine Affairs, University of
Washington, who specializes in Destination Recovery in terms of Tourism –
usually after destinations have domestic problems with international negativity.

ITB Day 2 – Thursday 9th March 2006

Business appointments started at 10 am and concluded at 6pm with most trade
visitors to the SPTO desk were individuals or representative of companies
seeking working relationship with SPTO of some member countries. SPTO hade
8 appointments but there were few extra inquiries from mainly reps seeking
business opportunities in the region by require more information;

1. Ms. Gabriele Klink – President of Imagine Global Consulting Inc. The
discussion with Ms. Klink was on the ‘South Pacific Specialized Agent Program’
and submission of her proposal for the project. Ms. Klink was also introduced to
Mr. Paul Hughes and Mr. Gavoka (as Board members of SPTO) so that she can
briefly introduce her concept for the proposed Specialized Agent program. SPTO
advised Mr. Klink to submit her proposal in writing in response to the advertised
projects of the SPTO website;

2. Ms. Parineeta Sethi – Director of Exposure Media Marketing Pvt. Ltd in
India. This company specializes mainly in promoting Spa resorts in the Indian
market. Ms. Sethi was referred to the SPTO website to identify all the Resorts
with Spa and to get in direct contact with them;

3. Mr. Bill Coad – Director of Travel Media UK. This company mainly deals
with hosting a web based image library for tourism boards and facilities, which
can be disseminated for promotional purposes upon request. However, this is
what SPTO could possibly do for its members and thus, it is not an urgent
marketing initiative that SPTO will take.;

4. Mr. Ryan Wallace – Sales Executive of Reed Travel Exhibition for the World
Travel Market (WTM). The Pacific Villag concept for WTM was discussed and
agreement has been reached for SPTO to send a proposal for costing to Reed
Travel Exhibition and discuss further for space allocation. SPTO will develop a
proposal with two options (a) First option will be based on participation of 4
countries and (b) Second option will be based on seven countries. Proposals will
be submitted in April for consideration to SPTO Marketing Committee;

5. Mr. Bernd Baumann – Director of the in Germany.
Discussion was on his ‘Catch & Match’ concept for wedding and honeymoon
resorts for resorts or hotels in the Pacific region. There is huge publicity and
promotional potential for participants in this program. SPTO offered to assist
with giving him contacts of Resorts and hotels in the region that targets wedding
and honeymoon clients so that the concept can be presented and these faciloities
can also attract potential clients from the German or the European markets;

                       SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

6. Mr. Peter Salem – Executive Director of the AVICENUM Well- Being Travel.
This is a Slovakia based Travel agency and would like to have the list and
contact details of tour companies and operators in each of the SPTO member
countries. He is interested to start sending specialized groups to the South
Pacific. SPTO offered to assist in facilitating contacts between AVICENUM and
recommended tour operators in the region. However, priority is given to SPTO
industry members;

7. Mr. Simon Phillips – Project Services manager of World Travel Visions based
in London, UK. Publishers of the World Travel Magazine. The Idea discussed is
for SPTO to promote the magazine to each member countries and private sector
operators. SPTO offered to send information to its members for their perusal
provided that all necessary information are supplied;

8. Mr. Kai Gödeke – Managing Director of the TourComm. This is a German
based Tourism Consultancy company. Discussion covered the possibility of
representation of othr SPTO member countries. Services offered were also
highlighted and specific engagement can is possible for specific tasks should it be

9. Mr. Akiva Goren – Marketing Manager of SeaLevel Marketing in Israel.
The group is the supplier of the Dead Sea mud for cosmetic and Health resorts.
They are looking at the possibility of exploring the South Pacific hotels and
resorts with their products. They are also looking at having a supplier in the
region for the product;

10. Mr. Julia Hoppe – Regional Manager of the This
company is introducing the digital table booking system in restaurants for big
hotels ( at least 300 + rooms hotels). This is an additional service. Contact of
big hotels will be forwarded to the company to present the concept and possible
introduction in the region;

11. Mr. Haakon. Stenersen – Project Manager of Norwegian Tourism.
Discussion include request for details of national tourism officials and
information on diving in the South Pacific as they are looking at sending clients
to the South Pacific for the purpose of diving;

ITB Day 3 – Friday 10th March 2006

On Day three the morning half of the day was for the professional trade visitors
only. This was open from 10am to 2pm in the afternoon. However, after 2pm,
the ITB venues were open also for general public. This allowed for thousands of
consumers to work through the venue to get information about the different
destinations and discuss directly with people from their preferred destination for
the next holiday.

