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					cinematic orchestration
course overview

                  • Personal 1-to-1 tuition by a professional film orchestrator

                  • 30 hours of video tutorials including live orchestral sessions,
                  top session musicians, scoring demonstrations and interviews

                  • Study world famous film scores like John Williams’
                  Star Wars - the full score of the suite is included with your course

                  • Detailed instruction in every aspect of working with samples
                  and demonstrations of the major libraries

                  • 500 page course text plus dozens of scores and recordings

                  • Watch the process from first sketch through to a live
                  recording with our very own 50 piece film orchestra

                  • Challenging projects for both sampled and live orchestrators
                  with one-to-one feedback for an industry professional

                  • Hear your music performed live by soloists and ensembles
                  in our Student Sessions and get feedback from the players*

                  • Qualify to take the Diploma in Professional Orchestration

                                                        *additional fees may apply to student sessions
cinematic orchestration

Film orchestration is built on solid classical founda-
tions and this course is no exception. But the film
music that inspires many of us, has now taken on a
life of it’s own. It requires specialist techniques, a new
approach to scoring and arranging that you will never
learn from manuals written a hundred years ago.

This course will teach you both the traditional princi-
pals of orchestration and how to advance with new
technologies and techniques to produce uplifting, in-
spiring, nerve tingling orchestral music in a contempo-
rary cinematic style.

Contributors include

Alan Parker (John Williams, Howard Shore, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin)
                                                                            Where else could you watch the whole
Nick Dodd (Time Travellers Wife, Narnia, Quantum of Solace)
Nic Raine (Star Wars:The Clone Wars, Wallace and Gromit)                       process from first sketch, through
Nick Phoenix and Doug Rogers of East West Quantum Leap                      orchestration, and finally to the studio
Herb Trucmandl of the Vienna Symphonic Library                               recording with a 50 piece orchestra?
Tony Pleath (Dark Knight, Hannibal, Da Vinci Code)
John Rodd (Pirates of the Carribbean, Spiderman 2, Bourne Supremacy)
Howard Blake (The Snowman, Flash Gordon, Monster-in-Law)
                                                                             A unique opportunity to learn the art
Perry Montague Mason (Iron Man, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda)                       and craft of orchestration one-to-one
and many, many more.....                                                         from working, film professionals.

