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									AAMVA Fall Workshop
 Payment Solutions
  October 28,2008
         Presented by:
         Deborah Little-Bowser
         Kelly Tralongo
How is your agency doing?

   Increase number in customer visits just for
   Long lines?
   Questions, Questions???
   Cuts in staffing and budgets?
   Mail volumes increasing?
   Mandates to cut costs but increase customer
What can we offer our customers for
payment services?

   Have or are you considered alternative
    methods to receive payments from
    customers? If so, consider the following
    things involved to get it done.
Beginning Steps

   Have your customers requested this type of service?
    Survey Customers/Talk to your front line staff.
   Evaluate Transaction Type
   Identify Risks
   Select Payment Option(s)
   In person transactions Debit or Credit
   IVR Phone Payments,
   Office System Payments
   Website Payments
Who are your customers?

   Anonymous- Those persons who don’t or
    can’t to visit your office

   Repeat Customers- Dealers, other agencies

   If you build it, will they use it?
Transaction Type

   Sale on demand- learner’s permits,
    registration renewal, titles other services you
   Scheduled Payment
    –   Amount known
    –   Amount unknown
    –   Annual, quarterly, monthly
    –   Amount of Sale
What are your risks as the merchant?

   Can you collect alternate forms of payment?

   Can you revoke permit, license, etc.?

   Do you know the customer and have contact
    information on file?

   “Media Factor”- If your system “goes bad”, what are
    the political/media ramifications?
Risks to the Customer

   What if the card is compromised?

   Is their bank/credit card affected?
Payment Option Recommendations

   In person Credit Cards/Debit Cards
    –   Eliminates “bad checks”, need for paper trail
    –   What dollar amounts are acceptable for payment?

    –   Internet –Initiated ACH
    –   Anonymous customers
    –   Customer can use 24/7
Establish Banking and Processor

   Merchant Bank Relationship

   Internet Credit Card Processor

   Internet Check Processor
Merchant Bank Relationship

   Use existing banking relationship
    –   Eliminate need for RFP?
    –   Faster Implementation?
    –   Do they know your business?
    –   Ability to customize application for unique
    –   Rates best possible
    –   What if the bank goes under/changes hands
Credit Card Processors

   Multiple processors available
    –   Who will best meet your needs?

   Services Offered
    –   Reseller agreement, Authorization, Settlement,
        Shopping Cart, Website Development
    –   What is their process for credit card authorization.
Settlement Process

   How soon will the agency get paid?

   Will it meet our state requirements?
Credit Card Fees

   Credit Network Interchange Fee
    –   % of sale Amount + flat fee
   Credit Network Assessment
    – % of Sale Amount
    Processing (Discount) Fee
    Bank- % of sale Amount or Per transaction
    Internet Processor – Per transaction fee of flat
      monthly fee
Credit Card Implementation Option

   Restrict card types accepted

   Charge convenience fee for new service
    delivery method

   Absorb fee
Internet Check Processors

   Multiple processors available

   Services Offered
    –   Website Development, Guarantee
Internet Check Fees

   Per Transaction Fee

   Guarantee- % of sale amount

  Security- Did you know there are
   standards for credit card payments?

  There are Payment Card Industry Data
   Security Standards- Would you be
   able to meet the standards?
Ready, Set , Go

   These are just some of the requirements and
    other factors when considering offering
    alternate payment solutions for your
    customers. Can you do it?

   Consider outside help or just have someone
    else do it?
Looking for answers?

   Visit Randy and Deborah at booth 109.
   Contact Information:

   Deborah Little-Bowser
   800-669-8313 ext: 6816

   Randy Gray
   800-669-8313 ext: 6862

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