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									International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc.

Second Annual ICSC - INDIA

Shopping Center
& Retail Conference
The Art and Science of
Successful Shopping Centers

August 29-30, 2005
Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

     Supported by
                                International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc.

SHOPPING CENTERS IN INDIA                                      WHO SHOULD ATTEND
The shopping center boom in India started nearly a             •   Shopping center owners, developers and managers
decade after the first signs of its evolution in the early
1990s. India is expecting over 50 million square feet          •   Retailers
of quality retail space by year 2006-07. While                 •   Property and real estate professionals
previously it was the large organised retailers, with          •   Architects, bankers, investors
their glitzy shops and direct consumer interface, who
had been a key factor driving the growth of organised          •   Marketing professionals
retail in the country, now it is the shopping center           •   Leasing specialists,leasing directors and agents
developers that are usurping the role.                         •   Asset managers and retail analysts
Shopping center development has attracted many                 •   All service providers for the shopping center industry
real-estate developers and corporate houses
across all large and mid-sized cities. As a                    HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT
consequence, from just three centers in 2000, India
is all set to have over 300 by 2006-07                         • Meet leading shopping center industry professionals in the
RETAIL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT BY 2006-07                        region
• 50 million sq ft of quality space under development          • Take part in discussions and debates relating to your own
• 7 major cities to account for 41 million sq ft                 interests
  development                                                  • Widen your industry knowledge and horizons
• 300 malls, shopping centres and multiplexes                  • Make new professional contacts, expand your network
  under construction                                           • Explore new business opportunities
• To open 35 hypermarkets, 325 large department                • Discover strategies that increase sales, productivity and
  stores, 1500 supermarkets and over 10,000 new                  efficiency
                                                               • Develop insights to trends that help delineate the future
RETAIL IN INDIA                                                • Spot the latest economic & retailing trends that affect the
Organised retailing in the country is just about three           industry
per cent of the total retail sector in India, but growing      • Acquire the skills needed to maximise net operating income
at the rate of 30 per cent annually.                           • Learn integrated applications of the latest marketing
• Total consumer spend in the year 03-04: USD 375                techniques
  billion growing over 5% annually.                            CONFERENCE ORGANISERS
• Retail sales: 55% at USD 205 billion.
                                                               The conference is organised by the International Council of
• Top 6 cities account for 66% of total organized retailing.   Shopping Centers, Inc. (ICSC). The ICSC is the trade
• Overwhelming acceptance of modern retail formats.            association for the shopping center industry. It is a not-for-profit
                                                               association run on behalf of its 56,000 members worldwide
India has the scale and the potential to transform             which include shopping mall owners, developers, marketing
itself into a retail powerhouse. It has been rated as          managers and specialists, retailers, consultants, property
the fifth most attractive emerging market for retail.          managers, financiers, accountants, government officials and
Over the next five years, the market is certain to             industry suppliers.
evolve significantly and we shall see growth of a few          ICSC membership provides proven benefits in developing your
retailers beyond the Rs.10 billion turnover (USD 230           business and career through unique access to shopping center
million), with significant expansion in network size.          intelligence, industry leaders and professionals worldwide.
Explosion in big-box, value-based formats, in metros           Members can exchange information, take advantage of
as well as smaller towns, is a certainty also. Nations         educational conferences and seminars, professional
that have enjoyed the greatest economic and social             development schools, research and member meetings. If you
progress have been those with a strong and                     are interested in the benefits of membership, please contact the
organised retail sector – and India cannot remain              ICSC office in New Delhi for more details on
outside the league for long.                                   +91-11-26015683-86 or by
Monday, August 29, 2005                                                           Tuesday, August 30, 2005
10:00-10:30      Registration & Welcome Tea                                       10:00-11:00        Creating Space for Luxury Retailing
10:30-10:45      Welcome Remarks: ICSC's Global Activities & Its                  India's luxury brands market is just opening up. So far most luxury brands
                                     Commitment to India                          have limited presence, retailing mostly through shopping arenas of luxury
Speakers: Amitabh Taneja, Director, ICSC- India • Scott Harris, Staff Vice        hotels. As many more 5 and 7 star hotels come up all over the country, there
President, ICSC, New York • Charles Grossman, Managing Director, ING              will be more space for such brands. But is there scope to create premium
Clarion Partners & Chairman, ICSC, New York, NY                                   retail space for such brands outside the luxury hotels? How has luxury retail
                                                                                  evolved elsewhere? Is it possible to regulate entry for shoppers if the location
10:45-11:45 An Investors View on Retail Real Estate
                                                                                  is outside a luxury hotel?
