Greetings Lions. Lioness and Leos School is back in session and

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					                                 Greetings Lions. Lioness and Leos:

                                 School is back in session and doesn’t it seem quiet outside!
                                 I am reminded by our International President, Lion Sid Scruggs, which one of the reason we
                                 all became Lions was because of what we could do to give back to our community for
                                 people who need our help.
                                 This year Lion Sid is asking us Lions to rededicate ourselves to that ideal of service.
  D. G. Susan L. Evans           Being a Beacon of Hope is about each Lion and every Lions Club around the world having
   10205 Navarre Ct.             a light shine for someone in need. When we shine as brightly as possible we send a signal
      Richmond, VA.              to the entire community that the Lions are active and the local Lions Club is the place to be
      804-852-0455               f or like minded individuals who would also like to serve. August was the month on which             we focused on the young people. This could have been done in many ways - helping them
                                 provide care packages for children’s hospitals, collecting school supplies for children who
      In this Issue:             do not have any, or painting a playground. Publicizing your activity in the community stirs
 1. Governor Message             up some excitement about what the Lions are doing.
 2. VA Voice Read-a-thon
 2. Secretary Corner             As I have traveled this past month, I have been encouraged by the Lions who are excited
 3. Leadership Institute         with the New Year starting and getting plans set down for projects. These projects and fund
 3. Directory Changes            raisers are important and can remind you of the first time you felt the pride in being a Lion.
 4. Hearing Conservation         Do you remember the day when you REALLY became a Lion? Was it when you placed
 4. Pin Trading Info             somebody with a hearing aid, and they called you to thank you? Or was it the day a child
 4. Zone Meeting Notice          received his/her glasses and could see the blackboard for the first time. Feel the Pride.
 5. Fall Conference Info
 6. Registration Form            Now that Zone meetings are organizing and some have already met, remember these
 7. Forum News                   meetings are an opportunity to meet with your Zone Chair and compare ideas for projects
 7. LCIF News                    or even to help each other with problems. Please have the President; and/or the Vice
 8. DG, Roses Parade             Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer of your club attend these meetings. And, since Lions
 8. Membership Corner            meetings are for every Lion, non officers are encouraged to participate in these Zone
 9. Sight Article, Sign Pledge   meetings also. It is good for everybody.
10. Bland News                   I am half way through my chemo and the report from my CT scan is good. It seems the
11. Klub Kudos                   aggressiveness of the treatments has dramatically reduced the tumors and no more of
14. DG Schedule                  them are growing. I do have quite a bit of fatigue and need to sit down often, though.
15. District Stats
                                 Thank you to all of you who have thought of me. Now when I have a bad day, I have good
  Editor:                        thoughts to keep me going.
  Lion Norma Taylor
  H: 804-730-9078
  C: 804-512-9613                                                                                          “We Serve”
                                                                                                               Governor Susan
RICHMOND HOST LIONS CLUB                                                               SECRETARY’S CORNER
      THE VIRGINIA VOICE READ-A-THON                                   Note: Please Submit Your Monthly Reports To:
        SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2010                                             Lion Norma Taylor
                                                                              Secretary 24-B
Celebrating 30 years of service, Virginia Voice is                            8027 Elliott Dr.
partnering with the Richmond Host Lions Club to stage a                       Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3670
“Read-a-Thon” on October 2, 2010, as a fundraiser and a                Phone: 804-730-9078 or 804-512-9613
public awareness event. Celebrity leaders for the event                Email:
include Bill Lohmann and A. Barton Hinkle of the
Richmond Times-Dispatch, actress Daphne Reid, sports                   Announcement: The second official 24-B Cabinet
broadcaster “Big Al” Coleman, author David L. Robbins,                 Meeting will take place at the Fall Conference on
musician Page Wilson and TV celebrity Lisa Schaffner.                  Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 8:30 A.M. See pages 5
                                                                       and 6 for more on the Conference. A reminder for all
Virginia Voice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that              Club Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers who are
provides an audio reading and information service free of              working on their individual and/or club state achievement
charge throughout Central Virginia and Hampton Roads                   awards, the criteria is to be present at these meetings.
to those who cannot read for themselves because of
vision impairment or other disability. By way of closed-               A PERSONAL THANK YOU
circuit radio and the internet, we broadcast readings from             I would personally like to thank everyone for their cards,
more than 100 publications each week.                                  emails, and phone calls. IPDG Robert is making progress
Our event will be broadcast 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. from                since his surgery and will be returning home tomorrow
the studios of Virginia Voice, located in the Library and              morning (September 11).
Resource Center of the Department for the Blind and
Vision Impaired, 395 Azalea Avenue, Richmond, Virginia.                BAMM LIONS CLUB EMAIL CHANGES:
We are soliciting up to 24 “readers,” each of whom will                Jane Winder President
interact with one of our “Celebrity Hosts” and read a five-            Lee Winder Secretary
to seven-minute segment, LIVE ON THE AIR.
                                                                       A NOTE ABOUT DONATED TIME
Throughout the day we will be entertaining our hosts,                  When your club secretary does a monthly activity report,
readers and other guests with slideshows, snacks and                   he/she is required to submit hours under projects and
other “surprises” in the main Library.                                 other services.

We invite you to help us spread the word about the event,              LCI and the IRS are looking for hours donated by club
sign up to participate as a reader, or simply come out on              members. The theory is the time each of us donates is
October 2 and enjoy the fun and festivities. Visit the                 money saved by the local government. Example: if you
website of the Virginia Voice,, after            mow the grass of a community/government building while
August 1 for more information and tools to help with                   wearing a Lions uniform (shirt, vest, and/or pin), the
donor tracking forms, guidelines, and guidance for setting             community saved money by not having to budget for
up your own on-line reader sign-up page.                               employing individual(s) to do this chore.

