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These supplemental standards are guidelines for classifying Library Assistant positions at the University of
California, Berkeley. They are based on the University-wide class specifications for the Library Assistant

The standards are organized in two major sections:

1. Level Factors, which delineate for each of the five Library Assistant levels the following job factors:
Supervision Received; Assignments and Duties; Guidelines Used or Provided; Required Skills,
Knowledge, and Background; and Supervisory Responsibility.

2. Function Descriptions, which describe, by level, typical tasks performed in the following functional areas:
Bibliographic Checking; Cataloging; Circulation; Reference; and Serials Processing. These functions were
selected as benchmarks and do not include all functional areas within the library. Note that these are not
job descriptions, but rather descriptions of functional tasks. This distinction is important, because a
position may combine a variety of functions, and a single-function description would not, in such cases,
accurately describe the position’s total responsibility.

The third section of the supplemental standards describes the factoring process used to classify a multi-
function position, or “total job.”


The level of duties and responsibilities assigned to a position determines its classification. Because a
position may entail a variety of diverse-level tasks—for example, a combination of operational-, advanced
operational-, and advanced paraprofessional-level duties—it is necessary to ascertain its overall, or “total
job,” level in order to classify it.

This is done by factoring together the percentages of time allotted to each level of tasks required in the
position. The result of this process is the “total job,” and it is the “total job” which is classified.

Two examples illustrate the factoring process.

EXAMPLE 1: Position “A” is structured so that its task levels are allotted as follows:

Library Assistant II       55%
Library Assistant III      35%
Library Assistant IV      10%
The “total job” is classified Library Assistant III. Although a majority of the incumbent’s time is spent on
Library Assistant II-level tasks, this is partially offset by the 10 percent allotted to Library Assistant IV-level
tasks. The position, overall, is thus stronger than Library Assistant II. But it is not Library Assistant IV,
because (1) only a small percentage of the total job is at that level, and (2) a substantial portion of the
position involves tasks classifiable two levels below that of the IV.

EXAMPLE 2: Position “B” is structured so that its task levels are allotted as follows:

Library Assistant III    60%
Library Assistant IV     40%

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The “total job” is classified Library Assistant IV. In this case, IV-level tasks constitute a substantial portion
of the total job, the remainder of which is classifiable at just one level lower.

These examples also illustrate two guidelines used in classifying positions:

1. The inclusion of high-level tasks in itself does not warrant classification at that level if the tasks
constitute a small portion of the total job (or are performed only occasionally, as, for example, in the
temporary absence of the employee who regularly performs them, or as part of a rotational assignment).

2. Higher-level tasks need not occupy a majority of an incumbent’s time to warrant classification at that
level, if they constitute a substantial portion of the total job, and the remainder of the position’s tasks are
classifiable at the next lower level.

NOTE: Position “A” and Position “B” are only examples of many job configurations which would result in
similar classification decisions. The percentages cited in these examples should not be construed as
absolute standards.

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                                                                                    SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

                              Library Assistant 1                      Library Assistant II                Library Assistant III                 Library Assistant IV                                      Library Assistant V
                                  Entry-level                          Operational Level               Advanced Operational level or         Highest Operational level,                                    Professional Level
I. Level Factors
                                                                                                                Specialist                Specialist, Paraprofessional, or
 A. Supervision Work is performed under immediate          Work is performed independently         Work is performed independently,      Work is performed independently          Work is performed with full independence and decision-making
    Received     supervision and review. Work is referred within the specific guidelines of the    under general supervision.            within the general framework of          responsibility under the general consultative direction of a Librarian
                 when standard procedures do not apply.    functional area and/or library unit.    Typically, completed work and         established guidelines, under the        or equivalent manager. Work and decisions are subject to policy
                                                           Completed work is reviewed              decisions made are not reviewed       direction provided by                    and administrative review when development and implementation
                                                           infrequently. Work is subject to        when performed within the             paraprofessional coordinators,           affect the overall operations of the library.
                                                           review when guidelines do not apply. established guidelines of the library managing Librarians, or other
                                                                                                   unit. Work and decisions are          administrators. Functions and
                                                                                                   subject to review when guidelines     activities are subject to policy
                                                                                                   require extension and/or              review.
                                                                                                   interpretation, and when proposed
                                                                                                   solutions affect the coordination of
                                                                                                   work within the unit or with other
B. Assignment & Assignments are clearly defined. Duties    Assignments are defined by the          Assignments are defined by the        Assignments and duties are               Assignments and duties are defined by the overall objectives of a
     Duties      are of a comparatively non-complex nature specific objectives of functional areas general objectives of functional      defined by the broad objectives of       complex library unit and involve the highest level of complexity in
                 and may be described as routine tasks.    within the unit, with the nature of the areas in the library unit, and in     functional areas in the library and      functional/subject-area specialization or coordination, and the
                                                           problem identified. Technical duties terms of subject and/or functional       involve a high degree of difficulty      requirement for more frequent application of paraprofessional
                                                           are at the operational level and are    specialty. Duties are specialized at in subject and/or functional              knowledge than is exercised at the Library Assistant IV level.
                                                           comparatively complex.                  the advanced operational level        specialization, and the need for
                                                                                                   and/or the basic paraprofessional     frequent application of
                                                                                                   level, and are more complex than      paraprofessional knowledge.
                                                                                                   typically found at the operational
                                                                                                   level. Assignments may include, as
                                                                                                   in the branch setting, responsibility
                                                                                                   for operational duties in several
                                                                                                   distinct functional areas.