Appointments include the following list at the SPTO desk:

1. Ms. Nicole Kober – Sales Executive of the Suddeutche Zeitung GmbH based
in Berling. This one of the biggest newspaper companies in Berlin. Discussion
covers the possibility of featuring the South Pacific Spa Resorts in the news
paper with its specialized Spa promotional insert;

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

2. Mr. Peter Heise – Director of an Outbound tour operator called Vietnam –
Heise based in Hamburg, Germany. Peter is interested in the Solomon Islands
and would like to send groups to the Solomons for cultural tours. Full contact
details of the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and other tour operators in the
Solomons is requested and will be supplied to Peter Heise;

3. Ms. Kristina Rundquist – Vice President Communications for the American
Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). The discussion was held with the ASTA
representative by Andrew Nihopara, Paul Hughes and Bill Gavoka of SPTO
Board. The Idea of a Pacific Village at ASTA in Orlando in 2006 was discussed
and a proposal will be presented to them for consideration;

4. Mr. Konrad Feusi – Executive Director of Australasia Travel Service ag.
Discussion was about on the possibility of making a tour throughout the
Melanesian part of the South Pacific. Proposed to have more information from
SPTO on NTO contacts and possibly the names of tour operators in each country;

5. Mr. Zurab Katsitadze – Managing Director of the Guide Group in Georgia.
Discussion with Mr. Katsitadze covered the possibility of taking tour groups to
Fiji, Tonga and Samoa in 2007. The interest is in the Cultural aspect of the
countries and thus request the list of tour operators of the countries from SPTO;

6. Mr. Arislam – Managing Director of ZORPIDIS Travel Services, which is
based in Greece. The company have clients interested to visit the Melanesian
countries of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea in 2007. The
company would like to have list of recommended tour operators of these three
countries to work with in planning the trips for its clients;

7. Dr. Burkhard Knutter – Back packing enthusiast in Hamburg, Germany and
is planning a multi country back packing expedition for German youth groups
from August 2007.

8. Mr. Heinz Wermer – Consultant with the International Business
development & Management Consulting, which is based in Berlin and is
currently a contracted partner by ProInvest for Pacific projects.

9. The Deko Team – This is a Exhibition booth/stand designer and constructor
at Trade shows. The Deko Team is a Sydney based company and have expressed
interest in the working with SPTO and its members in future possible shows in
any capacity that SPTO would like to engage them in.

ITB Day 4 – Saturday 11th March 2006

Day 4 was open for trade visitors as well as general public visitations from the
morning. SPTO had five set appointments as well as a few extra trade
appointments. Apart from the appointments, the SPTO desk was also frequently
visited and addressed queries by members of the general public that visited the

Following are the list of trade professionals that had appointment and
discussions with SPTO:

1. Mr. Pankaj Sharma – Senior Manager Kingfisher Airlines Ltd in India.

                       SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

The Kingfisher Airlines would like to discuss and if possible present SPTO with a
proposal on a collaborative marketing campaign with SPTO. The basic idea is
for Kingfisher Airline to promote the South Pacific region to their Indian
customers and clients on their flight and in return, SPTO to provide holidays for
their for winning clients through the promotional events of the Airline. A
proposal has been requested.

2. Ms. Natalia Masciotra – Manager of the Incoming Division of Eurotur in

The Eurotour is based in Argentina and they mainly sell European destinations
but they are interested to start looking at the South Pacific region as a
destination to sell. They requested that a list of tour operators in the region be
supplied to them. While SPTO will supply the list of tour operators to them they
were also referred to the various websites of the SPTO member countries, which
are available on the SPTO website.