Investors in retail real estate have been enjoying an extended period of
positive returns, exceptionally positive when compared to most major stock        Speaker: Radha Chadha, MD, Chadha Strategy Consulting, Hong Kong
indices. Why has this been so? Can the good times continue? What factors          Anchor: Devyani Raman, Director, Business Development & Memberships,
may slow down the recent bullish performance? The Chairman of                     World Luxury Council
International Council of Shopping Centers, the global trade association           11:00-12:00        The Essence of Retailing
serving 56,000 property developers, investors and retailers around the world,     How to seduce your customers? How to develop a clear concept with which
will share his views on investing successfully in retail real estate.             your customer can identify? What is the importance of niche marketing &
Speaker: Charles Grossman, Managing Director, ING Clarion Partners &              how to develop a concept store from creating its identity from retail
Chairman, ICSC, New York, NY                                                      environment, product selection, floor planning, advertising and marketing?
Anchor: V Vaidyanathan, Country Head - Retail Banking, ICICI Bank Ltd.            How to develop a brand with a strong global lifestyle element? This session
11:45-12:15 Tea Break                                                             discusses these issues and many more, supported by case studies.
12:15-13:15 The Future is Now                                                     Speaker: Mariana Carvalho, Partner, Whitaker International, Rio de Janeiro,
Shopping center development activity in India continues in a most
                                                                                  Anchor: Darshan Mehta, President, Arvind Brands Ltd.
haphazard manner, seemingly without a care what so ever! Traffic,
infrastructure and ecological issues come to the fore only after the situation    12:00-12:30        Tea Break
becomes intolerable and unmanageable. What kind of future can our                 12:30-13:30        Succeeding in a Competitive Marketplace: Winning
industry expect if developers and retailers fail to be more conscientious of                         Formulas for Positioning, Tenant Mix, Marketing &
the boundaries beyond their shopping centers or stores? Knowing today the                            Management
concerns and limitations of the public authorities and local corporations,        The aggressive expansion of the modern retail real estate market in India has
planning a shopping center requires a much more comprehensive view of             created confusion in the minds of brands & retailers as they are not able to
development. This approach requires young, fresh visionary developers             decide where they should take up space as most malls look the same &
who understand that securing the future for the industry begins now.              have similar offering. To succeed in a situation like this it is vital to spell out a
Speakers: Neel Raheja, MD, K Raheja Group • Sumit Dabriwala, MD,                  clear differentiation in positioning & tenant mix and have an excellent
Riverbank Holding Pvt. Ltd. • Shrirang Sarda, MD, City Center, Nashik             marketing & management strategy in place.
13:15-14:15 Lunch                                                                 Speaker: Winnie Nazareth, Vice President, Marketing and Entertainment
14:15-15:15 Partners in Profit                                                    Businesses, Ayala Land Inc., Makati City, Philippines
The key to a successful shopping center development ultimately depends            Anchor: Anshuman Magazine, MD, CB Richard Ellis-South Asia
on attracting people to visit and spend. While the developer with careful site    13:30-14:30        Lunch
selection, good design and effective marketing can do much ensure this            14:30-15:30        How to Create a Social Place and then Converting
outcome, the real determining factor to success is recruiting the right tenants                      Socialising into Sales
and working in concert with them. The developer will fail if he views the
stores in his project solely as rent-paying tenants. The stores must be           Media & retailers report that too much socializing is happening in Indian
viewed as partners whose input should be sought well-before ground is             malls but no sales. But what socialising - youngsters using air-conditioned
broken and whose input should be sought and heeded continuously.                  malls as time-pass? Have we failed to create a place that attracts meaningful
Creating this “partnership for profit” requires constant consultation and         social gatherings? How to connect people socially and emotionally to a mall,
tremendous trust. While this might be a painful process… no pain means no         which ultimately results in consumers spending?
