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					                         Lighting that's always been in fashion
                         Boost your business with Philips MASTER Colour CDM lighting.
                         MASTER Colour's amazingly lifelike colour rendering makes all types of fashion and
                         clothing more appealing to your customers, while creating a fresh, natural ambience
                         throughout your shop. Our CDM lamps have been enlivening retail outlets for
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                         over a decade. Isn't it time they did the same for yours?

the magazine for total lighting solutions

                                            From footwear to high fashion
                                                     We look at retail lighting

                                                   How Europe could save
                                                  700 million Euros a year
                                                 and help the environment

                                                       KLM Crown Lounge
                                                 Creating a modern look which
                                                   ensures comfort and privacy
Volume 7 Issue 1
welcome.....................                                                                                w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                                        light+building 2006
                                        Visit us in the Forum, Level 0 Stand A10 + B10
Welcome to our light + building 2006 issue of the Philips Lamps and Gear Magazine. As usual, we are covering
a range of lighting topics, where partnership and co-operation has led to the implementation of innovative
lighting schemes which have met expectations at all levels. In this issue, we take a look at lighting and the
responsibility we have for its impact on the environment.We should all be concerned about this subject.
Understanding the implications and making the right decisions now will effect us all in the future.

In the article,‘Can we help save Europe from climate change’, we        At Kemi SnowCastle in Finland, LEDs provide spectacular lighting
explore the new EU directive on the eco-design of Energy Using          effects.You can also see how they perform in a warmer
Products (EUP).We look at how advanced lighting technology can          environment - Lagos Martianez, a beautiful network of pools in
reduce energy consumption, be better for people and business            Tenerife, designed by César Manrique. This lighting project uses
while contributing to lowering the impact on the environment.           only environmentally friendly technologies such as low energy fibre
                                                                        optics and LEDs.
You will read more about lighting solutions such as Philips
CosmoPolis, a Public Street Lighting system which is more than          As a final point, you have a personal invitation to come and visit
twice as efficient to run than older Mercury lamps and is already        us on our stand at Light + Building.You will find us at the Forum,
having an impact to help reduce CO2 emissions.                          Level 0 - Stand A10 + B10.

Lighting the competitive world of retail is a massive challenge         If you cannot make it to the show, I hope you enjoy this edition
as the competition to attract customers becomes stronger than           of the Philips Lamps and Gear Magazine and it inspires you with
ever. It’s not simply about lighting displays or attracting customers   new ideas about innovative lighting solutions.
across the door. More than ever lighting is playing a greater role
in helping contribute to the look and feel of the customers
total store experience, strengthening brand recognition and
building loyalty and in-store familiarity.

You can read about Daslu, the high-end fashion store in
São Paulo, Brazil. Here the latest lighting technology has achieved     Pieter Jacot
its design objectives in a stunningly original way - and saved          MG OEM Lamps and Gear
energy in the process.                                                  Vice President BU Lamps Europe

2      Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1

Retail                                                                Outdoor
4-9      Lighting the glamourous world of fashion                     24-27    A vision of light at Lagos Martianez
         We take a look at the exciting new store in São Paulo.                Lagos Martianez is a stunning creation of world-famous
         Design company proprietor Plinio Cordoy tells how                     artist and landscape architect Cesar Manrique. A superb
         innovative lighting was central to the design concept.                new lighting installation remains true to his original vision.

11-12    Perfect fit for Dutch shoe shop                               28-29    Bringing Hamburg harbour up to date
         Find out how Philips Mini MASTER Colour helped turn a                 Urban regeneration mixes artistic and technological
         vision into reality at Strandloper shoe store.                        requirements in design.

13       Bringing the colour to life in a car showroom                 24-27
         The Renault showroom at Turnhout, Belgium creates the
         perfect sales ambiance.

14-17    Exciting ice and fire effects
         At Kemi SnowCastle in Finland, Philips LED Modules provide
         the perfect effect at a low temperature.

18-23    Can we help save Europe from climate change?                 Office and Industry
         European authorities could save up to 700 million Euros      30-33    KLM Crown Lounge refurbishment is illuminated
         a year on street lighting - and help save the planet, too.            Find out about the perfect lighting solution for KLM’s
                                                                               impressive new Business Class lounge.

 18-23                                                                34-37    Using light to communicate images in temporary spaces
                                                                               Innovative lighting ideas help display art to its
                                                                               best advantage.

                                                                      38-39    At last truly simple lighting control
                                                                               Philips ActiLume brings energy savings benefits to
                                                                               Portugal Telecom.

                                                                      40-43    Lighting a dynamic work environment
                                                                               Building VB has been the iconic symbol of Philips in
                                                                               Eindhoven. Now refurbished, it naturally incorporates
                                                                               some of our most advanced and environmentally
                                                                               friendly lighting solutions.

                                                                       Let’s hear from you - We welcome any comments you want
                                                                       to make about this magazine, as well as suggestions for articles.

                                                                       Contact us at:
                                                                       PHILIPS Lighting B.V. - Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine,
                                                                       P.O. Box 80020, 5600 JM Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

                                                                                               Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1           3
                              ................       retail.

Lighting the
world of
Established in São Paulo
in 1958, Daslu is a store
that brings together the
most glamourous names
in international fashion,
all in one place. For the
dedicated follower of
fashion it’s a wonderland
of visual delights and
constant temptation.

            Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1        5
retail..........................                                                                                       w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                   The concept of Daslu is to house the latest and finest names in     layouts of the store.A third and very important factor was
                   fashion under one roof such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada,       that the lighting systems should offer simple low cost
                   Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo,                maintenance and the lowest possible energy consumption.
                   Ermenegildo Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana. Originally located in a
                   neighbourhood called Vila Conceição with 12.500 square             Achieving the right light
                   metres of floor space, the independent houses formed a              We were adamant that the lighting should be “invisible”,
                   treasure house of pure glamour and intimacy.                       meaning it should do its job of enhancing the building’s
                                                                                      appearance with a minimum interference in its aesthetics
                   In 2003 the owners decided to invest in a new building to          and decoration.
                   transfer their operations to one location that could offer the
                   best facilities for customers.This new building has                To create the right atmosphere, the choice of colour
                   approximately 20.000 square metres of floor space and is            temperature needed to be between 2.700 and 3.000 Kelvin
                   located in Vila Olimpia, close to the famous Marginal Pinheiros.   to provide a bright but warm and inviting light effect.

                   One of the key challenges was to preserve the intimate,            Halogen lamps could meet this requirement, but they were
                   glamourous atmosphere of the original store. Lighting was one      unacceptable in terms of energy efficiency, heat emission and
                   of the most important items to be addressed in the whole           maintenance cost. Because of this, halogen lamps were used
                   process and Godoy & Associados was chosen for the task.            only where a precise focus/beam for accent lighting was
                   Mr. Plínio Godoy, owner of Godoy & Associados, describes the       needed, with low emission of infrared radiation.
                   solutions he used to achieve the objectives he had been set.
                                                                                      Among the High Intensity Discharge (HID) light sources, the
                   The project and the challenge                                      Metal Halide lamp was a good option for general ambient
                   One of the major challenges was to reach the desired effects       lighting. It combined the correct colour appearance, high
                   in all areas at the lowest possible operational costs, while       energy efficiency, long operational lifetime, and small
                   meeting the required visual standards and achieving the right      dimensions required to meet aesthetic standards.Altogether
                   atmosphere.                                                        it was a very practical solution for this application.

