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					         Tiffen International Gold Steadicam Workshop
              July 24 - 29, 2011 - Sydney, Australia
 For the first time in a decade, Academy Award-winning Steadi-
 cam inventor, cinematographer and trainer Garrett Brown, and             Location: North Sydney in Oz
 Steadicam designer, cinematographer and trainer, Jerry Holway
 will lead a factory-certified Gold 5 ½ day Steadicam workshop
 in Sydney, Australia.

 Running Sunday July 24 to Friday 29th, at the new Austral-
 ian Cinematographers Society (ACS) clubhouse (and local
 environs) in North Sydney, students will have access to every
 current Steadicam rig from Ultra 2 to Smoothee, including the
                                                                   The 5 1/2 day Australian Gold Steadicam Workshop will be held
 amazing Tango, as well as the latest grip and vehicle mount
                                                                   at the ACS’ new clubhouse in North Sydney, giving students
 gear, electronic and film cameras and lenses plus remote focus
                                                                   access to a great range of local environs for a wide variety of
 rigs, wireless transmitters, filters and accessories.
                                                                   instructional and creative training and shooting options. Sydney
                                                                   Harbour (seen here from McMahon’s Pt North Sydney) is only 5
 The course is limited to 20 students and is designed for anyone
 interested in operating Steadicam professionally, from begin-     minutes drive from the ACS Ridge Street clubhouse.
 ners looking at a career as a Steadicam operator to seasoned
 professionals seeking to enhance their skills with the world’s
 best trainers.
                                                                       Trainer/inventor Garrett Brown
 The course fee of US$3500 includes all meals, the Steadicam
 Operator’s Handbook by Jerry Holway and Laurie Hayball, all
 course materials, data on all equipment, plus Steadicam and
 ACS caps and shirts. Students work in groups of 4-5 each with
 a professional Steadicam operator/trainer plus Jerry and Gar-
 rett. Students move between tasks and trainers, gaining the
 broadest range of theoretical and practical experience from
 Academy and ACS award winning operators. Accommodation
 (and travel to Sydney) are the only additional costs.

 Those interested in attending this most comprehensive, fac-
 tory-certified Steadicam Operator’s training course (based on
 the US and European workshops) should contact Brett Smith at
 Tiffen immediately on +61 (0) 417 663 803 or bsmith@tiffen.       Working with Jerry as co-trainer for the 5 1/2 course is Steadi-
 com Further information can be obtained at www.flysteadicam       cam inventor Garrett Brown (more at
 .com or by filling out the application form on the back page.     ), back in Australia for the first time in 10 years, a period that
                                                                   has seen fully involved with Steadicam in a complete change in
                                                                   the Steadicam line-up from the Archer 2 and Ultra 2 to Phantom
Workshop Trainer/inventor Jerry Holway                             & Tango.

                                                                   Garrett Brown is best known as the Oscar-winning inventor of
                                                                   the Steadicam™. He has shot with it on nearly 100 movies in-
                                                                   cluding Rocky, The Shining and Return of the Jedi.

