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                  22 Mei 2008

                  ANGKASA CONSULTING
                                       DHI KONSULT SDN.
1.   Status of the Study
2.   Cell and sub cells delineation
3.   Status data collections
4.   Preliminary assessment of critical
5.   Preliminary findings and issues
6.   Preliminary strategic proposals
7.   Critical works for next stage
What is ISMP??

Integrated Shoreline Management Plan

 Pelan Pengurusan Persisiran Pantai
        Semenanjung Malaysia

                               Laut Cina Selatan


Selat Melaka

         Total land area          : 329,293 sq km

         Length of coastline      : 4,809 km

         National Coastal Erosion Study (1986)
         1,372 km (28%) faced erosion problem !!
Status in

            Kategori I
            (42.4 km)
             Kategori II
             (19.7 km)
            Kategori III
            (1.1 km)
      Kategori I – Hakisan Kritikal
      kegiatan ekonomi dijejas

      memusnahkan harta benda dan kemudahan awam

      Tindakan segera perlu diambil

Pantai Sabak        Kerian, Perak   Pantai Manikar, Labuan
Hakisan Kategori I di Pulau Pinang

             Some areas experiencing Erosion Category I
     Hakisan Kategori II – Hakisan Ketara
          Belum sampai tahap kritikal

          Impak terhadap kegiatan ekonomi dan harta
           benda adalah kurang

Pantai Tk Kemang, Port Dickson
Hakisan Kategori III

   Menghadapi masalah hakisan tetapi kawasan
    belum lagi dimajukan atau didiami
1. Currently, approx. 30% of Malaysian coastlines under various stages or
   threat of erosion

2. properties and livelihoods lost or threatened

3. In Penang, most of the economic developments occur in the coastal

    > therefore, very critical to properly manage the shorelines

4. many studies and reports in the past

    > adhoc, very specific & localized (need a more regional approach)

5. Government & Departments need guidelines to:

    -    make informed decisions on coastal matters
    -   To better manage the coastal zone of Penang to ensure
        sustainable development
  * holistic guidelines encompassing engineering, town planning & land
     use, socio- economics & environmental considerations are required *
 Objectives of ISMP

1.    Formulate guidelines to effectively
      managed the coastlines of Penang
2.    Assist State/ dept in making informed
3.    Improve & enhance quality of tourist
     ** ISMP is to supplement Structural Plan and Local
                   Plans not supplant them
Main Scope of ISMP for Penang
   reappraise & re-categorize coastline erosion status under
    National Coastal Erosion Study 1985
   coastal erosion control: formulate options, assess impacts
    & recommend optimum erosion control measures
   formulate & select most appropriate coastal development
    management strategies for the shorelines
   formulate specific guidelines for development activities
    along the shoreline
   formulate Beach Beautification and Restoration Plan for
    selected areas
   set up spatial and non-spatial information management
Present Status of ISMP
 Phases of               Output                   Reports      Stakeholder
   ISMP                                                        Consultation

Phase 1 –      Results of data collection   Inception Report   KKPG #1
Data           and analysis carried out
Collection and                              Interim Report
                                            Phase 1 Report

Phase 2         Set management              Phase 2 Report     KKPG #2
Management      objectives for the          (draft)
Unit            shorelines                  Phase 2 Report

Phase 3         • Shoreline classification Draft ISMP Report   KKPG #3
ISMP            • Coastal defense
Formulation       options
                • Coastal development
                  management strategies

      KKPG = Kumpulan Kerja Pengurusan Garispantai
                         Report                      Date         Status

1     Inception Report                           1 Aug 2007     Completed

2     Interim Report                             31 Dec 2007    This report
      (progress of data collection & analysis
      carried out)
3     Phase 1 Report (Data Collection &          30 Apr 2008
4     Phase 2 Report (Draft Management           30 Jun 2007

5     Phase 2 Report (Final Management           31 Aug 2008
6     ISMP Report (Draft)                        30 Nov 2008

7     ISMP Report (Final)                         1 mth after

    Study duration: 1 July 2007 to 31 Dec 2008
                                                                           Length of Cells
                 9 cells on Island                                         Mainland = 66.4km
                                                                           Island    = 126.7km
            P7=12.5km                P1=15.6km
                                                                           Small Islands = 8.3km
                                                                           Total = 201.4km