                                                                                     Above Guy Michelmore (left) the course director and
                                                                               award winning film composer, EMMY and ANNIE Nominee.
                                                                                Nic Raine (right) the Course Orchestrator and Conductor.
your tutors
These are some of the people who will listen to your work, look over your scores, listen to
your mock-ups and judge them by the standard currently expected by the industry. All our tu-
                                                                                                                             James Semple from the
tors are currently working professionally as film orchestrators or composers, including regular
                                                                                                                             UK is forging a career
sessions with live orchestra. We are the only course in the world to be able to say that.
                                                                                                                             as a film and television
                                                                                                                             composer with his foot
                Charles Fernandez, composer and orchestrator, EMMY and ANNIE Nominee                                         already firmly on the lad-
                with a host of credits for Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers and Universal.
                Charles is a graduate of University of California, Loyola University and the
                Royal College of Music. His work spans everything from orchestrating film
                trailers to concert commissions, composing and orchestrating feature films                                     “The course is an essential and
                and television. Charles is based in Los Angeles, California.                                                   comprehensive guide to work-
                                                                                                                               ing with a modern orchestra. It
                 Milton Nelson is a composer and orchestrator with credits including the
                 Haunting in Connecticut, Pokemon and Jackie Chan movies, TV shows including                                   covers thorough details of the
                 Scrubs, The Wayne Brady Show, The Tonight Show and High School Musi-                                          various orchestral instruments
                 cal: Get In The Picture. He works both with samples and live orchestra and is    and how to arrange for both small and large orchestras in
                 based in Los Angeles California.                                                 a modern cinematic style. All of the detailed course notes
                Adam Klemens is a conductor and orchestrator with credits including               are backed with hours of fantastic video footage including
                District 9 (US box office number 1), Brian Tylers score for Final Destination     some excellent interviews with seasoned orchestrators. The
                and with Mark Isham on The Bad Liuetenant. He is based in Prague where he         process of taking a MIDI mockup and turning it into a full
                has worked on dozens of Hollywood movies. He taught music theory at the           live orchestral work is detailed meticulously and an actual
                Prague Conservatiore until 2007.                                                  working example is given with video footage of the orchestra
                                                                                                  actually recording the music. The assignments are certainly
                 Robin Hoffmann is a young up and coming orchestrator with credits in             challenging and combined with the course materials will
                 both feature films and games. He studied composition at the University of        provide a thorough grounding for someone wanting to learn
                 Dresden. His music speaks volumes for his skill as an orchestrator. Check        about contemporary orchestration.”
                 out his music on our website and you’ll see why we were so keen to have
                 him join our team of tutors.
                                                                                                                     student’s view
                 Jamie Christopherson is a game and film composer based in Hollywood. He
                 has an exhaustive knowledge of sampled orchestration but also works regu-
                 larly with live orchestra on major games projects including Lord of the Rings,
                 Spiderman, Command and Conquer and Mortal Kombat.                                        “A course is only as good
                                                                                                          as the people who teach it.
 Our Real-Deal Guarantee                                                                                  And the tutors here are as
 Go to our website and you can hear examples
 of the work of each of our tutors.
                                                                                                                   good as you get.”
how it works
Who is this course aimed at?                                 Tony Pleath, who’s cello solos you would have heard on        nual tuition fee and stay as long as you like.
Musicians who want to write and arrange orchestral mu-       Hans Zimmer’s scores like Gladiator and Batman. He            Do I get a qualification?
sic in a cinematic style, whether writing for live players   plays examples and explains what different techniques         When you complete the course you will receive a Cer-
or samples. Many will be composers interested in film,       sound like in practice. Then a Hollywood orchestrator on      tificate of Course Completion. This will qualify you to
television or games. Others maybe inspired to write by       video analyses a particularly the string writing in Star      enter the Diploma examination which is a typical, short,
great film scores.                                           Wars. You follow the tutorial in your own copy of the         professional orchestration assignment to be completed
                                                             score. Then orchestrator Nic Raine takes a simple piano       in a set period of time. There is a separate entry fee for
What will I learn?                                           sketch and, in real time on video, orchestrate the piece      the Diploma examination but it is entirely optional. The
You will learn to write and arrange orchestral music that    for string orchestra. Finally we record the piece with        Diploma is accredited in the UK by the Open and Dis-
is both technically competent and creatively interesting.    our own live string orchestra. Now film composer Guy          tance Learning Quality Council.
You will learn the range, articulations, strengths and       Michelmore takes you through sampled orchestration,
weaknesses of each section and instrument of the or-         creating a string template, choosing a library and gives      Is everything included in the price?
chestra. You will learn common combinations and scor-        you a scoring demonstration applying advanced tech-           Yes including all the scores but we will ask you to pur-
ing techniques, how to balance and blend the sections of     niques in practice.                                           chase a small number of additional recordings which we
the orchestra, different voicings, doublings and articu-                                                                   are not able to licence cost effectively.
lations. You will understand how to create convincing        You then choose a project. It could be a simple scor-
orchestral mock-ups using sample libraries, keyswitch-       ing assignment for string quartet, creating a sampled         Do I need to read music?
ing, legato mode, multiple articulations and controllers.    mockup of a famous film score, transcribing a MIDI file       Yes. We don’t require fluent sight reading but when you
You will also be able to produce a playable score for a      or MP3 file for live orchestra. There are assignments for     open an orchestral score you need to know what you’re
live orchestra or musician, and understand the process       every level of ability and every area of interest. You then   looking at. However, some students do complete the
of taking a score from a simple sketch or midi mockup to     receive detailed feedback on your work from a profes-         course with no music theory at all, just concentrating on
a live recording.                                            sional film orchestrator or composer.                         sampled orchestration.

