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									Promising Practices in Youth Entrepreneurship
Doug Woodward suggested we include the list of “Promising Practices”
that was included in the “Technology Enabled Entrepreneurship
Education” Report done by Karen Bantel. I think the formatting is
great and we can add to this list. In addition Erica Tobe suggested we
take a look at the National Best Practices Guidelines for Personal
Finance Education Materials to use as a guide for determining how to
select “Promising Practices”. See


The following describes online entrepreneurship curriculum for K-12 students.
Some offer course credit.

   • City University of New York (CUNY) Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE):
   builds student awareness in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship,
   Leadership, and Environmental Preservation within a context of Sustainable
   Development. Virtual Enterprise (VE) is a business simulation program in
   which student entrepreneurs conceive, develop and manage enterprises that
   trade their products and services in a global marketplace utilizing various
   web-based technologies. Evolving from an ongoing collaboration among
   Kingsborough Community College, the New York City Department of
   Education, and the Kingsborough College Now program, VE has been a
   growing and increasingly vital program on the campus of Kingsborough
   Community College. Students trade their products and services through a
   worldwide network of 5,000 firms in forty countries through the MarketMaker,
   a web-based banking, credit card and stock market developed at CUNY. VE
   employs a student-centered approach towards teaching, learning, and
   working which provides goal oriented instruction in a simulated yet real
   entrepreneurial environment, using synchronous and asynchronous
   components. It now encompasses nearly one-half of all New York City high

   • Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED): is a nonprofit organization
   that expands economic opportunity. It offers eREAL, based on the REAL
   Entrepreneurship curriculum, an online, facilitator-led, experiential course of
   study. eREAL was developed by NC REAL Enterprises and CFED-REAL. It
   can be used by educators in high schools, post-secondary institutions, and
   community-based organizations like e-learning sites and small business
   development centers. As it is currently being taught, the eREAL course is one
   semester (approximately 14-18 weeks) in length and all activity occur online
   using discussion boards, on-line collaboration tools, and e-mail interaction.
   Virtual Classroom (Live Chat) sessions and face-to-face meetings are
• Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED): offers the Future
Entrepreneurs Program, developed for middle and high school students in the
greater North Carolina Research Triangle area, with support from The
Coleman Foundation and The Cisco Systems Foundation. It is an eight-
lesson curriculum for students to learn about the processes of
entrepreneurship: from identification of potential business opportunities to
development of a business plan. The curriculum is free and available online:

• Disney Epcot Center - Opportunity City: brings the challenges of starting and
running a business to life for young entrepreneurs. Inspired by the success of
the Disney-Kauffman Hot Shot Business Internet simulation game (see
below), Opportunity City features several activity stations, including state-of-
the-art interactive kiosks:

• Disney Online – Hot Shot Business: an Internet simulation that allows kids to
experience the adventure of starting and running their own businesses. Hot
Shot Business is a collaboration between the Kauffman Foundation and
Disney. Hot Shot Business blends fast-paced, fun game play with real-world
lessons to teach kids entrepreneurship concepts and skills as they build a
virtual business from the ground up. The game is designed specifically for
"tweens," children ages 9 - 12, to introduce entrepreneurial thinking during a
unique stage of their development when economic habits are being formed.
• Education, Training and Enterprise Center (EDTEC): is a national youth
entrepreneurship training company. Founded in 1985, EDTEC is a minority-
owned firm with a mission to address the needs of urban America by making
the most of the human capital often overlooked by traditional training firms
through programs in management consulting, training, education, economic
development                and               information             technology: EDTEC offers the New Youth
Entrepreneur curriculum, which has sold nearly 20,000 sets worldwide.
EDTEC, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Kauffman
Foundation, and the US Department of Education's Safetynet program
collaborated to create a fully interactive, animated online version - New Youth
Entrepreneur Interactive. The course has online access for teachers, yet is
currently    delivered   to     students     in    an           on-site      format:
• GenX is a web site to help teach Generation X about starting a
business and to tell others about what their fellow Gen X'ers are doing. Biz
Nuts & Bolts is a web-based tutorial on the elements of starting your own
• Marketplace for Kids: was developed to encourage youth to explore
entrepreneurship and self-employment through recognition and development
of their inventive, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A free curriculum
for              educators                 is            available                at:         (See     mention
above under ―Available Online Entrepreneurship Curriculum‖.)
• Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS): is an online resource that enables
Michigan high schools to provide courses (all taught by certified teachers) and
other learning tools that students wouldn't otherwise have access to. Funded
by the Michigan Legislature in July 2000, it works in cooperation with
individual school districts to grant course credit and diplomas. MVHS offers
an                online                entrepreneurship                course:
• National Council on Economics Education - EconEdLink: is a source of
classroom-tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12
teachers and their students. With over 470 lessons to choose from, teachers
can use as many of the lessons as they would like and as often as they would
like. It offers lessons on a number of online entrepreneurship topics:
• National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE): teaches
entrepreneurship to young people from low-income communities to enhance
their economic productivity by improving their business, academic and life
skills. Since 1987, NFTE has reached over 120,000 young people, trained
more than 3,700 Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers, and continually
improved its innovative entrepreneurship curriculum. NFTE teaches
entrepreneurship using an experiential curriculum aimed at middle school,
high school, and young adult students, with corresponding reading levels and
complexity:    It   is  an
internationally recognized award-winning high school curriculum, titled ―How
to Start & Operate A Small Business‖ (9th Revised edition), and is the winner
of the 2002 Golden Lamp Award for Books—the most distinguished prize in
educational publishing. BizTech 2.0 is the new and improved online
adaptation of the curriculum, and can supplement or, in some cases, be used
without     the standard       textbook: The
entrepreneurship curriculum may be used in a semester-long or year-long
entrepreneurship course, integrated into an existing course, or used for an
after-school program or intensive camp. The programs are offered in a variety
of settings, including public schools, after-school programs at community-
based organizations, and intensive summer business camps.
• University of Nebraska at Omaha, UNO Center for Economic Education -
Economic Education Web (EcEdWeb): offers curriculum ideas for using the
internet to teach economics (entrepreneurship topics are integrated within
materials),    aimed     at    6      grade          to      college     level:
• U.S. Small Business Administration: offers a number of on-line educational
materials and tools for teens at the Teen Business Link:
• Venture Kids: is an entrepreneurship program for minority elementary
students. It incorporates two topics - education and entrepreneurship - and
examines how each can play a role in personal and professional success. An
   online entrepreneurship training program, ―Build Your Very Own Business
   Plan‖, is available online:
   • YoungBiz: aims to empower youth with entrepreneurial, business, and
   financial skills through innovative education and real-world experience. The
   company’s four primary lines of business are: Media Services, Youth
   Programs, Professional Development Workshops, and the YoungBiz Online
   Catalog. It offers an online activity based learning program called YoungBiz

Additions to this list that will need write-ups:

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour/

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)/

Tuscola ISD High School Program

Clinton County Regional Education Services Agency (CCRESA) High School

Genesee Area Skill Center

DECA Programs (Distributive Education Clubs of America)/

Junior Achievement -

www.Facebookcom look for:


REAL (being used in the UP by Northern Initiatives and by MI Tech)/

EDTECH-New Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum (grades 5-8)
Generation E Institute/

4-H – Be the ―e‖ entrepreneurship/ and


Core Four Business Planning Course /

NxLevel – Get the Buzz on Bizz

NFIB (National Foundation of Independent Businesses) – Young Entrepreneur
Foundation /

Textbook - ―Exploring Entrepreneurship in Economics, Cynthia L. Greene
(Thomson, South-Western)

My Start Up Life – Ben Casnocha
0-7879-9613-0 $24.95
For a review copy, visit
For more information, visit
Ben Casnocha started his first company at age 12. By the time he was 16, he
was nominated for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year‖ and was chairman
of his second company, Comcate. While playing high school basketball and
editing the school paper, Casnocha was also sneaking away to early morning
flights for sales calls with customers. With the support and advice of some of
Silicon Valley’s brightest minds, Casnocha crammed a lifetime of business
experience into just a few years, all of which he shares in this unique book.

Jason Dorsey
Jason R. Dorsey is a young person who believes in youth. He wrote the first
edition of ―Graduate to Your Perfect Job at age 18. This book is now used along
with its Integrated Teacher’s Curriculum in over 1,500 schools. Dorsey is one of
the most highly sought-after youth and education speakers in America. Through
his inspirational insightful programs, Jason directly helps over 100,000 people a
year achieve their dreams.

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