                  ISLAND                  P2=30.9km
P5=19.7km                                               P Gedong

                                                                  P Aman

                                        P Jerejak

                              P Rimau
      P Kendi
                               PSS2 = 3.6km
       PSS3 = 3.4km                                                2 cells on Mainland
Spatial Limit of ISMP
              ≈ 1 km
                                   ≈ 3 nautical miles


    CELL P1 ( Georgetown – Tg Tokong – Tg Bunga )

                    (Tg Bunga)
                                 (Tg Tokong)



5 sub –cells (15.6 km)
   (east coast PI from Georgetown to Bt Maung including P Jerejak)
                                  George Town                         P2S1=6.1km


                     P2S4=3.1km                                       P2S3=5.9km

                                                               Penang Bridge





sub –cells
7 (cell P2) (30.9
2 (cell P8) (10.6 km)
   CELLS P3 AND P4 (Tk kumbar - Gertak Sanggul – Pasir Panjang)

                                                                 t io
                                                           or na
                                                         rp er
                                                      Ai Int

                                                                         P Rimau
                                                                         PSS2=3.6 km
             (Gertak Sanggul )

                                     P3S2=4.3km      P3S1=5.8km
  P Kendir
                                     Teluk Kumbar    (Kg Pmtg
  PSS3=3.4 km                                        Bakar Kapor)

sub –cells
4 (cell P3) (16.2 km)
1 (cell P4) (5.1 km)
       CELL P5 (P Betung - Sg Pinang – P Aceh)

        Pantai Aceh

        Sg Pinang

                                     Balik Pulau

       Pulau Betong

3 sub –cells (19.7km)
     Cells P6 AND P7
     (Muka Head – Tk Bahang – B Feringghi )

                             P7S2=1.3km           P7S4=5.6km
                                                  Batu Feringghi
                P7S1=2.3km         P7S3=3.3km
                                   Teluk Bahang

Muka Head


                                                        sub –cells
                                                        2 (cell P6) (7.2 km)
                                                        4 (cell P7) (12.5 km)
        CELL M1 (Kuala Sg Muda – Kuala Sg Perai )

        Kuala Muda




3 sub –cells (23.7 km)
      CELL M2 (BCT – Kuala Sg Kerian )
                P9 ( P. Gedong & P. Aman )
   M2S1=2.7km                            Terminal Container
                                         North Butterworth

   M2S3=5.5km           Penang Bridge



                   P Gedong
                   P9S2=4.9km                M2S7=1.9km

                                        Batu Kawan

                     P Aman                   M2S8=6.1km




12 (cell M2) (42.7 km)
 2 (cell P9) (8.9 km)
Primary Data      Secondary Data
 Survey Data      Engineering
 Water Quality    Land use
   Data            Socioeconomic
                   Environment
                   Legal
                   Satellite Images
                Type Of Data                 Source    Status
Offshore Wind Data                          BMO       Collected
Offshore Wave Data                          BMO       Collected
Satellite Imagery                           MACRES    Collected
Topographic Maps                            JUPEM     Collected

Rainfall Data                               DID       Collected

Water Level/ Discharge Data                 DID       Collected
Existing Coastal and Rivers Mouth Defense   DID       Partly
Assets in Penang                                      Collected
Bathymetric Profile Survey                  Survey    Pending
Bottom Sediment Survey                      Survey    Pending
Current Measurements                        Survey    Pending
Water Level Measurements                    Survey    Pending
Oblique photos                              survey    pending
Sediment Characteristics                    Survey    Pending
                  Type Of Data                            Source      Status
Water Quality Sampling                                 First Stage    completed
                                                       Second Stage    Pending
Marine Water Quality                                   DOE            Collected
List of Wild Life Species in Penang                    Perhilitan     Collected
List and Map of Forest Reserves in Penang              Forestry       Collected
Closed Dredge Spoil Disposal Site 5 Nautical Miles            -       Collected
off Muka Head
Vol & Frequency of Dredging of North Channel,                 -       Collected
NBCT, Esso Terminal and Church Street Marina
Vol Dredged Material for Penang Bridge Expansion              -       Collected
and Sg. Pinang Deepening
Sources of Fill Material for Reclamation at IJM site          -       Collected
&Tg Tokong
List of Sighting of Marine Mammals Around Penang              -       Collected
Island and SP
            Type Of Data                            Source           Status
Fisheries Data                                  -                    Collected