gain.                                                                             Speaker: Pia Singh, MD, DLF Entertainment Venture DT Cinema & The Retail
Speakers: Ian Watt, Director, Old Mutual Properties (PTY), Cape Town, South       Business of the Group
Africa • Thomas Malayil, Vice President, Real Estate, Macerich Company,           Anchor: Himanshu Chakrawarti, GM-Marketing, Trent Ltd. (Westside)
Santa Monica, California • Timothy Hardy, Director of International               15:30-16:00        Tea Break
Franchising, Build-A-Bear Workshop®, St. Louis, Missouri                          16:00-17:30        Creating a Common Language and Identity for the
Anchor: Yogesh Samat, CEO, Inorbit Mall India                                                        Indian Shopping Centre Industry
15:15-15:45 Tea Break                                                             Many observers have said that the rapid development of the shopping
15:45-16:30 Creating Innovative Spaces for Shopping & Leisure                     center industry is difficult to describe in words. Yet Indian developers
Designers and architects must balance the shopping centre's clients (both         themselves seem to have an inexhaustible supply of words to describe their
consumers and retail tenants) desire for something familiar with a yearning       projects. The problem is that one person's definition of a shopping centre
for something new and different. Yet innovation for innovation's sake may         differs from another's. A lack of common definitions confuses the media, the
not transfer positively to the bottom line as the aesthetic appeal of the         public authorities, investors, retailers and even shoppers. Additionally, the
property will not automatically lead to greater sales. How can creative design    Indian industry lacks benchmarks leading to costly mistakes and unrealistic
enhance the shopping experience in a qualitative as well as a quantitative        expectations. Crafting a common language and creating benchmarks
way? What lessons can be drawn for the Indian shopping centre industry?           requires a sharing of information and a sense of common purpose. Without
                                                                                  these linguistic and performance guidelines, chaos becomes unavoidable.
Speaker: John Ward, Principal, 505 Design, Boulder, Colorado
Anchor: Harshvardhan Neotia, MD, Bengal Ambuja Housing Development                Panel Discussion:
Ltd.                                                                              Ajjay Bijli                            Dharmesh Jain
16:30-17:30 The Art of Marketing Retail Mall Space                                MD, PVR Ltd.                           Chairman & MD, Nirmal Group of
In the context of retail real estate development, marketing and management        B S Nagesh                             Companies
in India, the role played by international property consultants, other advisors   MD & CEO, Shoppers' Stop               Suresh Singaravelu
and local agents has been significant. Have they done their job right? How        Rahul Saraf                            Chief Executive, The Forum,
does their role compare to their counterparts overseas?                           Director, Sunsam Properties            Prestige Estates Projects (P) Ltd.
Speakers: Anuj Puri, Managing Director, Chesterton Meghraj • Shishir                                                Shravan Gupta
                                                                                  Kishore Biyani
Baijal, Joint MD, PFH Investment Advisory Co. Ltd. • I S Narula, MD, Ishanya                                        Director, MGF Developments Ltd.
                                                                                  MD, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd.
Anchor: Pranay Sinha, CEO, Select Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.                        Anchor: Michael Baker, National Retail Advisor, UrbisJHD, Melbourne, Australia
                                                                 SPEAKER PROFILE

Charles Grossman, MD, ING Clarion Partners & Chairman,                               Rowena M. Nazareth, Vice-President, Ayala Land, Inc.