                                      Lion Debra Walker                You can help your club secretary by simply reporting the
                            For Richmond Host Lions Club               hours spent doing a community service project in the
                                                                       name of your club. This can be either a group of club
                                                                       members or an individual project where you represent
 Please submit your club news, fundraisers, ads, articles of           your Lions Club to your community.
 interest, etc. into the editor’s hands by the 10th of the
 month for publication.                                                               Lion Norma Taylor
                                                                                                          24-B District Secretary

                                                               - Page 2 -
                                                                 DIRECTORY CHANGES
                                                                 (Page 8 Changes)
                                                                 Remove - Tuckahoe
                                                                    Richmond Host to read
                                                                    Richmond Host-Tuckahoe
                                                                 (Page 10 Changes)
                                                                 Constitution & Bylaws
                                                                 IPDG Lion C. Robert Taylor
                                                                 Mechanicsville Lions Club
                                                                 8027 Elliott Drive
                                                                 Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
                                                                 Home: 804-730-9078
                                                                 (Page 22 Changes)
                                                                 Clarksville Lions Club
                                                                 Marian Corpus
                                                                 667 Lake Point Drive
                                                                 Clarksville, Virginia 23927
                                                                 H: 434-374-4245
                                                                 O: 434-374-4782
MD24 LIONS LEADERSHIP INSTITUE                                   Nathaniel G. Hutcheson Jr.
Time is approaching quickly to get your reservations into        18463 Hwy 49
the Lions Leadership Institute. The date is October 1-3,         Skipwith, Virginia 23968
2010 (Friday through Sunday) and it will take place at the       H: 434-372-1898
Holiday Inn Valley View in Roanoke.                              E:
Just a reminder, the cost to each individual is $100,            (Page 25 Changes)
payable to Lions of Virginia. You receive two nights at the      Hopewell-Prince George
hotel, four meals, and all the materials available from the      President
Lions Leadership Institute.                                      PDG Lion William “Bill” Nall
                                                                 Hopewell-Prince George Lions
If you have a desire to attend please let DG Susan Evans         1120 Forest Lane
know you want to attend and she will place your name in          Spring Grove, Virginia 23881
nomination. We still have 3 open slots. We do have the           Home: 757-866-8272
registration forms. District Governor Susan will send you        Email:
the form. DG Susan’s phone number is:
   Home: 804-852-0455                                            (Page 27 Changes)
   Fax: 804-740-4794                                             Change - Richmond Host to read
   E-mail:                                    Richmond Host-Tuckahoe
                                 District Leadership Chair,      (Page 28 Changes)
                                 PDG Lion Richard Evans          Change - Richmond Lakeside –Tuckahoe to read
                                                                 Richmond Lakeside

                                                         - Page 3 -
HEARING CONSERVATION                                              PIN TRADING INFORMATION
The Virginia Lions Hearing Foundation (VLHF) has a                To let you know, I have the 2011 Seattle State Pins
project to educate children about highly possible, self-          available. The cost is $2.25 each. Let me know how
induced, permanent damage to their hearing. Materials             many you want and I will send them once I receive
and information are now available to all Virginia Lions to        payment for the number of pins requested. All checks
be used for presentations to 4th grade students. Power            should be made payable to Lions of Virginia, make a note
point programs for showing slides as we talk to the               in the memo area that it is for state pins.
children, ear plugs and VLHF provided booklets to give to
                                                                  Many have wondered what pin trading is about. Some
the children (“Noise and You” which generally follows the
                                                                  have thought we are nothing but a social club.
slide presentation, and “Your Child’s Hearing” to take
home to their parents) are available on request from the          Let me put aside this social club aspect. We of the Pin
Foundation at 1-800-345-4615.                                     Traders Club of Virginia are more than a social club.
                                                                  Over the years, PTCV has donated money to many of the
Published medical data shows that 12% (1 in 8.5) of
                                                                  Lions Club worthy causes, the latest being Campaign
children will develop permanent hearing loss in one or
                                                                  Sight First II. PTCV donated over $11,000 to CSFII and
both ears by the time they are 19 years old. This damage
                                                                  pin trading clubs from around the world donated over
to their hearing comes from loud and continued noise.
                                                                  $150,000 to CSFII.
MP-3 players (iPod) can produce 110 decibels, a level
which can damage hearing after several minutes of                 We as a club, function under the same rules as all Lions
listening. Rock concerts are notorious for hearing                Clubs in the world. We have an active president,
damage. We need to get the information about keeping              secretary, treasurer, 2 Vice Presidents and a board of
noise exposure down at an early age to the children and           directors.
their parents.
                                                                  Yes, we will admit, we do have fun at our annual Pin
This is an “all hands” project. Children need to be               Swaps, but we do get down to some serious business.
educated by the Lions, or your school district needs to
include the information in their curriculum at an early age.      We build a friendship between traders; during our Pin
Contact your local school board and/or school                     Swaps we meet new Lions from across the world. In
superintendant NOW and convince them that we have a               PTCV we have traders as far away as Australia in our
worthy and necessary program to present to their                  club.
schools.      Club presidents, appoint your hearing               To keep you informed, I will be placing some articles in
committee if you haven’t already done so.                         the upcoming newsletters regarding Pin Trading, and
With multiple Lions clubs in a school district, clubs should      what it is all about.
coordinate their work. Experience has shown that you                                                   District Pin Chair
need to start at the top, and soon. The hearing of many                                             PDG Lion Rich Evans
of our youths is being permanently damaged by the
children’s ignorance each day.           Contact me for
assistance if needed at 804-883-6050.                                         REGION I - ZONE I MEETING
                    The Hearing Conservation Committee                         Date: September 27, 2010
                           Lion John Deacon, Chairman                          Time: 6:30PM
                                                                               Location: Sweetbriar College
1ST VDG JANIS RECOMMENDS READING                                                        134 Chapel Road
                                                                                        Sweet Briar, Va 24595
For more on this topic about Hearing Conservation go to:
kids_and_parenting/ This is a wonderful article and due to
copywrite laws I cannot add anything else right now.