Fisheries and Aquaculture Data                  -                    Collected

Mangrove Replanting Area                        PIFWA/ SAM           Collected

Marine Water Quality                            DID/ Alam            collected
Land use, Tourism and Recreation, History and   Local Authorities,   Collected
Artifacts                                       etc
Land use Zoning Data                            ditto                Pending
Socio – Economic Data                           DoS, etc             Collected
Crop map                                        DoA                  collected
               Type Of Data                            Source        Status

Laws                                                   Various       Collected
Questionnaires for Data on Institutions                Various       Pending
Outstanding Data for BBRP                              Various       Pending
Profile/ Section of Bt Feringghi Beach With High and   DID           Pending
Low tide Levels
River mouth improvement works at Bt Feringghi          DID           Partially/
• Delay in primary survey
   - survey is very critical
   - need to commence survey urgently
   - affect preparation of ISMP baseline

•Need data from local plan studies especially at lot-level

•Some Local Plans still under preparation (TL & BD
districts, MPPP) & (SPU & SPT districts, MPSP): restricted
•limited information on institutional aspects of shoreline
and rivers management
•Limited response to questionnaires survey sent by ISMP
consultant to agencies
•hesitation among some agencies to provide full
information due to organization protocols and secrecy
•Micro level information not easily available, especially
in digital format

   Preliminary Findings
   Issues
     - generic
     - specific
   Preliminary Strategic Proposals
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues

1.   Modification of coastal hydrodynamics

-    reclamation projects alters coastlines
-    Changes to coastal processes
-    Regional impacts:
     - Erosion
     - Siltation
     - Water quality
     - Marine/ aquatic biological system
     - tourism
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
 1.    Good Coastal Management to ensure harmonious & sustainable
       development in coastal zone

 -     Penang is one of most developed states
           - northern growth centre
           - manufacturing, tourism, trade & commerce centres
           - logistic hub (international airport, port, highways, railways, etc)

 - future growth of Penang – depends on maintaining its competitive edge

 - One major constrain to development in Penang
       - land scarcity
       - along the coast: generally no room for expansion
       - inland areas: generally hilly

 - Land reclamation has become more common in recent years
       - changes coastal processes
       - clearing of mangrove & other environmentally sensitive areas

     Major Challenge is to strive for a balance between development
            and preservation to achieve harmonies & sustainable
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
3. Need for Sustainable Management of Coastal Areas in the Key
   Development Corridors
                           Penang Island
                                                    Mainland key
Two key development       key development
corridors under PSP                                   corridor

Demand for land on
east coast of PI &
some parts of SP will
continue to persist

Sustainable coastal
 management is
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
4. Environmental Issues
i. Damages to Coastal Habitats

- loss of coastal habitats (mangroves, mudflats,    seagrass
    beds & turtle nesting beaches

- significant loss of mangrove areas 1959 to 2005

- need for ensure greater protection: some mangrove areas
   are not gazetted as reserve

- at risk of being developed & damaged unless protected

  - impact livelihood fishing community
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
4. Environmental Issues (cont)
 ii. River Mouths & Coastal Siltation
 -serious problem e.g Sg Batu Feringgi, Tanjong Tokong Floating
 Mosque, Gurney Drive and at Church Street Marina
 -navigation problem (fishermen livelihood)
 -expensive maintenance – routine dredging some times daily

 iii. Coastal erosion

 - e.g. Pantai Bersih, Teluk Kumbar

 iii. Water Pollution

 -From urban discharges & runoff (residential, commercial,
 -High suspended sediment concentration
 -decline in fish resources, loss of aesthetic values and
 recreational fishing, health risk
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
5. Institutional and Legal Issues
   Definition of “shoreline” and “state coastal waters” to be
    duly considered and adopted by State Gov
   No legislation which specifically addresses issues related
    to coastal zone or shoreline either at Fed or state level.
    DID’s initiative with the Draft Shoreline Management Bill
    may be a model law to be adopted and implemented by
    Penang State
   Adverse impact of reclamation may be addressed through
    EIA and DOE Guideline but with limitations
   Most local authorities do not have funds or staff dedicated
    for shoreline management. No by-laws for control of
    activities on shoreline or coastal areas
   Enforcement capacity among agencies is limited.
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
5. Institutional and Legal Issues (cont)