ICSC                                                                                 Winnie M. Nazareth is Vice-President, of Ayala Land, Inc., the
Charles Grossman is the forty-sixth Chairman of the International                    Philippines' premier real estate developer. Nazareth heads the
Council of Shopping Centers. He is also the Managing Director of                     Marketing, Business Development and Entertainment Businesses
ING Clarion Partners, which provides real estate investment and                      Division of Ayala Land's Commercial Centers Group, and oversees
asset management services to pension funds and other investors.                      the cinema operations as President of Ayala Theaters Management,
Prior to ING Clarion, Grossman was associated with James D.                          Inc. She is also a Director of Leisure & Allied Phils., Inc. which
Wolfensohn, Inc., and was the founding partner and CEO of                            operates Timezone Amusement Centers.
Schroder Real Estate Associates, an institutional investment                         Nazareth has over 20 years of managerial experience in retail and
management firm jointly owned with Schroder plc.                                     shopping centers. She earned her Masters in Business Management at the Asian
A graduate of Harvard College, Columbia University School of Law and Columbia        Institute of Management, and completed an Executive Development Program with
University School of Business, he is Treasurer and member of the Board of Trustees   the Wharton School of Business.
of the International Council of Shopping Centers and International Council of                          ,
                                                                                     Thomas Malayil, VP Real Estate, Macerich Company
Shopping Centers Educational Foundation.
                                                                                     Malayil has been actively involved in the shopping center industry
Ian D R Watt, Director, Old Mutual Properties (PTY)                                  for more than ten years and first joined ICSC as a member in 1994.
Ian Watt is the Director, International Development, Old Mutual                      For the past seven years, he has been employed by Macerich, a
Properties, part of the London-listed Old Mutual plc group of                        NYSE-listed real estate investment trust (REIT) with a US$11 BB
companies. He is a member of the board of trustees of the                            total market capitalization, and one of largest shopping center
International Council of Shopping Centers, and was chairman of the                   groups in the world. Macerich has ownership interests in
ICSC 2005 Retail Real Estate World Summit in Istanbul                                approximately 76 regional shopping malls and 20 community
                                                                                     shopping centers across the United States. Malayil interfaces with
Before assuming his international role, he was the managing
                                                                                     companies such as Nordstrom, Federated Department Stores, Wal-Mart, Dillard's,
director of Old Mutual Properties and helped guide its growth in
                                                                                     Target, J.C. Penney, Saks and Sears on real-estate related issues.
South Africa. Watt has been a driving force behind internationalising
the property market in South Africa, having been instrumental in bringing the UK's   Ajjay Bijli, MD, PVR Limited
Investment Property Databank to the country and in creating opportunities for        Ajjay Bijli, commenced his entrepreneur career by pioneering the
international suppliers and retailers to establish a presence.                       concept of multiplex cinemas in India. To revolutionise
John Ward, Principal, 505 Design                                                     entertainment in India, the nations first four-screen Multiplex PVR
                                                                                     Anupam at Saket, Delhi, was born in 1997 through a joint venture
John Ward is a registered Architect and President of 505Design,
                                                                                     with Village Roadshow, an Australian company. He began with rapid
Inc., a leading edge design firm specializing in creating
                                                                                     expansion ushering in state-of-the-art multiplexes in Gurgaon,
environments that establish brand distinction and connect deeply to
                                                                                     accessorised with a luxurious auditorium Cinema Europa. Ajjay has
the resident culture. Previous to starting 505Design, Ward spent 19
                                                                                     been awarded with the prestigious Theatre World Newsmakers
years with Communication Arts, Inc., an industry frontrunner in the
                                                                                     Award 2003. For his significant contribution to the multiplex industry of India, he has
design of retail, sports, entertainment and resort projects. He has
                                                                                     been honoured with a special award at CineAsia 2004.