                                                          - Page 4 -
FALL CONFERENCE HOTEL INFORMATION                                                        - ATTENTION LIONS –
        Holiday Inn Select Koger South                                                    If you DON’T enjoy fun
        1021 Koger Center Boulevard                                            If you DON’T enjoy fellowship with other Lions
        Richmond, VA. 23235-4756                                               If you DON’T care what is going on in Lionism
                                                                              Then, DON’T come to the 24-B Fall Conference.
Phone:                               804-379-3800
Fax:                                 8704-379-2763                          Hopefully, you are not a member of the DON’T family,
Reservations:                        804-379-3145                           and we will see you on October 15th and 16th, 2010.

Lions Single/Double Room Rate: $85.00 per room                              The 24-B Fall Conference is where we will be enjoying
Deadline for Lions Rate:       October 1, 2010                                   FUN, FELLOWSHIP, and INFORMATION.

You must make your own reservations if you intend to                   MEET OUR INTERNATIONAL GUEST
stay overnight, a good idea if you attend the festivities in           ID Lion Gary will be our International Guest at the 24-B
the Hospitality Room provided by First District Governor               Fall Conference being held at the Holiday Inn Koger
Janis Chenery.                                                         Center, in Richmond, Virginia or October 15-16, 2010.
FALL CONFERENCE REQUEST                                                                             ID Lion Gary D’Orazio, from
District Governor Suz has asked that every club donate                                              Eagle, Idaho, SA, was elected
one item for the Chinese Auction to be held on Friday                                               to serve a two-year term as a
October 15th (7:00 PM) to offset the Conference                                                     director of The International
Expenses.                                                                                           Association of Lions Clubs at
        HOW THE CHINESE AUCTION WORKS                                                               the      association’s   92nd
                                                                                                    International Convention, held
    1. Purchase Tickets                                                                             in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
    2. Drop Tickets into a bucket in front of the auction                                           USA, July 6-10, 2009.
       item of your choice
    3. Chairman or International Guest will draw the                                             Director D’Orazio worked in
       winning ticket from each bucket to Award Item.                                            the retail industry for 40 years
                                                                       and now runs his own real estate business.
FALL CONFERENCE TENTATIVE SCHEDULE                                     A member of the Boise Beach Lions Club and a Lion
Friday                                                                 since 1980, he has held many offices within the
      3-5 pm     Registration                                          association, including club president, membership chair,
      7-9 pm     Fun social and Chinese Auction                        district governor and council chair.
                 Enjoy rock & country Oldies music
                 Beverages with first free                             In recognition of his service to the association, he has
      9 am-12 pm Hospitality Room                                      received numerous awards including a Hallock-Wehman
                                                                       Sight and Hearing Foundation Award, Lion of the Year,
Saturday                                                               Committee Chair of the Year, and Recruiter of the Year at
      8-5 pm         Registration                                      the club, district and multiple district levels. He is also a
      8:30-10 am     Cabinet/District Meeting                          Melvin Jones Fellow.
      10:30-11:30 am Workshop/Seminars #1 & #2
      12-2 pm        Lunch                                             In addition to his Lions activities, Director D’Orazio is
      2:30-3:30 pm Workshop/Seminars #3 & #4                           active in numerous professional and community
      4-6 pm         Hospitality Room                                  organizations. He is a current member of the National
      6-7 pm         Conference Guest Social                           Realtors Association.
      7-10 pm        Banquet/Dinner                                    Director D’Orazio and his wife Linda, also a Lion, have
      10 pm-12 am Hospitality Room                                     one daughter, five sons and 13 grandchildren.

                                                               - Page 5 -
                                        DISTRICT 24-B
                                        Fall Conference Form
                                        October 15 & 16, 2010

                                    Fall Conference Chairman
                                     R.A. (Pete) Taylor, PDG
                                    14195 Independence Road
                                       Ashland, VA. 23005

                                    REGISTRATION FORM
                                Please fill out one form per attendee

Club Name

LION           Lioness            Leo               Guest            Nickname for tag

First Name                                               Last Name

Address                                    City                              State       ZIP

   Function               Cost/Person                       Remarks                     Total         .
Registration             $15.00                        $20.00 after October 1st

Luncheon                 $15.00                        Select Choice
Roast Turkey with Monterey Jack Cheese
Virginia Smoky Ham with Monterey Jack Cheese
  (Both served on a Gourmet Pretzel Roll with Pasta salad Primavera, a dill pickle, and Apple Pie.)

Dinner                   $25.00                        Select Choice
Whole Pork Cornish Hen, stuffed with wild rice
Pork Chop, stuffed with Herb Dressing, served
with Sauce Soubise.
    (Above served with fresh vegetables, warm rolls with butter, choice of Beverage and desert.)


              SEND TO CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN BY October 1, 2010