3. Mr. Henrik Ph. Hogstrup – Sales Chief of Lalandia, which is an outbound
tour operator in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lalandia is an outbound tour operator based in Copenhagen, which was also
interested to obtain more information on the South Pacific region and tourism
products. They are mostly interested in obtaining more information on resorts,
hotesl, which do cater exclusively for children or families. They are also referred
to the SPTO website to access the contacts for other member destinations to get
in direct contact with the NTOs on their status as family destination;

4. Mr. Robert J. Rutherford – Manager of Airbound Inc (Travel Division) based
in San Francisco, USA.

The Airbound Travel Agent is contemplating the South Pacific destinations and
thus were interested to get more information of the region and particularly,
information on Melanesian countries of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, New
Caledonia and Solomon Islands. SPTO supplied information and also make
referral to key websites. Mr. Rutherford was also briefed on the proposed South
Pacific Specialized Agent program, which is likely to be implemented in the US
market as a pilot test;

5. Ms. Jill Birkett – Vice President of Unicomm (Events for New Business),
which is also coordinating the space allocation for exhibitors at the Adventures
Expo in Travel under ASTA 2006 in Orlando, Florida, USA. SPTO advised that
it will present two proposals for South Pacific Village at ASTA in Orlando.
Proposal A will be a concept for participation of 4 countries and Proposal B will
be based on seven countries participation. SPTO also requested that costing
figures be supplied so that SPTO can consult with its members to see how best
cost can be shared;

6. Ms. Kirsten Clahr – Sales Manager of Extra Tours based in Germany.
Kirsten is taking a group of 23 divers in August 2007 to the Solomon Islands for
diving onboard the Live-aboard Mv. Bilikiki and will also take the group to the
key parts of the Solomons, which part Gizo and to Uepi Island in Marovo.
Discussion giving her the Solomon Visitors Bureau office so that discussions can
be held with them to look at further marketing

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

7. Mr. Thomas Barrett – President of the EnCirca based in the USA. The
company is currently dealing such organizations like PATA, WTO, WTTO in
terms of global tourism publications. The interest of the company is to look at
working with SPTO and its members to become member and to collectively work
on tourism publications for the South Pacific Tourism;

8. Dr. Helmut M. Rothbock – Senior Management Advisory Services, which is a
consultancy based in Germany. Dr. Helmut is an interested tourism investor in
the Solomon Islands on the Island of Lauru. Dr. Helmut is seeking investment
assistance under the ProInvest partnership. He was seeking more information
on the Solomon Islands and particularly the island of Lauru;

ITB Day 5 – Sunday 12th March 2006

 The whole of Day 5 was open for general public visitation and the SPTO desk
was open to discussion with all interested members of the public as well as a few
trade reps that were interested in obtaining more specific information of the
South Pacific.

The 5th day opened for business at 10.00am and continued until 6.00pm.
However, the South Pacific Village closed at 4.30pm since many of the delegates
were due to leave Berlin that same evening and some the next morning. An
informal consultation was conducted by SPTO rep with each NTO staff in the
final two hours that afternoon concerning the process for evaluation of ITB 2006,
which will be conducted through email.

Most country brochures were distributed during the final day as more people
moved in through the pavilion throughout the day. While most people were
interested to collect as many brochures and information kits of the South Pacific
region, many were also interested in getting information on specific countries
including non SPTO members like Palau, Micronesia, Federated State of
Micronesia and Irian Jaya or West Papua.

4.2 Effectiveness of the Village Concept:

It was quite evident that the collective presence of all SPTO member countries at
ITB 2006 was very conspicuous not only by the trade market that was present
but also the general public visitors as well as other exhibiting countries and

Although the South Pacific Village concept gives more emphasis on the region as
a destination, the individuality of each of the countries present at ITB was also
maintained and promoted particularly through the presence of their private
sector partners that were present.

Thus, the general feedback from the countries that were present at ITB 2006
South Pacific Village was that they would prefer to be part of a regional stand as
in the Village concept.

4.3 SPTO Coordination of ITB 2006:

Credit must be appropriated to Interface International (as SPTO Europe reps) for
the tremendous planning they have done for the South Pacific Village. It would

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

       have been difficult should all planning and preparations have been done from Fiji

       For any future South Pacific Village at ITB, the method of coordination, which
       was used in 2006 should be maintained. This means that SPTO will do all the
       planning of the event and give to its Europe representative to carry out all the
       plans and coordinate things with booth constructor and Messe Berlin. SPTO
       Europe will obtain costing for the space rental, construction fees and will give to
       SPTO Head Office for approval and distribution to member countries and
       industry members who have indicated interest to participate.

       SPTO Head office will consult with interested members with the cost and the
       designs for the booths and once all agree then SPTO will issue invoices according
       to preferences of each country in terms of space and other items for the booth.

