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									                             NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL
                                  PARENT BULLETIN
Phone: (02) 49 69 3177
Fax:    (02) 49 61 2912                                           March 2007
E-Mail: newcastle-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

               The next meeting of the P&C Association
                 will be the Annual General Meeting
                held Monday 12 March 2007 – 5.15pm

                                                       Newcastle High School Supports Guide
DESK                                                   Dogs Association, NSW.

Visit by Carmel Tebbut, The Honourable
Minister for Education
Carmel Tebbut, Minister for Education, visited
our school and announced some important
plans for improvement to our facilities. The
Minister has allocated funds for the
refurbishment of 7 Science laboratories and
2 kitchens as well as the construction of a new
kitchen and upgrades to student toilets. During
her visit the Minister viewed a science class,
chatted with students in the newly opened
senior study and viewed a recording session in
our music Recording Studio.
                                                       At the end of 2006 the staff and students
School Improvement                                     celebrated the spirit of Christmas giving, by
I am pleased to report that Departmental data          raising $500 which was to be donated to a local
recently released on our school’s academic             charity. The Newcastle Branch of the Guide
performance indicates very significant gains           Dog Association of NSW was drawn from the
made in our target areas of last year. In              nominations in a barrel.
particular, the “value added” to student
achievement from the School Certificate to the         On Thursday 22 February, Regional Manager,
HSC was strongly positive for lower achieving,         John Payne was presented with the cheque by
middle achieving and high achieving students. A        our Relieving Principal – Mr Peter Kilburn and
more detailed analysis will be published in our        our School Captains – Eleni Nicolas and Ben
Annual School Report. I feel confident that the        Ling.
gains made in 2006 are being strongly
reinforced in 2007.                                    In thanking the school, Mr Payne said that there
                                                       are approximately 45 people who require the
Timetable Changes                                      assistance of the Guide Dog Services in the
A new timetable will be implemented in the             Hunter Valley. The average working life of the
week beginning 12 March. The timetable is              guide dog, usually a Labrador or Golden
needed to reflect our new staffing entitlement         Retriever is between 6-8 years. Donations from
and the distribution of students between their         the public are a vital factor in ensuring the
various courses. Our school and our staff are          ongoing support provided by this invaluable
committed to ensuring that student learning will       organisation.    Anyone interested in offering
not be compromised with these changes.                 support can contact John at their offices,
                                                       telephone 4925 3066.

P Kilburn                                              M Kempton and J Rohr
Relieving Principal                                    Fund raising co-ordinators
                                  March Parent Bulletin 2006 – Page 1
                                                           First Term is moving on and we are about to
        TERM DATES 2007                                    send home the first of our End of Unit Evaluation
TERM 1                                                     Reports for Years Seven and Eight.
Monday 05/03/07    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
                   orders being taken                      These reports will detail what a student has
Thursday 29/03/07 School Photos                            achieved and any areas that are a concern.
Tuesday 03/04/07   School Photos for special               Parents are encouraged to contact the Faculty to
                   groups                                  discuss the reports. Hopefully these reports will
Wednesday 04/04/07 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts                  provide a concrete starting point for discussions
                   orders delivery day                     at Parent and Teacher evenings.
Thursday 05/4/07 Term One concludes
Friday    06/4/07 Good Friday                              The parents of all Year Twelve students were
                                                           sent a letter explaining the importance of
                                                           submitting draft copies of assessment tasks prior
TERM 2                                                     to the due date. Teachers report that there has
Monday      23/4/07    Staff returns                       been substantial activity within the group and
Tuesday     24/4/07    Students return                     many practice tasks have been lodged.

                                                           The faculty is currently organising an excursion
                                                           for several junior years and more information will
                                                           be available when final details are determined.
                                                           A Burford
XCEL is a unit of work which is designed to                Relieving Head Teacher English
promote effective learning and specifically cater
for the needs of Stage 4 students at Newcastle
High School, by Newcastle High School                      FOOD and TEXTILE
XCEL investigates a range of learning styles
aiming to heighten student awareness of                    Some of our Year 7 students will have the
learning. XCEL encompasses all subject areas               opportunity to attend an excursion to Luna Park
and addresses responsibility and student                   on the 19 March 2007 to complement a Year 7
accountability of and for their own learning.              unit of work called “Just For Fun”. In this unit of
                                                           work students are designing and producing an
This project has generated interest from a variety         aspect of their very own theme park, which could
of different government and community bodies               include models, show bags, rides, etc. It is
wishing to become involved in this unique                  hoped that by attending Luna Park they will get
initiative. The XCEL Project Development Team              inspiration that may assist them in their design
has received significant funding from the                  work.
Australian     Government    Quality    Teaching
Program along with considerable contributions,             Year 7 students who do not attend this semester
both financial and supportive from The Wetlands            because they are studying Technology in the
Centre, Hunter Water and Newcastle City                    Industrial Arts area will have the opportunity to
Council, without whom the XCEL program would               attend the second Luna Park excursion
not have become a reality.                                 scheduled for the 20 August.