                   First, a warm and welcoming ambience was needed to make            The internal lighting was based on recessed luminaires Philips
                   customers feel truly at home and provide a relaxed sense of        Mini MASTER Colour, a system which operates with Philips
                   calm and well-being.At the same time we had to remember            HID-PrimaVision for optimum performance.This proved a
                   that we were lighting a sales environment, where the products      very efficient, miniaturised system, including both high quality
                   should be displayed to the best advantage by highlighting the      light and long life.Together with Philips Mini Master Colour, we
                   right details and showing the colours properly.The lighting        used dichroic Philips Brilliantline lamps of 50W, focus 38 and
                   scheme had to be flexible and dynamic, reflecting the changing       24 , where accent lighting was needed.

                  ‘                                                  ‘
                          First, a warm and welcoming ambience was needed to make
                          customers feel truly at home and provide a relaxed sense of
                          calm and well-being.

6       Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                              ................   retail.

The flexibility of this system meant that in one luminaire with     With the furniture lighting reaching 1.500 lux above the
frosted glass we could house a Philips Mini MASTER Colour          merchandise we defined a modulation for the general lighting
for general lighting, in conjunction with a dichroic lamp for      with the ambient between 250 and 300 lux, and in locations
accent lighting.Alternatively it could be used just for general    close to mirrors between 450 and 500 lux, with a factor of
lighting, with two modules for Philips Mini MASTER Colour, or      detach of 1:3 and in special cases of 1:5.
just for accent lighting, with two modules with dichroic lamps.
                                                                   As a result, the shop is perceived as a cosy environment,
This hybrid system proved to be operationally very feasible        with products and architectural details highlighted in a very
allowing a payback in less then one year.                          elegant way.

Furniture lighting at Daslu                                        Atriums
The furniture at Daslu is mainly comprised of wooden shelves,      The original plan envisioned this space as a living room with
racks for clothes hangers and removable shelves.                   fireplaces and sofas elegantly placed in this high-bayed area of
                                                                   approximately six metres in height.
We used the Philips T5 System with 28W and 14W, always in
830 (3.000 Kelvin), using single and double electronic gear        The main Atrium included four blossoming trees that fill the
depending on the furniture composition.The lamp and gear           space with their leaves, forming a rich composition in volume
system was built-in to the furniture and closed with a             and architectonical details, Italian sculptures and antique tables.
polycarbonate diffuser that presented the ideal thermo
characteristics for this application. In this way, the furniture   To light this area Philips MASTER Colour CDM-R111 lamps
could be lit through the shelves, from the top via the diffusers   were chosen because of their anti-glare capabilities.The desired
on both sides.                                                     light effect was achieved with the lamps creating a dramatic,
retail..........................                                                                                         w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                    almost theatrical, atmosphere, while enhancing the Atrium’s         Philips T5 lamps 28W with 4.000 Kelvin delivered a light that
                    different areas.The general lighting of the Lion Atrium             simulates natural daylight perfectly.
                    especially highlights the charming Coffee shop, the fireplace
                    and the entrance to the first floor - Daslu Women.                    The technology space
                                                                                        Located on the second floor, the technology space was
                    The Atrium of the Möet Bar was built under a ceiling plate,         designed differently to the general store concept.
                    which means no source of natural light. For that reason, the        Using elements such as glass and metal on a white floor
                    lighting specification called for a perfect simulation of daylight   with predominantly open areas, the technology space is used
                    in order to align the natural light atmosphere with all the         to exhibit cars, sports clothes, accessories, computers,
                    other Atriums.                                                      televisions and sound and vision equipment, aero models,
                                                                                        yachts and boats.

                                                                                        The lighting solution chosen was Modular luminaires, with
                                                                                        10 metre lengths that housed general lighting systems, using
                                                                                        Philips T5 of 14W 3.000 Kelvin and flexible modules with
                                                                                        Philips MASTER Colour CDM-R111 lamps.

                                                                                        In this way the space gained both detachment and intimacy,
                                                                                        dynamism and a high-end technological mood, thanks to the
                                                                                        modern design of the lamps.

                                                                                        Attracting customers from the outside
                                                                                        The illumination of the arboreal elements in harmony with the
                                                                                        lighting of the façades was developed using tall luminaires.

                                                                                        By using equipment built-in to the ground, flexible projectors
                                                                                        and asymmetrical projectors, we were able to generate a
                                                                                        classic, elegant and sophisticated ambience, maintaining the
                                                                                        balance between the primary scene, the building and the
                                                                                        secondary element, which is the high green landscape. Philips
                                                                                        MASTER Colour CDM-T 35W, 70W and 150W lamps were
                                                                                        used for lighting the land scene and façades.We utilised Philips
                                                                                        MASTER Colour CDM-TD 70W for lighting the walls and the
                                                                                        Philips PL-C 26W as lighting boundary marks with colour
                                                                                        temperatures close to 3.000 Kelvin.

                                                                                        The lighting of the façades was implemented with concentrated
                                                                                        beams enhancing the pillars and columns of the architecture.
                                                                                        The frontage was lit above the ground floor using four
                                                                                        projectors with a very concentrated beam, 3 of beam angle
                                                                                        and incorporating the Philips MASTER Colour CDM-T 150W
                                                                                        metal halide lamps with 3.000 Kelvin.

8       Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                    ................       retail.

In summary, the Godoy & Associados lighting project used
the best technical solutions, while meeting the architectural
and social objectives of the owners.The project exploited the
most advanced lighting technology to offer a congenial
atmosphere to the people that visit the store to shop or
simply enjoy the atmosphere.

   Light Awards 2005-Light Magazine
   Lighting Technology of the Decade Award.

   Recognition for development of landmark
   Philips MASTER Colour CDM technology

         S     P E C I F I C A T I O N S

   Project: Daslu
   Country: São Paulo, Brazil
   Lighting Design: Plinio Godoy, Godoy & Associados
   Project Team: Marcos Noyori, Elso Moisinho,
   Ornella Lenci, Fernanda Nogueira.
   Architects: Ricardo De Marco, Chinho De Luca
        Lamps: Philips Mini MASTER Colour, Philips
        MASTER Colour CDM-R111, Philips
        Brilliant Line,Philips T5, Philips PL-C
        Luminaires: Philips Cia De Iluminação,
        Revoluz, Luminaires

                                                                Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1        9
Visit us at light+building 2006 in the Forum,
Level 0 , stand A10 + B10 and find out
how we are 'making it easy to think small'
with Philips Mini MASTER Colour.
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                                  ................   retail.

Perfect fit for
Dutch shoe shop
When the owner of a shoe shop on the Dutch island of Terschelling decided to
renovate his premises, he knew just how important it was to optimise the in-store
lighting.The Philips Mini MASTER Colour was central to the proposed solution.