       All countries participating will remit payments of their cost components to SPTO
       who will in turn remit to both Messe Berlin for space rental and also to the booth
       constructor(s). Any additional costs will be invoiced to SPTO but again SPTO
       will invoice the relevant countries to make the payments to SPTO so that it can
       be paid to the relevant party.


Due to the tremendous success of the South Pacific Village at ITB 2006, all the countries
agreed to again have a similar presence not only at ITB 2007 but also at other major
trade shows if possible.

After the recent ITB success, SPTO is also keen to make ITB one of the major events that
it coordinates for its members. Thus, SPTO have ensured that plans for the next event
have to start early. The planning process for ITB 2007 has already started and
currently, SPTO will soon be soliciting confirmation from all countries wishing to
participate in 2007 so that we can pre-book the space for the village with Messe Berlin as
early as May 2006.

       5.1 Confirmation of participation at ITB 2007 by 2006 Participants

       Informally, the seven countries than participated in ITB 2006 have already
       confirmed their participation. Although their private sector partners might vary
       from those in 2006, it is up to the individual countries to coordinate their private
       sector’s support and participation.

       The key countries to participate in ITB 2007 South Pacific Village are Fiji, Tahiti
       (FP), Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea. SPTO also aim at attracting
       participation from other smaller member countries through cost sharing between
       themselves or with SPTO.

       5.2 Schedule of Plans for ITB 2007

       SPTO will ensure that all the outstanding bills with either Messe Berlin or the
       Booth Constructors are settled within the month of April 2006. This is to ensure
       that any negotiations for space with Messe Berlin or any further discounts on
       booth construction for 2007.

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

       The month of May 2006 will be used by SPTO to get confirmation from member
       countries to participate in 2007 and get details such as number of square meters
       each country wants, the list of equipments they prefer to be inn their booth,
       number of tables, chairs and other essential exhibition items.

       All plans and costing for ITB 2007 participation should be finalized by June 2006
       and SPTO should secure the required space for the event. Thus, SPTO will start
       requesting design from booth constructor based on the space each country wants
       and the number of tables, chairs and other equipments required.

       By August 2006, SPTO hopes to finalize all plans and costing for ITB 2007 ands
       thus, invoices should be issued to participating countries for payments to SPTO
       so that payment for space rental can be remitted to Messe Berlin to secure that
       space required for the Pacific Village. This is to avoid any further reallocation of
       space as was the case last year when the space designated for the South Pacific
       village was given away to India for paying up front.

       5.3 Coordination Method for ITB 2007

       The same method of coordination employed for the ITB 2006 Pacific Village will
       be employed except that it will be done at least three months earlier than 2006.


The recommendation section here covers a number of different areas, which became
prominent during the implementation and staging of the South Pacific Village at ITB

       6.1 Areas for Improvement in South Pacific Village Coordination by SPTO

               (a) When allocating tables for the various countries for ITB 2007, it is
                   recommended that tables are label clearly for each country. NTOs
                   have to give their approvals for the table locations and allocations
                   after consultation with their private sector partners. This is to
                   ensure that when all delegates of each country know there their
                   tables are located to avoid rearrangements of tables, which might
                   disadvantage position of other tables;

               (b) A map of the whole South Pacific region with a good clear scale would
                   be a great idea as most people (mostly during the General public
                   visitation days) requested to see a clear map, the distance between
                   each country, distance from Australia, and New Zealand. Many
                   requested printed maps but unfortunately there is none. Thus, the
                   SPTO map is a priority project not only for the ITB 2007 but also for
                   all other shows in 2006;

               (c) Some countries suggested that the area each country paid for has to
                   be clearly shown in the booth so and tables to be located for each of
                   the partners in their demarcated space. This means that SPTO (both
                   Head Office & Europe Office) will make sure countries take the
                   number of private sector partners that would fit comfortably into the
                   space they paid for. SPTO will ensure that the minimum space a
                   country could take is 9 square meters and this would cater only for

                      SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

           NTO and two (2) private sector partners. A schedule of number of
           square meters and how many tables can be accommodate has to be
           developed given a specific design of the village and the total number
           of square meters allocated.

