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    2011 ICSC
    eDistance Learning
    Shopping Center
●   Study from home, from work, or while on the road
●   You set the pace, from start to finish
●   Easy access from any computer or mobile
●   Nine comprehensive self-study modules
●   Certificate program
●   Networking features to interact with other students
●   On-the-job exercises

    March 1, 2011
    August 1, 2011
    November 1, 2011
2011 ICSC
eDistance Learning
Shopping Center
Learn at Your Own Pace, Wherever                                    Nine Textbook Essentials to
You Can Access the Internet                                         Complement the Online Experience
Can’t spare time away from the office to attend classes? The        ICSC provides nine of its best textbooks
ICSC eDistance Learning for Shopping Center Management              with your registration fee to help you better
brings the classroom to you. This comprehensive web-based           understand your subject of study. Each book
course is custom built for shopping center management               is an ongoing reference throughout your
professionals worldwide and offers you a guided, nine-              online quest and includes the following:
month, independent self-study program.

Log on and go—whenever and wherever you go online.
The ICSC eDistance Learning Course is 24/7. Each unit has its
own study guide, multiple review exercises and exam to
take you from start to finish. Stop at any point and pick up
where you left off the next time you log on.

Nine Units of Study                                             w
• Management Overview                                           w
• Retailing                                                     w
• Insurance and Risk Management                                 w

• The Lease and Its Language                                    w

• Leasing Strategies                                            w

• Marketing                                                     w
• Finance
• Maintenance
• Security

Management Overview                               The Lease and Its Language                        w Learn how past, present and future values
w Identify all the roles a successful shopping    w Uncover the key lease provisions and ways       are expressed in compound interest tables, the
center manager must play to ensure a              to enforce them.                                  impact of lease cancellations on value and how
smoothly functioning property.                    w Understand the financial commitments and        funds are invested if not immediately needed.
w Know what goes into a shopping center           the obligations of all parties in administering   w Determine the impact of early loan payment
business plan and how to create the optimum       the lease.                                        as it relates to interest payments and how
plan yourself.                                    w Learn how the letters of intent really work,    FFO is vulnerable to property refinancing terms.
w Understand personnel issues and how to          and how your center uses them to achieve          w Understand cap rates and how you can assess
create a winning team environment.                leasing efficiencies.                             your own center’s value.
w Learn why marketing and management                                                                w Create a pro forma that determines the
are co-partners when it comes to running          Leasing Strategies                                value of redevelopment or expansion versus
a property.                                       w Develop your own leasing strategy through       maintaining the status quo.
                                                  critical appraisal of your competition and
Retailing                                         the market.                                       Maintenance
w Analyze your center’s merchandise mix           w Understand the keys to successful tenant        w Learn the science of roof inspections including
and determine the opportunities.                  prospecting.                                      how to conduct your own.
w Learn how to execute a tenant audit.            w Negotiate a lease agreement that satisfies      w Understand the techniques of parking lot
w Identify what to look for when evaluating       both parties’ objectives.                         asphalt maintenance and repair.
a retailer’s performance.                                                                           w Learn the process of HVAC maintenance as
w Find out how to look at the retailer’s          Marketing                                         well as other mechanical upkeep within
financial statement and make your risk            w Find out how the five-step marketing plan       the center.
assessment when considering leasing               works and how it can be used to its maximum       w Evaluate in-house and contract service and
space or evaluating rent concessions.             potential to increase property value.             determine the value of each.
                                                  w Look at your center through the eyes of
Insurance and Risk Management                     your customers.                                   Security
w Identify risk, then learn how to reduce it.     w Prepare a sponsorship proposal and              w Find out how to prepare a comprehensive
w Create the ultimate risk monitoring checklist   understand how to leverage your center’s          security manual.
for your center.                                  strengths to get the best deal.                   w Understand how foreseeability impacts
w Learn the differences in insurance coverage                                                       your liability.
and the components of a claims manual.            Finance                                           w Learn public relations techniques relative
                                                  w Understand the financial statements             to security and how that can be used to temper
                                                  and what components are indicative of the         any negative publicity.
                                                  center’s financial health.

   “I was impressed with the quality of this program.
   Although it was challenging at times, the topics kept
   my interest, and I was able to study when I wanted
   either at work or home. I would highly recommend
   this course to those who wish to learn about the
   fundamentals of shopping management”
   Elise S. Back, Carrollton, Texas

         “The course was definitely
         beneficial and the information
         I gained will prove to be very
         valuable as my career progresses.”
         Robert Young, Doha, Qatar

                            “We decided to try eDistance
                            learning as a company wide
“This program was an
                            training platform. The results
excellent tool to distil
                            have been excellent! It’s been
my experience into
                            cost efficient and an awesome
knowledge, giving
                            training tool.”
me a new perspective
for the challenging         Ron Becker, CSM
                            Sewell, New Jersey
work of shopping center
Emmanuel Pissanis,
Attiki, Greece

   “I found the course very
   beneficial and I am already
   applying it every day.”
   Tim Vranic, Ontario, Canada
2011 ICSC
eDistance Learning                                                                                                REgISTRATION FORM
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how to Register                                      Continuing Education Credits
Fax:        +1 732 694 1800                          4.0 credits
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Online:                             Shopping Center Manager (CSM) Examination,         Name
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A separate registration form is required for each    Cancellations received later than 10 business
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deadlines                                            Speakers
For the program cycle beginning
March 1, 2011: Your registration must be
received by January 21, 2011.                        MAC
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by September 23, 2011.
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receive their ICSC textooks on or before the
start date.
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2011 ICSC
eDistance Learning
Shopping Center
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