Background                                                          headspace. Because the lighting would also be prominent,
The Strandloper (the Sandpiper) is a shoe shop on                   it had to look good and fit in with the intended ambience
Terschelling, which lies to the north of the Dutch mainland.        of the shop.And, crucially, the quality of light had to bring
It is owned by Cees van Keeken, whose great-grandfather was         out the best in the shoes on display.
a cobbler and whose grandfather and father also earned their
living in the shoe trade.Van Keeken took over the Strandloper       Installation height for the ceiling was limited to 16 cm,
in 2001, and initiated a large-scale renovation of the premises     restricting the size of luminaires.The comparatively low
at the end of 2004.                                                 ceiling height of less than three metres and the need for
                                                                    uniform lighting also limited the choice of light sources.
"This is a beachcomber's island," says Van Keeken, "and we
wanted to reflect that in our shop." Seasoned wood was               The solution
therefore used for the floor, certain walls and display units.       Philips Mini MASTER Colour lamps were housed in a
The idea was to contrast this by means of a modern-looking          luminaire specially designed by Lival to incorporate the
ceiling with high-tech lighting.                                    Philips HID-PrimaVision Mini gear.The luminaires were
                                                                    suspended from a silver ceiling-mounted rail which also
The company chosen for the interior redesign was Rietschoten        disguises the electricity supply lines.Approximately six
Design, based in Leusden, the Netherlands, and specialised in       luminaire/lamp combinations were installed,
turnkey solutions for shoe shops that include decor, fittings        complemented by a number of stand-alone spotlights
and furnishings and lighting.                                       with Philips MASTER Colour CDM-TD 70W lamps,
                                                                    as well as square fluorescent panels that only protrude
The challenge                                                       a couple of centimetres from the ceiling.
A major limiting factor in the shop was its low ceiling.As it was
made from solid plaster and not suspended, nothing could be         "Initially I look for a lamp/luminaire combination that fits
tucked away above it. It was therefore critical that any lighting   aesthetically within my vision for the shop," says
solution chosen would not take up too much precious                 Martin van Rietschoten of Rietschoten Design.

                                                                                                          Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1       11
              "The Philips Mini MASTER Colour with the Lival luminaire
              is extremely compact, looks good, and does not require any
                                                                                            I have been in the shoe business
              additional gear. Being a 20W CDM lamp it has low energy                       for almost 40 years and involved
              use but a high output. It also lasts much longer than a
              comparable halogen bulb."

              Van Keeken is also very enthusiastic about the lighting.
              "It's not just attractive; it is also very effective. If you don't have
                                                                                            with more than ten shop
                                                                                            refurbishments. I realised some
                                                                                            time ago that lighting is
              the proper lighting in your shop then you can lose a
              considerable amount of turnover. Energy usage will be lower as
                                                                                            exceptionally important.
              well, and I won't have to change lamps as often as before!"                   Cees van Keeken, owner, De Strandloper

                                                                                                S   P E C I F I C A T I O N S
                                                                                             Project: Strandloper
                                                                                             Country: The Netherlands
                                                                                             Project Team: Rietschoten Design, Philips Lighting
                                                                                                Lamps: Philips Mini MASTER Colour 20W,
                                                                                                Philips HID-PrimaVision Mini gear 20W
                                                                                                Luminaires: Lival Mini-MASTER

12   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                             ................      retail.

Bringing the colour to
life in a car showroom

                                                                   ‘   Above all, the lighting solution
                                                                       for the roomy and high-ceilinged
                                                                       showroom required that it
                                                                       brought out the colours
                                                                       of the cars on display.

                                                                   makes the paintwork on the cars look more realistic.This is
                                                                   obviously very important for our business.We also have a lot
The new Renault showroom in the Belgian town of Turnhout
                                                                   of vehicles with 'mother of pearl' effect finish, whereby the
is located on the site of a former waffle factory, although you
                                                                   colour changes depending on how you look at it, and this
wouldn't necessarily realise it at first sight. "We completely
                                                                   lighting brings that out more strongly."
renovated and extended the existing building," says manager
Margot Kenis. "We now have 1.600 square metres of floorspace,
                                                                   In addition, the Philips MASTER Colour 250W has a
excluding offices, and only three walls were left intact."
                                                                   considerably higher efficacy - approximately 20% - than
                                                                   quartz lamps. It also offers much better colour stability, and
The challenge
                                                                   so produces its warm, sparkling light for consistently longer.
Above all the lighting solution for the roomy and high-ceilinged
showroom required that, it brought out the colours of the
                                                                   The Mini 300 luminaires have had a positive effect as well.
cars on display.
                                                                   "Because they are flush against the ceiling, they fit in much
                                                                   better with the ambience of the showroom than suspended
The solution
                                                                   luminaires," says Kenis.
Approximately 50 Philips MASTER Colour 250W lamps were
installed, mounted in Philips Mini 300 luminaires.These were
arranged in a grid pattern on the metal showroom ceiling. This
                                                                         S    P E C I F I C A T I O N S

is the first time that these lamps have been used at the               Project: Renault Showroom
showroom, and the results are very encouraging.                       Country: Turnhout, Belgium
                                                                         Lamps: Philips MASTER Colour 250W
"There is a noticeable difference when compared to other
                                                                         Luminaires: Philips Mini 300
showrooms," says Kenis. "The light is much warmer, and it really

                                                                                                        Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1       13
Exciting ice
and fire effects at a
Finnish SnowCastle
Philips Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
and other lighting systems are being
used with great success in the famous
Kemi SnowCastle, Finland.
Philips LED Modules are employed
in the roofed parts of the SnowCastle,
such as corridors, restaurant and bar,
as well as to light ice sculptures
and details such as doorways.
It is Philips LED low operating
temperatures that provide the key
to success in what is, necessarily,
an environment that could melt.
innovation................                                                                                            w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                The challenge                                                        SnowCastle, which features - among other things - a sauna
                The famous Kemi SnowCastle, Finland, needed top quality              (non-smoke this time), the ice igloo, and the SnowHotel
                lighting that reflected and augmented a ‘fire and ice’ theme,          with IceGallery.
                providing strong yet variable colours according to time of day
                and situation, yet which did not pose the risk of locally melting    SnowCastle 2005 marked the tenth anniversary, and
                the Castle’s building materials - snow and ice.                      SnowCastle 2006 is the eleventh consecutively. Its area is
                                                                                     8000 square metres, equivalent to three football stadiums.
                The town of Kemi in Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia, not far         Built by a local team, the architect and contractor are
                below the Arctic Circle, is famous today for this full size winter   Rauno Ruonansuu and Jouni Heikkilä respectively.
                fairyland castle, made entirely of snow and ice.The first             Both have had earlier experience with the SnowCastle.
                SnowCastle was a gift from UNICEF and Kemi to the children           The electrical contractor / installer who installed the
                of the world. Most of the world’s children have never seen           Philips Lighting is local-based Jorma Kauppinen.
                snow, and this was the essential rationale behind the
                SnowCastle.A total of 273.000 people visited it during the cold      The main theme for this year’s castle is ‘Snow, Ice and Fire’,
                Nordic winter, and one year, it received over 300.000 visitors.      and the lighting has been designed from the outset to support
                Later SnowCastles boasted art galleries, chapels, massive            this. Commented Castle Manager Marika Tomminen:
                towers, two floors, a Finnish smoke sauna and warm bath in a          “Considering the nature of the SnowCastle’s construction, this
                snowhut, a SnowHotel with IceGallery, and even an ice igloo.         theme was quite challenging.Also, fire is colourful and we need
                Some of these features have been retained for the 2006               strong colours to compensate the whiteness of the snow.”
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                      ................innovation.

The fire and ice theme is reflected in the room decoration
(fire colours), the state-of-the art lighting, and also by ice
sculptures. Natural fire is also used around the Castle. It is
the lighting with which Philips Lighting, through its Finnish
office, has been involved in designing and specifying.

The entrance exterior walls
In the external entrance area, a combination of static cool blue
light in the front, and warm, dynamic effect fire colours at the
rear wall have been used to create an extreme contrast that
emphasises depth and size.

Corridors and doorways
Corridor general lighting required ‘fire baskets’, each with
‘branches’ and Philips LED Modules inside. In addition, there
are beautiful ice sculptures in the corridors, and these have
also been lit by Philips LED Modules. In the past, it has been
difficult, or impossible, to illuminate these properly, as they
tended to melt. In this application alone, the use of
Philips LEDs has been a huge success, operating as they are
in a harsh environment and providing low temperature yet
highly attractive and colourful lighting.