       (d) For future ITB South Pacific Village, each country would be required
           to supply SPTO with brief profile of their private sector partners that
           are participating with them. With such details, SPTO can also make
           right referrals to the appropriate partners of a country. Most general
           enquiries usually are forwarded to SPTO desk and so with such
           information SPTO can give accurate advise of the representation at
           the Pacific Village;

       (e) Many of the wholesalers, travel agents and other trade reps usually
           ask for list of tour operators, travel agents, dive operators, back
           packer hostels / hotels and other specific information like contact
           details of member countries. Thus, it is recommended that SPTO
           Marketing Department should make and constantly update a list of
           the above categories based on SPTO membership, as this is one of the
           benefits that members should be getting from SPTO. Information
           should include name of company, all contact details, name of contact
           person, brief outline of services offered;

6.2 Cost Allocation Improvement – South Pacific Village at ITB 2007

After coordinating the ITB 2006 South Pacific Village in collaboration with the
SPTO Europe office, it is very important to note that there are certain areas that
could be improved for the allocation of costs to participating countries.

       (a) Coordination of payment for all participating countries should be
           done through SPTO. This means all countries that confirmed
           participation future ITB events will be supplied with costing from
           SPTO based on the space they requested and other additional
           exhibition items they might require and order;

       (b) Apart from all the obligatory cost that each country has to meet such
           as space rental, booth construction costs, booth cleaning, electricity,
           catalogue listing, etc, it is also important that countries also indicate
           the optional items the would wish to have at their stand. By doing it
           this way, SPTO can invoice each country for the total amount that
           covers all their required optional items and the obligatory. This is to
           avoid the second invoicing after ITB for items, which should have
           been included in a particular country’s total cost. The second
           invoicing of countries should just be done for costs that all the
           countries will be sharing on equal basis. This includes things like
           booth cocktail, transportation cost and booth catering.

       (c) For future ITB events, SPTO should ensure that all plans and
           consultation with participating countries are completed by June so
           that space for the next year can be booked, invoices can be send to
           countries and payments can be done before December of the current
           year. This would give ample time for any further adjustments
           between January and February before ITB starts. This would ensure

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

                   that all plan and payments are completed at least 2 months prior to
                   the start of ITB;

       6.3 General Recommendations

               (a) SPTO to improve its partnership with Interface International GmbH
                   for improved representation of its smaller member countries such as
                   Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tonga, Tuvalu and Nuie. Any increase in
                   countries’ membership fees should also result in SPTO boosting its
                   budget for its Europe rep to increase and improve its representation
                   and services to the SPTO member countries in the European market;

               (b) SPTO to work closely with Interface International GmbH for the
                   SPTO brochure translation into German for the German speaking
                   counties. This will be part of the current brochure project to include
                   the promotion of smaller SPTO member countries in the continental
                   European and particularly the German speaking market. The
                   services secured by Interface International for brochure translations
                   into German should also be available to SPTO industry members at a
                   reasonable cost;

               (c) SPTO to reproduce an updated version of the South Pacific Wedding
                   & Honeymoon Guide for translation into the German for the German
                   speaking markets as this was one of the most popular publications
                   that the consumer market was asking for. The same can also be
                   done for other sectors like back packers, diving and general
                   adventure.     ;


The ITB 2006 was very successful for all the SPTO member countries that attended with
their private sector partners. The reintroduction of the South Pacific Village concept
contributed to this success, especially when the South Pacific presence was very
noticeable among both the trade and consumer markets in Europe and particularly,

The reintroduction of the South Pacific Village concept saw that there were seven SPTO
member countries present with a total of 35 private sector partners among them. The
total number of delegates exceeded 50, which also include all the European reps of the
countries or private sector members.

SPTO Head office and SPTO Europe coordinated all the planning and implementation of
the ITB 2006 South Pacific Village with strong support from the seven countries and
their private sector members. However, without the very valuable contribution by
Interface International, which is the SPTO Europe rep the ITB 2006 South Pacific
Village would have been so successful. SPTO Europe has been the mediator between
SPTO Head Office and the Messe Berlin as well as Exhibit International – booth
constructor. This coordination method should be repeated for future ITB events for

Due to the successful return of the South Pacific Village concept to ITB 2006, SPTO is
looking at planning a more bigger South Pacific presence at ITB 2007 with the
continuous support of the seven (7) countries that participated this year with their

                              SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

private sector partners and also looking forward to inclusion of its other country
members like New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and the other smaller countries. SPTO
plans to further look beyond it current membership to seek participation from countries
such as Palau and Federated States of Micronesia.

SPTO has also expanded its database of potential marketing partners in the European
market at the recent ITB. The list of new contacts established at the recent ITB show is
hereby attached to this report.