over 22 years of experience in the retail industry, concentrating on
the development of retail and commercial projects as well as the                     Anshuman Magazine, MD, CB Richard Ellis-South Asia
integration of retail into mixed-use developments.                                   Magazine's association with the real estate industry began in the
                                                                                     year 1994, with him being instrumental in setting up operations for
Mariana Carvalho, Partner, Whitaker International
                                                                                     CBRE practice in the Indian subcontinent. In his current role,
 Mariana Carvalho is a partner at Whitaker International, a retail                   Anshuman has led the organization with a consistent and undivided
strategic planning firm based in New York City. She is responsible                   focus, which in turn, has resulted in CB Richard Ellis emerging as
for the implementation of the company in Brazil, where it is                         the largest Real Estate service provider in India. He has been
associated with Ancar, the pioneer group and with more than 30                       involved in some of the largest and most prestigious advisory
years of experience in developing and managing shopping centers                      assignments in the post liberalization era in India, including the
in that country. Specialized in shopping centers retail marketing,                   privatization of the four international airports (across the four metropoliton cities in
Carvalho has worked for many years in this field and is today a                      India) and disinvestment exercise for a portfolio of 26 government owned hotel
professional of lifestyle marketing, consumer behavior and brand
management for retail and the shopping center business.                              Anuj Puri, MD, Chesterton Meghraj Property Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                     Anuj has over 15 years experience in multi-disciplinary consulting
Michael Baker, National Retail Advisor, Urbis JHD                                    ranging from real estate to social development projects. He has
                                                                                     handled projects in Information Technology, Tourism, Commercial,
Michael Baker is a retail strategist and analyst. He is currently
                                                                                     Retail, Leisure and Entertainment and Housing sectors. He is with
National Retail Advisor at UrbisJHD, Australia's largest retail
                                                                                     Chesterton Meghraj since 1997. He is responsible for over all
property advisory firm, based in Melbourne and Sydney. He advises
                                                                                     operations of the company in India and reporting to the shareholders
on a range of issues, including shopping center and retailer
                                                                                     in the UK. Prior to this he worked as Management Accountant in his
competitive positioning, shopping center merchandising, retailer
                                                                                     firm Anuj Puri & Associates, New Delhi & as Chartered Loss Adjuster
expansion strategies, and interpreting global trends for local
                                                                                     in Colin Farley & Associates, UK
                                                                                     B. S. Nagesh, MD & CEO, Shoppers' Stop Ltd.
Baker was research director at the International Council of
Shopping Centers until August 2003. He has a B.A. in Economics from the              B. S. Nagesh joined the K. Raheja Group in 1991 to set up their
University of Western Australia (BA) and has completed graduate work in              retail business and has been the voice of Indian retail for last 10
International Transactions at George Mason University in Virginia.                   years. He conceptualized Shoppers' Stop which is today India's
                                                                                     largest chain of department stores, grown from 2800 sft of retail
Radha Chadha, MD, Chadha Strategy Consulting                                         space is poised to be a 35-store chain operating more than a million
Radha Chadha is Managing Director of Hong Kong based-brand                           sft in the next few years with an ambition to take the company to a
consultancy Chadha Strategy Consulting. She advises clients on                       Rs 1000 crore corporate.
brand positioning, consumer insights, advertising strategy and                       Darshan Mehta, President, Arvind Brands Ltd
comprehensive marketing communication plans, with assignments                        Darshan Mehta, joined as President of Arvind Brands Ltd in 2003.
spanning China, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan,                        He is driven by two passions - giving the customer a significantly
Malaysia, Phillipines, Vietnam and Hong Kong.                                        superior brand offering every season, and making money in the
She is currently co-authoring a book on Asia's love affair with luxury               apparel business. Mehta continuously inspires his team of
brands. She is also actively involved with training advertising                      designers, merchandisers and business managers to offer
agencies in Asia. Chadha holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management,       consumers a brand-offering superior to anything they have ever
Ahmedabad, specialising in Marketing and a BA in Math from St. Stephen's College,    imagined. This has led to world-class merchandise, quality retail
New Delhi.                                                                           store design and cutting edge advertising programmes.