The bar and restaurant
In the bar and the restaurant, Philips LED combinations
provide a low general lighting based on cool blue light,
plus controlled RGB(A) lighting that slowly changes from
morning blue shades to a quick dynamic fading in and out of
primary colours in the evening. DMX controllers have been
used mainly in the main restaurant to provide a Northern
Lights effect on its ceiling.

An ideal scheme
                                                                      S   P E C I F I C A T I O N S
Marika Tomminen, commented:“The Philips Lighting scheme
is very exciting for us as, in addition to providing excellent     Project: Kemi SnowCastle
lighting effects throughout, for the first time, we are able        Country: Finland
to properly light our fantastic ice sculptures using the           Customer: Oy LumiLinna-Kemi-SnowCastle Ltd.

Philips LEDs. Previously, this was not possible using              Lighting
                                                                     Lamps: Philips LED Modules, Philips DMX
conventional lighting, as the high temperatures would have
melted the sculptures.This is a very important development
                                                                     Luminaire: Philips DecoFlood CDM floodlights.
for SnowCastle”.

                                                                                                  Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1    17
                                              Can we help
                                              from climate
                                              A third of Europe’s street lighting is energ
                                              achieving Kyoto targets. Now the new EU
                                              for energy efficient lighting.

18   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1

                                         Why do we need a Directive that will
                                         affect energy-efficiency of street lights?
                                         A look at Europe’s street lighting will explain the need
                                         for the new EU directive on the eco-design of Energy
                                         Using Products (EUP).

                                         Despite the majority good practice in European
                                         municipalities, approximately one third of Europe’s roads
                                         and motorways are still being lit using energy inefficient
                                         1960’s technology - the so called mercury vapour lamps.
                                         That’s around 35 million lamps! These lamps consume large
                                         amounts of electricity during their lifetime, creating a cost
                                         burden for both local authorities and taxpayers, whilst
                                         producing massive CO2 emissions.

                                         Figures show that if these mercury vapour lamp and gear
                                         systems were replaced by the latest lighting technology,
                                         European authorities would save between 600 and 700

 save Europe                             million Euros per year in running costs. Perhaps more
                                         important, Europe would reduce its CO2 emissions by
                                         3.5 million tons per year, making a big step forward towards
                                         reaching its Kyoto targets.

 change?                                 Putting it simply, saving energy means saving money, as well
                                         as reducing harmful CO2 emissions that contribute to
                                         climate change.

gy inefficient, costly and a barrier to   What is in the EUP Directive?
                                         The EUP Directive published in July 2005 aims to ensure that
UP directive offers an opportunity       products which consume significant amounts of energy are
                                         designed to be as energy efficient as possible, without
                                         compromising their other key performance needs or other
                                         environmental impacts.The Directive came into force
                                         throughout the EU on 11 August 2005 and all 25 EU
                                         member states now have two years, until August 2007,
                                         to transpose the directive into national law.

                                                                        Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   19
environmental..........                                                   w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                          ‘   Figures show that if these mercury vapour
                              lamp and gear systems were replaced by the
                              latest lighting technology, European authorities
                              would save between 600 and 700 million
                              Euros per year in running costs.

                                           What happens next according to the EUP Directive?
                                           Looking ahead, according to the EUP Directive, the products
                                           to be targeted for CO2 reductions must:
                                           • have a sales volume of more than 200.000 units a year
                                            within the EU
                                           • have a significant environmental impact within the EU
                                           • offer significant potential for reduction in environmental
                                            impact without entailing excessive costs
                                           • have a wide disparity in their environmental performance
                                            whilst having an equivalent functionality.

                                           Based on these criteria, fourteen energy-using product
                                           categories have been initially targeted by the Commission.
                                           These include televisions, boilers, PCs and computer
                                           monitors, and standby and off-mode losses. Street lighting,
                                           along with lighting for offices has been earmarked for the
                                           first specific action.Two specific implementing measures will
                                           be developed over the coming years, resulting in the setting
                                           of minimum performance standards.

                                           How will Street Lighting legislation be developed?
                                           The first step in considering how products should be treated
                                           under the EUP implementing measures is a preparatory study
                                           for each product family.This study will recommend ways to
                                           improve the environmental performance of the product.
                                           The preparatory study for street lighting will be prepared
                                           by lighting and environmental experts in consultation with
                                           specialists from the industries in question and will define
                                           requirements for each product that are specific and
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                             .........environmental.

measurable. In detail the study will identify:
• the market characteristics for the product
• the relevant environmental aspects of the product
  to be covered and their technical/economical potential
  for improvement
• any existing relevant legislation
• self-regulation by industry and standards
• needs for standards to be developed.

The European Commission will use this information to
prepare for the next phases of the implementing measure
development process:
• an impact assessment to assess the impact of any potential
  measure on the market
• a consultation with the Eco-Design Forum (made up
  of national and European regulators, experts from
  industry and business, consumer organisations
  and environmental NGOs)
• the publication of a draft implementing measure                 Before - Old technology (Mercury, SOX SON)

  where necessary.                                                London Borough of Redbridge, United Kingdom

So what’s the problem?
Switching from old mercury vapour lamps to new energy
efficient lighting solutions often means replacing, not just the
lamps, but also the gear trays or the total fittings. Elected
officials and others are often reluctant to invest in projects
that will only deliver when they themselves have gone.
Short-term thinking creates a tendency to look mainly at the
initial costs, ignoring the more relevant cost of energy during
the product’s use - often more than 90% of the total cost.
Even so, investment in new technology can pay off even in
the short term. Figures show that upgrade alternatives can
have a payback time of less than one year, after which
significant energy and cost savings will be achieved.

Looking ahead
The implication of the new EU EUP directive is that by as
early as 2008, there will probably be new European
‘Implementing Measures’ in place.These will set specific and
                                                                  After - New technology (CosmoWhite)
potentially compulsory standards for street lighting products
                                                                  London Borough of Redbridge, United Kingdom
with Philips CosmoPolis street lighting system to ensure
that they meet energy efficiency, as well as other,
requirements. These requirements will affect any product

                                                                                                         Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   21
               destined for the European market. So for any authority              For example, the new Philips CosmoPolis street lighting
               replacing old or purchasing new street lighting, these              systems launched in 2005 are more than twice as efficient
               requirements will determine their choice.                           to run than the older mercury vapour lamps.They also
                                                                                   provide a significantly better quality of light and contain
               President at the lighting division of Philips. We have a clear      industry-leading low levels of mercury, saving on average
               vision and commitment to develop new products and                   100 kg of CO2 per light point per year. In addition, energy
               solutions which allow for sustainable development.                  efficiency benefits taxpayers, better quality lighting means
                                                                                   safer roads, and cities and towns are made more attractive
               But even before the ‘implementing measures’ legislation is          for local people and visitors.
               finalised, the trend is clear.Authorities will be looking to see
               how they can win for the environment, win for their                 In short, it’s the right solution for everyone.
               tax-payers, whilst also ensuring that lighting quality and street
               safety are maintained or even improved.                             Energy efficient street lighting: the business
                                                                                   case in brief
               How we are working for a win-win solution                           • If the street light fittings or luminaires need replacing, then a
               We have pioneered processes for putting Eco-Design at the            switch from mercury vapour lamps to more energy efficient
               heart of all of its products, including lighting. Eco-Design has     alternatives will save running costs, allow for greater spacing
               formed the cornerstone of Philips lighting product design            due to better lamps and reflectors in the luminaire, allow for
               policy for over twenty five years since the launch on the first        smaller lamp posts and reduce CO2 emissions.These savings
               energy saving lamp in 1980.                                          start immediately after installation.