To this end all of Year 7 will be attending an             S Munro
XCEL excursion to the Wetlands on Friday 9 May             Head Teacher Food and Textile Technology
to undertake activities being studied in this unit of

A Jones
Relieving Deputy Principal

                                      March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 2
                                                          John has an uncanny way of involving students
TRAVEL PASSES                                             in his presentations.     Many spoke to him
                                                          personally afterwards and requested his email to
If a student changes his/her address – He/she
                                                          keep in touch.
needs to contact Mrs Pace in the front office for a
new application form for travel, ie pass (rail,
                                                          Website: johnpcoutis.com
private bus/state transit, bus/ferry).
                                                          Email: born2be@bigpond.net.au
Travel applications must have same address. If
a different address is given, application can be          Report on motivational speaker 5 March 2007.
refused.                                                  I think the speech was very motivating. John
                                                          speech was an inspiration. He taught us to live
A Jones                                                   the life to the best because you only get one
Relieving Deputy Principal                                chance and that there is less fortunate people in
                                                          the world than us, so we should be grateful. He
                                                          also told us that you should not be worried about
VOCATIONAL EDUCATION                                      the way you look or the way you talk and walk
                                                          and he also said that you should not bully other
AND TRAINING                                              people and it does not matter if you win or lose.
                                                          I think he taught me a lot, I hope everyone else
Work placement is a compulsory component of               learnt a lot today.
all Vocational Education courses in Years 11 and          Amy Porter
12.    Students are required to successfully              Yr 7 Student
complete a minimum of 70 hours in the specific
industry of study.                                        Mr Coutis
                                                          On Monday students from Year 12, 11 and some
Essential to the success of this program is the           from the junior years were enlightened by a
support of local business industry personnel who          motivational speaker. He told us of personal
provide time and resources to assist students             experiences and stories of different instances.
through their education and training endeavours.          Most importantly, he related to the students and
                                                          inspired each and everyone of us to reach our
Participation of the following establishments             potential and live our lives to the fullest, no
during February is greatly appreciated:                   matter the circumstances. I am sure his jokes
Café de Beaumont, Croudace Tea House,                     and quick witted humour will long be
Boulevard on Beaumont, Mary Ellen Hotel, The              remembered.
Clarendon Hotel, Lingard Private Hospital, Juicy          Thank you Mr Coutis for your insightful visit.
Beans Café, Brewery Bites and Washingtons                 Jen Spear
Restaurant, Stockton.                                     Yr 12 Student