Obviously where you end up depends on the skills you         Are there face-to-face classes as well?                       Do I need to know about technology?
have to start with. To achieve the outcomes I have           We organise regular workshops and seminars for                Yes to some extent. You should be able to write and re-
outlined above you would need to enter the course with       students. There will also be opportunities to have a          cord a simple demo in a computer sequencer/ That said
a good working knowledge of music theory including har-      short piece of your music recorded by a live musician or      some students do complete the course just submitting
mony and a reasonable grasp of how to work with music        ensemble at a reasonable cost. They are not compulsory        scores from Sibelius or Finale.
technology and sequencers.                                   but most students find them inspiring and invaluable.
                                                             They are however completely optional and additional           See the full course requirements for more details.
How will learn?                                              seminar and session fees apply.
The 500 page course text is the backbone of the course.                                                                    How much does it cost?
There we explain for example, how the cello works,           How long will it take?                                        The course is available at an introductory price of £599
its technical restrictions and the range of colours and      The course lasts 12 months and you can start whenever         / $995. Check the website for complete pricing informa-
articulations. We then introduce video tutorials with        you like. If you need extra time you can simply pay an an-    tion. Note that the number of student places is limited.
the course: unit by unit
Unit 1: An Introduction to                                Reicha’s Wind Quintet No 2. Watch a top orches-           Unit 9: Writing for Small Orchestra
Orchestration                                             trator arrange a piece for woodwind and strings           This unit starts bringing it all together. Specific
What is orchestration, how to read orchestral             from scratch in Sibelius, then record the piece with      requirements of working with smaller ensembles, a
scores, video examples with our live orchestra, dif-      a live orchestra. Scoring demonstration of writing        bar by bar analysis of The Snowman with the com-
ferent approaches to sampled and live scoring and         for woodwind and strings.                                 poser, Howard Blake, plus live scoring demonstra-
workflow, take-downs and how to orchestrate from                                                                    tions, how to work with short score and much else
audio files.                                              Unit 6: Brass 1                                           besides.
                                                          A detailed look at the ranges, articulations,
                                                          strengths and weaknesses of the individual brass          Unit10: Writing for Large Orchestra
Unit 2: Strings 1
                                                          instruments. Extensive video tutorials with top trum-     A bar by bar analysis of the Main Title of Star Wars
A detailed look at the ranges, articulations,
                                                          pet, trombone and french horn session players with        with Hollywood orchestrator and composer Charles
strengths and weaknesses of the individual string in-
                                                          credits from Narnia to the James Bond movies. In          Fernandez, live scoring demonstration from piano
struments. Extensive video tutorials with top session
                                                          sampled orchestration we look at how to build your        score to final recording of large action and heroic
players. In sampled orchestration we look at how
                                                          brass template and the library choices available.         cues, lice scoring demonstrations on how to create
to build your string template and the library choices
                                                                                                                    that epic sound using just samples.
available to you.
                                                          Unit 7: Brass 2
                                                          Brass writing in practice, approaches to common           Unit11: Working with Musicians
Unit 3: Strings 2
                                                          wind applications, a detailed analysis of the writing     From sequencer to score, how to take a midi demo
String writing in practice, approaches to common
                                                          for brass in John William’s Star Wars and Howard          and turn it into a performable piece of music. The
string applications, a detailed analysis of the writing
                                                          Blake’s The Snowman. A masterclass in swing band          million and one things you need to know about pre-
for strings in John William’s Star Wars, Howard
                                                          writing with Moulin Rouge arranger Steve Sidwell.         paring scores, parts, backing tracks, click tracks,
Blake’s The Snowman and Peter Warlock’s Capriol
                                                          Watch a top orchestrator arrange a piece for live         running orders, mix minuses, Pro Tools session and
Suite. Watch a top orchestrator arrange a piece
                                                          orchestra from scratch in Sibelius, then record the       a lot more besides. Watch the process as we take
from scratch in Sibelius, then record the piece with
                                                          piece with a live orchestra. Live scoring examples        a score and record it with our live orchestra. And
a live string orchestra. Live scoring examples of
                                                          for samples.                                              finally advice on mixing orchestral music from two
writing for sampled strings.
                                                                                                                    top scoring mixers.
Unit 4: Woodwind 1                                        Unit 8: Writing for Harp
A detailed look at the ranges, articulations,             and Percussion                                            Sampling Technology Supplement
strengths and weaknesses of the individual wind           This unit looks at the highly technical area of writing   Everything you could possibly want to know about
instruments. Extensive video tutorials with a top         for both harp and percussion. There is a master-          how sampling works, the technology, the librar-
session player. In sampled orchestration we look at       class with Kevin Hathway, Professor of percussion         ies and the developers. Demonstrations and video
how to build your woodwind template and the library       at the Royal College of Music and top film session        tutorials of everything from how to use multiple
choices available to you.                                 player. There’s a close examination of hard and per-      articulations and controllers, key-switching, legato
                                                          cussion in both Star Wars and The Snowman. We             mode and overcoming the machine gun effect.
                                                          show you how to create that wall of sound percus-         Video interviews from Vienna and LA with the men
Unit 5: Woodwind 2
                                                          sion track with samples with live scoring demonstra-      behind both VSL and the EWQL libraries. Choosing
Woodwind writing in practice, approaches to com-
                                                          tions.                                                    a library, setting up a multi-computer rig,
mon wind applications, a detailed analysis of the
writing for woodwind in Princess Leah’s Theme
form Star Wars, Howard Blake’s The Snowman and
The Diploma in Professional Orchestration
and The Diploma in Sampled Orchestration.                                                                         Thiago Spada is a composer
                                                                                                                  from Brazil already working in
Students successfully completing the course may apply to take the one of the two                                  film, television and games.
Diploma examinations. These are exams where we will set you a professional project
under time-limited conditions. Those who produce professional quality work will pass.                             “Hours of excellent videos from work-
For example, a student taking the Diploma in Professional Orchestration might be                                  ing professionals with a lot of useful
given an MP3 and a MIDI file and asked to produce a performable orchestral score for                              information. And of course, the practi-
a given line up of players. A student applying for the Diploma in Sampled Orchestration                           cal assignments and the feedback,
might be ask to produce a sampled mock up of a given piece of music.                                              the knowledge shared by professional
Taking the exam is entirely optional. Re-takes are available at an additional fee. Only                           tutors is the best way to learn how to
students who have completed the course may enter the examinations.                                                do it. There is no better investment you
                                                                                                                  can make in your career as an orches-
The Diploma is accredited in UK by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council                                 trator or composer.”