                                                                          SPEAKER PROFILE

Devyani Raman, Director-Business Development & Memberships,                            Pranay Sinha, CEO, Select Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
World Luxury Council                                                                   Pranay Sinha is a Retail Real Estate and Shopping Centre professional
Devyani Raman is heading The World Luxury Council (WLC) in India.                      with over 10 years of experience across South-East Asia, China and
As director of the operations, her mission is to collate the right brand               India. Currently CEO of Select Infrastructure, a shopping centre
mix of premium products and bespoke services from an international                     development firm, Sinha is spearheading the development of the
luxury standardization perspective. Raman has successfully                             1.1million sq.ft. Select Citywalk Shopping Centre and Mixed-Use
introduced The World Luxury Council concept in India. She led the                      Development. He was formerly heading the Retail & Leisure Advisory
team during the WLC launch in the presence of HRH Prince Michael of Kent (who is       business of global real estate services firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, in India.
a senior advisory board member) in India to inaugurate 'The World Luxury Council' in   Rahul Saraf, MD, Sunsam Properties
both Delhi and Mumbai, this February 2005.
                                                                                       He started his career at a very young age of 20 years when he
Dharmesh Jain, Chairman & MD, Nirmal Group of Companies                                launched his first television company. At the age of 22 years, Saraf
                                                                                       started his first real estate project in the city of Kolkata. In 1996 Saraf
Dharmesh Jain is the chairman & Managing Director of Nirmal Group
                                                                                       completed Infinity, Kolkata City's first Computer Integrated Building.
of Companies. He is handling Nirmal Lifestyle Limited, Nirmal Holding
                                                                                       Realizing the impact of the emerging organized retail industry in India,
Limited, Nirmal Lifestyle Theatres Pvt. Ltd, Nirmal Super Market &
                                                                                       Saraf developed Forum, Kolkata's first shopping mall. Followed by the
Nirmal Hospitalities. Apart from that he is also the Joint Secretary of
                                                                                       success of Forum, he developed Forum Mart, the country's first shopping mall in a
Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (Managing Committee),
                                                                                       tier three city.
and the author of the book “THERE IS A WINNER IN YOU”. He has a
Bachelor's degree in commerce from R. A. Podar College.                                Shishir Baijal, MD & C E O, PFH Investment Advisory Co. Ltd.
                                                                                       With 26 years experience spanning diversified industries such as
Harshvardhan Neotia, MD, Bengal Ambuja Housing Development                             hospitality, education, and entertainment in senior management
Harshvardhan Neotia is the MD of Ambuja Cement Eastern Limited &                       positions, Baijal, has recently taken charge of Kshitij, a Retail Real
Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited, a joint sector company                      Estate Fund. Earlier, as CEO of Inox Leisure Limited, he incorporated
with West Bengal Housing Board involved in mass housing. He is also                    the best of international industry practices in the launch of this venture.
the chairman of GGL Hotel & Resort Company Ltd that is engaged in                      He established the INOX brand on a national scale and provided
the development of up-market Residential Units and Resort                              excellence in patron experience as the core of all service designs.
Developments. He was awarded the Padmashri by the Govt. of India in                    Shravan Gupta, MD, MGF Developments Ltd
1999 primarily for outstanding initiative in forging public private partnership for
development of social housing                                                          Heading the Real Estate arm of the MGF group, he is engaged in the
                                                                                       development of Shopping Malls with over 2.5 million sq.ft. retail space,
Himanshu Chakrawarti, GM-Marketing, Trent Limited (Westside)                           including The Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon, Saket (New Delhi) & Jaipur;
                                                                                       The MGF City in North Delhi; The City Square in West Delhi; The Plaza,
Himanshu joined Trent Limited (Westside) in 2000. Prior to joining
                                                                                       The Mega City and The MG Center (all in Gurgaon). Gupta joined the
Westside he had more than 9 years of experience in sales and
                                                                                       family business of Financial Services 'The Motor & General Finance Ltd.'
marketing of FMCG. His previous stints have been with Lakme Lever,
                                                                                       in the year 1992.