 C. Guidelines Work is performed within specific limits of    Guidelines used include general        Guidelines used include policies,    Guidelines include the general          Work performed at the Library Assistant V level is characterized by
Used or Provided prescribed procedures and/or defined         policies and precedents as well as     procedures, and precedents of the    policies, procedures, and               the relative unavailability of established guidelines for performance,
                 instructions.                                written codes and manuals.             unit and the library as well as      precedents of the unit and the          within a general framework of unit and Library policies, incumbents
                                                              Judgment is used in applying           professional and technical codes     library, as well as professional        themselves analyze, evaluate, interpret, and revise established
                                                              guidelines to problems.                and manuals. May assist              and technical codes and                 guidelines, relying as needed on the general direction provided by
                                                                                                     supervisor/unit head in developing   manuals. Incumbents exercise            Librarians, Library committees, and Library Administration.
                                                                                                     local policies.                      initiative, originality, and judgment
                                                                                                                                          in applying established library
                                                                                                                                          principles and practices to new
                                                                                                                                          and unusual problems.

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                                                                                        SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

 D. Required  Basic knowledge or terminology and                 Functional knowledge of terminology       Specialty knowledge and substantial      Paraprofessional knowledge            Advanced knowledge enabling the performance of a full range of
    Skills,   procedures enabling the performance of             and procedures enabling the               background enabling the                  enabling the performance of a full    coordinating and/or highly specialized functional/subject-area
Knowledge and duties within a functional area.                   performance of a full range of            performance of a full range of           range of difficult specialized        activities. This knowledge may be acquired through considerable
 Background                                                      technical duties within a subject area;   specialized duties in a functional       duties in a functional area or        library experience, possibly in combination with specialized training
                                                                 basic operational-level knowledge of      area (e.g. cataloging rules,             specialized subject-matter field;     and skills or relevant academic preparation. Have in-depth
                                                                 library practices and procedures;         understanding of authority records);     advanced decision-making ability.     knowledge of major reference sources and cataloging rules, have
                                                                 technical problem solving skills.         general knowledge of library             May require knowledge of a            subject specialty expertise and/or foreign language comprehension.
                                                                                                           practices and procedures; advance        foreign language. May require
                                                                                                           problem solving skills.                  knowledge of speciality resources
                                                                                                                                                    (e.g. government document
                                                                                                                                                    resources or national cataloging

E. Supervisory   May oversee basic operations in a limited       May have limited responsibility for       May have full supervisory                May supervise the staff and           May supervise the staff and operation of units composed by several
Responsibility   area of responsibility, for a specific shift,   training, work assignment, and            responsibility for a small unit or       operation of a unit which, by         areas of functional responsibility; or, fully responsible for
                 including the monitoring of routine clerical    review of work for Student Library        equivalent organizational structure,     reason of its complexity, its         management and coordination of activities of a very large unit.
                 duties performed by Student Library             Employees and/or Library Assistant I-     including hiring, training,              workload volumes and/or the size      These units typically involve operations which are very complex
                 employees.                                      level staff in a single task or           recommending appropriate                 and level of its staffing, requires   and/or large in volume, and include supervision of a large SLE and
                                                                 operation. May serve as a work            disciplinary action when necessary       greater scope of supervisory          LA staff. May manage a very large, complex library unit or
                                                                 leader in a small unit.                   and assigning, reviewing, and            responsibility than at the Library    specialized work flow, and/or project. Supervisors at this level
                                                                                                           evaluating work. May serve as            Assistant III level. May have         coordinate the work of the unit with the work of other units.
                                                                                                           sectional or functional-area work        management responsibility for a
                                                                                                           leader in a unit composed of several     library unit.
                                                                                                           areas of operational responsibility.
                                                                                                           At this level, work leaders perform
                                                                                                           as functional area specialists,
                                                                                                           performing the more difficult tasks in
                                                                                                           the unit as well as training,
                                                                                                           assigning, and reviewing work
                                                                                                           performed by lower level Library
                                                                                                           Assistants and clerical personnel.

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                                                                SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