                                                                                                                  student’s view
Student Sessions and Workshops

To hear your music performed by a live musician is thrilling and life changing experience. We regu-
                                                                                                                “there is no better
larly offer students the opportunity to have a short piece recorded and give them feedback on their    investment you can make in
composition from the players themselves. Because these sessions are shared by many students it
comes at a fraction of the normal cost. The only restriction is that the recording cannot be used in    your career as a composer
a commercial context.                                                                                             or orchestrator”
We also organise regular workshops, seminars and hands-on training to supplement your course.
For many students this combination of face to face training and distance learning is the perfect
way to learn in a supportive and creative environment. Additional fees apply to both the student
                                                                   sessions and the workshops and

                                                                  A group of students attend a four
                                                                  day intensive workshop in London
                                                                  (Left). Students came from all
                                                                  over the world including Brazil
                                                                  and Australia for the event!
the course: requirements
Technical:                                                                         Personal Requirements

PC: Intel Core Duo or AMD Turion. Windows XP 32-bit SP2 or later, or Win-          Time: The course lasts 12 months and assumes approximately two hours
dows Vista 32-bit SP1 or later, 1Gb RAM, 5Gbs hard disk space, DVD-ROM             a week. You are required to submit 8 projects, each of which should take very
drive                                                                              roughly 4-8 hours of work. These are very approximate and vary greatly fro
                                                                                   studefnt to student. If you are not able to complete the course in the time you
Mac Intel Core Duo or better. OS X 10.4.9 or later or Mac OS X 10.5, 1Gb           can extend as long as you like by paying the annual tuition fee, currently £150
RAM, 5Gbs hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive                                           or $300. Please check online for the latest prcing information.