R Murphy                                                  “I murmured because I had no shoes. Until I met
Hospitality Co-ordinator                                  a man with no feet” (Persian Proverb)
S Munro                                                   This man is like no other man I’ve ever met.
Head Teacher Food and Textile Technology                  He is man with disabilities; it is a struggle for him
                                                          to get up every single morning.
                                                          Even though it is a struggle, he made time to
John Coutis - Motivational                                come and talk to us.
                                                          John had problems since the day he was born;
Speaker                                                   doctors told his mother that he would not last a
                                                          day. But he lasted for months, years and now he
“John P Coutis is an exceptional person. Born             is HAPPY, he’s been happy despite his constant
with a severe disability that rendered his legs           struggle for the 47 years of his life.
useless. John defied medical opinion by refusing          When I looked into John’s eyes I saw pain but
to die.                                                   also joy and happiness. It was one of the most
Today John speaks all around the world to tens            inspiring moments of my life to listen to his life
of thousands, very enthusiastic and eager                 story. This man made peace with the fact that he
people, whom he leaves breathless.”                       is not able to walk, everyday he fights his pain
                                                          and desperation and he never gave up.
On Monday 5 March students from all years were            John travels around the world giving kids this
given the opportunity to hear John Coutis.                message: “Don’t let a problem take away your
                                     March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 3
happiness. Never retreat and never surrender”.
John’s words are said with passion, he gives kids
                                                           INDUSTRIAL ARTS
a push to make peace with what they don’t have,            Analysis of HSC Results 2006
and he wants us to grow up fighters, fighters for          HSC results for 2006 were very pleasing. In
our happiness.                                             Engineering Studies, two students scored a
John used lost of quotes in his speech; my                 band
favourite one was “Don’t let life live you”. “I think      5    and    three
these words meant something to everyone”.                  students scored
John, thank you for sharing with us your amazing           a band 4. The
abilities to never give up, to struggle against            remaining four
difficulties and problems and giving a chance to           student scored
kids to enjoy life.                                        band 3.      The
Alexandra Savkov                                           results for this
Yr 9 Student                                               subject     were
                                                           slightly    (1.91
M Rennie                                                   marks)     below
Head Teacher Welfare                                       the State average but still very pleasing. In
                                                           Design and Technology, results were slightly
                                                           above the State average (1.55) with two students
Year 9 Camp 2007                                           gaining band 4 and one student gaining a
                                                           band 3. All of the Major works and folios were
Students from Year 9 will be attending camp at             extremely well constructed and presented and
Jindabyne in 2007. The scheduled date for the              were a credit to the students concerned.
camp is Term 2, Week 4, Monday 14 May until
Friday 18 May.                                             Industrial Technology results were also very
                                                           pleasing with one student gaining a band 5, two
More information will be given to students                 students a band 4 and all other students gaining
regarding cost and available activities during the         a band 3. Results were again slightly above the
next week.                                                 State average (0.89) for this course. Once again
                                                           the quality of the Major Works was extremely
As for our camps in Year 7, 2005 and Year 8,               pleasing with all candidates producing high
2006 we are anticipating large numbers and are             quality projects.
putting in place a comprehensive program for
students to be involved in.                                What’s Happening in
M Rennie and G Jenness                                     A new Hafco Geared
Yr 9 Year Advisers                                         Head Mill Drill Drilling
                                                           machine (seen here)
Winter Uniform Update 2007                                 has been purchased
                                                           from the Investing in
Students have two choices for jumpers,                     Our Schools Grant.
either a plain navy jumper or the school                   This will make a huge
jersey as for 2006.                                        difference for those
                                                           students working in the
The navy jumpers are available from Lowes.                 Metal’s    Technology
                                                           area and will significantly improve the learning
School jersey can be purchased from school
                                                           environment for the students and staff at
at a cost of $70. Please pay at the front                  Newcastle High School.
                                                           We continue to focus on the further development
Parents please note students will not be                   of our new programs and the quality of the
allowed to wear coloured jumpers or jumpers                teaching and learning in our Industrial Arts
with logos other than NHS during school                    Classrooms.
hours. If your child has the incorrect jumper
                                                           D Campton
they will be loaned a school jumper for the
                                                           Head Teacher Industrial Arts