                                                  - Page 6 -
WHAT TO BRING TO A FORUM                                        LIONS OF VIRGINIA FOUNDATION 2010 OVERVIEW
                  When preparing for my first forum I           Thank you for the sale of raffle tickets and support of
                  had no idea what to expect. I packed          LOVF. District 24B had income of $10,213 from 30 of the
                  as I would for our State Convention.          49 clubs. Total income for tickets sales from all six
                  Upon arrival I was a bit intimidated by       districts was $47,542. Cost of the Raffle was $11,300 in
all the governors and international speakers until they         prizes plus the cost of printing the tickets. Grants paid out
started asking me (a then, one year old lion member) for        for the period were $43,359. Operating margins are tight.
                                                                Each district receives 1,000 books 30-ticket books for
What I learned and continue to learn is there are always        distribution. If all tickets are sold revenue of $30,000
first timers and they are as intimidated as I was.              would be received. Of that $30,000, $20,000 would go to
                                                                the club and $10,000 to LOVF. A 66% return for your
Bring comfortable shoes.
                                                                club. Thirty-six clubs in our district supported LOVF.
The convention center is a short walk from all hotels.
                                                                Twelve clubs made contributions of $6,012 including
(The seminar rooms and meal functions are usually in
                                                                Humanitarian awards from Farmville and BAMM Lions
different areas and do require some walking.)
                                                                Clubs. Total raffle sales were $3,977 from 23 clubs.
Bring the clothing that is right for you.
                                                                Since its beginning in 1972, the LOVF has provided
At the forum, Lions wear an array of different clothing.
                                                                statewide humanitarian services statewide. One hundred
Nothing is carved in stone. For men and women, suits,
                                                                twenty five grants totaling $991,715 have been
sport jackets, dress slacks and shirts/blouses, or Lions
                                                                distributed. The Foundation focus is on involvement in
club shirts. The convention banquet hall can be cool so
                                                                disaster relief, sight and hearing conservation and other
dress to your comfort level. (Nothing is formal; most
                                                                areas of Lions Clubs International programs within the
people purchase forum shirts and wear them throughout
                                                                Commonwealth of Virginia. It is ready to respond to
the forum).
                                                                requests for assistance that are beyond the scope of local
Bring a notebook and pen.                                       Lions Clubs or Districts.
You just can’t remember everything. At the seminars,
                                                                As LOVF District 24B Representative, I urge the clubs to
write down ideas and quotes. Share your ideas with the
                                                                support LOVF through the raffle, the prestigious
Lions from other States and Provinces. There are a good
                                                                Distinguished Humanitarian Award, a club contribution or
many ideas to take back to your club. (Bring 2 of each to
                                                                a direct bequest to LOVF or the Lions of Virginia Legacy
share with your neighbor; they didn’t think to bring these
                                                                Fund Incorporated.
tools and a new friendship begins.)
                                                                LOVF is a unique Lions organization that insures the
Bring the right attitude.
                                                                greater interests of Lions Statewide.
Lions come to the forum for many reasons. Some come
to meet with old friends. Some come to gather in as much        I would be happy to provide a program for your club.
information as they can in 2 days and to listen to great        Thank you for considering the important role of LOVF.
dinner speakers. What ever your reason, be positive.
                                                                LOVF Raffle Tickets are available by contacting me at
Lions run the USA/Canada Lions Leadership forum.
Volunteering their time to be sure you have the best
possible experience. Say hello when you see them at the                                                 Frank Carlomagno
forum.                                                                                   LOVF District 24B Representative
                                      Enjoy the forum
                                   Lion Norma Taylor
                          USA/Canada Leadership Chair

                    Due to my husband’s illness I had no time to work on the Beacon’s
                    webpage update this month. Watch for next month’s Beacon Issue for
                    helpful e-Clubhouse web design tools and tips.

                                                        - Page 7 -
DISTRICT GOVERNOR ELECT – NO MORE                               souvenirs, or sign up for their newsletter go to:
                                                                The 122nd Rose Parade themed Building Dreams,
                                                                Friendships & Memories, will take place on Saturday,
                                                                January 1, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. (EST)
                                                                The Rose Parade will be broadcast on ABC, Hallmark
                                                                Channel, HGTV, KTLA (Tribune), NBC, RFD-TV and
                                                                Univision. The Parade is also seen in more than 200
                                                                international territories and countries.

                                                                THE MEMBERSHIP CORNER

                                                                WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
                                                                Without new members Lions could not provide service to
                                                                its community. The sponsor is as important as the new
Every year at the International Convention it is the            member and worth recognition.
tradition after the new International President has been
sworn in that the Governor's Elect have the "Elect" ribbon      BROOKVILLE TIMERLAKE
on their name badge be taken off. This can be done by a         Lion Paula Mills was sponsored by Lion Bill Hadden
spouse or companion or the previous District Governor.
Since Lion Rich and I were not able to attend Sydney and
                                                                Lion Thomas Miles was sponsored by Lion Frank Knott
go through this ceremony, I chose to have Rich take the
"Elect" ribbon off my name badge at our July picnic in          CHASE CITY LIONS CLUB
front of my club members and their guests. Wow, that            Robert C Rietzke was sponsored by?
was a joy to share with my club members.
TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE                                      Lion Phillip Beck was sponsored by Lion Ken Hensley
                                                                KENBRIDGE VICTORIA
                                                                Lion Dorothy Minter-Sau & Lion Richard Speights was
                                                                sponsored by Lion Kenneth Saunders
                                                                SOUTH BOSTON
                                                                Lion John Todd Sr. was sponsored by Lion Irmgard

                                                                DECEASED LION MEMBERS
                                                                Condolences go out to the following
                                                                Clubs for the loss of their departed
                                                                MECHANICSVILLE Lion Bob Johnson
To see the progress of the 2011 Lions Clubs International
Float, Support and get a banner patch, Purchase                 ALTATVISTA Lion Roy Hicks