22   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
                                                                                 CosmoWhite brings long-lasting white light to Antwerp, Belgium.

• If the street light fitting or luminaire does not need replacing   • Or the annual consumption of 19 million barrels of oil.
 then a lamp and gear tray replacement, switching from              • Or the equivalent annual output of two power
 mercury vapour lamps to more energy efficient high                   stations (1000 MWE).
 pressure sodium or metal halide equivalents can have an            • The latest lamp and gear technology is up to 65% smaller
 immediate payback within the first year.                             than its predecessors.This means only half the material
• Europe (that is, the twenty five countries of the                   is needed to create new fittings or luminaires.This also
 European Union)                                                     means less transport is needed to move stock with
 has approx. 3.5 million mercury lamps installed.                    resultant CO2 savings.
• European wide running cost savings of between 600 to
 700 million Euros per year can be realised.
• The total value of the European street lighting market
 is 625 million Euros.
• An upgrade would support the Lisbon agenda with its
 European competitiveness theme.

The ‘green’ case for energy efficient street lighting
• Europe could reduce CO2 emissions by 3.5 million tons
 per year, by switching from mercury lamps to the
 latest technology.
• This is the equivalent CO2 consumption of 175 million trees       Best environmental choice

                                                                                                       Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   23
outdoor   .    w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

A vision of light at
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                      outdoor.

Lagos Martianez
                                                 Earlier in 2005 a new lighting
                                                 installation was completed at
                                                 the Lagos Martianez complex,
                                                 in Puerto de la Cruz, located
                                                 in the northwest of Tenerife
                                                 Island.The new installation
                                                 is based on the use of
                                                 environmentally friendly
                                                 technologies and materials
                                                 such as optical fibre and
                                                 Solid State Lighting devices.
                                                 The new lighting has helped
                                                 to revitalise this recreational
                                                 complex of swimming
                                                 pools designed thirty years
                                                 ago by landscape architect,
                                                 César Manrique.

                                                                  Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   25
outdoor                 .                                                                                         w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

              The recreational complex of the Lagos (Lakes) Martianez is          Transforming the landscape with light
              located on the outskirts of the city of Puerto de la Cruz,          These ideas have become reality now that the lighting
              dramatically situated on the edge of a cliff in the northwest       installation has been completed.The designers have fulfilled a
              coast of Tenerife.The architecture of the complex is striking,      vision which uses images that move between optical illusion
              and was created over 30 years ago by a uniquely gifted              and visual reality, islands that float on the water, big masses
              landscape designer, who had an intimate knowledge of the            of light that fill the pools, not only with the powerful flow of
              Canary Islands environment. The complex comprises a group           water, but also with the flow of light.There are relaxing areas,
              of pools, of different sizes and shapes, the largest pool           such as the beaches lit to give the impression of much
              containing a small island. On the island is a building, once a      greater size.There are phantasmagoric images, such as the
              disco and soon to be a casino.                                      so-called "Roots in the Sky", created by using some fossilised
                                                                                  trees placed with the trunk in the ground and the roots
              The heart and soul of Puerto de la Cruz                             pointing upwards.
              The function of this space is purely recreational, its aesthetics
              defined by its volcanic origins, now under the water.                The chosen technical lighting solution combines the successful
              A striking feature of the area is the huge variety of different     use of optical fibre in water, together with the arrangement of
              tree species.The total area of the complex is about 90.000          Solid State floodlights.The optical fibre is located around the
              square metres, and it provides a natural recreational resource      edges of the pools and the islands contained in them. It also
              and symbolic heart for the city.This has a population of            helps to create the flow of light in the fountains and geysers
              30.000 inhabitants in the low season, which swells to 100.000       that fill the big pool.The optical terminals have been specially
              in the tourist high season.                                         designed for this application, since they had to be embedded
                                                                                  in the walls of the pool to illuminate the bottom and edges.
              In addition to its natural advantages of a warm, temperate
              climate, the city is also renowned for the warm and                 More powerful effects, for less power
              welcoming nature of its inhabitants. It is a city that has it own   1280 optical terminals were used in the big pool, together
              distinct social life, but also with an important economy based      with 75 OCTOPUS type generators and 8 FOCUS type
              on tourism and so open to all type of cultures and races. For       generators with luminaires using 150W metal halide lamps.
              this reason, it was felt necessary to emphasise the attractions     Altogether, more than thirty kilometres of optical cable was
              of the city and its inhabitants and reinforce their individuality   used. For all the spectacular effects, the total installed power
              in the renovation of the Lagos Martianez complex.                   output is just 12 kW.That represents around 10% of the
                                                                                  power required for the first installation thirty years ago.
              A link with the past, a vision for the future                       SSL floodlights are used to provide mixed illumination of a
              The idea of renovating the beautiful but technologically            children’s pool. Inside this pool is a very ingenious sculpture
              obsolete complex was widely accepted.The originators of             that presides over the route from the cliff to the city.
              the Project, Juan Alfredo Amigó and José Luis Olcina, had           They are also used in the illumination of the "Roots in the
              collaborated in the original creation of the complex with           sky", mentioned earlier, and of the whole group of trees,
              César Manrique.They explained their ideas for illuminating          palms and areas of garden used to create a scenic backdrop.
              the complex, taking advantage of the benefits of new systems
              of lighting, telling how they planned to create a dramatic total    These floodlights exist in three versions.There is one
              image, while highlighting specific features.                         six x 1W LED ring for illumination of trees. One hermetic

26   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
module of one x 3W LED for illumination of stones and
external details of the pool.And one board of four LEDs of
3W each, for illumination of the “Roots in the sky” and the
children’s pool.The total number of each type is 224, 18 and
88 respectively in this first phase.

An effect beyond words
The overall effect is difficult to describe in words. In this case,
looking at the pictures is much more satisfying.

The effects on tourism speak by themselves: more than
seven thousand visitors arrived every weekend, from the                 S   P E C I F I C A T I O N S
inauguration of the site to 1st August 2005.The Cesar                Project: Lagos Martinez Complex
Manrique Foundation has welcomed the new scheme,                     Country: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife Island
acknowledging its faithfulness to the original vision of this        Project Team: Juan Alfredo Amigó and Jose Luis Olicina,
“landscape jewel”. Plans are already in hand to transfer these       Cesar Manrigue and J.A. Hidalgo

ideas to other similar complexes, such as those in the city of       Lighting
                                                                       Lamps: Philips 150W Metal Halide Lamps and Philips
Santa Cruz de Tenerife or even in Ceuta.We are happy that
                                                                       Luxeon LEDs, White Lumileds
we have, in our humble way, been able to demonstrate the
                                                                       Luminaires: Focus fibre-optic generator with end-light
possibilities for the use of the optic fibre and the Solid State
                                                                       terminations and special LED floodlights.
Lighting floodlights.

                                                                                                       Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   27
Bringing Hamburg
harbour up to date
The masts symbolise the cranes that were once used to unload the ships here.
The elegant design of the ARC luminaire from Industria Beleuchtung Gmbh is
intentionally in stark contrast with the angular shape of the steel masts; this contrast
is a characteristic feature of EMBT architects’ design work.Two sizes of luminaires
are used here, with the smaller luminaires being used only for the light points below
a height of eight metres.

28   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                                                outdoor.