   Land based sources of pollution are generally the major
    cause of water pollution. Current measures are inadequate
    to control non point sources of pollution particularly oil &
    grease, food waste and solid waste/litter

   State agencies carrying out infrastructure works should
    undertake an EIA before implementation to reduce any
    adverse impacts

   No laws to preserve, maintain and control the use of
    recreational beaches and spaces along the shoreline.
Preliminary Findings and Generic Issues (cont)
5. Institutional and Legal Issues (cont)
   Many agencies are involved with specific functions & responsibilities of
    managing shoreline. However no agency is overall responsible or have
    authority. This has led to a lack of focus, expertise and capacity within the
    State to address the coastline and the sea which are prime assets

   State Government and departments participation during the preparation of
    ISMP and in implementing its recommendations are vital for success

   The Penang State Structure Plan contains some recommendations related to
    shoreline management. This should be buttressed with well defined policies
    and action plans by the State Government

   None of the current inter agency committees appears to be mandated
    specifically to address issues related to shoreline management

   Poor or a total lack of enforcement is a major weakness which must be
    addressed in a holistic manner.

   Stakeholder participation is important and must be further encouraged for
    better and more effective implementation of plans and projects.
Examples of coastal
management issues in
                                          Gurney Drive
                                  * Siltation / mudflat problem
                                    * Water quality problem

Coastal Management Issues (Cell P1)
               Weld Quay &Church Street Pier
                           & Marina
                     * Siltation problem

                       Sg Pinang
                     *Water pollution

                  Channel b/w Penang Island & P Jerejak
                            *Siltation problem
                    * Water quality pollution from rivers

Coastal Management Issues (Cell P2 & P8)
Kg Pasir Panjang
 •Beach erosion

                                            Teluk Kumbar
                                            *Beach erosion
                                  *Siltation at Sg Batu river mouth
           Gertak Sanggul          *Sg Bayan Lepas bank erosion
        * Water quality problem                 problem

          Coastal Management Issues (Cell P3 & P4)
       Sg Pinang
    *Encroachment of
aquaculture into mangrove

     Pulau Betong
   *Encroachment of
aquaculture into mangrove

               Coastal Management Issues (Cell P5)
            Muka Head
       * Water pollution from
      offshore disposal site on       Batu Feringghi
           coastlines to be           •River pollution
              assessed            (Sg Satu, Sg Mas, Sg Bt
                                   * River mouth closure

Coastal Management Issues (Cell P6 & P7)
                                    Kuala Sg Tembus
                                  •River mouth siltation
                                      Kuala Sg Endin
                                     * Coastal Siltation
                                  * River mouth siltation
                                   * River bank erosion

                                  Sg Abdul & Padang Benggul
                                      * River mouth siltation
Pantai Molek /Taman                     * Coastal Siltation
      * Mudflat

                                      Pantai Bersih
                                     * Beach erosion

            Coastal Management Issues (Cell M1)
    Kuala Sg Juru
  * Siltation problem.
* Water quality pollution

              Coastal Management Issues (Cell M2)
                           Seri Tanjung Pinang

  impacts of
  on coastal
processes to
 be assessed                                          Bayan Mutiara, Jelutong WF &
 in the ISMP                                                 Middlebank

                                                               Site D (PDC)