                                     SPTO – ITB 2006 Report


                                LIST OF CONTACTS – ITB 2006

CONPANY               BUSINESS TYPE          CONTACT              EMAIL CONTACT
NAME                                         PERSON

1. Media Transasia    Intnl. Marketing       Mr. Sanjiv Bisaria
2. NHTV Breda         Academic               Ms. Astrid 
University            Institution            Schoones
                      (The Netherlands)
3. TKS Exhibition     Show Organizers        Mr. K S Tong
4. Pressetext         Publication            Mr. Wolfgang
                      (Germany)              Weitlaner
5. TTG Italia Spa     Spa publication        Mr. Marco Trucco
6. Globe 07 Travel    Show Organizers        Ms. Mariolina
Exhibition            (Italia)               Longoni
7. PATA               Tourism                Mr. Peter Semone
                      Organisation (Asia /
8. University of      Destination            Mr. Benjamin
Washington            Recovery               Brigham
                      Consultant (USA)
9. Australasia        Wholesaler             Mr. Konrad Feusi
Travel Services       (Switzerland)
10. ZORPIDIS          Travel Agent (         Mr. Arislam
Travel Services       Greece)
11. Dr. Burkhard      Back Packer Tour       Dr. Burkhard         O40 – 69796024
Knűtter               Organiser              Knűtter
12. Suddeutsche       Marketing              Ms. Nicole Kober
Zeitung GmbH          Publication
13. DEKO Team         Booth Designer /       Mr. Greg   
14. International     Tourism                Mr. Neinz Wermer
Business              consultants in
Development           Tourism
15. Vietnam – Heise   Tour wholesaler        Mr. Peter Heise
16. America Society   Show Organizers        Ms. Kristina
of Travel Agents                             Rundquist
17. Hotel    Travel Agent (         Mr. Zurab  
                      Georgia)               Katsitadze
18. Reed Travel       Show Organizers        Mr. Ryan Wallace
Exhibitions           (WTM- London)
19. Spectrum Group    Tour Agent (Russia)    Ms. Natalia
20. Manta Reisen      Wholesaler             Mr. Thomas Meier

                                   SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

21. AVICENUM         Travel Agent         Mr. Peter Salem
Travel               (Slovakia)
22. World Travel     Marketing            Mr. Simon Phillips
Visions              publication (UK)
23. TourComm         Tourism Marketing    Mr. Kai Gödeke
24. Imagine Global   Tourism Marketing    Ms. Gabriele Klink
Consulting Inc.      Company (USA)
25. Sealevel         Tourism Product      Mr. Akiva Goren
Marketing – Dead     Company (Isreal)
Sea Products
26. Table-           Tourism Product      Mr. Julia Hoppe
Booking.Com          Company (HK)
27. Exposure Media   Spa publication      Ms. Parineeta Sethi
Marketing            (India)
28. Norwegian        Tour Wholesaler      Mr. Haakon  
Tourism              (Norway)             Stenersen
29. Petro Tours      Tour Agent           Mr. Marius Naclad
30. Marbro Tours     Tour Agent           Mr. Dimitar 
                     (Bulgaria)           Vankov
31. Wedding          Wedding &            Mr. Bernd   
Paradises.Com        Honeymoon            Baumann
32. Travel Media     Web hosting          Mr. Bill Coad
                     company (UK)
33. Uni Comm         Show Organizers      Ms. Jill Birkett
34. Airbound Inc     Travel Agent (USA)   Mr. Robert  
(Travel Division)                         Rutherford
35. Lalandia Tours   Tour Agent           Mr. Henrik  
                     (Denmark)            Hogstrup
36. EURO Tour        Tour Agent           Ms. Natalia 
                     (Argentina)          Masciotra
37.Kingfisher        Airline Company      Mr. Pankaj Sharma
Airlines Ltd         (India)
38. Extra Tours      Tour/dive            Ms. Kirsten Clahr
39. EnCirca          Marketing            Mr. Thomas  
                     Publication          Barrett
40. Management       Tourism              Mr. Helmut  
Advisory Services    Development          Rothböck

                                           SPTO – ITB 2006 Report



  CONPANY                 BUSINESS TYPE           CONTACT             EMAIL CONTACT
  NAME                                            PERSON