                                      March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 4
                                                          We have recently completed our school
                                                          swimming carnival/zone trials at Stockton Pool.
                                                          All students who attended should be
                                                          congratulated on their efforts and behaviour.
                                                          Well Done!
                                                          Special congratulations to our Newcastle High
YEAR 11 FUNDRAISER                                        School Age Swimming Champions for 2007.
                                                          They are:
Year 11 students will be selling Krispy Kreme
Doughnuts this term for $14.00 a box of 12.               Age   Girls             Age     Boys
Orders will start being taken Monday 5 March              12    Taylah Douglas    12      Brayden Petersen
and the delivery will take place during the last          13    Ebony Petersen    13      Caleb Munro
week of term on Wednesday (4 April). Our aim is           14    Emily Chaffey     14      Will Dawes
to sell 200 boxes this year. There will also be           15    Hannah Lemke      15      Mitchel Drew
individual Krispy Kremes sold on the delivery                                     16      Luke Ison
day.                                                      17+   Aleisha Prigg     17+     Callan Nickerson
Why not try something different this Easter and
treat your family to a box. Remember, they                After a successful school swimming carnival,
                                                          over 30 competitors went on to compete in the
freeze really well.
                                                          Zone Swimming Carnival at Mayfield Pool on
Students can collect an order sheet from                  27 February.
Mrs Ellis in the FATTS staffroom during any               Each of the Newcastle High School competitors
recess or lunchtime, or you may complete the              performed well and exhibited excellent behaviour
order sheet appearing in this bulletin. Orders            and a positive approach to competition. Some
must be paid for in full at time of ordering. It is       particularly outstanding results go to Emily
asked that orders AND money be placed in an               Chaffey, Hannah Lemke, Aleisha Prigg and the
envelope with the name and year of student on             girls in the 14 Yrs Relay Team.
the outside if possible.
                                                          Knockout Competition
Orders will be available for collection from 11am         Our Knockout Competitions are under way for
onwards from Food Technology 3 (the portable              2007.
kitchen) by parents. Students will be asked to
collect at lunchtime.                                     We have included a list of the Knockout
                                                          Competitions that we enter during the year and
There will also be selected Year 11 students              the teachers who coach these teams. We have
taking orders.                                            also included information on trials for Hunter
                                                          Region Sporting teams for this year.
I look forward to delivering to you some yummy
                                                          This information is conveyed to the students via
Krispy Kremes just in time for your Easter
                                                          DAILY NOTICES and on the noticeboard outside
                                                          the PD/H/PE Staffroom.
D Ellis and C Edwards                                     Students who play in these teams or attend trials
Year 11 Year Advisers                                     are marked as being present at school and are
                                                          expected to see their teachers or friends to catch
                                                          up any missed work.
                                                          Students will only be allowed to represent in
                                                          these teams if they satisfactorily attend and
                                                          participate appropriately in their school sport
                                                          Any enquiries should be directed to Mr Wagner
                                                          or Mrs Blatchford at the PD/H/PE staffroom.
                                                          P Wagner and N Blatchford

                                     March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 5
Sport Organisers

                   March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 6
March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 7
March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 8
                           If interested in attending the trials to be selected in a
                                   HUNTER REGION SPORTING TEAM
                          You must see Mr Wagner (Boys) / Mrs Blatchford (Girls)
                                        Prior to the notification date.
                                      Regional Trials – Term 2, 3 & 4
Note: All events are OPEN unless specified.
                  Sport                    Date of Trial           Venue                 Notification
                  Lawn Bowls               Mon 2 April             Trials conducted      Wed 21 March
Term 2
                                                                   as part of CHS
                                           Week 2
                                                                   K/O + Single Trials
                  Boys Rugby Union         Thurs 26 April          Learmonth Park        Thurs 19 April
                                           Week 1                  Hamilton
                  Boys Touch               Fri 4 May               Touch Fields          Fri 27 April
                                           Week 2                  Broadmeadow
                  Girls Touch              Mon 7 May               Uni of N’cle          Fri 27 April
                                           Week 3                  Sports Field
                  Boys & Girls Squash      Mon 7 May               Cardiff Squash        Thurs 26 April
                                           Week 3
                  Boys & Girls                   Selected from Zone & Regional
                  Cross Country            Carnivals     Fri 25 May – Week 5
                  Girls Rhythmic           Fri 8 June              Lakeside Gym          Tues 22 May
                  Gymnastics               Week 7                  Gateshead
                  Girls & Boys             Fri 8 June              Lakeside Gym          Wed 23 May
                  Artistic Gymnastics      Week 7                  Gateshead
                  Boys Softball            Wed 20 June             Stevenson Oval        Thurs 14 June
                                                                   Mayfield West
                                           Week 9
                  Girls Tennis             Fri 22 June             District Park Cts     Thurs 14 June
                                           Week 9
                  Boys & Girls             Wed 27 June             Belmont High          Wed 20 June
                  Trampoline               Week 10
                  Boys & Girls             Selected from Zone & Regional
Term 3
                  Athletics                    Carnivals    25 and 26 July Week 2
                  Boys Tennis              Fri 24 August           District Park Cts     Thurs 16 August
                  (15 yrs & under)         Week 6
                  Girls Softball           Wed 28 Nov              Stevenson Oval        Thurs 22 Nov
Term 4
                                                                   Mayfield West
                  (to compete in 2008)     Week 7

                  Girls Cricket            Thurs 29 Nov            Harker Oval           Thurs 22 Nov
                  (to compete in 2008)     Week 7                  New Lambton
                  Boys Cricket             Thurs 6 Dec             Maitland Park         Thurs 29 Nov
                  (to compete in 2008)     Week 8                  (SMR Wickets)