                                                       Bandar Cassia , Batu Kawan

                                                         Proposed 2nd link Bridge

               Airport Extension
                                                 Tuna Port
Preliminary Strategic Proposals
   Develop clear & specific guidelines on reclamation works
   Integrate Local Plans with ISMP management strategies
   Gazette Environmentally Sensitive Areas as Protected Areas
   Identify & limit future reclamation works to allowable sites
   Review and improve categorization of coastal erosion category
    under the NCES
   Adopt precautionary approach in coastal management and
   Undertake beach beautification & restoration at identified
    recreational beaches
   set up specific guidelines to protect, conserve and enhance all
    recreational beaches
   Streamline existing legislations & remove overlaps
   Improve inter-agency and departmental coordination on coastal
* Produce base line report
Critical Tasks
i. Completion of Data Collection
 Local Plans
 Survey
 Water Quality

ii. Numerical Modeling
 Setting up
 Calibration
 Modeling
                                               Data Collection And Analysis    Ph2 MU           Ph3 – ISMP
                                                 Data Collection & Analysis
                                                   2007              2008      Ph 2 MU
                                                                                2008             Ph3 - ISMP
                                               1 2 3 4 5 6 7            8
     Data Collection and Analysis
                                               J A S O N D J
                                                                        F M 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
                                                                            A M J J A S O N D
     Coastal hydrodynamic modeling
     Coastal Engineering
     Human Environmental
                       Legal & institutional
                   Archeological & heritage
                     Recreational & tourism
     Natural Environmental
Beach Beautification & Restoration Plan
ISMP Info Database & ICT Infra Setup
Setting Coastal Mgmt Objectives
Defining Coastal Developmt Strategies
Defining guidelines & policies
Stakeholder Consultation, Workshop & Seminars
Inception Report                          J
                        Interim Report                          D              A
    monthly report
Phase 1 Report (Data collection And Analysis)                                   A
    Reports                                         Inception report
                                                                                    M     FGD 1
                                                                       Interim report
Phase 2 Report (Draft Management Objectives)                                            Ph 1 Rep (Data collection & Analysis)
                                                                                            J     FGD 2
                                                                                                Ph 2 Rep (Drft Mgmt Objectives)
Phase 2 Report (Final Management Objectives)                                                       A   Ph 2 Rep (Fnl Mgmt Objtv)

                        ISMP Report ( Draft)                                                               N       ISMP Draft
                                                                                                               D    FGD 3
                                                       ISMP Report ( Final)
Station No.   Station Name
                               Table 2.2 Rainfall River Basin             Year Open   Agency
  5105051     Kolam Takongan Bkt. Panchor            Sg. Kerian           Jan-35      JKR
  5202021     Stn. Kajicuaca Bayan Lepas             Sg. Bayan Lepas      May-34      PKM
  5204048     Sg. Simpang Ampat                      Sg. Jawi             Jan-51      DID
  5204049     Ldg. Batu Kawan                        Sg. Jawi             Aug-47      Ldg.
  5205050     Sekolah Kebangsaan Sg. Bakap           Sg. Jawi             Jan-46      Sek.
  5302001     Taliair Besar Sg. Pinang               Sg. Pinang           Jan-52      DID
  5302002     Pintu Air Bagan di Air Itam            Sg. Bagan Air Itam   Jan-46      DID
  5302003     Kolam Takongan Air Itam                Sg. Pinang           Aug-75      DID
  5303053     Komplek Prai                           Sg. Perai            Jun-70      DID
  5304045     Pusat Kesihatan Bkt. Berapit           Sg. Juru             Jan-35      JKR
  5304046     Permatang Rawa                         Sg. Juru             Apr-53      DID
  5304047     Pusat Pertanian Cherok To' Kun         Sg. Juru             Jan-35      JKR
  5402001     Klinik Bkt. Bendera                    Sg. Pinang           Aug-75      DID
  5402002     Kolam Bersih Pulau Pinang              Sg. Pinang           Aug-75      DID
  5403001     Lorong Batu Lanchang                   Sg. Pinang           Jul-96      DID
  5403042     Stn. Kajicuaca Butterworth             Sg. Perai            Jan-55      PKM
  5403043     Sg. Pinang di Kg. P. Ramlee            Sg. Pinang           1992        DID
  5404041     Ldg. Malakoff                          Sg. Perai            Jun-33      Ldg.
  5404043     Ibu Bekalan Sg. Kulim                  Sg. Perai            Jan-46      DID
  5503031     Permatang Bendahari                    Sg. Muda             Jun-49      DID
  5503034     Permatang Binjai                       Sg. Muda             Jan-58      DID
  5504032     Rumah Pam Bumbong Lima                 Sg. Muda             Feb-63      DID
  5504035     Lahar Ikan Mati di Kepala Batas        Sg. Muda             Feb-49      DID
  5504036     Rumah Pam Bumbung Lima                 Sg. Muda             1994        DID      back
  5505033     Rumah Pam Pinang Tunggal               Sg. Muda             Jun-49      DID
         Table 2.3 Water Level / Discharge Data