The difficult decision to select a suitable luminaire was             existing area which was very much inspired by the close
influenced by the fact that the lighting designer Ulrike Brandi       connection between the land and the sea and the constantly
had used warm white light colour 830 in her design for the           changing tides.
lighting of the surrounding streets and squares. It is only the
most up-to-date fluorescent lamps that can produce this light         EMBT placed particular emphasis on the lighting design for the
colour in compact luminaires. Because the ARC range was              square and on the different surfaces, the choice of materials and
designed specifically for use with the Philips PL-H System and        colour schemes.A 200 metre long suspended steel lighting structure
because in the higher wattage version it is available for up to      that is up to ten metres high in places forms an impressive ‘crown’
120 W, the Arc fulfils both the artistic and the technological        for the square, illuminating it most effectively at night.
requirements for the design.
                                                                     The design of the surface areas of the terraces is just as artistic.
Culture Senator Karin von Welck (party-independent) and              Ornaments in the ground that incorporate decorative stones
HafenCity boss Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg were delighted with the        in a variety of colours represent a ‘carpet’, creating a link with the
Mediterranean flair the architect Benedetta Tagliabue brought         traditional carpet trade that took place in the nearby Speicherstadt.
to the river Elbe in her design concept: "This is a wonderful        Retaining walls are decorated with three-dimensional wall tiles,
public recreational space which, with its many events, is also set   depicting a giant, abstract image of a fish and emphasising the area’s
to become an important location for art and culture in the           special maritime heritage.
HafenCity", said Bruns-Berentelg.The square covers
approximately 4.700 square metres; two kilometres of steps
and terraced areas of white, polished concrete on three levels
stretch down to the harbour basin. In between there are areas
of granite with mosaics interspersed with suspended lighting
elements made from steel and young magnolia, white willow,
oak and ash trees.

Architect Benedetta Tagliabue and her partner Enric Miralles
specialise in the design of public parks and squares.
Their architects’ office, EMBT Arquitectes Associats in
Barcelona, has received many awards since it was founded
in 1990, and in 2003 it won the international competition
to design the Magellan-Terrassen.

The Sandtorhafen is not just any harbour.When it first opened
in 1866, this tidal harbour basin was the most modern harbour
in Hamburg and it was also the catalyst for the later rise of the
town to its status as a harbour of international importance.
                                                                           S    P E C I F I C A T I O N S
                                                                       Project: Magellan - Terrassen
The idea for the architecture of the Magellan-Terrassen was            Country: Hamburg
developed as part of an international architects' competition for      Project Team: EMBT, WES und Partner, Vattenfall,

the design of open spaces in the west of Hamburg’s HafenCity;          City of Hamburg
the winners of this competition were EMBT Architects
                                                                           Lamps: Philips PL-H System
Associates from Barcelona. Because of its past use, this area has
                                                                           Luminaires: ARC designed by Industria Beleuchtung GmbH
very geometric features. EMBT developed a design for the

                                                                                                            Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   29
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                      office and industry.

     Illuminating the refurbished
     KLM Crown Lounge
     Comfort and privacy - these were the demanding
     criteria that the new KLM Crown Lounge had to
     meet.The result is a stylish ambiance in which the
     many varied facilities form a harmonious whole.
     The lighting solution chosen ensures that all
     wishes and requirements are fully satisfied.

                                                 Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   31
office and industry..                                    w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

                        The new KLM Crown Lounge has a total surface area of
                        2.200 square metres and can accommodate 581 people.
                        It is designed in particular for World Business Class travellers
                        using companies belonging to Skyteam, an organization of
                        which KLM and Air France are members.These travellers
                        naturally expect a high standard of quality.They often visit
                        the lounge more than once a week and spend on average
                        one and a half hours there. In this time they want to relax or
                        enjoy a quick cup of coffee, do a bit of work or enjoy a quiet
                        moment of reflection.

                        Seen at a glance
                        A person visiting this superb lounge would never suspect that
                        the attractive lighting incorporates a solution that combines
                        comfort with low energy and operating costs.Thanks to the
                        clear layout the facilities can all be seen at a glance. A large
                        part of the room is filled with reclining armchairs, with a
                        design - incorporating, for instance, numerous small lamps
                        at eye level - that provides considerable privacy.The restful
                        warm white light of the high-frequency Fugato downlights
                        with Philips MASTER PL-C compact fluorescent lamps makes
                        the armchairs suitable for both work and relaxation.Also in
                        the busy cafeteria section, the Fugato downlights with
                        sparkling warm white light from the Philips MASTER Colour
                        CDM-T lamps support the room’s active function.This lighting
                        has excellent colour rendering and ensures that the snacks
                        that are on display retain their true colour.The round shape
                        of the self-service bar is architecturally accentuated at the top,
                        just like the KLM information desk, by conspicuous blue
                        LED String lighting, a playful reference to KLM’s familiar
                        house style colour.

                        ‘    A person visiting this superb
                             lounge would never suspect
                             that the attractive lighting
                             incorporates a solution that
                             combines comfort with low
                             energy and operating costs
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                        office and industry.

Daytime rhythm
                                                                   S   P E C I F I C A T I O N S
In order to suggest daylight, and thus enable the traveller
to become accustomed to the rhythm of daytime in the            Project: KLM Crown Lounge
                                                                Country: The Netherlands, Holland
Netherlands, a blind wall was created with curtains of
                                                                Architect: Jan Moulijn, Designer KLM
dynamic lighting.The Scenio 100 system continuously provides
                                                                Installation Contractor: GTI
a 'natural' progression from clear white light in the morning
                                                                Lighting Project Management: John Muijen,
via cool white during the day to warm white in the evening
                                                                Account Manager Philips
and nocturnal hours.
                                                                Lighting Designer: Wibeke Pollé, Philips LIDAC
High rating                                                       Lamps: Philips MASTER PL-C 18W and 26W,
Surveys have shown that travellers give the new lounge            Philips MASTER Colour CDM-T 35W, Ambiance Pro,
a high rating.The overall concept, will also be introduced in     Pentura TL5 827 and 865, MASTER TL5 14W,
the other seven KLM Crown lounges. Dubai and Houston              MASTERline ES 35W, implemented into the coves:
airports will be the first to be refurbished.                      Philips LED String Blue
                                                                  Luminaires: Philips Fugato, Philips Scenio,
                                                                  Philips TBS 330, Philips Zadora, Philips Europe 2

                                                                                                  Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   33
office and industry..                         w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

Using light to communicate
images in temporary spaces
Every temporary
exhibition has a
distinctive character.
Each one is unique,
and consequently
the design solutions
to be applied must
have a different
significance in
each case.

34   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                          office and industry.

Light can become the means for communicating a specific          dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani, the great master from
sensation and creating a particular atmosphere, but at          Livorno, staged in the rooms of the piano nobile of the
the same time it can enhance the works without damaging         Palazzo Reale in Milan. Over a hundred works are
them, and can respect fully both their symbolic and             displayed, which cover the career of the great painter
physical characteristics.                                       and sculptor from his early days to his premature death
                                                                in 1920.
The lighting design must therefore be integrated in the
staging, for the purpose of enhancing the symbolic values,      The exhibition is characterised by lighting design in which
and, by constructing a precise form of communication,           the lighting solutions, together with those of the staging,
 it must create a path for reading the works exhibited.         create a secluded and intimate atmosphere, which adapts
                                                                the architectural spaces to the themes and dimensions of
For this reason various choices may need to be made,            the works.
ranging from the simple use of different sources to the use
of coloured light, dynamic lighting effects, and particular     In the large, high ceiling rooms, the light creates a
settings, etc.                                                  welcoming atmosphere which is in no way dispersive, partly
                                                                by means of the “transformation” of the enormous artificial
A single lighting solution can take the form of two different   skylights into gigantic light fittings, which, by means of very
applicative solutions which can fulfil two different             soft and very warm light, absorb and accompany the
requirements, such as the use of two sources with               visitors throughout the exhibition, with different
different colour temperatures.                                  atmospheres associated with the periods of the artist’s life.

