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									Half the Sky
Volume VI, Issue 3                              Winter 2005                                       www.halfthesky.org

By Carol Odaniell
Building Director, Half the Sky
When I reflect on what a year we’ve had         We explain our love for these children,
I’m struck, yet again, by the magnitude of      whom we consider our children’s
what Half the Sky has accomplished and          sisters and brothers, and the desire to
the overwhelmingly positive impact our          give back to China for our greatest
programs have had on the lives of orphaned      gifts. We tell them it’s a small effort
children in China. Since April we’ve opened     to show our deeply felt thanks for the
programs in six new institutions, including     joy and blessings our own daughters
an innovative foster care project in Gaoyou,    have brought to us. Some begin to
Jiangsu that provides permanent homes for       understand a little, but typically it’s
institutionalized children.                     still hard for them to conceive—”you
                                                spent your own money to come all the
The volunteer crews who ready the rooms         way over here and labor for children
for our new centers are a cross section of      that aren’t your own”?
our HTS community. We are from different
countries and backgrounds, but in the end we    But soon something else happens;
bond in a unique way. We share an experience    they catch our enthusiasm and want                 HTS Building Director, Carol Odaniell
that forever changes the way we look at         to help. These once puzzled observers
everything. We share the joy of helping to      pick up paint brushes and sanding                  common goal of improving the lives of these
open up a new world for each child.             blocks and pitch right in, women often in          children who remain in the social welfare
                                                dresses and high heels and men in suits.           institutions in China.
I have seen the world open up for so many       It’s such a great pleasure to witness—this
children, but each experience opens my          juxtaposition of cultures, people working
heart in new ways. I am also continually        side by side with smiles and laughter, but no
taken aback by our builds’ “ripple effect.”     common language. One of our spring crew
In China something magical happens above        members, a wonderful woman who happens
and beyond our goal of renovating new           to be Chinese, cried when she described the
Baby Sisters and Little Sisters centers for     happiness it gave her to speak to the local
the children and the trained staff that will    laborers working beside us, and how in the           Your employer’s United Way Campaign can
provide one-on-one, nurturing care—we also      course of the week we had changed their              support more than your local community!
influence the communities outside of thei       misconceptions about us forever.                      Just designate Half the Sky Foundation on
nstitutions in which we work.                                                                         your United Way your pledge form and list
                                                 Every build has its own unique set of                   our address and telephone number.
We can’t help but draw attention with our       experiences molded by the group who is                  Questions? donations@halfthesky.org.
arrival—a group of typically westerners,        participating. There are common threads,
usually with Chinese children in tow and more   but nothing is ever predictable, with the
boxes and luggage than one can imagine. I’m     exception that nothing will ever be the same
sure the locals must wonder if we’ve brought    for the crew and the children in our programs.
every belonging we own—and why! Before          This newsletter features the voices of a few            2 Jenny’s column
long we usually have townspeople with no        crew members who share what the builds                  3 HTS Crews Remember
                                                                                                        4 US Volunteer News
connection to the SWI showing up to watch       have meant to them. My heartfelt thanks and             5 International Connections
this curiosity that we’ve become. The one       gratitude to them and to all of you who support         6 Fundraising Trail
inevitable question we get asked is “Why do     Half the Sky, both at home and in China. What           8 Mooncakes, Cell Phones, Robots...
you do this”?                                   a gift to be a small part of this extraordinary         10 Baby Sisters News
                                                community of generous hearts united in our              14 Big Sisters News
                                                         welfare institutions live in a richer and more         institutions in the country described their
                                                         stimulating environment of love, enjoy a               priorities and also some of the difficulties they
                                                         standard of living best suited to their healthy        face. I was deeply touched by how open and
                                                         growth, receive inspiring education and have           receptive this prestigious group was when
                                                         their individuality and potential developed            I offered some comments and suggestions
                                                         fully so as to prepare the conditions and lay a        based on HTS experiences.
                                                         good foundation for them to return to families
                                                         and society.”                                          The new guidelines will be comprehensive
                                                                                                                and there will be an effort to make them
                Jenny Bowen and friend                   Extraordinary words. But now the CCAA                  simple and attainable by institutions in
                                                         has proven that it is capable of much more             developed areas as well as those in the less-
                                                         than words.                                            affluent provinces. The very first category
By Jenny Bowen                                                                                                  listed on the guidelines will be protecting the
Executive Director, Half the Sky                         On October 24, Half the Sky was deeply                 rights of children.