Station No.   Station Name                     River Basin    Year Open Agency

 5204423      Sg. Junjung di Simpang Empat      N.A.          1996      DID

 5304401      Sg. Juru di Juru Dam              N.A.          1996      DID

 5403403      Sg. Pinang di Jln Perak          Sg. Pinang     1992      DID

 5403404      Sg. Air Hitam di Batu Lanchang   Sg. Air Itam   1994      DID

 5405421      Sg. Kulim di Ara Kuda            Sg. Kulim      1950      DID

 5504401      Sg. Muda di R/P Bumbong Lima     Sg. Muda       1994      DID

 5505412      Sg. Muda di Ldg. Victoria        Sg. Muda       1947      DID

 5505413      Sg. Muda di R/P Pinang Tunggal   Sg. Muda       1994      DID

Table 2.4 Existing Coastal and River Mouth Defense Assets in Penang

Item             Location             District     Cell        Status         Type of Structure      Quantity                 Purpose

 A     Mainland                                                                                                     
 1     Sg Muda                         SPU         M1S1        Existing   groins at river mouth                    prevent river mouth siltation
 2     Sg Muda                         SPU         M1S1            TBD    Rock revetment                 350m      Shoreline protection
       Pantai Kampung Kuala Sg                                     TBD    Rock revetment & mini
 3                                     SPU         M1S1                                                  500m      Shoreline protection
       Muda                                                               breakwater
 4     Kg Sekolah Kuala Muda           SPU         M1S1            TBD    Rock Revetment                 340m      Shoreline protection
 5     Pantai Kuala Sungai Abdul       SPU         M1S1        Existing   groins at river mouth            -       prevent river mouth siltation
       Bagan Tambang Ke Padang                    M1S1 /                  Groins and beach            1650m
 6                                     SPU                         TBD                                             Shoreline protection
       Benggali                                   M1S2                    nourishment              22 nos.groyne
                                                                          Rock Revetment &
 7     Pantai Taman Robina             SPU         M1S2        Existing                                  600m      Shoreline protection
                                                                          wave screen
       Pantai Butterworth Fasa II
 8                                     SPU         M1S2        Existing   Rock Revetment                 2300m     Shoreline protection
       (Pmtg Kucing)
                                                                          rock revetment and
 9     Pantai Bersih                   SPU         M1S2        Existing                                            Shoreline protection
                                                                          rubble blocks
 B     Penang Island                                                                                                
                                                                                                                   prevent river mouth siltation
       Pantai Permatang Bakar                                             Rock revetment &
 1                                      BD         P3S1        Existing                                  700m            and
       Kapor                                                              groyne
                                                                                                                   shoreline protection
 2     Sg Batu                          BD         P3S1        Existing   groyne at river mouth            -       prevent river mouth siltation
 3     Kg Pasir Panjang                 BD         P5S1        Existing   rock revetment                           prevent beach erosion
 4     Sg Burung, Balik Pulau           BD         P5S1        Existing   Rock revetment                 2350m     prevent river mouth siltation
 5     Sg Teluk Bahang                  BD         P7S3        Existing   groyne at river mouth                    prevent river mouth siltation
source: compiled from site visit and information provided by DID                TBD – to be determined
      Table 2.5 - Land Use, Tourism and Recreation, History and Artifacts
         Data Type                                  Data Contents                                        Source
National and State policies   •Future growth directions                         •9th Malaysia Plan
                              •Major policies governing land use, tourism and   •State Structure Plan (2005-2020)
                              recreation                                        •Penang Second Strategic Development Plan 2010 (PSDP2)
                                                                                •Northern Corridor Economic Region Socio-Economic
                                                                                Blueprint 2025
                                                                                •National Physical Plan
                                                                                •National Urbanization Policy
Existing Land Use             •Land Use by activities                           •State Structure Plan (RSN Penang)
                              •Acreages and percentages                         •Report of Survey, Penang State Structure Plan 2005-2020
                              •Industrial Area & Location                       •Data PEGIS from Jabatan Parit & Saliran Pulau Pinang
                              •Settlement Hierarchy & Location
                              •Institutional, Facilities & Utilities Location
                              •Infrastructure by type
                              •Agriculture by type
Future Committed Projects &   •Infrastructure                                   •9th Malaysia Plan
Under Consideration           •Proposed new highways and roads                  •State Structure Plan (2005-2020)
                              •Proposed Bandar Cassia New Township              •Penang Development Corporation
                              •Bayan Mutiara Development                        •Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang
                              •International Tuna Port                          •Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Prai
                              •Jelutuong Waterfront Development                 •Brochures
                              •Seri Tanjung Pinang Development
                              •Proposed PORR
                              •Second Link/Bridge