                                                                   Workshop organisers & supporters
                                                                                                The Australian Steadicam Workshop
                                                                                                is conducted by Tiffen International,
                                                                                                manufacturers of Steadicam, with the
                                                                                                great support of Lemac Film & Digital
                                                                                                (, Australian dis-
                                                                                                tributors of Steadicam, and the Austral-
Jerry Holway (above right) is the Steadicam® operator’s opera-
                                                                                                ian Cinematographers Society (ACS
tor and instructor. He’s worked on many features, commercials,
industrials, and documentaries. He’s also an author and an
award winning Director of Photography and a patented inventor.
                                                                                                expertise, logistics and mentoring to
                                                                                                students, trainers and the Australian film
The 5 1/2 day workshop is based on The Steadicam® Opera-                                        and video production industry.
tor’s Handbook by Jerry Holway and Laurie Hayball (more at         The Australian Gold Steadicam Workshop is run by Tiffen International Ltd Europe ) and will be lead by Jerry and Garrett        - 5 Avonbury Bus. Park. Howes Lane. Bicester OX26 2UA, UK. Course information
Brown, as well as five professional Steadicam operators from            available at or email Brett Smith
                                                                         Head office: The Tiffen Company 90 Oser Avenue Hauppauge NY 11788
Australia and New Zealand.                                                   Tel: +1 631 273 2500 Fax: +1 631 273 2557
             Course Outline, Fees and Requirements
                              Sunday July 24 - Friday July 29, 2011
                              5 ½ days (Sunday 2.00pm to Friday 5.00pm) plus Wrap Party                               Need to know more?
Workshop Type                 Factory-certified Gold 5 ½ day Steadicam Operators Workshop
Student Type                  All Camera Operators, with or without Steadicam experience
Achievement                   Steadicam Operators Proficiency Certificate endorsed by Tiffen
Course Fee                    US$3,500 (includes meals, notes, merchandise: excludes hotel)
Payment Schedule              Deposit US$500.00 by April 25, 2011. Full payment May 30, 2011
Location,                     Sydney, Australia (North Sydney)
Venue                         ACS Clubhouse, 26 Ridge Street, North Sydney and environs
Organisers                    Tiffen International Europe, and the Tiffen Company (USA) with
                              support from Lemac Film & Digital and the ACS
Inclusions                    Steadicam Handbook, Course Notes, caps & tee’s
Meals                         All meals, continental Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,
                              plus all day Coffee/tea/cold drinks at ACS Clubhouse
No of Students                Maximum 20, groups of 4-5, rotating tasks/trainers over 5 ½ days
No of Trainers                2 x Lead Trainers plus one trainer per group (plus assistants)
Lead Trainers                 Jerry Holway and Garrett Brown
Trainer/assistants            TBC (Harry Panagiotidis, Phil Balsdon and three others)                                 For further information on
Syllabus (see below)          US Arrowhead/Maine & European Gold Workshops, based on                                  this course or anything
                              Steadicam Operators Handbook by Jerry Holway & Laurie Hayball
                                                                                                                      Steadicam & to register
Steadicam Rigs                Steadicam Ultra 2, Phantom, Clipper, Archer 2, Zephyr,
                                                                                                                      for the Australian Work-
                              Tango, Scout, Pilot & Merlin. (extra Vests for each rig)
                                                                                                                      shop newsletter/mailer
Cameras & Lenses              Film and Video, prime and zoom lenses from major suppliers.
                                                                                                                      please email Brett Smith at
Grip Equipment                Soft & hard mount, vehicle mount grip accessories for Steadicam
Transport                     included to and from remote venues (Hotels are walking distance)
                                                                                                                      or call +61 (0) 417 663 803

     Guide to what’s in a 5 1/2 workshop syllabus
Below is a guide only on what you’ll eat & learn at the Australian Workshop over 5 1/2 days from 2.00pm Sunday to 5.00pm Friday
                                                                    General Meal Times (Coffee, Tea, cold drinks provided all day)
                                                                     7.00-8.30am   Breakfast
                                                                     12.00-1.00pm Lunch
                                                                     6.00-7.30pm   Dinner

                                                                    Workshop Instruction Begins! (Space denotes break)
                                                                    - Basic explanation of Steadicam system, Adjusting the vest & arm,
                                                                    - First steps and walking with the rig, Two-handed technique
                                                                    - The first of many line dances, Stopping and starting
                                                                    - Balancing and mounting the camera, Balancing of the rig,
                                                                    - Booming and tilting, Panning and tracking,
                                                                    - Missionary to Don Juan, Making switches, More line dances
                                                                    - First shots, Dynamic balance, Inertial control, Building & balancing the rig
                                                                    - Using the motorized stage, Using the integral tilt head
                                                                    - More line dances, Circling, Practice and review
                                                                    - Negotiating tight spaces, Navigation aids, Low Mode & Goofy Foot
                                                                    - Re-work shots
                                                                    - Balancing for the shot, Continue with low mode and Goofy Foot shots,
                                                                    - Working with others, Working with vehicles
                                                                    - Safety issues, Hot & cold climates, Wet weather, Wind, Review & Practice
                                                                    - Shot design, POV’s, Super high and low modes, Practice shots revisited
                                                                    - Balancing for the shot, Whip pans, The Business of Steadicam,
                                                                    - The Ray and other diabolical dances, More practice shots
                                                                    - The Moving Camera, Remote focus equipment & other accessories,
                                                                    - Review, practice
                                                                    - Class Photo, All the final details, Hand out certificates

