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									The Sherwin-Williams Company

 Indiana University
 SCOOP session
 January 22, 2004
The Sherwin-Williams Company
    The Sherwin-Williams Company

   Founded in 1866
   Fortune 400 Company
   2002 Net Sales = $ 5.2 billion
   2002 Net Income = $ 128 million
The Sherwin-Williams Company
 Paint Stores Group –      Consumer Division
  Midwestern Division
  Eastern Division
  Southeastern Division     Diversified Brands
  South Western Division     Division
 Automotive Division       Wood Care Division
 Chemical Coatings
  Division                  International
 Corporate Division         Coatings
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Automotive Division

    Develops and manufactures high performance
    interior and exterior coatings for the
    automotive, fleet and heavy truck markets, as
    well as thousands of associated products that
    are marketed through:
        • Sherwin-Williams Automotive Branches
        • Independent Jobbers/Distributors
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Chemical Coatings Division
    Provides paint/coatings to Original Equipment
    Manufacturers (OEM’s) for in-process
    application on any products made of wood,
    plastic or metal.
    Examples include material handling equipment,
    computers, office furniture..
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Corporate Division
    Responsible for providing a variety of support
    services to the corporation, including Tax, Legal,
    Environmental, Safety, Internal Audit, Human
    Resources, MIS, Accounting, Investor Relations,
    Real Estate, Aviation, Purchasing, etc.
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Consumer Division
    Responsible for the sales and marketing of
    branded and private label architectural coatings
    (Dutch Boy, Pratt & Lambert and Martin Senour)
    as well as nationally recognized private label and
    licensed brands. Also responsible for the manu-
    facturing and technical development of S-W
    architectural and industrial and marine coatings.
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Diversified Brands Division

    Responsible for the sales, marketing,
    manufacturing and technical development of our
    Krylon and Red Devil brands of aerosol and
    small package paint, our industrial, automotive
    and custom-filled aerosol products, our White
    Lightning brand of caulks and sealants and our
    applicator business
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Wood Care Division
    Responsible for the sales, marketing,
    manufacturing and technical development
    of our Thompson’s, Minwax and Formby’s
    product lines
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   International Coatings Segment
    Responsible for distributing Sherwin-Williams’
    products in more than 20 countries through
    wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and
    licensees of technology, trademarks and
    tradenames, including 52 company-operated
    architectural and industrial stores in Chile and
The Sherwin-Williams Company

   Stores Group
    The Paint Stores Group is the largest and
    fastest growing segment of the Company with
    more than $3 billion in sales through almost
    2,700 stores. Most of the Group’s sales are to
    wholesale professional users – painters,
    contractors, industrial and marine coatings,
    homebuilders and other commercial accounts.
    The Do-It-Yourself market is also a strong part
    of our business.
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Paint Stores Group Markets

The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Midwestern Division
       $800 + Million Sales
       600 + stores
       300 + sales territories
       Largest division in company
The Sherwin-Williams Company
   Career Path
                           PRESIDENT &
                          GENERAL MGR

                             VP SALES

                          METRO DISTRICT

                          DISTRICT MANAGER

                    CITY                 SALES
                  MANAGER               MANAGER


          STORE MANAGER                      SALES REP


                          SUMMER INTERN
Sherwin-Williams University
   Focus on your individual professional
    development . . .

    PHASE ONE -- “Training Store” Assignment
      • 6 weeks
      • Training Manager:
          -- Mentor
       • Learning Assignments
       • Self-Paced, structured course modules
Sherwin-Williams University
Professional Development
                 Management Training

   PHASE TWO -- Classroom Training
      • Five Days: Division Headquarters
      • Division President/General Manager and Division Staff
      • Sales Development (Commercial & D.I.Y.)
      • Product Knowledge
      • Financial Management
      • Operations Management
      • Staff Management
Sherwin-Williams University
Professional Development
              Management Training

   PHASE THREE -- Assistant Manager Assignment

Sherwin-Williams University
On-Going Professional Development

  • Store Manager Training
  • Sales Representative Training
  • Specific Seminars:
      Product Knowledge
      Management
      Selling Skills
The Sherwin Williams Company
Assistant Manager Responsibilities

   •   Marketing: DIY/Commercial
   •   Financial/Credit Management
   •   Operations Management
   •   Customer Service
   •   Merchandising
   •   Staff Management
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Manage Your Career

   Promotions based on:
      • Merit
      • Demonstrated Performance
      • Desire
      • Achievement
The Sherwin-Williams Company

   • Over 90% promoted from within

   • Jobs Hotline
      -- Computerized Job Posting System
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Store Manager

   •   Business Generalist   •   Marketer
   •   Entrepreneur          •   Coach
   •   Strategist            •   Analyst
   •   Leader                •   Trouble Shooter
   •   Sales Professional    •   Problem Solver

Opportunity to manage a “Six Figure” Business
The Sherwin-Williams Company


   Standard Benefits:
   • Group Life Insurance
   • Health Care -- includes Dental
   • Short/Long-Term Disability
   • Paid Vacations/Holidays
   Distinguishing Benefits:
   • Stock Purchase Plan & 401(k) Savings
   • Pension (company-paid)
   • Incentives/Recognition Programs
   • Tuition Reimbursement

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