Tourism & Recreation          •Tourism Location                                 •Penang Tourism Action Council
                              •Recreation Location                              •SERI
                              •Accommodation, Hotels by Type                    •RSN Penang
                              •Facilities                                       •Penang Port Sdn Bhd
                              •Attractions by types                             •Newspaper
                              •Visitors (International & Domestic)              •Socio-economic & Environmental Research Institute
                              •Average Hotel Occupancy Rate (%)                 •Brochures
                              •Market Mix
History & Artifacts           •Location of artifacts                            •Tour Guide Brochures
                              •Factual historical records                       •Unpublished reports from Museum records          back
                              •Types                                            •Newspaper article
                         Table 2.6 Socio- Economic Data
       Data Type                              Data Contents                                                         Source
State GDP                •Year : 2000, 2005 and 2006 and 2020                          •SERI Economic Statistics 2003, 2005, 2007 (2nd quarter)
                         •Structure of economy                                         •SERI (Penang Forum 2005)
                         •Value of economic growth                                     •9Malaysia Plan
                         •Future Growth directions                                     •RSN Penang 2020
                                                                                       •Penang Second Strategic Development Plan 2010 (PSDP2)
                                                                                       •Northern Corridor Economic Region Socio-Economic Blueprint
State Household Income   •Year 2002 and 2004                                           •8 Malaysia Plan
                         •Mean household income                                        •9 Malaysia Plan
                         •Incidence of poverty
Population and           •Year 2000, 2005 2006                                         •Department of Statistics –Census
Employment               •@ State & district (2000 -2006)                              •Department of Statistics –Labour Force Survey
                         •@ Mukim, enumeration blocks and cells and sub-               •Department of Statistics –State/District Data Bank 2005 & 2006
                         cells(2000)                                                   •RSN Penang
                         •Profile and characteristics –size, gender, ethnic, age,
                         education, employment, unemployed, occupational skills,
                         sectoral employment
                         •Future growth prospects
Manufacturing            •Manufacturing statistics @ state & district level (2003      •Department of Statistics Malaysia –Manufacturing Division
                         & 2004) (Unpublished data)                                    •Property Market Report 2006
                         •Average values of industrial properties@ state level         •PenangInvest
                         (2006)                                                        •RFN –Macro Economic Technical Report
                         •List of factories and types of industries in Penang
Commercial               •@ state; average values of commercial properties             •SERI
                         (2005)                                                        •Property Market Report 2006
                         •@ state: average values of commercial properties             •Property Market Report 2006
Tourism                  •@ state; list of hotels & rooms & locations (2005)           •Penang Tourism Action Council
                         •Stock of commercial properties 2005 & 2006
                         •@ state; tourist arrivals, occupancy rates of hotels (2005   •SERI
                         & 2006)                                                       •SERI
                         •Survey of tourists in Penang by SERI                         •Property Market Report 2006
                         •Occupancy rates of hotels 2006
Logistics          •   @ state; port’s cargo tonnage          •   SERI
                       (2000-2005)                            •   Penang Port Sdn Bhd
                   •   Penang Port Statistics and Annual      •   Malaysia Airport Berhad
                       Report (2006)                          •   Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd
                   •   Airport statistics on Penang           •   LKIM website. Informal interview (Tuna Port)
                       International Airport from Annual      •   Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Berhad
                       Report (2006)
                   •   Penang Bridge: Performance &
                       vehicular statistics (2006)
                   •   Tuna port
                   •   Malaysian Railway –cargo statistics
                       for Penang (2006)
Agriculture        •   @ state; crops & land area (2005)      •   SERI, Department of Agriculture
                   •   @ district; crops & land area (2006)   •   Department of Agriculture (Penang)
                   •   @ state; output per hectare (2006)     •   Department of Agriculture (Penang)
                                                              •   Site Visit (Department of Agriculture –Barat
                                                                  Daya District Office
Fisheries          •   Number of Fishermen by district        •   Department of Fisheries (Penang)
                   •   Fish Landings (2006) and Value
                   •   Aquaculture activities (2006)
Livestock          •   Pig farming                            •   Veterinary Department (Penang)
Sand mining        •   No coastal sand mining reported as     •   Department of Drainage & Irrigation (Penang)
                       revenue sources. Sand mining mainly    •   TL and BD district offices
                       linked to reclamation works
Residential        •   @ cell; housing supply from 2000       •   Property Market Report 2006
     Development       Census                                 •   Jabatan Perancang Bandar & Desa(Penang)
                   •   List of villages on Penang Island      •   Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP),
                   •   List of committed housing                  (Bahagian Bangunan)
                       developments 2006                      •   Penang and Butterworth Road Maps        back
                                   Table 2.7 BBRP Data