                                                        - Page 8 -
NEW ARTIFICIAL CORNEA RESTORES SIGHT TO                             and molded it into a contact lens-looking shape — the
THE BLIND Published: Wednesday, August 25, 2010                     scaffolding, essentially, for a cornea.
Associated Press                                                    Then Griffith, working with Linkoping University eye
                                                                    surgeon Dr. Per Fagerholm, studied the bio-artificial
WASHINGTON — Scientists have created a new kind of
                                                                    cornea in 10 patients with severe vision loss from
artificial cornea, inserting a sliver of collagen into the eye
                                                                    damage to a corneal layer. Damaged tissue in one eye
that coaxes its own natural corneal cells to re-grow and
                                                                    was removed, and the new biosynthetic cornea
restore vision.
                                                                    implanted. Soon, cells that line a healthy cornea started
It worked in a first-stage study of 10 patients in Sweden,          growing in the collagen. Tear production normalized, and
researchers reported today. And while larger studies are            even corneal nerves re-grew, something researchers
needed, it's a step toward developing an alternative to             could test by measuring sensitivity. There was no
standard cornea transplants that aren't available in much           rejection, and patients didn't need immune-suppressing
of the world because of a shortage of donated corneas.              medication.
"We're trying to regenerate the cornea from within," said           Two years later, six of the patients had significantly
Dr. May Griffith, senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital           improved vision with glasses and two were no worse.
Research Institute in Canada and a professor of                     When implanted with contact lenses that previously they
regenerative medicine at Linkoping University in Sweden.            couldn't tolerate, patients saw as well as a similar group
                                                                    of patients who had received standard corneal
Vision depends on a healthy cornea, the film-like covering
of the eye's surface that helps it focus light. Corneas are
fragile, easily harmed by injury or infection, and about            Duke's Carlson cautioned that these weren't full-thickness
42,000 people in the U.S. receive transplanted corneas              corneal transplants — the lowest layer of the patients'
every year. While that's considered an adequate supply in           original corneas wasn't replaced. People with these more
this country, donated corneas aren't available in many              upper-layer corneal problems make up about 10 percent
countries for the estimated 10 million people worldwide             of transplant cases, he said, while the bigger hurdle is
with corneal blindness. Transplants also bring risk of              creating therapy for harder-to-treat full-thickness damage
rejection.                                                          to what's called endothelial cells.
In addition, researchers are working to improve plastic-            But he called the experimental technology a step toward
like artificial corneas and to create stem-cell treatments          that goal, and Griffith said she is planning larger studies
that could spur corneal growth.                                     and will try to extend the therapy to a wider range of
                                                                    vision loss.
The new work, published in the journal Science
Translational Medicine, is a bio-artificial cornea — an                                     Submitted by Lion John Pleasants
attempt to use the same natural substances that make up
a real cornea to induce healing.                                    SIGN THE SERVICE COMMITMENT PLEDGE
"I characterize this work as a major advance in the                 Lions share a long history of service. As the world's
direction that we need to go," said Dr. Alan Carlson,               global leader in community service, we are the example
cornea transplant chief at Duke University's eye center,            of how one organization - with members working together
who wasn't involved in the research. To "make this mimic            - can make a huge impact.
donor tissue to the extent that your own cells ultimately
                                                                                           International    President      Sid
become incorporated in this tissue, I think that's the most
                                                                                           Scruggs is asking all Lions to sign
exciting aspect."
                                                                                           a pledge to serve those in need,
A cornea's structure is made up of a tissue called                                         and make a difference in
collagen. First, researchers took human collagen grown                                     someone's life this year. Sign the
in yeast, made by San Francisco-based FibroGen Inc.,                                       Service Commitment Pledge.

                                                            - Page 9 -
WHAT IS THE LIONS OF VA BLAND FOUNDATION?                        1948 the Lions of Virginia were instrumental in having                                  Bland's composition, "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny",
                                                                 adopted as a state song. To honor this prolific writer of
   Originally established in 1948 as a Lions of Virginia
                                                                 Americana, the Lions wanted to create a "living
program to benefit and assist talented youth, the Bland
                                                                 monument". That same year, LOV established the Bland
Music Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (Bland Foundation)
                                                                 program to do just that. "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny"
was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) on July 1, 2007. At that
                                                                 is now the “state song – emeritus”. Today the Lions of
time, the Bland program was changed from an already
                                                                 Virginia organization still honors James Bland and his
existing, and ongoing charity to a charity foundation
(Federal ID # 11-3789354). Under the aegis of the Lions
                                                                 in American musical history through this successful, well-
organization, the Bland Foundation has been providing
                                                                 established scholarship program that supports musically
performing opportunities as well as scholarships to gifted
                                                                 gifted youth throughout the Commonwealth.
music students, both vocal and instrumental, since 1948.
                                                                 Dr Skaggs, District 24 B Chair has asked all Club
    The purpose of the foundation is to promote cultural
                                                                 President to appoint a BLAND Committee Chair this year.
and educational opportunities for the musically talented
                                                                 If you currently have an Education or Youth committee
young people in Virginia (primarily of high school age).
                                                                 maybe one of the members could be appointed as
This goal is achieved through progressive competitions,
                                                                 BLAND Chair. Dr Skaggs has challenged each club to set
beginning in January, at the local Lions club level, and
                                                                 aside $5 per member in donations to the BLAND
culminating in May in a competition among 12 finalists.
                                                                 Foundation to support the Program and Scholarships
The Bland Foundation oversees the running of the
                                                                 awarded each year. He has asked that each Zone Chair
competitions and also provides $18,000 to the 12
                                                                 in District 24 B try to hold a Zone Contest for the clubs in
finalists. The scholarships must be used for college
                                                                 the Zone so that our district will have access to more
tuition, music lessons, summer music programs or other
                                                                 students to compete at the District contest in March 2011.
music education endeavors. As tuition and lessons are
                                                                 It’s not too late to get started on the planning. Next
extremely expensive, the Bland Foundation provides
                                                                 month, the BLAND column will feature helpful hints for
needed assistance to these talented, hard working music
                                                                 developing a local BLAND contest.
                                                                                              Submitted by Lion Ann Harris
    Many participants in our program (especially the
                                                                                                      24 B Bland Co-Chair
finalists), upon graduation from high school, have been
accepted into the top music schools, music
conservatories and other colleges in the United States.
Finalists (vocal and instrumental) from 2005-2010 are
enrolled in:
   Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns
      Hopkins University
   Oberlin College /Oberlin Music School
   Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University
   Cornell University
   University of Michigan
   Columbia University
   Carnegie Mellon Musical Theater Program
   The Juilliard School
   Yale University
Who was James Bland? James Bland was an African-
American and a popular composer in the late 1800's. In

