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					James Fielder
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            Why We Need Funding for Stem Cell and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

        The reasons believe the government should federally fund stem cell and embryonic stem

cell research and lift any restrictions is because of the options stem cell and embryonic research

could provide in the cure for many types of cancer, the treatment of many life threatening

diseases, and new therapeutic techniques.

        For many in the scientific community, stem cell and embryonic stem cell research has the

potential to give scientists and doctor’s insight on how human genes turn on and off and how

cells take on specialized functions. Since many diseases are caused by these abnormalities in this

process, research into stem cells could reveal ways to treat or in many cases prevent cancer. In an

article written by Hasan Korkaya and Max Wicha titled “BioDrugs” (2007), both scientists

believed that due to the identification of these cells in a variety of human cancers, that there is

mounting evidence that cell regeneration is possible in many forms of cancer malignancies such

as breast, brain, pancreas, and a multitude of other forms of cancer thus making it possible for

doctors to treat and in many cases cure cancer. With approved government funding and no

restrictions, the possibilities could be endless.

        Stem cell and embryonic stem cell research has the potential to offer powerful treatments

and revolutionize how doctors treat patients of diseases such as pancreatic cancer , esophageal

cancer, as well as many stroke victims. Current legislation places severe restrictions on the types

of studies that can be done with stem cell and embryonic stem cell research funding. Stem cell

and embryonic stem cell research could also shed light on potential therapies that could rebuild
stoke victim’s hearts from simple daily injections of regenerative stem cells. By lifting

government restrictions and providing funding, doctors would be able to provide patients a better

chance to live a longer more stable life through the use of medications and therapy’s.

       The study and funding of stem cell and embryonic stem research could possibly bring

about new and more efficient ways to nurse ill patients to a better way of life. In an article in by

M. Lee “Points of View-Stem Cell Research” (2007) Lee writes that with “government funding,

Doctors could possibly use research to develop treatments that could potentially halt or reverse

diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. In many cases with cell regeneration, stem

cells could even reverse blindness and treat retinal regeneration.” I believe that with government

funding, doctors could use their time more productively finding cures and treatments rather than

wasting their time trying to wrestle money out of congress.

       Stem cell and embryonic stem cell regeneration is a step in the right direction in the fight

for all who’s loved ones with life threatening or life altering diseases. For many there is no cure,

no hope, and no time for their illness or the time to wait for the government to provide the

funding. It has been scientifically proven that stem cell and embryonic stem cell research

breaking new ground and having positive progress in curing cancer, managing livable diseases,

and finding treatable therapies. We need the government to remove any restrictions on stem cell

and embryonic funding and research and start providing the necessary help scientist, doctors, and

families need.

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