A few weeks ago I shared some incredibly                 honored to participate in the first planning
good news with those of you who receive                  meeting to outline all of the issues that will         After a period of research and drafting, the
our email updates. China’s Ministry of                   be addressed in the national guidelines.               new guidelines are scheduled to be ready
Civil Affairs empowered the China Center                 Present at the meeting were the directors of           for implementation next spring. Throughout
for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) to oversee                   several welfare institutions, Director Lu and          2006, multiple trainings for directors,
the care of children in state-run welfare                Vice-Director Tie of CCAA, and leaders of              caregivers, teachers and medical personnel
institutions as well as administration of                the research team. I was the only foreigner            will be scheduled. Much as Half the Sky has
domestic adoption. The CCAA, with full                   present. The meeting was fascinating. I                been striving to do, the CCAA plans to set
authority of the government, will develop                listened rapt as directors of some of the best         up model programs in each province. The
and implement national guidelines                                                                                      director emphasized that CCAA can’t
for orphan care, the first country in                                                                                  do this on its own.
the world to do so.
                                                                                                                       Director Lu said, “We will run the
The guidelines will emphasize the                                                                                      institutions with an open door policy.
importance of nurture and education                                                                                    All those who have concern for the
for every child!                                                                                                       children, whether from China or from
                                                                                                                       outside, will be welcome to help. We
The six words above represent                                                                                          want the world to know that China pays
the reason for Half the Sky’s very                                                                                     attention to the needs of its orphaned
existence. And now the government                                                                                      children.” And I believe he meant it.
publicly recognizes that these
things are as essential to the normal                                                                                  Children living in China’s welfare
development of a child as are food,                                                                                    institutions right now and in the future,
shelter and medical care.                                                                                              just couldn’t be in better hands. We are
                                                                                                                       thrilled to play a significant part in this
“Our goal is, through our common                                                                                       groundbreaking work.
e ff o r t s , t o l e t o r p h a n s a n d
handicapped children in social                                  Lu Ying, Director General, CCAA

                                                                                          Half the Sky
                                                                                    Volume VI, Issue 3 Winter, 2005
                                        The mission of Half the Sky Foundation is to enrich the lives and enhance the prospects for the babies and children in
                                        China who wait to be adopted, and for those who will spend their childhoods in orphanages. We establish early child-
                                        hood education, personalized learning and infant nurture programs in China’s welfare institutions to provide the children
            764 Gilman Street           stimulation, individual attention and an active learning environment.
         Berkeley, CA 94710 USA
             (1-510) 525-3377           Half the Sky was incorporated in California in 1998. The foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under Section
          Fax: (1-510)525-3611          501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible.
                                                                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
             Apartment 7-2-103
                                                                   Vivian Wong Zaloom . Karin Evans . Steve Hoffmann
    Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Compound
                                                          Dana Johnson, MD, PhD . Carolyn Pope Edwards, EdD . Kay Johnson, PhD
          Chaoyang District, Beijing
                                                             Zhang Zhirong . Jim Gradoville . Robert Eisenberg . Linda Filardi .
             PR CHINA 100600
             (86-10) 8532-3043
                                                            Scott Kronick . Nancy Spelman, PhD . Lou DeMattei . Yves Maurais
           Fax: (86-10) 8532-1920
                                                                                 Jenny Bowen, Executive Director
                                                                    Edited by Patricia King, Communications Director, Half the Sky
        E-mail: info@halfthesky.org

                                    HTS Crews Remember...
The Crew/Yiyang
Anne Donohue Jiangsu & Haikou, Hainan - Spring 005
Sandra Bennett Mengine
Philadelphia, PA
Back in January 1998, when we adopted our
For years, I would occasionally stare at a showed up for their party. The moms and
daughter, China was not allowing adoptive
HTS China crew application and daydream dads seemed thrilled with our progress and
families into the orphanages in the wake of
about what it would be like to go on one of the children, although scared at first, had a
controversial reports critical of conditions
the builds. I was surprised last January when great time. I can not express how honored
in China’s state run orphanages. But after
a dear friend called to tell me that HTS was I felt to witness the love in that room. As
much cajoling, we convinced our guide to
accepting applications for a project at the the kids played and enjoyed their treats, I
drive us by the exterior of the building to see
Gaoyou Social Welfare Institution, which is looked around with awe. Thanks to HTS,
the gate, where we were told, our daughter
her daughter’s former orphanage. She asked these children who had been languishing in
had been abandoned the previous summer.
me to go with her. I jumped at the unexpected orphanages only the month before now had
It was January and near dusk; the windows
opportunity.                                    a top-notch school, toys, bicycles, lovely
on our minibus were steamed up from the
                                                apartments, and, best of all, parents and
four hour ride from Changsha to Yiyang.
Before the trip, I had worried that I would cry siblings.