The video tutorials come as high definiteion MP4 Quicktime Movies. There are       Music Knowledge: We are assuming you can read music to some
over 40gbs of files in total and you will need to copy them onto your hard drive   degree in both treble and bass clef. You have a good understanding of keys,
in order to watch them otherwise they will stop and start all the time. However    scales, and the basic principals of harmony. This is roughly equivalent to As-
you won’t need all of them on your hard drive at the same time.                    sociated Board Grade 5 theory. Good knowledge of four part harmony is an
                                                                                   advantage although not essential to start with. The ability to produce a printed
A broadband internet connection in order to upload assignments and download        score is a big advantage.
                                                                                   We offer courses in both music theory and harmony if you need to acquire or
Software Required                                                                  improve these skills. These course can be taken either before enrolling in Cin-
                                                                                   ematic Orchestration or run concurrently.
• Quicktime 7 or above
• iTunes plus, preferably, access to the iTunes store                              We do not exclude students who want to concetrate largely on sampled or-
                                                                                   chestration and have little or no music theory. However you won’t be able to
A sequencing package like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer or Sonar                follow the course scores and some of the video tutorials and some tutors are
                                                                                   not prepared to work with students who don’t meet the minimum music theory
A set of orchestral samples. You can wait until you start the course to buy        requirements.
these as you will be able to make a better choice and some suppliers offer a
substantial discount to students.                                                  Technology Knowledge: We assume you are familiar with basic
                                                                                   computer operation and can use virtual instruments and a sequencing pro-
Minimum: Garritan Personal Orchestra or Philharmonik                               gramme to produce a basic audio demo of your work in MP3 format. Ability to
Recommended: EWQL Gold Complete                                                    create zipped archives and upload through a website. It is possible to complete
                                                                                   the course just using a score writing programme like Sibelius or Finale as long
Optional: A score writing programme like Finale or Sibelius.                       as you are also able to create MP3 files fo your work as well.
Sibleius is recommended.
what it costs
Cinematic Orchestration Course Fee: £599 / US$995                                 Call Rachel
(Plus postage and packing where applicable)
                                                                                  Why not give us a call or drop us an
This is an introductory price and represents amazing value. A 12 month            email to discuss your own situation.
course, 500 page course text and 30 hours of video tutorials, 8 scoring as-       Rachel Grave (right), the course man-
signments with feedback from real professional orchestrators and you get a        ager, is also a professional orchestra-
load of scores and recordings including John William’s Signature edition of the   tor and composer with three music
Star Wars Suite and the complete full orchestral score of The Snowman by          degrees. If you want to know if the
Howard Blake.                                                                     course is right for you, if you have the
                                                                                  right musical level of knowledge or
Course Duration: 12 months / Tutorial Credits: 8                                  equipment then call Rachel.

IIf you already own the Star War’s Suite then use the promo code JWSW to
exclude this from your course materials and receive a £30 or $50 discount.        Tel: +44 (1)243 512000

Instalments: Deposit: £199/US$399 (plus P+P where applicable)
then 6 monthly instalments of £75/US$117                                          Three Questions
Annual Tuition Fee Extension 12 months: £150 / US$300                             We know we’re not the only orchestration course in the world
Additional Tutorial Credits (x 4) £120 / US$240                                   but we believe passionately that you should get both tuition
                                                                                  based on real-world professional, experience and also great
Instalment Plan: Available for Credit Card Payments only. Instalment total        value for money.
includes an administration charge. These figures are a guide and subject to
change. Please check the website for up to date pricing. Postage is free to the   So before you enrol on a course ask these three simple
UK, Ireland and USA. For details of postage charges to other countries see        questions.
the website. Any additional postage charges must be added to the deposit.
Please read our terms and conditions on the website. For payments by check        1/ What are my tutor’s most recent
or wire transfer contact customer service on the email address below.             professional credit?

how to enrol                                                                      2/ Can I hear some of his/her music?

You can enrol through our website by clicking on “store” in the left-hand menu    3/ Can I keep all the video tutorials,
or call our admissions office on +44 (1)243 512000. Alternatively, email us       scores and course text I’ve paid for after
and we’ll call you back.                                I’ve finished my course?

ThinkSpace, Atlantic House, 119 Third Avenue, Almodington,
West Sussex PO20 7LB United Kingdom
how good could you be?   ThinkSpace

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