    II. Level                Library Assistant 1   Library Assistant II           Library Assistant III                 Library Assistant IV                                 Library Assistant V
   Functions                     Entry-level       Operational Level          Advanced Operational level or          Highest Operational level,                              Professional Level
                                                                                       Specialist                Specialist, Paraprofessional, or
A. Selection                                                                Provides basic review of approval    Reviews and monitors publishers’    Serves as selector for one or more subject specialties. Participates
                                                                            plans and blanket orders, ensuring catalogs and other bibliographic      in selector-wide activities and performs selection-related duties
                                                                            material received conforms to        resources (all formats) based on    without review or direct supervision. May have fund authority and
                                                                            established profile. May assist a    overall knowledge of academic       may be required to manage budget requests and allocations. Using
                                                                            selector with the following duties:  program. Makes acquisition          appropriate selection tools, determines which works (all formats)
                                                                            pre-order searching (e.g.,           recommendations to a selector.      should be added to the collection based on the current and future
                                                                            publishers’ catalogs, LC cards,      Places selector orders through      research needs and academic curriculum. May independently or in
                                                                            bibliographies), selector referrals, central order division, or as       consultation with selector/collection development officer create and
                                                                            maintain desiderata lists, process   appropriate, directly through       manage approval plans or depository arrangements, review
                                                                            Procard transactions, placing orders suppliers. May route selection      incoming and/or rejected material, and/or initiate modification of the
                                                                            through central order division.      decisions for titles directly to    profile; serve as vendor contact for negotiating license agreements
                                                                                                                 faculty. May field gift or donor-   and coordinating library access to electronic databases; review
                                                                                                                 related transactions.               collections for comprehensiveness and create desiderata lists; place
                                                                                                                                                     orders through central order division or directly to the vendor; place
                                                                                                                                                     referrals with other selectors as required; work with gifts or donor-
                                                                                                                                                     related projects; may determine whether replacement or withdrawal
                                                                                                                                                     is appropriate for missing materials; may select materials for

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                                                                                     SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

B. Cataloging   Performs cataloging support functions          Performs cataloging online at a         Performs copy cataloging of English      Performs difficult copy cataloging    Performs full original cataloging. Performs complex cataloging
                such as spine-labelling, paging library        terminal linked to a bibliographic      and/or Western European language         in all formats. Works with serials    problem-solving for serials, series, and/or other multi-part materials.
                materials, and adding local identifying data   utility by searching for cataloging     materials. Performs database             and other multi-part materials.       Catalogs mergers, splits, and other complex links for serials.
                to catalog records for English language        copy and using established              maintenance and added copy tasks         Works with a variety of special       Catalogs titles requiring difficult series and serial treatment
                material.                                      guidelines, identifying useable copy    in local database. Performs              formats such as microforms,           decisions. Performs complex editing and replacing of catalog
                                                               of categories of material which can     replacement cataloging in local          media and electronic resources.       records in national and local databases. Catalogs complex multi-
                                                               be cataloged online. Obtains            database. Performs upgrade of            Upgrades records in all formats.      part materials, analytics, multi-part analyzed sets and multi-parts
                                                               printouts for items that cannot be      cataloging in publication records        Catalogs or adds to materials         within multi-parts, serials set within sets, serials within series, and
                                                               cataloged online and route for futher   (CIP). Performs updates of lower         such as serials, analytic records,    subseries. Performs complex cataloging involving titles published in
                                                               processing. Adds local identifying      level records in local database.         bound-withs, photocopies and          multiple formats. Performs subject analysis, most difficult
                                                               data to catalog records for English     Creates minimal-level records in a       multi-part materials. May perform     classification, and complex database maintenance. Contributes
                                                               and/or Western European language        local database within established        successive entry cataloging for       authority records to national cooperative cataloging program and/or
                                                               material and adds coding for local      local guidelines. Has familiarity with   serials. May assign classification    perform complex authority and headings work in local database.
                                                               systems support. Performs routine       a variety of foreign languages and       if record has subject. May assign     May serve as a cataloging resource or trainer.
                                                               local on-line catalog maintenance.      may catalog this material with           classifications and/or cutter call
                                                               Keys records into local system. Sorts   matching records.                        numbers based on existing
                                                               and distributes incoming materials to                                            subject headings or local
                                                               appropriate workflows.                                                           guidelines. May create new
                                                                                                                                                records on national or local
                                                                                                                                                database based on existing
                                                                                                                                                record. May perform brief/partial
                                                                                                                                                cataloging within established local
                                                                                                                                                guidelines. Performs more
                                                                                                                                                difficult database maintenance,
                                                                                                                                                more difficult added copy
                                                                                                                                                database maintenance, more
                                                                                                                                                difficult replacement cataloging,
                                                                                                                                                and more difficult upgrades on
                                                                                                                                                catalog records in national and
                                                                                                                                                local database. Performs
                                                                                                                                                authority record creation and/or
                                                                                                                                                editing in local database. May
                                                                                                                                                edit and merge short headings.

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                                                                                    SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

C. Circulation   In general circulation setting performs      Performs tasks listed under LAI at an   Circulation unit has one or more of      Performs independently as             Creates, develops local policies and procedures.
                 general circulation functions, answers       operational level. May have             the following: low to moderate           circulation supervisor in large,
                 routine informational/ directional           additional responsibility for other     circulation activity, a limited number   more complex circulation unit,
                 questions. Explains and upholds policies &   specialized tasks. Implements           of formats or loan periods, defined      which has one or more of the
                 procedures, handles routine complaints.      policies & procedures, handles more     user group, medium-sized group of        following: high circulation activity,
                                                              difficult complaints. Performs basic    students and/or career staff working     large number of formats, multiple
                                                              processing of circulation notices.      at the circulation desk. Performs        loan periods, diverse user group,
                                                                                                      advanced circulation functions, such     large group of students and/or
                                                                                                      as additing volume/copy information      career staff working at the
                                                                                                      or changing circ codes in local          circulation desk. Independently
                                                                                                      online catalog.                          interprets and applies policy, or
                                                                                                                                               assists unit head in creating and
                                                                                                                                               developing local circulation
                                                                                                                                               policies and procedures.
                                                                                                                                               Oversees processing of
                                                                                                                                               circulation notices. Contact
                                                                                                                                               person for patrons with circulation

