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March 30, 2009

Dear Valley Neighbour:

It is time for the YMVA membership drive! We are doing things a bit differently this
year. Firstly, we are moving up the membership drive by about one month as this will
help us get the directories out to you before summer break and secondly, we are making
this first request for membership via email. While being environmentally friendly this
format also helps us save on the cost of postage and printing. We are asking residents
who receive this email and who plan to join the YMVA this year, to drop their cheque
and form (if needed) at one of the addresses listed below by April 17, 2009. A second
membership renewal notice will be sent out after April 17 via regular post to valley
residents that have not yet renewed their membership.

Membership in the YMVA offers excellent value. In celebrating our 69th anniversary this
year, the YMVA is not only one of the oldest ratepayers groups in Toronto but also one
of the most respected at City Hall. This affords us legitimacy when we advocate for our
collective interests. Our standing as a ratepayer group has been invaluable over the past
years. For example, we have been granted special consideration by the city as they
design our new roads, we have recently been able to negotiate a partial conversion of the
“Jolly Miller” Green P Parking Lot to parkland and we have successfully worked with the
city to upgrade and maintain our local parks. Also, your support contributes to the
YMVA’s ability to publish our regular newsletter, maintain our web site and cover
expenses related to valley enhancing initiatives.

YMVA Membership Process:

1. Make out a cheque for $50.00 payable to the York Mills Valley Association and
drop it off at one of the following addresses by April 17, 2009:

      11 Brookfield Road
      19 Doncliffe Drive
      25 Donwoods Drive
      14 Knightswood Road
      21 Knightswood Road
      83 Plymbridge Road

2. Once again we are welcoming cheques in excess of $50.00 – all funds in excess of
$50.00 per household will be designated to our community beautification fund.

3. Existing members should check that personal information is listed accurately in
the current directory as this information will carry over to the new directory. If
applicable, complete the attached Personal Information form and drop it off along
with your membership cheque.

4. New members are requested to provide name(s), phone number, and email
address as per the attached Personal Information form.

Note that:

       Name and phone information that is furnished will appear in the membership
       directory which is made available to all paid members unless a member
       specifically requests that their name and/or phone number be withheld.
          Email addresses are held in the strictest confidence and are used for
       community related matters only.
       If your cheque does not include your name or address, please provide the
       same to ensure payment is properly credited.

This year we once again look forward to your support in making our community of
Hoggs Hollow even stronger.


Sherry D’Costa

Membership Chair