                                Information /Data                                       Source

1.    Existing land use plan along Penang shoreline                        Rancangan Struktur MPPP
2.    Existing and proposed land use plan along shoreline Seberang.Perai   MPSP

3.    Landscape Plan at Zone A – Sg Batu Feringghi                         D Forest Design – DID
4.    Sections of Sg Batu Feringghi                                        DID Penang
5.    Survey Plan of Batu Feringghi Beach                                  DID HQ
6.    Section of rivers within tourist/recreational beach area             DID
7.    Erosion prone area along the shoreline                               DOE
8.    Coastal flooding areas                                               DOE
9.    Soil type of the beach areas in Penang.                              Rancangan Struktur MPPP
10.   Soil type of beach areas in Seberang Perai                           Rancangan Struktur MPSP
11.   Committed development along the shoreline in Seberang Perai          MPPP and MPSP/UPEN
12.   Existing pedestrian network along the Batu Feringghi beach           MPPP
13.   Land reclamation projects along the Penang Island shorelines         MPPP
14.   Vegetation type along the shoreline of Penang and Seberang Perai     Forestry Department, Pulau Pinang

           Table 2.8 – Outstanding Data for BBRP
                                   Information                                         Source
1.   Proposed Beach Beautification Work by local authorities                    MPPP, MPSP, MTPPP
2.   Beach profile of Batu Feringghi with high and low tide indicator           DID
3.   Roads and sections along Batu Feringghi beach                              JKR, MPPP
4.   Proposed erosion control and structural works for beach restoration        DID and Study team
5.   Status of marine water quality for the beaches with recreational value :   DOE/ERE
                 Batu Feringghi
      Permatang Damar Laut,Teluk Kumbar
      Telok Pasir Belanda, Kg Teluk Kumbar
      Pasir Panjang, Balik Pulau
      Seagate beach -facing Jerejak Island
      Pantai Bersih, Butterworth
      Kuala Muda
6.   Beach Restoration Work at Pantai Bersih, Butterworth with the              DID
      Base Plan
      Limit of restoration area
      Profile /sections of the beach – with high and low tide level
      Drawings of erosion control methods/structural works
      Schedule of on-going restoration work
7.   Proposal for Upgrading of public facilities at Pantai Bersih.              MPSP and DID
Church Street Marina

Tuna Port,
Batu Maung
Sg Pinang

Teluk Kumbar Beach   back
Beach Near Sg Sanggul   back
Kg Pasir Panjang

Aquaculture Sg Pinang   back
River Mouth Closure at Batu Feringghi
Beach erosion Pantai Bersih   back
Siltation at Mooring
Facilities south Kuala

                     River mouth siltation
                     Kuala Sg Tembus

  River siltation
at Kuala Sg. Endin

       Mudflat at
       Taman Robina
Siltation at Sg Abdul River Mouth

Kg Batu Kawan

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