  1. Air Pacific –        Airline partner         Ms. Ute             INFO@AIRPACIFIC.DE
  Germany                 (Fiji)                  Rosenberger
  2. PNG Tourism –        NTO Rep (PNG            Ms. Meike Lang      PNG.TOURISM@T-ONLINE.DE
  Germany Rep             TPA)
  3. Air Vanuatu &        NTO & Airline Rep       Ms. Jeanette
  Vanuatu Tourism         (Vanuatu)               Mckeague-Baude
  4. Trans Niugini        Tour Operator           Mr. Michael Bates
  Tours                   (PNG)
  5. Malolo               Eco- Tourism            Mr. Lawrence
  Plantations Lodge       Operator (PNG)          Walep
  6. Tonga Tourist        Tourism Association     Ms. Kololiana
  Association             (Tonga)                 ‘Otuangu Naufahu
  7. Koro Sun Resort      Resort (Fiji)           Ms. Jennifer
  & Rainforest Spa                                Bartlett
  8. Island Hopper        Tour Operator           Mr. Dominic
  Vacations (Samoa)       (Samoa)                 Thomsen
  9. Crown Beach          Resort (Cook            Mr. Sonny 
  Resort                  Islands                 Williams
  10. Tahiti Tourisme     NTO (Tahiti)            Mr. Maui Ciucci
  11. Tipani Tours        Tour Operator           Mrs. Teresa Reed
                          (Cook Islands)
  12. Island Hopper       Tour Operator           Mr. Robert Skews
  Vacations (Cook         (Cook Islands)
  13. Mangaia / Ara       Resort (Cook            Mr. Jan   
  Moana Bungalows         Islands)                Kristensson
  14. Pacific Resort      Resort (Cook            Mr. Thomas Koteka
  15. Atiu Tourism        Resort Developer        Mr. Jurgen
  Society                 (Cook Islands)          Manske-Einke
  16. ATS Pacific Fiji    Tours Operator          Mr. Max Stork
  17. The Warwick Fiji    Resort (Fiji)           Mr. Jack Stark      Tel: (679) 653 0555 Fax: 653 0010
  18. Sheraton &          Resorts & Hotels        Mr. James 
  Westin Resorts          (Fiji)                  Drysdale
  19. Treasure Island     Resort ( Fiji)          Mr. Graeme Back
  20. Outrigger On the    Hotel (Fiji)            Mr. Paul Hughes
  21. Rosie Holidays      Tour Operator (Fiji)    Mr. Eroni Puamau
  22. Koro Sun Resort     Resort (Fiji)           Ms. Merilyn Young
  23. Sonaisali Islands   Resort & Boat           Ms. Serah 
  Resort / Blue Lagoon    Cruise ( Fiji)          Constable 
  24. Sofitel             Hotel (Fiji)            Mr. Paul Stevens

                                    SPTO – ITB 2006 Report

25. PNG TPA & Air      NTO & Airline Rep    Mr. Rudiger
Niugini – Germany      (PNG)                Knospe
26. Melanesian         Tour Operator        Ms. Terri Everest
Tourist Services Ltd   (PNG)
27. Aggie Grey’s       Hotel & Spa Resort   Ms. Beverlyn
Hotel                  (Samoa)              Barlow
28. Air Tahiti Nui     Airline (Tahiti)     Ms. Reaina Paquier
29. Accor Siet         Resort (Tahiti)      Francoise Chabrier
30. Tahiti Nui         Airline Agent        Raphaela Taufa
Travel                 (Tahiti)
31. Intercontinental   Resort & Hotel       Pierre Lesage
Resort (FP)            (Tahiti)
32. Maitai Hotel       Hotel & Resort       Mr. Christophe
33. Tahiti Tours       Tour Operator        Ms. Diana Chinchoi
                       (Thaiti)             Jacquet
35. Tekura Tahiti      Tour Operator        Mr. Jean Noel
Travel                 (Tahiti)             Epely
36. Tahiti Cruises /   Boat Tour Cruises    Ms. Helene Rottier
Haumana Cruises        (Tahiti)
37. Le Meridien        Hotel ( Tahiti)      Ms. Samatha
Hotel de Polynesie                          Spurgeon
38. Compagnie          Tour transport       Vaima Devimeux
Polynesienne de        cruise company
Transport Maritime     (Tahiti)
39. Teta Tours         Tour Operator        Mr. Sitafo’oti Aho


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