         Tiffen International Ltd Europe - 5 Avonbury Bus. Park. Howes Lane. Bicester OX26 2UA, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 870 100 1220 Fax: +44 (0) 1869 321 766
                                           Email: Tiffen websites -
           The Tiffen Company 90 Oser Avenue Hauppauge NY 11788 Tel: +1 631 273 2500 Fax: +1 631 273 2557 - March 29, 2011
Walking and driving distance
Below are some suggestions for nearby hotels, but note that North
Sydney and the North Shore in general (that’s north over the Sydney
Harbour Bridge) offers a wide range of boutique hotel options. If you
don’t mind the 15 minute taxi ride, there are many more hotels of eve-
ry standard in Sydney city and Darling Harbour (south of the Harbour      ACS welcomes Steadicam
bridge)Rates are in Australian Dollars (currently AUD1.00 = USD1.00)     workshop to new clubhouse
                                                                     The Australian Cinematographers
North Shore Hotel - 21-room boutique hotel - North Sydney – 3 star
                                                                     Society (ACS) are ever so ex-
Standard ($114) Superior ($124) Deluxe ($139) and Self-contained
                                                                     cited about their new clubhouse
Family (2 can Share for $154)
                                                                     at Ridge St, North Sydney. De-
Breakfast - $6.50 - Wifi $5/hr, $20/24hr
                                                                     signed to give ACS members and
7 mins walk from North Shore Hotel to ACS Clubhouse
                                                                     their guests an ‘industry’ home
                                                                     base while in Sydney, the ACS
Mclaren Hotel - Heritage Mansion - North Sydney – good 3 star
                                                                     also encourages the use of the
Rates from $164 - $190 - Standard to Deluxe
                                                                     clubhouse for training, informa-
4 mins walk from Maclaren Hotel to ACS Clubhouse
                                                                     tion and social events. Equipped
                                                                     with 3D monitor, 2K Projection
Ridges Hotel - High Rise-style hotel - North Sydney - 3 - 4 star
                                                                     and surround sound, it will be
Standard ($154 - advance booking, rack rate - $200
                                                                     the ideal venue for Tiffen/Steadi-
7 mins walk from Rydges to ACS Clubhouse
                                                                     cam’s Australian gold workshop.
                                                                     Interested in joining the ACS, or
Harbourside Apartment - Bring the family – McMahons Point,
                                                                     discussing the use of their facili-
Studio (non-view, or view) $209-275, 1-bedroom ($259-$345) or to
                                                                     ties? Then please contact Presi-
2-bedroom $495
                                                                     dent Ron Johanson at rjohanson@
31 minutes uphill walk or 7 minute drive from HarbourSide to the ACS
                                                            or visit

    Visit the SMPTE exhibition while you’re in Sydney - July 19 - 22, 2011
                                                        APPLICATION FORM
                      Tiffen Steadicam Australian Gold Workshop July 24-29, 2011
COURSE                      Factory certified Gold 5 ½ day Steadicam Operator’s Workshop
COURSE FEE                  US$3500.00
LOCATION                    ACS Clubhouse, 26 Ridge St, North Sydney (and local environs), Australia

SKILL LEVEL                 From first timers or beginners to advanced operators


Name _______________________________________________________________________

Company Name_______________________________________________________________



CITY ___________________________STATE_____________________POSTCODE________


PHONE No 1_________________________ PHONE No 2_____________________________



T-SHIRT SIZE_________________________________________________________________

NAME ON CERTIFICATE________________________________________________________


Are you a video or film camera operator?__________How Long?__________Yrs

Have you operated a Steadicam or stabilizer rig?______________ How long?_________Yrs

Type of Production (feature, sport, wedding, drama)_______________________________________

Recent Projects or credits___________________________________________________________

DO YOU OWN A STEADICAM?______ Model___________________________________________

Do you own or operate another rig?______Brand?__________________Model_________________


Hotel Preference (not included in course fee - but we can get you a good deal

SINGLE or SHARE TWIN (with another Student or your partner!)__________________________

COURSE PAYMENT – requires a deposit of US$500.00 in April or full amount of US$3,500 - If deposit only is paid, then
balance of US$3,000.00 is due by May 30. 2011

Payment by Paypal______Yes/No                      Payment by Credit Card ______Yes/No

Type of Card: Visa______Mastercard________Amex________Diners Club

Please fax back your completed form to Brett Smith in Australia on Fax +61 (0) 2 9453 9091 or scan and email to bsmith@ We will confirm your space in the workshop within one day and advise you of payment details within one week of
your application. The Tiffen International Steadicam Workshop team.

          The Australian Gold Steadicam Workshop is run by Tiffen International Ltd Europe - 5 Avonbury Bus. Park. Howes Lane. Bicester OX26 2UA, UK.
                                  Course information available at or email Brett Smith
                                            Head office: The Tiffen Company 90 Oser Avenue Hauppauge NY 11788
                                               Tel: +1 631 273 2500 Fax: +1 631 273 2557

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