                                     March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 9
Congratulations to two of our students Jamie
Watters and Tiana Eades who have gained a
Traineeship with the Commonwealth Bank. This
involves the girls undertaking one day a week
work at the bank with half day at TAFE. This
combined with Year 11 studies keeps these girls
very busy.                                              VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!
On the 7 March we hope to attend a KOORI                2007 READING TUTOR PROGRAM
HEALTH EXPO.           This will outline careers
available within the health industry.                   The Reading Tutor Program is about to
                                                        recommence.      Last years program assisted
Our group have a number of activities planned           students across the curriculum from Years 7
for this year. At present, students are selling         through to Year 10. This year’s program is
chocolates as a fundraiser for our annual               anticipated to assist students from Years 7
excursion to CROCFEST. This is to be held in            through to Year 11 with intensive assistance in
Kempsy over September 17-21, this year. (Due            spelling, reading and subject content from all
to the large number of dance group members the          subject areas.
bus is full).
                                                        All of the work is pre-prepared; we just need
Students are reminded that if they are on a             experienced readers who have time to volunteer.
monitoring card or attendance card and work is          The more Tutors involved; the more students that
not up to standard they run the risk of not             can be assisted.
attending excursions.
                                                        Volunteers can be parents, carers, community
Belinda Wright                                          members, university students, etc. All that is
Aboriginal Education Assistant                          required is tutors to work one-on-one with
                                                        students on a regular basis.

P&C NEWS                                                Volunteer tutors do not need any special training,
                                                        just a desire to help students improve their
The AGM meeting will be held 12 March at                literacy skills. Tutors will be helped and guided
5.15pm. At this meeting our Year 7 advisors             by me, Support Teacher Learning Assistance, in
will be our guest speakers. This could be a             this matter.
perfect time to come along and find out what is
happening at the P&C.                                   If you are able to assist on a regular basis,
We particularly invite parents of new students to       please contact me (Ms Melinda Ferguson) or
take this opportunity to attend the Parents and         leave a message at the front office on
Citizens Meetings, meet us and learn more about         49 693177.
Newcastle High.                                         Proposed        Reading-Tutor       Program:
If you would like to make contact with the P&C or       Wednesday 9:09am – 11:45am
would like more information about our Investing         Friday 8:57am – 11:39am
in Schools grant email me for the DEST website
address – tony.proust@bigpond.com.                      M Ferguson
See you Monday evening.                                 Reading Tutor Program Co-ordinator

T Proust
President P&C Association

                                   March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 10
                                                          Students arriving to school during mentor are to
                                                          report to room 2 to sign in. There they will wait for
                                                          mentor to finish and then proceed to period 1
In 2007 the Year Advisers are:                            After mentor
                                                          Students arriving to school after mentor are to
Year 7  Ms B Benton                                       report to Mrs Pace's window to collect their late
        Ms A Dennis                                       slip to enter class.
Year 8  Mrs K Dover                                       For both instances the student is to provide a
        Ms J Cameron                                      note explaining their lateness that is to be
Year 9  Mr G Jenness                                      handed to their mentor teacher the next day.
        Mrs M Rennie
Year 10 Mrs M Bristow                                     Absences
        Mr G Hewitt                                       If a student is absent from school then they must,
Year 11 Mrs D Ellis                                       on their return present a parent signed note
        Mr C Edwards                                      explaining their absence to their mentor teacher.
Year 12 Mrs N Blatchford                                  If the absence is to be prolonged could you
        Ms M Manhood                                      please inform the school of the expected duration
                                                          of the absence.
             Head Teachers                                Early Leavers
ENGLISH (relieving)   Mr A Burford                        To obtain permission to leave school early
MATHEMATICS           Mr D Woods                          students are to present to their mentor teacher a
SCIENCE               Mr J Longobardi                     permission note signed by their parent detailing
HSIE                  Mr M Smith                          the student's full name, year, contact phone
PERFORMING ARTS       Mr M Kempton                        number and legitimate reason for leaving early.
                                                          If the reason is accepted the Early Leaver's card
INDUSTRIAL ART        Mr D Campton                        can be collected from Mrs Pacer's window at
FOOD & TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY                                 recess and lunchtime.
                      Mrs S Munro                         On Sports Days students whom wish to leave
PD/HEALTH/PE          Mr P Wagner                         early must present their permission note to
TEACHING & LEARNING   Ms P Regan                          Mr Wagner in the PE Staff room before school to
TEACHING & LEARNING   Mr P Redman                         have their note verified by him.
                                                          Partial Absences
LOTE / ESL            Mr G Davies                         A role will be marked each period. If a student is
WELFARE (relieving)   Mrs M Rennie                        found to be truant from a class a SMS text
LIBRARIAN             Mrs W Muskin                        message will be sent to parents and the student
CAREERS ADVISER       Mr S Stankewycz                     will be placed on an attendance monitoring
COUNSELLOR            Mr T Sheetrum                       program.