 1. Reserve      Provides services to patrons in a general    May process reserve materials.          In unit with moderately-sized            In unit with large course reserve
                 circulation/reserve setting.                                                         reserve system, solicits, reviews        system, may be the front line
                                                                                                      reserve lists, advises reserve           contact with instructors, in charge
                                                                                                      processing staff. In larger units, may   of training and monitoring reserve
                                                                                                      be the supervisor for reserve            functions and staff.
  2. Shelving,                                                Performs stack maintenance per          In unit with straightforward stack       In unit with more complicated         Responsible for stack maintenance for one of the large central or
     Stack                                                    established guidelines.                 arrangement, may supervise and           stack arrangement such as             subject specialty library collections/space. Plans, organizes and
  Maintenance                                                                                         train staff in stack maintenance.        special collections with multiple     directs operations. May be responsible for a major surge or
                                                                                                                                               locations, formats, and               relocation. Serves as consultant for moves of other collections.
                                                                                                                                               classifications, may supervise
                                                                                                                                               and train staff in stack
    3. NRLF                                                   Processes basic NRLF requests.          Performs advanced bibliographic          Supervises and trains staff in        Manages staff unit in carrying out NRLF deposit and processing
   Procedure                                                                                          verification and recall of NRLF          verification & recall of NRLF         programs.
                                                                                                      materials. In charge of deposit          materials. Plans and supervises
                                                                                                      preparation.                             deposit preparation.

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                                                    SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

  4. InterLibrary             Prepare material for shipment to      Apply local policies for loans to        Handle extraordinary loan and      Negotiate loan agreements with other institutions.
     Services                 other libraries using knowledge of    other libraries. Interpret other         copy request from other libraries.
                              various requirements for different    library’s policy for loans to local      Negotiate with subject specialty
                              delivery systems. Update records in   patrons. Oversee document retrieval      and affiliate libraries to arrange
                              various automated systems.            service. Coordinate with staff to pay    loans. Supervise complex
                                                                    or generate invoices as appropriate.     document retrieval, delivery and
                                                                    Coordinate courier service and other     other for-fee services.
                                                                    transport contracts as needed to
                                                                    provide a short turnaround time for
                                                                    interlibrary delivery. Coordinate with
                                                                    other libraries to retrieve and
                                                                    produce documents for interlibrary
                                                                    lending and document delivery

5. Billing/ Fining            Processes notices for billing and                                              Supervises billing and fining        Has library-wide authority to consult with campus collection agency
                              fining.                                                                        discretion function.                 to request amnesty.
D. Reference                                                        May serve at a reference desk or         Questions requiring specialized      Questions requiring specialized knowledge are referred to the
                                                                    general public service desk              knowledge are referred to the        appropriate librarian. Requires an in-depth knowledge of the
                                                                    providing routine information to         appropriate librarian. May provide   particular collections, resources, and subject area(s). May
                                                                    patrons using the library’s catalogs     one-on-one instruction session,      participate in bibliographic instruction activities, developing original
                                                                    and resources. Questions requiring       provide general in-class             course content e.g., one-on-one instruction session, specialized in-
                                                                    specialized knowledge are referred       presentations for lower division     class presentations, general lectures on library collections and/or
                                                                    to the appropriate librarian.            classes, or give general lectures    resources. May create research guides.
                                                                                                             on library collections and/or
                                                                                                             resources with a script developed
                                                                                                             in conjunction with a librarian.

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                                                                                       SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

E. Acquisitions/Processing/ Interlibrary Services
1. Monographic Unpacks and sorts received material. May          Performs tasks listed under LAI. In      Performs monographic processing         Performs high level of snag           Librarywide, provide training and support services. Create
Processing        annotate information on packing slips as       addition, performs basic receipt         tasks, including processing             resolution. May be principal          documentation of acquisitions/processing procedures and functions,
                  appropriate using established guidelines.      functions for a variety of materials     withdrawals, transfers, and             author of documentation and           setting goals and priorities for area of responsibility. Act as liaison
                  Routes misdirected material to appropriate     with minimum level responsibilities      monographic replacements, and           training materials.                   with vendors, library administration, selectors or other staff members
                  locations.                                     regarding bibliographic checking in a    performing complex record noting in                                           in establishing appropriate acquisition/processing arrangements.
                                                                 variety of print and online sources.     local online database. Initiates
                                                                 May perform simple order record          cancellation and claims. Annotation
                                                                 creation (e.g. order for record only).   and approval of invoices, checklists.
                                                                                                          May correspond with vendors. May
                                                                                                          update documentation. In a subject
                                                                                                          specialty location, may process