A single lighting source can thus be used for different         The path of the exhibition is emphasised by lighting events:
purposes, and can be included in the design concepts with       for the early years the light is soft and warm, in the final
specific functions, as indeed is the case for the two            period, when the artist was least productive, shadow comes
exhibitions now described.                                      into play. Along this lengthy path there are intervals which
                                                                correspond to the fundamental events in the life of the
In both the exhibitions the general lighting is provided by     painter, i.e. meeting his companion Jeanne Hèbuterne,
enormous artificial skylights, characterised by diffuse light    denoted by red skylights which create a very passionate
and completed by two types of accent lighting, in other         atmosphere, and the African period, also with very warm,
words the warm light provided by the 3.000 Kelvin AR111         amber-coloured lights, which from the bottom upwards
halogen sources, and a cool white light provided by the         create a slightly unreal atmosphere, inspired by the
4.100 Kelvin Philips Diamondline dichroic lamps.                “theatre”, masks, etc.

An extensive show of paintings, sculptures and drawings         On this lighting path which is articulated into particular
from the main museums and private collections throughout        settings, the predominant constant factor is the use of
the world constitutes the monographic exhibition                lighting sources which can emphasise the paintings and

                                                                                                   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   35
office and industry..                                                                                          w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

               drawings, differentiating them according to the themes and       grey box inside which there are no display elements.This is
               the technical requirements which are associated with the         a completely “sterile” and neutral space, inside of which the
               different supports, such as oil paintings, drawings, etc.        photographs are made to stand out by means of diffused
                                                                                but accented lighting, which enhances the images when
               In fact, a point of fundamental importance was to diversify      viewed upon a softer lighted background.
               the viewing of the works by distinguishing the drawings on
               paper from the works on canvas, even though these are            In this case, the explicit wish to create a very simple
               exhibited in the same spaces.                                    environment which would be compatible with the
                                                                                photographs exhibited was made possible by the decision
               The light has been used to create “different backgrounds”        to use a predominance of cool white light throughout
               to display the works, all accompanied by different colours       the space.
               of the display panels, i.e. grey for the canvases and blue
               for the drawings.                                                The large artificial skylights with metal halide lamps present
                                                                                in each room divide up the space, and bathe it in an
               The wish to diversify the works was derived not just             extremely sterile light.
               from an aesthetic and staging choice, but also, and above all,
               from a need to protect the drawings, which are the most          In this scenario, the works distributed on all the walls
               delicate works.                                                  become the only element of staging or scenography.

               For the latter it was therefore decided to use a source          Mapplethorpe’s photographs distributed along the walls are
               with a cool tone, that is, Philips Diamondline Pro 4.100         placed side by side with comparative works, such as silk
               Kelvin dichroic halogen lamps with different power levels        screen prints by Warhol, photographic sequences by
               and opening beams, so as to create light regularly               Muybridge and Nadar, sculptures by Canova, and works by
               distributed over the entire exhibition area. By this means,      Michelangelo, Rodin, Bronzino and Schiele, thus emphasising
               the contrast between the cool light for the drawings and         the references which were the inspiration for the great
               the warm light for the canvases and the surrounding              photographer when producing his own works.
               environment meant that the drawings acquired a particular        Along this path, which progresses temporally from his
               “unreal” value of their own, without “becoming lost” in the      beginnings to the final photographs, the lighting design has
               environment because of the low lighting level needed. It         assumed a major role, since it was essential to differentiate
               was because of this important factor that it was decided to      the works of the artist from the historic references,
               use a source of this type, which could emphasise and             delicately by means of the light.
               enhance the works, but without damaging them, whilst
               complying with the maximum value of 50 lux required for          It was consequently decided to use very low voltage Philips
               works of this type.                                              4100 Kelvin Diamondline Pro halogen lamps with a dichroic
                                                                                reflector and different power levels ranging from 35 to 50
               On the other hand, the exhibition at the Promotrice delle        W, with opening beams of 10º, 24º and 36º to light
               Belle Arti in Turin was of a completely different type: a        Mapplethorpe’s photographs, and to use warmer precision
               monograph on the well-known American photographer                lighting provided by AR111 50 W halogen lamps for all the
               Robert Mapplethorpe, covering the complete works of the          comparative works.
               great master.
                                                                                The cool white Diamondline light regularly distributed by
               The exhibition displays photographs which are strictly in        means of use of diffusing filters and a Fresnel lens was
               black and white, staged in an area which takes the form of a     found to be the only lighting which could enhance the black

36   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                       office and industry.

and white of the photographs, highlighting the details of
each individual work and keeping the contrast and
brightness of each individual photograph unaltered.

In these environments bathed in cool light, the reference
works were highlighted by means of accent lighting, with a
colour temperature of 3.000 Kelvin.

This predominance of cool white light guides the visitors in
discovering the comparative works which “inspired” the
artist, and consequently in drawing the comparisons with
the photographs exhibited.

In both the exhibitions, the light has assumed a very
important role, since it has become the means for
“showing” the works to the visitors.

The same cool light source, i.e. Philips Diamondline Pro,
was used for its aesthetic and functional characteristics.
Although in fact for the Modigliani drawings the use was
concentrated only on particular works in order to contrast
them with the background, drawing attention mainly to the
technical and functional characteristics, on the other hand
for the Mapplethorpe exhibition it was decided to light the
entire environment and all the photographs only with this
light so as to permit correct viewing of the “non-colours”
of the black and white.

  Exhibition: ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE.                              Exhibition: AMEDEO MODIGLIANI.
  From ancient to modern, an anthology                          The angel with a serene face.
  Turin, Palazzina della Promotrice delle Belle Arti            Milan, Palazzo Reale
  Curator of the exhibition: Germano Celant                     Curator of the exhibition: Marc Restellini
  Production: Artificio Skirà                                   Production: Artificio Skirà
  Staging: Arch. Ferdinando Fagnola with Eduardo Simolo         Staging: Arch. Ferdinando Fagnola
  Lighting design: studio Barbara Balestreri Lighting Design.   Lighting design: Balestreri & Aiolfi Associati
  Barbara Balestreri with Lisa Marchesi and Rosana Sànchez      Lighting
  Lighting                                                         Lamps: Philips Diamondline Pro
        Lamps: Philips Diamondline Pro

                                                                                                 Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   37
office and industry..                                                            w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

At last...truly simple
lighting control
The lighting consultancy company ALFILUX has found the ideal energy saving solution
for Portugal Telecom, with the new Philips ActiLume lighting control system.

                                                  José Alberto and Cesar Barbosa from ALFILUX direct their
                                                  company’s projects from their central office in Braga,
                                                  Portugal.They rely on a spectacular and comprehensive
                                                  show room in this city in the north of Portugal.

                                                  “We are passionate about lighting and we are lucky to be
                                                  able to dedicate ourselves to it,” says José Alberto.

                                                  “We want to provide the best solution to each customer’s
                                                  needs.Therefore we use the most technologically advanced
                                                  solutions in each project.These innovative products and our
                                                  passion for design really represent our company’s image.”

                                                  “Our service is the added value we bring to our customers.
                                                  We like to think of them as our colleagues and truly
                                                  cooperate in lighting their premises”.