                                                          SMS Notification
                                                          If your child is absent from school you will be
                                                          notified by an SMS text message that will read as
                                                          Newcastle HS <class> records show that
ATTENDANCE                                                <student's name> is absent today <date>.
                                                          Please provide a reason by reply SMS
The hours of schooling are 8.45am to 3pm.                 The message will arrive on your phone
It is the responsibility of the students and parents      displaying the number 0427 705 066. This
to make appropriate transport arrangements to             number is only to send SMS messages, so
be in attendance during these times.                      not ring this number, Thank you. Parents
                                                          should store this number in their mobile phone
Mentor                                                    under "Newcastle HS" so that when the next
Mentor begins at 8.45am for all students. During          message arrives the parent is aware the
mentor attendance is marked and information               message has arrived from the school.
about the school day read out.                            Please ensure that the school has your current
                                                          mobile phone number and notify the school
Late Arrivals                                             immediately if this number changes.
During mentor
                                                          Notifying the School of Absences
                                     March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 11
Parents must notify the school of any absences
by note or SMS within 7 days of the absence
The note must explain the reason for the                   WELFARE
absence and reasons such as shopping,
hairdresser's appointments, slept in etc. are              Peanut Allergy
deemed unjustified.                                        Peanut allergy is an
Attendance is recorded on the school's central             increasingly
computer. If a justifiable reason for an absence           common food allergy,
has not been received by note or SMS within 7              especially in children. The
days of the absence the absence will be deemed             allergy is seen in about
unjustified on the school's attendance register.           one in 50 children and
This register, by law, cannot be altered. The              one in 200 adults and is the allergy most likely to
school takes its legal responsibility of "duty of          cause anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
care" very seriously.                                      and death.
You may notify the school in advance if your
child is to be absent or is going to be late. An           Unlike milk and egg allergies which children
SMS text message is the best way or you may                usually grow out of, peanut allergy often persists
phone the school.                                          into teens and adult life.
Absence Notes                                              If you think you or your child is allergic to
All notes explaining absences, lateness or                 peanuts, it’s important to know what the
requesting leave must include the following:               symptoms are. These may include:
Full Name: ______________________                               itching, especially around the mouth
Roll Class: ____________                                        swelling tongue
Date(s) of absence: ______________
                                                                flushed face
Reason for absence: ______________
                                                                difficulty breathing
Signed: ______________
                                                                cramping and nausea
Date: ___________
                                                                vomiting
Parents may also use SMS text messaging to                      diarrhoea
notify of absences.                                             loss of consciousness
                                                           Please make sure the school knows if your child
Attendance at school is a legal requirement until          has a peanut allergy so that our first aid staff are
the age of 15 years. Parents have the                      properly informed and can act appropriately.
responsibility to ensure their child attends school
and cannot give permission for their children to           Thank you.
miss school unless there is sufficient justification.
The school is expected to make judgement on                HEAD LICE
whether the reason is justifiable.                         We have recently had a number of cases of head
The school utilises the Home School Liaison                lice in the school.
Officer (HSLO) to interview those students whose
                                                           Research has found that chemical shampoos
attendances are of concern, especially when
                                                           once used to get rid of head lice are no longer
those absences are unexplained.
                                                           working as well. Head lice are developing a
Spot checks by the HSLO and the Police Youth
                                                           resistance to components of these shampoos.
Liaison Officers will occur at locations outside of
the school.                                                The best advice is to stick to the tried-and-true
                                                           method of white hair conditioner, a nit comb and
Regular attendance is a key factor in school               lots of elbow grease! If this is done every 3 days
success. It is also, along with punctuality, a virtue      over a period of 2 weeks the life cycle will be
that you the parent and the school can work                broken.
together to develop in your children.                      Please check your child’s hair. Thank you!

If anyone has any concerns regarding                       M Rennie
attendance matters please feel welcome to                  Relieving Head Teacher Welfare
phone Mr Dransfield.