                                                        - Page 10 -
KLUB KUDOS for August 2010                                      Brandermill-Midlothian (Woodlake): Membership
                                                                stands at 39. Programs included Craig Nelson, Director of
Altavista: Membership stands at 37. A veteran’s story
                                                                Rehab Services for Hiram W. Davis Medical
program was presented on 7/15. One eye exam with
                                                                Center/Southside Virginia on 7/14 and Monica Hughes,
glasses was provided at a cost of $228.
                                                                Executive Director of Chesterfield Life Long Learning
Amelia: Membership stands at 25.                                Institute on 7/28. Provided one eye exam at a cost of
Amherst: Membership stands at 12. Provided 4 pair of
eyeglasses at a cost of $380. Members gearing up for            Brookneal: Membership stands at 18.
Christmas Tree sale and Parade.
                                                                Brookville-Timberlake: Membership stands at 39. 8/5 A
Appomattox: Membership stands at 39.                            Beacon for Hope presented by DG Suz Evan. 8/19 Dana
                                                                Woody RN presented a Health program. 2 pair
Ashland: Membership stands at 15. The club now has
                                                                eyeglasses provided cost unknown at this time. Collected
taken on Broom Sales, we ordered from O-Cedar. We
                                                                847 eyeglasses for recycling.
held our board meeting a PDG Pete’s house with 12
members in attendance. The budget was approved. We              Buckingham County: Membership stands at 32. At our
confirmed the dates of Train Day’s, November 13, 2010           August meeting, we welcomed new member Thomas J.
(Saturday), we will be selling soft drinks, hot dogs and        "Jordan" Miles. During the month, we provided four pairs
hamburgers we are also planning on raffling off a               of eyeglasses. On Saturday, August 21, the Club
Christmas train set. PDG Pete was in touch with the Leo         participated in a Community Awareness Day, sponsored
advisor to get an idea on the projects the Leos were            by the Buckingham County Volunteer Rescue Squad. We
planning. We held on regular meeting at the home of             were able to provide pamphlets and information about our
Lion Don Samuels, picnic style same as we did at the end        club; sight-related diseases; diabetes; and other Lions
of July at PDG Lion Pete Taylor’s house. The club is            service initiatives. One of our members participated in
working with the Hanover C.C. to redevelop our annual           LAMP.
raffle in May. We have collected over 100 pairs of
                                                                Charlotte: Membership stands at 24. 8/12 was a
eyeglasses for recycling and aided 6 individuals in
                                                                Business Meeting. Club provided 3 eye exams and
receiving eyeglasses.
                                                                glasses at a cost unknown at report time.
Blackstone: Membership stands at 13. Assistance to
                                                                Chase City: Membership stands at 13. Ann Switzer gave
vision impaired individuals (2) cost $342.
                                                                a wonderful presentation on vision screening at the
Bon Air-Midlothian-Manchester: Membership stands at             schools at the 7/27 Meeting.
40. Programs: The Joint High Speed Vessel Program
                                                                Chatham: Membership stands at 21. 7/6 1st VDG Janis
(JHSV) - 8/5/2010 - Lion Mark Bebar "Assistance to the
                                                                Chenery installed officers. Music from the “40s” era was
People of Iraq by the 2-183d Calvary Squadron" -
                                                                provided by vocalist Mrs. Carolyn Smith and pianist Mr.
8/19/2010 - Colonel Walt Mercer. Donated to Central VA
                                                                Bob Sutter. Club President Elton Pruitt assisted by Lion
Hear Aid Fund - $400.00. Provided 1 eye exam and 4
                                                                Janis, presented pins to 12 members for years of service
pairs of eyeglasses at a total cost of $190. Collected 99
                                                                as follows: 5 year pin, 2; 10 year pin, 2; 15 year pin, 1; 25
pairs of eyeglasses for recycling.
                                                                year pin, 4; 35 year pin, 1; and 50 year pin, 2. this was a
Bowling Green: Membership stands at 14. 13 members              very special with some wives and friends present. 7/20
worked 60 hours at the Lions booth at Caroline County           meeting, 3 members of the Chatham Volunteer Fire
Fair on 1 member worked 3 hours providing VDOT Plot             Department presented a safety program Collected 39
Grounds Care. 1 pair eyeglasses provided at a cost of           pairs of glasses for recycling.
$100. Donations made to Caroline County Library $29.96.
                                                                Chester: Membership stands at 50.
12 eyeglasses were collected for recycling.
                                                                Chesterfield Prevent Blindness: Membership stands at
                                                                17. 8/12 meeting, Lion Tim Gresham presented a