2. Serials        Unpacks and sorts received material,           Performs tasks listed under LAI. In      Performs advanced level of routine      Performs most difficult level of      Responsible for coordination and management of central check-in
Processing        separating invoices, packing slips, etc. and   addition, using established              check-in and record maintenance of      check in. Typically has subject,      division. Coordinates complex serials processing workflows among
                  referring as appropriate. Locates and          procedures, checks-in serials issues     material in most languages.             language, or format specialty and     multiple library divisions. Librarywide, provides training and support
                  retrieves material from Library holdings in    referring any problems to                Advanced level includes creation of     a major responsibility for material   services. Acts as liaison with vendors, library administration,
                  Main and subject specialty locations. Sorts    workleaders.                             records, authoritative holdings         in that specialty. Coordinates the    selectors, or other staff members in establishing appropriate serials
                  and maintains statistics of processed                                                   maintenance, claiming issues as         workflow for a specialized area       processing arrangements. Creates documentation of serials
                  material. Routes misdirected material to                                                encountered, identification and         (e.g., claims or snag resolution).    processing procedures and functions, setting goals and priorities for
                  appropriate locations. Reviews non-routine                                              resolution of more complex              Librarywide, develops procedures      area of responsibility . Independently designs and modifies workflow
                  mail (e.g., catalogs, invoices, and                                                     bibliographic problems,                 and trains staff in check-in,         in the division. Analyzes overall Library materials processing
                  advertisements) referred from other                                                     interpretation and analysis of order    snags, claims. Researches and         procedures and functions. Performs program analysis on complex
                  Library units.                                                                          and payment records, and closing        resolves complex technical            projects. Works with other administrative staff and units to identify
                                                                                                          serial records. May have knowledge      problems. May be principal author     workflow issues, cross-training of staff, etc.
                                                                                                          of one or more Western European         of documentation and training
                                                                                                          languages.                              materials. Independently resolves
                                                                                                                                                  complex entry problems using
                                                                                                                                                  internal and external bibliographic
                                                                                                                                                  or institutional databases.

        8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                                   9                                            10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                                                 SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

3. Gifts and                                               For ILS: Prepares books for shipment     For Exchange: Initiates and              For Exchange: Performs tasks          For Exchange: Sets goals and priorities for Exchange Program.
Exchange/ILS                                               to other libraries using knowledge of    maintains exchange agreements.           listed under LAIII. In addition,      Manages exchange and barter budgets. Manages staff. Prepares
                                                           various requirements for different       Corresponds with exchange                evaluates effectiveness of barter     budget requests. Evaluate and appraise donated material in
                                                           delivery systems. Updates records in     partners; performs complex               exchange agreements. Evaluates        compliance with state and federal taxation laws. Manage budget.
                                                           various automated systems.               bibliographic checking; refers           partner requests for barter           For ILS: Negotiates loan agreements with other institutions.
                                                                                                    materials to selectors. Keys             monographs and for continuing or
                                                                                                    monographic and serial records in        new journal subscriptions and
                                                                                                    local automated online database.         recommends approval or rejection
                                                                                                    May order materials for mailing to       of funds from barter exchange
                                                                                                    exchange partners; may supervise         budget. Devises and implements
                                                                                                    bulk mailings. For ILS: Chooses          cost-effective strategies to
                                                                                                    locations for interlibrary loans based   maintain or to improve service
                                                                                                    on local consortial and other            received from barter partners.
                                                                                                    agreements. Sends, receives, and         Monitors barter approval plans.
                                                                                                    determines disposition of requests       Prepares annual reconciliation of
                                                                                                    on various automated bibliographic       barter exchange accounts. For
                                                                                                    and ILL processing systems.              ILS: Solves the most difficult
                                                                                                                                             bibliographic problems choosing
                                                                                                                                             the best tools from the Web,
                                                                                                                                             computer databases, and printed
                                                                                                                                             bibliographic tools as appropriate.
                                                                                                                                             Responsible for integrating
                                                                                                                                             various automated solutions into

4. Orders and   Performs filing and sorting of material,   Performs basic receipt functions for     Performs ordering tasks such as          Specialist or workleader for          Manages and directs a midsized ordering or payments unit with
Payments        orders, invoices, or other paperwork.      variety of materials with minimum        analyzing order requests and             defined areas of responsibility       multiple functions and boundary crossing responsibilities.
                Performs catalog record look ups and       level responsibilities regarding         assigning vendors. May perform           which require more advanced           Coordination of complex acquisitions workflow among multiple
                records elements withing various           bibliographic checking in a variety of   specialized searches (e.g. out-of-       knowledge and independent             library divisions. Librarywide, provides training and support services.
                automated systems (e.g. bibliographic,     print and online sources. Basic order    print). Retrieves complex payment        application of skills. Specialized    Creates documentation of acquisitions/processing procedures and
                ordering, financial, or vendor systems).   record creation.                         information from campus financial        ordering and payments functions       functions, setting goals and priorities for area of responsibility . Acts
                                                                                                    systems. Annotation and approval of      (e.g. monographic ordering,           as liaison with vendors, library administration, selectors or other staff
                                                                                                    invoices, checklists. Exercises          serials, ordering). May oversee or    members in establishing appropriate acquisition/processing
                                                                                                    judgement in problem resolution          manage a complex workflow,            arrangements. Advanced database coordination, maintenance and
                                                                                                    referring to and consulting with         such as approval arrangement,         error log processing. Represents UC Berkeley Library by attending
                                                                                                    managers or appropriate units or as      out-of-print, or electronic           regional or national conferences. Management of grant-funded and
                                                                                                    situation directs. May update            purchasing. May be principal          team based projects. Take initiative to develop and carry out project
                                                                                                    documentation.                           author of documentation and           work.
                                                                                                                                             training materials.