Heinz and one year in Dubai. He is a graduate from I.I.T. Kanpur
followed with a PGDM from I.I.M. Bangalore                                             Shrirang Sarda, MD, City Center, Nashik
                                                                                       Shrirang Sarda is the Managing Partner of Shrirang Kisanlal Sarda &
I S Narula, President & Chief Executive Officer, Ishanya Mall                          promoter of City Center, Nashik a 6 lakh sq ft mall slated to begin in
Narula heads Ishanya Mall, a speciality mall being set up as a design                  September 2006. He is also the proprietor of the Zone, the first mall of
centre for architects & builders in India. He was the creator of Arcus                 Nashik integrating Retail, Entertainment and Leisure & First Multiplex of
India's first chain of home improvement stores as its president. He                    Nashik. The Zone attracted national retailers to Nashik for the first time.
conceptualised, set-up and established Arcus Stores nationality, which                 Sarda holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York
were a part of the Turner Morrison Group. He is on the Board of
                                                                                       Sumit Dabriwala, MD, Riverbank Holding Pvt. Ltd.
Directors of Turner Morrison Ltd. Narula set up his consulting company
Parsen & Co. Ltd. in the Retail fielding early 2004. He has been the chairman & MD     Dabriwala formed his own company in 1997. In 1999 under his
of STP Ltd., Chairman of STP Texsa Ltd. & STP Speciality Chemicals.                    visionary leadership, Calcutta Metropolitan Group joined hands with
                                                                                       KMDA to develop HILAND PARK and its retail wing Metropolis. Hi-land
Kishore Biyani, MD, Pantaloon Retail India Ltd.                                        Park is the largest residential complex with thousands of apartments
                                                                                       and duplexes in Kolkata. After this grand success he has now taken up
Biyani heads India's largest retail organisation, Pantaloon Retail (India)
                                                                                       the charge of Riverbank Holdings Pvt Ltd. The company has joined
Limited, a Pantaloons Knowledge Group Company. Pantaloon Retail
                                                                                       with Bata India Ltd to create another idyllic city at our own BATANAGAR.
has two formats of retail operations 'Lifestyle Retailing' with the
departmental store format focusing on fashion retailing under the                      Suresh Singaravelu, Chief Executive, The Forum
Pantaloons brand, and the showcase seamless mall under the Central                     A management professional with over 30 years of work experience in
brand; and 'Value Retailing' with the hypermarket discount store Big                   diverse fields. Suresh has been involved with several of the leading
Bazaar brand, and the food & grocery retail format under the Food Bazaar brand. A      property developers of South India and is one of the founder members
contrarian at heart, Biyani prides in being Indian and advocates 'Indianness' as a     of The Foundation for Fair Practices in Property Development. He is
core value driving his company.                                                        currently the Chief Executive of The Forum, the mall and retail
                                                                                       infrastructure creation initiative of the Prestige Group, Bangalore which
Neel C Raheja, Managing Director, K Raheja                                             covers over two million square feet.
With11 years of industry experience in Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality                V Vaidyanathan, Country Head-Retail Banking, ICICI Bank Ltd.
and Entertainment with a special focus on Hospitality and Mall
Development, he has visualized and developed the “Inorbit” shopping                    Vaidyanathan is Senior General Manager, ICICI Bank and currently
mall at Malad. He is also involved in the “Crossword” retail business                  heads Retail Banking. He is also the MD of one of ICICI Bank's 100%
and takes active interest in customer satisfaction and human resource                  subsidiary, ICICI Home Finance Co. Ltd. In his role as the Retail
development aspects of the Shoppers' Stop business. He was                             Banking Head, he is responsible for building the strategic framework of
responsible for the development of the first phase of the Company's Hotel Complex      the Retail Business and laying the foundation for a strong and
comprising of the Marriott Executive Apartment and the Renaissance Mumbai Hotel        sustainable consumer business. Vaidyanathan joined ICICI Bank in
& Convention Centre.                                                                   2000 and has been instrumental in setting up the retail business for ICICI.