                                                       - Page 11 -
program on Prevent Blindness. The club has collected              Kenbridge-Victoria: Membership stands at 17.
294 pairs of eyeglasses for recycling.
                                                                  Lawrenceville Lions: Membership stands at 34.
Clarksville Lions Club: Membership stands at 19. DG
                                                                  Lawrenceville Lioness: Membership stands at 13. The
Suz provided program on Beacon of Hope on 8/9. School
                                                                  club met for an organizational meeting on 7/26.
nurse, Ann Switzer presented a program on eye
screening in public schools on 8/27. The club is ready to         Lynchburg 7 Hills: Membership stands at 27.
begin assisting with eye screening in the schools. 84
                                                                  Lynchburg-Fort Hill: Membership stands at 12.
pairs of eyeglasses were collected for recycling.
                                                                  Lynchburg Host: Membership stands at 35. Presented
Colonial Heights: Membership stands at 32. PDG Joe
                                                                  “The flying Lion” (International President Sid Scruggs CD)
McCaffery installed BOD on 6/24 and Club Organization
                                                                  to members on 7/15. Members selling brooms, mints,
Meeting on 7/8, Provided 3 eye exams and glasses at a
                                                                  peanuts, and coloring books with a profit of $382.62 to
cost of $300.
                                                                  date. Delivered 3 new dishwashers and recycled 52 pairs
Crewe-Burkeville: Membership stands at 13.                        of eyeglasses at Recycling Center providing 15 man
                                                                  hours on 7/15. Collected 102 eyeglasses for recycling.
Danville Host: Membership stands at 36. 7/8 Program by
Don Merricks on Legislative Updates and on 7/22 Billy             Madison Heights: Membership stands at 17. Provided 2
Compton spoke on PATHS. 5 members donated a total of              eye exams and glasses at a cost of $190, and collected
15 hours to feed the homeless on 7/24.                            50 eyeglasses for recycling.
Danville Morning: Membership stands at 12. No paper               Mechanicsville: Membership stands at 20. 7/13 & 7/27
report on activities this month.                                  president worked on budget and committee
                                                                  appointments. July Veteran Bingo Project members
Dinwiddie: Membership stands at 24. 4 Dinwiddie Lions
                                                                  served 24 hours and donated a total of $375 in food and
donated a total of 16 hours in conjunction with the
                                                                  prizes. Provided 1 eye exam and glasses at a cost of
Dinwiddie County Social Services Department in
                                                                  $127.60 and collected 200 pairs of eyeglasses that were
distributing USDA commodities to the indigent. 1 Lion
                                                                  delivered to Newport News for recycling and worked
donates 24 hours a month to the Arthritis Foundation as
                                                                  eyeglass recycling for 7 hours. 8/5 7 worked VA bingo for
an Arthritis Exerciser. 1 Lion volunteers for about 8 hours
                                                                  21 hours, $200 in canteen book prizes, and members
at the LaPrade Library.
                                                                  donated $125 in food for vets. 8/10 Mtg Cancelled due to
Farmville: Membership stands at 80.                               death of Lion Bob Johnson. 8/24 Dr Charles Harrill
                                                                  presented program on aging eyesight problems.
Glen-Allen-Short Pump: Membership stands at 14.
                                                                  Mecklenburg Lioness: Membership stands at 19.
Goochland County: Membership stands at 15.
                                                                  Program: Lion Dr. Randy Suslick encouraged all
Gretna: Membership stands at 22.                                  Lionesses to participate in Lion/Lioness sponsored Chase
                                                                  City Birthday Calendar Sales and told of price changes,
Gretna Junction: Membership stands at 14. The club
                                                                  etc. Club Donations: Old Dominion Eye Bank $100,
made the following donations: Leaderdog $100, Hearing
                                                                  Central Va. Lions Hearing Aid $100, Leader Dog for the
Foundation 100, VA Diabetes $100, Old Dominion Eye
                                                                  Blind $100, Roanoke Lions Eyeglass $100, Burkeville
Foundation $100, Prevent Blindness VA $100, and to
                                                                  Lodge $50, Chase City Community Park $50, MacCallum
LOVF $50. (June for July Beacon: Gave 8 Scholarships
                                                                  More Gardens $50, Butler Memorial Library $50, Chase
$1,000, $800, and six $500.)
                                                                  City Fire Dept. $50, Southern Ring Rockers $50, Chase
Hopewell Prince George: Membership stands at 34.                  City Elem. School $300, for a total of $1,000.
8/27 & 8/28 White Cane: 12 member/hours earning $300.
                                                                  Petersburg: Membership stands at 28.
Provided 1 pair eyeglass lens and trophies for sponsored
baseball team.                                                    Powhatan: Membership stands at 45.

                                                         - Page 12 -
Richmond Battlefield Park: Membership stands at 26.               become informed partners in their health care. 8/23.
8/16 Lion Doc Petres provided a program on vision. Club           District Governor Susan Evans made her official club
Provided one pair of eyeglasses at a cost of $64.                 visit. The club provided eye examinations and eyeglasses
Richmond Host: Membership stands at 39. 8/18 Joint                for two persons at a cost of $99. The club collected and
Board Meeting with Tuckahoe Lions at Topeka’s to                  submitted 186 pairs of eyeglasses to the recycling center.
discuss merger. Vote to merge clubs and invite Lakeside
                                                                  Rustburg: Membership stands at 20.
Lions as well. Meetings Rescheduled to 2nd and 4th
Tuesday at noon. 8/10 Joint Meeting with Lakeside and             South Boston: Membership stands at 28. 8/10 Rhonda
Tuckahoe Lions 8/24 Meeting with Tuckahoe Lions –                 Reeves presented a program on the Halifax County
Program – are you smarter than a 5th Grader? Eyeglass             Cancer Association. 8/17 DG Suz official District
committee still taken and processing applications.                Governor Meeting. Donated $300 to Halifax Cancer
Collected 25 pairs of eyeglasses and 4 hearing aids for           Association. Provided 1 pair of eyeglasses at a cost of
recycling.                                                        $139.
Richmond James River: Membership stands at 28. 8/10               South Hill: Membership stands at 25. BOD met 8/9. The
Rich Schultz of the Central VA Food Bank was the guest            club did not meet in August.
speaker. 8/24 RAM/LAMP 2010 slide show and member
                                                                  Tuckahoe: Membership stands at 17. Joint meeting with
experience shared with club. Donated: $2,029.16-
                                                                  Richmond Lakeside and Richmond Host on 7/7 & 7/27.
LAMP/RAM Expenses, $1,000-VA Food Bank, $1,000-
                                                                  Charter Night and President’s Programs were presented.
Diabetes, $1,000-Major Projects, $115-Vets Bingo-food,
                                                                  Donated to Boy Scouts $100, Burkeville Lodge $150,
$500-VA Voice for the Handicapped, $250-VRCB, $500-
                                                                  CVHAB $200, VA Voice $500, and ODEF $750.
Richmond ARC, and $500-Compasionate Friends.
                                                                  Collected 42 eyeglasses for recycling.
Provided 6 eye exams and 12 eyeglasses. Collected 812
pairs of eyeglasses for recycling.                                Varina: Membership stands at 34. At the 8/3 meeting the
                                                                  club gave four $1,000.00 scholarships to deserving
Richmond Lakeside: Membership stands at 11. Our two
                                                                  college students . The club donated $161.00 to indigent
newest members indicated that were willing to help in
                                                                  blind person to defray transportation costs to her home in
running the club as well as getting new members. Two
                                                                  Texas, $200.00 for person with special needs, and
will be joining shortly. Club voted not to join merger.
                                                                  $300.00 to the Blind Bowling League. Provided 1 pair of
Richmond West Breakfast: Membership stands at 48.                 eyeglasses at a cost of $75 and collected 60 pairs of
8/1. Eight Lions on two shifts worked a total of 32 hours         eyeglasses for recycling.
the concession stand at the Robins Center, University of
Richmond during the opening ceremonies for the
Maccabi Games.8/3 and 8/8. Five Lions volunteered
fifteen man-hours at the ElderHomes Corporation
warehouse building wheelchair ramp components. 8/5
and 8/19. Three Lions volunteered fifteen and a half man-
hours to construct two wheelchair ramps for needy
residents in the City of Richmond.8/6. One Lion donated
a pint of blood at Virginia Blood Services.8/8. Two
nurses from the McGuire Veterans Medical Center
presented a program on the My HealtheVet program. It is
                                                                  We will be giving away 12 shotguns/sports gear over a
the Department of Veterans Affairs’ e–health website,
                                                                  six day period in November based on the Virginia pick
which offers veterans, active duty service members, their
                                                                  three drawing (day and night.) Only 333 participants will
dependents and caregivers anywhere, anytime Internet
                                                                  be sold tickets at $50.00/each. Value of the shotguns
access to VA health care and services. It is a free, online
                                                                  usually is from $350.00 to $950.00. If you are a winner
personal health record that empowers veterans to
                                                                  you can elect to take other sports gear of equal value.