        8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                            10                                             10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                                                      SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

5. Serials,     Performs title/volume counts, retrieval,        Performs tasks listed under LAI. In      Performs binding functions, such as      Specialist or workleader for          Coordination of complex acquisitions workflows among multiple
Documents       distribution, filing, and sorting of mateial.   addition, performs basic receipt         pulling bindable units from collection   defined areas of responsibility       library divisions. Librarywide, provide training and support services.
                Performs catalog record look ups and            functions for a variety of materials     and creating binding slips, modifying    which require more advanced           Creates documentation of acquisitions/processing procedures and
                records elements within various automated       with minimum level responsibilities      records as needed. May supervise         knowledge and independent             functions, setting goals and priorities for area of responsibility.
                systems. Keys binding slips.                    regarding bibliographic checking in a    binding operations for a small unit.     application of skills. May oversee    Manages selector review operation. May perform problematic snag
                                                                variety of print and online sources.     Performs non-specialized claiming        complex workflows, such as            analysis for depository publications. Performs advanced post
                                                                May collate issues for binding using     functions (e.g. non-depository).         managing binding operations for       cataloging. Performs original cataloging and authority work for
                                                                established binding designations.        Performs post-cataloging of the first    a large collection with multiple      specialized government material (e.g. US Congressional Hearings;
                                                                May perform simple order record          issues of serial publications.           locations, or managing the            see also cataloging function).
                                                                creation (e.g. order for record only).   Monitors databases for uploads and       processing of multiple format or
                                                                                                         downloads. Performs copy                 depository material. Oversees
                                                                                                         cataloging, adding call number, etc.     specialized binding for large
                                                                                                         for specialized government material      projects. Performs claiming and
                                                                                                         (e.g. US Congressional Hearings;         order problem resolution for
                                                                                                         see also cataloging function ).          material with special receipt
                                                                                                         Processes transfers and                  restrictions (e.g. depository). May
                                                                                                         withdrawals; may also process            be principal author of
                                                                                                         material for storage. May update         documentation and training
                                                                                                         documentation.                           materials. Coordinates transfer
                                                                                                                                                  and/or withdrawal projects.
                                                                                                                                                  Performs post cataloging for
                                                                                                                                                  difficult bibliographic serials
                                                                                                                                                  situations (e.g. successive entry
                                                                                                                                                  changes). Performs database
                                                                                                                                                  maintenance not requiring the
                                                                                                                                                  attention of catalogers (see also
                                                                                                                                                  cataloging function ).

        8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                                 11                                             10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                                                       SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

6. Preservation   Performs bibliographic checking of library    Performs bibliographic verification of    Coordinates workflows. Maintains         Oversees and directs complex          Manage complex workflows among multiple library divisions. Acts as
                  materials using the most common               library materials using a wide variety    all binding records. Provides            workflows (e.g., coordinates          liaison with vendors, library administration, selectors or other staff in
                  bibliographic tools. Prepares materials for   of bibliographic tools. Analyzes          recalled materials as requested.         production and billing with bindery   establishing appropriate preservation arrangements. Consults as
                  photocopy and microfilm production. Sorts,    bibliographic information and             Shares responsibility for controlling    manager) and prioritizes unit         expert in project development, resource allocation, and represents
                  files, and routes materials. Prepares         prepares preservation replacement         expenditures of the binding budget.      workload. Reviews and updates         UC with external vendors and funding agencies. Provides overall
                  bindery shipments. Checks microfilm for       decision forms. Prepares materials        Maintains documentation of               unit procedures. Consults on          management of grant funded and team-based projects.
                  completeness/lack of defects. Barcodes        for preservation using established        procedures. May oversee non-             broad program preservation
                  films for storage facilities. Maintains       procedures. Works with vendors to         complex grant-funded projects.           needs and resolution with
                  workflow paperwork and statistics of          resolve problems and ensure high          Schedules bindery shipments.             internal/external units. Advises
                  completed work.                               quality of their products and services.   Performs complex bibliographic           on policies, programs, and
                                                                Maintains project-tracking                verification using all necessary         budget. Justifies expenditures to
                                                                database(s). Monitors quality control     bibliographic tools. Approves            local and/or federal agencies
                                                                per established procedures.               invoices for payment. Works with         /administrators. Manages
                                                                                                          selectors to refine and modify           expenditure of bindery budget.
                                                                                                          preservation treatment options for       Participates in annual
                                                                                                          specific items.                          assessment and development of
                                                                                                                                                   project proposals involving major