                                                                                       Yogesh Samat, CEO, Inorbit Malls India
Pia Singh, MD, DLF entertainment venture DT Cinema & The Retail
                                                                                       Samat a post graduate in Management from IIM, Bangalore & a
Business of the Group
                                                                                       Chartered Financial Analyst, joined Inorbit Mall as Chief Executive in
An alumni of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, US, Pia                       2004. He spearheaded the foray for HLL into the beauty services
Singh started her career with the risk underwriting department in GE                   business by starting the Lakme Beauty Salon chain in 2000, building it
Capital; building DLF Golf and Country Club; running Digital Talkies.                  into a 40 salon chain in three years. In 2003, he was appointed the
Her aim is to lead DLF Retail Ventures as a reputed National Player.                   CEO at Barista Coffee Company.
                                                       International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc.

When you attend the ICSC Conference, one single fee includes
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the following:                                                                       Second Annual ICSC - INDIA
• 2 days of Conference Sessions (August 29 & 30)
• Lunch and refreshments each day (August 29 & 30)                              Shopping Center & Retail Conference
• Conference Notes                                                                     29th- 30th August 2005, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai
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nearest Indian Consulate for visa formalities.                             By Mail: ICSC INDIA, 38(Aptt.#3 & 4)
ICSC - INDIA ADVISORY BOARD                                                          Sadhna Enclave,Panchsheel Park,
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• Mr. B. S. Nagesh                                                         By Email:
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• Mr. Darshan Mehta
  President, Arvind Brands Ltd., Bangalore                                Please submit one form for each delegate, even if paying for a
• Mr. Dharmesh Jain                                                       group. Photocopied forms may be used for additional
  Chairman & MD, Nirmal Group of Companies, Mumbai                        delgates. Please complete all sections of this form using
• Mr. Kishore Biyani                                                      BLOCK LETTERS.
  MD, Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, Mumbai
• Mr. Krish Iyer                                                          First Name_________________________________________
  ED & CEO, Piramyd Retail & Merchandising Ltd., Mumbai                   Family Name_________________________________________
• Mr. Rahul Saraf
  MD, Sunsam Properties, Kolkata                                          Positon/Title_____________________________________
• Ms. Renuka Ramnath                                                      Company_________________________________________
  MD & CEO, ICICI Venture Funds Management Company Ltd.,
  Mumbai                                                                  Postal Address______________________________________
• Mr. Sanjay Chandra                                                      ______________________________________________________
  Director, Unitech Limited, Gurgaon
• Mr. Shravan Gupta                                                       Phone________________________________________________
  MD, MGF Developments Ltd
                                                                          Mobile No.____________________________________________
• Mr. Suresh Singaravelu
  Chief Executive, The Forum, Prestige Estates Projects (P) Ltd.,         Fax_______________________________________________
• Mr. V. Vaidyanathan
  Country Head - Retail Banking, ICICI Bank Ltd., Mumbai                  ICSC Membership No.___________________________________

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES                                               PAYMENT OPTIONS (Please tick your choice below)
                  Before August 10, 2005       After August 10, 2005      o OPTION 1
ICSC MEMBER              US$300                        US$350             Charge my     o Amex             o Mastercard          o Visa
                         (Rs.15,000)                   (Rs.17,500)
                                                                          Total US$/ Rs.________________________________________________
NON MEMBER               US$400                        US$450
                         (Rs.20,000)                   (Rs.22,500)        Name (please print)____________________________________________
                                                                          Card Number_________________________________________________
• Registration can only be processed when accompanied by payment.         Expiry Date__________________________________________________
• Confirmation of registration will be sent to you within one week of     Signature____________________________________________________
  receipt of payment.
                                                                          o OPTION 2
                                                                          Cheque/Bank Draft made payable to IMAGES MULTIMEDIA PVT. LTD.,
If you are unable to attend, a subsitute delegate may be arranged. Full   New Delhi.
refunds will be made for cancellations made in writing by August 16,
2005. A 50% refund for cancellations made between August 17 -22,          Mail to: Ms. Sameet Rizvi, ICSC - India, 38 (Aptt.# 3 & 4) Sadhna
2005. No refund for cancellation after August 22, 2005.                   Enclave, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi - 17, INDIA

NOTE: PROGRAM AND SPEAKERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE                                                                     2005INC

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