R Dransfield
Attendance Coordinator

                                      March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 12
Student Exchange Australia
Bring Home a Brother or a Sister
                                                         Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
In July 2007, students aged 15-18 years, from            Host Families Needed
                                                         Join the wonderful world of international
over 15 countries will be arriving in Australia to
study at local schools for 5 to 11 months.               exchange by hosting an enthusiastic teenager for
                                                         a few months.
Opportunities exist to act as a host family in a
volunteer/unpaid capacity. Hosting can be on a
temporary, short or long term basis.                     Make a friend and memories that will last a
Host families help provide our students with the
                                                         Southern Cross Cultural Exchange needs warm
chance to study and experience life in Australia.
                                                         hearted families NOW for students arriving in
This is a great way to learn about another
                                                         July.   Students are from Italy, Germany,
country and culture, establish a lifelong link to a
family in another country and contribute to              Scandinavia and Brazil.
international goodwill. If your family can offer a
                                                         They become a part of your family including
friendly,   supportive     and    caring     home
environment, contact us today.                           doing chores and joining in the fun! Hosting is
                                                         voluntary students bring their own spending
To learn more about this opportunity call Student        money.
Exchange Australia on 1300 135 331 or visit our
                                                         For more information telephone 1800 500 501 for
website: www.studentexchange.org.au
                                                         the cost of a local call.

                                    March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 13
                              NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL
                                 SCHOOL UNIFORM

JUNIOR UNIFORM (Years 7 - 10)
Summer Uniform:
Boys :     Blue shirt, short sleeves - Navy
           blue or mid grey shorts or long
           pants. Enclosed black shoes.
                                                   SENIOR UNIFORM (Years 11 - 12)
           Sport : Red polo shirt, royal
           blue sports shorts, sports              Boys :            Navy blue or grey shorts or
           shoes.                                                    long trousers. White shirt or
                                                                     white polo shirt. Senior tie and
                                                                     blazer optional.    Navy blue
Girls :    White short sleeve blouse.                                plain pullover/jumper or navy
           Red and blue plaid pleated                                blue jersey with school crest.
           skirt. Enclosed black shoes.                              Enclosed black shoes.

           Sport : Red polo shirt, royal                             Sport : Red polo shirt, royal
           blue sports shorts or sports                              blue sports shorts, sport shoes.
           skirt, sport shoes.

                                                   Girls :           Navy panel skirt (tetron) with
Winter Uniform:
                                                                     white standard shirt or navy
Boys :     Blue long sleeve shirt - Navy                             blue slacks.        Navy blue
           blue or mid grey shorts or navy                           pullover/ jumper or navy blue
           blue or mid grey long pants.                              jersey with school crest. Senior
           Navy blue plain pullover/jumper                           tie and blazer optional. Black
           or navy blue jersey with school                           stockings or white socks with
           crest. Enclosed black shoes.                              enclosed black shoes.
           Newcastle High School tie
           optional.                                                 Sport : Red polo shirt, royal
                                                                     blue sports shorts or sports
           Sport : Red polo shirt, royal                             skirts, sport shoes.
           blue sports shorts, sport shoes.
                                                   Please remember, black pants are NOT a
                                                   part of our school uniform!
Girls :    White long sleeve blouse with
           summer      skirt  and     black        A Jones
           stockings OR navy blue slacks.          Relieving Deputy Principal
           Navy blue plain pullover/jumper
           or navy blue jersey with school
           crest. Newcastle High School
           Tie optional.
           Enclosed black shoes.

           Sport : Red polo shirt, royal
           blue sports shorts or sports
           skirts, sport shoes.

                              March Parent Bulletin 2007 – Page 14
                              NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL
        If changing from one Parent/Care Provider to another, or if leaving home,
                      a NEW Enrolment form needs to be completed
Name/s of Student/s:________________________________________________________________

NEW Address:___________________________________________________Postcode:__________

Home Phone:________________ Father’s Mobile No:__________________________

Mother’s Mobile No:____________________

Parents Work Numbers: Father_______________________Mother___________________________

Old Address:______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact (1) Name:                                              Phone:_______________

Mobile Phone: ______________________Relationship to Student:___________________________

Emergency Contact (2) Name:                                              Phone:_______________

Mobile Phone: ______________________Relationship to Student:___________________________
Signature of Parent/Care Provider: __________________________________________________
Date: _______________________

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