 F. Information   Data entry (e.g., transcribing information    Data entry (transcribing with some        Data entry involving interpretation of   Data entry with extensive             Develop local procedures/ policies/ interfaces for new major
    Systems       exactly as presented); manipulate software    interpretation of data); manipulate       content, with basic knowledge of         interpretation & analysis of data.    electronic multi-unit software/web-based systems; work with vendors
                  to obtain information (e.g. adding            screen for additional entries in local    software. Basic operation of             Operate highly complex                to implement workable systems; review, negotiate licensing
                  barcodes, keying orders, Innopac records)     systems, for example, BFS (Berkeley       software packages (e.g., Excel,          databases and software to             agreements. Adapt and modify major systems for local use (e.g. use
                                                                Financial System), online catalog         Access, Filemaker Pro and internal       maximum capacity; manage              of Access for an Electronic Collection Management System).
                                                                maintenance; add volume/copy              UC systems, Innopac, PromptCat,          subject-specialty unit software       Primary contact with external vendors and consultants on
                                                                information; routine reports.             and web-based electronic                 (e.g. PromptCat); troubleshoot;       programming modification. Note: the standards for LAV and
                                                                                                          order/vendor systems); develop           analyze procedures and policies       Programmer Analyst overlap somewhat at this level; the distinction
                                                                                                          formulae for moderately                  for interface with program and        often being that the LA V will work more directly with the content of
                                                                                                          sophisticated spreadsheets; set up       Website developers; research          the materials, as opposed to the Programmer.
                                                                                                          routine computer procedures;             and recommend hardware and
                                                                                                          resolve simple software/hardware         software for general
                                                                                                          problems; update and maintain            administrative use. Identify and
                                                                                                          WEB pages using knowledge of             evaluate academic sources on
                                                                                                          HTML.                                    the web to update content of web

        8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                                  12                                             10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                                                         SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

   G. Archival
    Assistant                 Archives Assistant                           Archives Assistant                     Archives Assistant                Senior Archives Technician                          Archives Manager/Technician
   Functions                      Entry Level                              Operational Level                  Advanced Operational level or         Highest Operational level,                               Professional Level
                                                                                                                      Specialist                  Specialist, Paraprofessional, or

1. Scope of       As instructed by an Archivist, perform          Under supervision of an Archivist,        Under an Archivist’s supervision,     Incumbents perform the              Under the consultative direction of an Archivist, incumbents perform
Duties (or        routine tasks attendant to the processing       incumbents carry out most of the          incumbents propose preliminary        processing of complex archival      the processing of complex collections, coordinate complex project
Overview of       of archival collections. Work is performed      tasks of Library Assistant I's but with   processing plans and carry out the    collections under the general       workflows, act as liaisons to Reference Archivists, and, in
Levels of         under close supervision, and in                 greater independence and with             processing of archival collections    direction of an Archivist.          consultation with Archivists, with the Division Head and with
Responsibility)   accordance with a processing plan written       broader knowledge of the local            which are not of great complexity.                                        Curators, set priorities for processing and cataloging. BA required.
                  by an Archivist. Normally reports to LAIII or   practices of Bancroft Technical           They may also be assigned the                                             Education and training in archival principles required.
                  above.                                          Services. Work is performed under         same duties for a series or several
                                                                  close supervision, and in accordance      series within a large and complex
                                                                  with a processing plan written by an      collection. They may supervise one
                                                                  Archivist. Normally reports to LAIV or    LAI or LAII and several student
                                                                  above.                                    assistants. Normally reports to LAV
                                                                                                            or above.

2. Preliminary                                                                                                                                    Under the general direction of an   In consultation with an Archivist and/or Curator, plan overall
Processing Plan                                                                                                                                   archivist, survey and analyze       arrangement of complex collections. Determine the order, specificity,
                                                                                                                                                  collection content; do background   and appropriate level of description and analysis. Requires broad
                                                                                                                                                  research necessary to describe      understanding of the context and provenance of the collection and
                                                                                                                                                  and arrange the collection;         may involve historical research. Must understand and implement
                                                                                                                                                  prepare proposed processing         decisions recorded in accession, donor, and restriction records.
                                                                                                                                                  plan including recommended          Recommend priorities for collections to be arranged, described, and
                                                                                                                                                  level of processing required,       listed, based on knowledge of collection significance, urgency of
                                                                                                                                                  suggestions for specific series     user requests, etc.
                                                                                                                                                  arrangements, finding aid
                                                                                                                                                  elements, and timetable for
                                                                                                                                                  completion. This processing plan
                                                                                                                                                  is reviewed and finalized by the

        8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                                   13                                          10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                                                       SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

3. Arrangement   Sort materials (manuscript, pictorial, etc.)   May be assigned a simple series or         According to established guidelines    Under the direction of an           In consultation with an Archivist, supervise the implementation of
                 by type, date, title, or other clearly         subseries to arrange, house and            and a written processing plan, and     Archivist, implement plans to       plans to arrange collections of manuscripts, archival records, and/or
                 discernable features; transcribe folder        describe under close supervision.          under the direction of an Archivist,   arrange collections of              photographs. Instruct and guide staff; explain and enforce
                 headings when refoldering; make rough          Following the written processing plan,     implement plans to arrange simple      manuscripts, archival records,      standards; monitor and review the work.
                 listings of container contents; make labels    arrange manuscripts, pictures,             collections of manuscripts, archival   and/or photographs. As instructed
                 for containers.                                records, or documents. (Arrangement        records, and/or photographs. As        by the Archivist, maintain
                                                                includes tentative identification of and   instructed by the Archivist, compile   documentation of processing
                                                                sorting of series and subseries as         notes needed for creation of a         decisions, and compile notes
                                                                outlined by supervisor.)                   descriptive finding aid to the         needed for creation of a
                                                                                                           collection.                            descriptive finding aid to the