                                                         - Page 13 -
September 7         Farmville
September 7         Kenbridge Victoria
September 8         Brandermill – Midlothian (Woodlake)
September 9         Gretna & Gretna Junction
September 13        South Hill
September 14        Bon Air – Manchester – Midlothian
September 17        24-C Fall Conference
September 18        24-C Fall Conference
September 21        Richmond Lakeside
September 21        Chatham
September 22        Richmond Host – Tuckahoe
September 27        Crewe Burkeville
September 28        Mechanicsville

               - Page 14 -
CLUB NAME                                WMMR    NW TR RN DP AUG YTD PERCENT
ALTAVISTA                              8/18/2010  0  0  0  2  36   38   -5.26%
AMELIA                                  06/2009   0  0  0  0  25   25
AMHERST                                8/27/2010  0  0  0  1  12   13   -7.69%
APPOMATTOX                              06/2010   1  0  0  1  39   39
ASHLAND                                8/19/2010  0  0  0  1  15   16   -6.25%
BLACKSTONE                             8/27/2010  0  0  0  0  13   13
BON AIR MANCHESTER MIDLOTHIAN          8/20/2010  0  0  0  2  40   42   -4.76%
BOWLING GREEN                          8/27/2010  0  0  0  0  14   14
BRANDERMILL MIDLOTHIAN WOODLAKE        7/20/2010  1  1  0  1  39   38    2.63%
BROOKNEAL                               03/2010   0  0  0  0  19   19
BROOKVILLE TIMBERLAKE                  8/13/2010  1  0  0  3  39   41   -4.88%
BUCKINGHAM COUNTY                      8/29/2010  1  0  0  0  32   31    3.22%
CHARLOTTE L C                           8/7/2010  0  0  0  0  24   24
CHASE CITY                             8/30/2010  0  0  0  0  13   13
CHATHAM                                 9/7/2010  0  0  0  0  21   21
CHESTER                                 05/2010   0  0  0  0  50   50
CHESTERFIELD PREVENT BLINDNESS MNG     8/26/2010  0  0  0  0  17   17
CLARKSVILLE                            8/31/2010  1  0  0  1  19   19
COLONIAL HEIGHTS                       8/16/2010  2  0  0  0  32   30    6.67%
CREWE BURKEVILLE                       8/17/2010  0  0  0  1  12   13   -7.69%
GRETNA                                 7/8/2010   0  0  0  0  36   36
GRETNA JUNCTION                         08/2009   0  0  0  0  14   14
DANVILLE HOST                          8/30/2010  0  0  0  0  36   36
DANVILLE MORNING                       8/16/2010  0  0  0  0  12   12
DINWIDDIE                              8/24/2010  0  0  0  0  24   24
FARMVILLE                              8/28/2010  0  0  0  1  79   78   -1.25%
GLEN ALLEN SHORT PUMP                   7/7/2010  0  0  0  0  14   14
GOOCHLAND COUNTY                        8/8/2010  0  0  0  0  15   15
GRETNA                                  04/2010   0  0  0  0  22   22
GRETNA JUNCTION                         08/2009   0  0  0  0  14   14
HIGHLAND SPRINGS – SANDSTON            cancelled  7  0  0  7   0    7    -100%
HOPEWELL PRINCE GEORGE INC.            8/16/2010  1  0  0  4  31   34   -8.82%
KENBRIDGE-VICTORIA L C                 8/172010   2  0  0  3  16   17   -5.88%
LAWRENCEVILLE                           06/2010   0  0  0  0  34   34
LYNCHBURG 7 HILLS                      8/13/2010  0  0  0  1  26   27   -3.70%
LYNCHBURG FORT HILL                     06/2010   0  0  0  0  12   12
LYNCHBURG HOST                         8/17/2010  0  0  0  1  35   36   -2.78%
MADISON HEIGHTS                        8/29/2010  0  0  0  3  17   20      -15%
MECHANICSVILLE                         8/22/2010  0  0  0  2  20   22   -9.09%
PETERSBURG                             7/29/2010  0  0  0  0  28   28
POWHATAN                                7/6/2010  0  0  0  0  45   45
RICHMOND BATTLEFIELD PARK              8/25/2010  0  0  0  1  26   27   -3.70%
RICHMOND HOST                          8/31/2010  0  1  0  2  39   40     -2.5%
RICHMOND JAMES RIVER                   8/26/2010  0  0  0  0  28   28
RICHMOND LAKESIDE                      8/23/2010  0  0  0  0  11   11
RICHMOND WEST BREAKFAST                8/30/2010  0  0  0  0  48   48
RUSTBURG                                8/7/2010  0  0  0  0  20   20
SOUTH BOSTON                           8/27/2010  1  0  0  6  28   33  -15.15%
SOUTH HILL                             8/25/2010  0  0  0  0  25   25
TUCKAHOE L C                            06/2010   0  0  0  0  17   17
VARINA                                 7/17/2010  0  2  0  0  34   32    6.25%
TOTALS:                49 LIONS CLUBS 16 NO FILE 9   4  0 39 1294 1267  -2.09%

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Lions of Virginia District 24-B
The Beacon - September 2010 Edition
8027 Elliott Drive
Mechanicsville, VA.                                               Here

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