                                                  Providing energy efficient solutions
                                                  “Leading companies like Portugal Telecom (PT)
                                                  are looking for a lighting solution that both respects the
                                                  environment and offers the best energy performance.
                                                  We found the perfect solution in the Philips ActiLume
                                                  system” Cesar says.

38   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                                                       office and industry.

The Pinta building of Portugal Telecom, right in the centre
of Lisbon, represents the first project in Europe using the
Philips ActiLume system, installed on U-Beam indirect light
luminaires by FLOS.The need for an environmentally friendly
solution and ease of installation were the two non-negotiable
requirements in this project.

“This is a leading technology company which works 24 hours
a day, 365 days a year. Installation has to be simple so it can
be implemented in record time,” José Alberto adds.

Philips ActiLume’s simplicity (no programming required)
and configuration time make it an ideal product for this
kind of office.The system relies on its occupancy control,
daylight regulation and complete personal control.

The result of this first ActiLume project is that Portugal
Telecom are completely satisfied.The innovative lighting
system architecture has given a solution that ensures
respect for the environment and optimum energy efficiency.

The workers have a pleasant sensation of comfort thanks
to the automatic lighting control, which, at any time of the
day, optimise the lighting with a perfect combination of sun
and artificial light.
                                                                     S   P E C I F I C A T I O N S
Energy optimization is realised from the first moment              Project: Portugal Telecom
onwards and has resulted into 40% energy savings thanks           Country: Lisbon, Portugal
to the combination of the ActiLume system, its DALI               Lighting consultant: Alfilux
controller, latest generation of gear and MASTER TL5 lamps.       Technical support: Helmer Van Arem (Philips)
                                                                  Architect: Paulo Pimenta
                                                                  Installation Supervisor: FUTURE LIGHTING
“I am very enthusiastic about such impressive energy savings.
We can trust the system and its advantages. I smile every
                                                                    Lamps: MASTER TL5 HO Super 80 54W/830
time I go into the office and the lights come on automatically”
                                                                    Luminaire: FLOS U-Beam
says Paulo Pimenta, Portugal Telecom’s architect.

                                                                                                 Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   39
office and industry..                                                                                         w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

               Lighting a dynamic
               work environment
               Headquarter building of the Philips Netherlands sales organisation is located
               in a remarkable building called VB. The lighting design is transparent, dynamic
               and uses a variety of the latest technology. Building VB shows that lighting can
               improve the quality of life at work.

               Building VB was first build in 1964 by the Architect           the high space in the middle of the building.The very heart
               Roosenburg-Verhave-Luijt-De Jongh from The Hague.             of the building consists of the elevators and staircases.
               The successor, LIAG Architects, has been involved in the      Adding big panels on the walls with LED lighting highlights
               renovation of Building VB. It became a unique building        this. Each panel can change colours.These panels make the
               because of its construction. It is one of the few buildings   hall even more spacious than it already is, while creating the
               that is suspended and actually is hanging on to its metal     feeling of intimacy.
               construction.There is no foundation used to support the
               building.The building has thirteen floors, a big ground floor   Scrabble CDM-TC provides the general lighting in the
               and a basement that covers the new conference centre.         entrance in a consistent pattern.This luminaire gives a
               Philips and the city of Eindhoven think of the building as    sparkling and bright light. Next to the downlighters a pattern
               a statue for the city and an icon for the company.This is     has been set out with recessed track systems, which allows
               one of the reasons why the building has been renovated        for additional accent lighting for future exhibitions
               and not destroyed.                                            that are planned.

               The architectonic concept is a play between spaces of         The right light for the right environment
               the new building element with the old building elements.      Behind the big entrance hall, when you pass the large walls
               Lighting solutions featuring innovative products and ideas    with LED panels, you enter the area of the restaurant. In the
               were required for all internal and external applications.     front there is also a coffee corner.The lighting level in this
               Indoor applications include entrance hall, restaurant,        area is lower than in the restaurant. Halogen Scrabble
               conference centre and offices.                                 downlights are used to create a cosy atmosphere.
                                                                             The restaurant on the other hand is much brighter.This is
               Creating an instant impression                                possible because of the amount of daylight that comes in via
               When one enters the building one comes into a large square    the large roof windows.To accentuate the structure, and to
               hall, which appears to be, rather dark due to the dark grey   make sure there is enough light in darker times, long
               stone floor and dark grey metal ceiling.The eye is drawn to    fluorescent lines are made.

40   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                       office and industry.

                                                 Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   41
office and industry..                                                                                            w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m

               These lines have a white front glass, which gives certain         Offices
               brightness. In this way, the lines become more recognizable       After taking the elevator to one of the office floors you enter
               in this area.Accent lighting is added via the pendant Scrabble    a same hall on each level with LED lighted panels.To make a
               luminaires.These are specially made for this project.             difference between the working area and the corridors the
               Alongside the façade, Philips Fiorenza spots are added to         Rotaris luminaire is used.This shows a visual border because
               accentuate the border of outdoor and indoor.                      the Rotaris is slightly illuminated. By placing an extra Fugato
                                                                                 spotlight in the middle of the Rotaris the architecture of the
               Conference centre                                                 building is also highlighted.
               In the restaurant area there is a large staircase that goes
               down to the conference area. In each conference room a big        In each corner of the building there is a concentration room.
               cross is designed to support Carpe Diem luminaires. In the        It’s small but enough for one person to work in.To provide
               cross, indirect lighting is added via fluorescent tubes.This       the staff the possibility to choose between different
               accentuates the beautiful structure of the roof. In the hall      atmospheres, all four rooms are made in a different light
               between the conference rooms, accent lighting is added on         mood with different luminaire used. For example there is
               tracks.The Fiorenza spots accentuate the large colourful walls.
                                                                                 a room with the “Aurora Borealis”.This luminaire is a

‘    The lighting level in this area is lower than in the restaurant. Only halogen
     Scrabble downlights are used to create a cosy atmosphere.

42   Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1
w w w. l i g h t i n g . p h i l i p s . c o m                                      office and industry.

fluorescent free floor standing luminaire with RGB, so TL’s
with red, green and blue. It has different settings that go
automatic. In this way all light colours are shown.
To have enough work light an extra Fugato downlight is
placed in the ceiling.

Every conference room makes use of Carpe Diems.These are
suspended from the ceiling and in this case the user can make
their own setting by using a remote control.The colour
temperature varies between 2.700 Kelvin and 6.500 Kelvin.
It is also possible to dim down the luminaires.

When leaving the building again you walk down the massive
stairs, turn around and take a last look at the building.
When darkness comes, you see the building in a dramatic
scene.The inner heart of the building inside is turned into a
blue setting via the Philips LED lines and goes out of the
building to the outside façade. In this way the inside and
outside are connected and the whole lower part is glowing in
a blue setting under the high office tower. Just some spots on
the roof of the building give away the tall building and the
total leaves a beautiful memory.

         S     P E C I F I C A T I O N S
   Project: Building VB - Philips Netherlands
   Country: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
   Architect: Stephen Lewis & Associates, Rotterdam
   Architect (techn. execution): LIAG, Den Haag
   Consultancy: Counseling service Becks
        Lamps: Philips MASTER Colour CDM-TC, Philips
        MASTER TL-5, MASTER 111, Philips MASTER PL-C,
        Philips MASTER TL-5C speciale LED-panelen
        Luminaires: Philips LEDline2, Scrabble, Fugato
        downlights, Carpe Diem, Rotaris, Executive.

                                                                Philips Lamps & Gear Magazine V.7 Is.1   43

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