4. Housing &     Assist with rehousing of collection            Rehouse collection materials,              In consultation with an Archivist,     In consultation with an Archivist   In consultation with an Archivist and/or Curator and representatives
Conservation     materials.                                     transcribe folder headings when            identify items with special            and/or Curator and                  of the Conservation Department and the Library Photographic
                                                                refoldering                                conservation needs and/or requiring    representatives of the              Service, develop plans for preservation treatment and the necessary
                                                                                                           conservation treatment. Provide        Conservation Department and the     workflow between BTS and Conservation. Monitor workflow for
                                                                                                           suitable housing to prevent damage     Library Photographic Service,       complex collections.
                                                                                                           and deterioration of materials.        develop plans for preservation
                                                                                                           Determines the appropriate housing     treatment and the necessary
                                                                                                           based on knowledge of                  workflow between BTS and
                                                                                                           requirements of the different types    Conservation. Monitor workflow
                                                                                                           of archival materials.                 for complex collections.

       8/22/2011, 5:11 PM                                                                                                    14                                         10b9bd9f-3ebb-42a1-95d0-a7e2c0b2c254.xls, factors_functions
                                                    SUPPLEMENTAL STANDARDS: LIBRARY ASSISTANT SERIES 2002

5. Description               When arrangement is approved,              With knowledge gained during the        Under the direction of an             In consultation with an Archivist, and in accordance with national
                             prepare folder headings and                arrangement process, compose text       Archivist, and in accordance with     standards & local policy, prepare finding aids for complex collections
                             series/subseries identification            to explain arrangement, adding          national standards & local policy,    which require extensive analysis and indexing based on knowledge
                             according to established practices;        descriptive information containing      draft finding aids for simple and     of the relevant subject areas. Finding aids may include introductions
                             create preliminary box or file folder      series, subseries, folder contents,     complex collections. This may         indicating provenance, significance and related collections.
                             listings of archival collections           biographical or administrative          require extensive analysis and        Explanations of the arrangement, indices, or special features of the
                             following standard practices of the        history, scope and content of the       indexing based on knowledge of        guide are also included. May encode finding aids in EAD (SGML)
                             model established by the archival unit     collection. Draft descriptive finding   the relevant subject areas.           according to local policy and the Best Practices Guidelines of the
                             (using appropriate word processing         aid according to the model              Finding aids may include              Online Archive of California.
                             or database software), for final review    established by the archival unit        introductions indicating
                             by the Archivist. This is specific to      (using appropriate word processing      provenance, significance and
                             format, sequence, and method;              or database software), for final        related collections. Explanations
                             proofread collection descriptions and      review by the Archivist.                of the arrangement, indexes, or
                             container listings.                                                                special features of the guide are
                                                                                                                also included. Finding aid text is
                                                                                                                reviewed and finalized by the
                                                                                                                supervising Archivist. May encode
                                                                                                                finding aids in EAD (SGML)
                                                                                                                according to local policy and the
                                                                                                                Best Practices Guidelines of the
                                                                                                                Online Archive of California.

6. Reformating &                                                        Route and track materials sent to       In consultation with an Archivist,    Plan and coordinate complex reformatting projects to microfilm,
Digital Projects                                                        vendors or other library units for      plan and coordinate reformatting      digital or other media. Supervise quality control checking of
                                                                        reformatting to microfilm or digital    to microfilm, digital, or other       microfilm and metadata entry for digital objects. Perform complex
                                                                        media. Perform quality control          media. Supervise quality control      data management functions using project databases or other
                                                                        checking of microfilm. Enter basic      checking of microfilm and             relevant information systems. Act as a liaison between library
                                                                        metadata for digital objects in         metadata entry for digital objects    departments and outside vendors, coordinating technical and
                                                                        project databases.                      in project databases.                 logistical aspects of project workflow, possibly for multiple projects.

7. Cataloging                Perform simple holdings                    Draft descriptive portions of           Create preliminary USMARC             Create full USMARC collection-level records, according to AACR2
                             maintenance, such as shelving or           USMARC collection-level records,        collection-level records, according   (APPM or GIHC), LC, and local archival and CDM policies and
                             transfers to off-site storage or routing   according to AACR2 (APPM or             to AACR2 (APPM or GIHC), LC,          procedures. Assigns appropriate subject and thesaurus terms. Do
                             to LPS; carry out name authority           GIHC), LC, BTS, and CDM policies        and local archival and CDM            full original name authority work. Complete and upgrade preliminary
                             checking for personal and corporate        and procedures. These records and       policies and procedures. May          cataloging records.
                             names appearing in collection              the related finding aids are passed     suggest appropriate subject and
                             description                                on to a cataloger for completion.       thesaurus terms and provide
                                                                        Key in process collection-level         information necessary for name
                                                                        USMARC records, according to            authority work. Records are
                                                                        local archival procedures.              reviewed and finalized by a
                                                                                                                cataloger or cataloging Archivist.

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8. Reference and                                                                              Serve as a liaison between Reference Archivists, other Reference
Public Service                                                                                Personnel, and Processing Archivists. Coordinate scheduling of use-
                                                                                              request processing and other workflows generated by Public
                                                                                              Services and researchers.

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