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					                             EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                           OMNIBUS III Open Season

        Background/Description of Acquisition: The Project and Product
Managers in the Program Executive Office (PEO), Combat Support and Combat
Service Support (PEO CS&CSS) Organization at the TACOM Contracting Center in
Warren, Michigan currently has an OMNIBUS III contract in place to augment
existing Government resources with Contractor Service experience and capability
when requirements are identified that exceed in-house capabilities. The Omnibus III
is currently comprised of eight prime Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) holders who
compete for white collar professional service task orders. These eight prime
contractors have teaming arrangements made up of team members and
subcontractors. The primes along with their team members hold all of the required
General Services Administration (GSA) schedules required for the Omnibus III
contract. These schedules include Professional Engineering Services (871);
Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services (874); Logistics
Worldwide/Acquisition Logistics (874V); and Information Technology (70).

The current OMNIBUS III BPAs will expire on 19 December 2008. An annual “open
season” is being held which allows the current BPA holders to rearrange their teams.
At this time, additional small and large businesses can compete for a BPA.

Starting 20 December 2008 the following TACOM customers will be allowed to solicit
their professional engineering, administrative, and technical services using the
Omnibus III contract: Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems (PEO
GCS); Program Manager Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Team) (PM
FCS(BCT)); Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center
(TARDEC); TACOM LCMC Depots and Arsenals including: Sierra Army Depot, Red
River Army Depot, Anniston Army Depot, Watervliet Arsenal, Rock Island Arsenal,
and Joint Systems Manufacturing Center – Lima Tank Plant.

       INTENT: The Government intends to award no more than three new BPAs to
small businesses and possibly one large business. This is an estimate only. The
Government reserves the right to vary the number of awards depending on the
number of responsive quotations submitted. These additional BPAs are necessary in
order to increase the number of small business awards to meet the goal of 15% over
the new period of performance of 20 December 2008 through 19 December 2009. In
order to be eligible as a new Prime, a contractor must, at a minimum, hold one of
the GSA 871 (PES) or 874 (MOBIS) schedules.

     NAICS: The Omnibus III BPAs will now site NAICS 541712 – (formerly
541710) Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences.

       TYPE OF CONTRACT: The resultant task/delivery orders awarded under
these new BPAs shall be time and material type orders.

       DIRECT AWARDS TO SMALL BUSINESSES: Some individual task orders
may include socio-economic status as an evaluation factor, with socio-economic
status being used as an evaluation criteria for the award of most MOBIS and
Logworld task orders. For task order procurements that include socio-economic
status as an evaluation factor, a large business prime can elect to offer a direct
award to one of its small business teammates. If the teammate receives the award,
the task order will be awarded directly to the small business pursuant to a separate
Source Selection Information – See FAR 3.104

Blanket Purchase Agreement established for that specific task order. The large
business teammate of the award recipient will receive credit for the direct award
against the 15% small business participation goal for the new period of performance
of 20 Dec 2008 through 19 Dec 2009.

        NEW AWARD TERM LANGUAGE: The Government will add new criteria to
the Award Term Clause of the BPAs that states: Additional one-year BPA
performance periods may be awarded during each year based on how the contractor
has performed against the following criteria: (i) Direct awards to small business team
members and (ii) Small business subcontracting. This language will encourage large
business primes to utilize their small business teammates. A goal of one small
business direct award per new period of performance, in this case 20 Dec 2008 – 19
Dec 2009, will have to be met in order for the prime to be eligible for annual renewal
of its BPA in addition to the other criteria under the award term clause.

       ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF AMENDMENTS: Please acknowledge any
amendments to this RFQ by an email on the amendment itself and submitting each
with your proposal. Acknowledgement of all issued amendments is important
because failure to do so may render your offer nonresponsive.

       INCONSISTENCIES: This Executive Summary has been prepared as an aid
to you, the potential offeror. We have made every attempt to accurately reflect the
requirements and information contained in the balance of this RFQ. However, if you
find any inconsistency between this Executive Summary and the RFQ, the RFQ takes

QUESTION / PROBLEM RESOLUTION: All questions regarding this RFQ shall be
submitted in writing via e-mail to Terri Vaillancourt at
and Raena Swanson at No phone calls will be
accepted. There are no exceptions. The RFQ will be posted on under GSA
Advantage–e-Buy. All information regarding this OMNIBUS III Open Season
procurement will be posted on the following website:
on09.htm Answers to questions submitted will be posted as soon as they become
available. The burden is on the contractor to check this website daily for any changes
and/or amendments.


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