We were given about thirty seconds to
every time I saw a child. Could I keep myself
snap a few shots and get out of town. My
focused enough to avoid becoming a maudlin My personal low point on the trip came just a                           Sandra Bennett Mengine
pictures of that building are dark and grey
mess? Sure enough, upon our arrival at the few days later. It was the following Monday
and mysterious. But for eight years, it was
Gaoyou SWI, my tears came within seconds morning. We had flow to Hainan Island to                     backs in wooden cribs, with no mattresses
all I had to show my daughter about where
of seeing two beautiful, heavily bundled work in the Haikou SWI. In Gaoyou, our                       or blankets. Tears sprang to my eyes as I
she came from.
three-month-olds lying together in a crib. They group spent the days mostly alone. In Hainan,         looked at the little faces staring up at a dingy
smiled upat us, making my heart ache.           we worked in the same bustling corridors              ceiling. I felt as if I was getting a glimpse of
During those eight years, I have searched on
                                                used by the children. It pained me to see their       the first year of my daughter’s life and it was
line or sought out other parents who have
After a brief tour of the facility, our group faces and I could not stop wondering about              overwhelming. I never told anyone this, but
adopted from China for pictures of Yiyang,
got to work. Except for the infant room, their futures. On our tour, I avoided looking                at that moment, I just wanted to go home.
of my daughter’s orphanage, of anything
the orphanage was largely empty. Most of into the toddler room. An initial glance had                 Later that night, HTS staff members said the
that would help give me a better sense of the
the children had been sent to live with their proved too much for me. Most of the little              children at Haikou seemed no worse, and
place she was from, the conditions she lived
new foster parents. We had five days to children were sitting huddled together on a                   perhaps even better off, than kids in many of
in while she was there, and the conditions
transform empty rooms into a preschool for bare floor, with no toys or stimulation. My                the orphanages they visit. I felt ashamed for
that would lead to so many baby girls to be
the new Children’s Village. We worked hard, daughter is about the same age and I knew                 wanting to escape when there was so much
abandoned in this province. I had heard
imagining the surprise and joy the children she was comfortable at home, surrounded                   work to be done.
stories about two orphanages in the city,
would feel when they returned for an unveiling by love. It was a difficult comparison. In the
and then heard there was an old and a new
party.                                          infant room, the babies were placed on their          By the next day, we were seeing real progress
one. I learned that many kids coming out
                                                                                                                                    Continued on with
                                                                                                      and I started to enjoy our interactions Page 9
of Yiyang had difficulties adjusting and that
On Friday, the newly formed foster families
there were some indications of poor care in
the institutions. I had heard about floods in
Yiyand that had caused dozens of deaths.
And I heard that Hunan province had a
particularly high incidence of abandonment.
But it was all a jumble of stories, gossip,
and unreliable facts. My daughter’s origins
remained largely a mystery to me.

Fast forward to June 2005. My husband,
daughter and I were on a bus heading to
Yiyang. Eight years ago I had traveled
a muddy single lane cowpath; our driver
played chicken with the oncoming cars. But
this time, it was a deluxe full sized coach
bus, traveling along a smooth new highway
that connects Yiyang and Changsha. Travel
time, a little more than an hour, not the four
hour trek of our previous visit. Now, instead
of screaming infants, we were surrounded
 Some of Half the Sky’s young girls, ranging
by a group of chattyA-Team in China: top row, left to right - Zhang Zhirong (ZZ), Ji Xiaolin, Anni Wang, Debbie Tong, Janice Cotton, Liu Jiahao, Huang
in age from 5 to 10, several of whom had     Baoshan. front row, left to right - Jenny Bowen, Carol Odaniell
                                                   are HTS fundraisers: Erin Gilliatt . Tia Mei        Contact outreach@halfthesky.org or HTS (1-
                                                   Qiao Owen . Molly Peterson .Sami Campbell,          510-525-3377) to request an Angel Tree kit.
                                                   4 . Aislinn Xiao-Mei DeSieghardt, 9 . Joy, 7
                                                   and Joanna, 8, Detweiler . Emeline Martin, 1.       I wish you and your family a wonderful
                                                   Annie Langston Meirong Dugan, 5 .Keane,             holiday season!
                                                   8 and Mycah Fairchild, 6 . Maia McNett, 10.
                                                   Emma and Lucy Pincus, 4 . Haley Potter, 5 .
                                                   Mia Reed, 8 . Jaida Chuyi Roonie, 2 . Madison
                                                   Tanbara, 10.
        Carla Seidel & her daughter Hope
                                                   Our sincere condolences and thanks to the
U.S. Volunteer News                                D’Alessio family, who sponsored a child in
By Carla Seidel                                    memory of Ilse Dimitrijevic, Magdalen and
US Volunteer Coordinator, Half the Sky             Henry D’Alessio’s grandmother.
We extend a huge THANK YOU to all of
                                                   Every holiday season volunteers decorate
our Half the Sky supporters for making our
                                                   workplaces, schools, churches and favorite
2005 online auction an incredible success!
                                                   restaurants with HTS Angel Trees. The
We raised more than ( )! This was an exciting
                                                   trees can be live, artificial, or made of paper
event and I am looking forward to our 2006
                                                   and hung on a wall and are decorated with
online auction!
                                                   red envelopes and homemade angels, each
                                                   one with the name and age of a child in a
Special thanks to: all the volunteers who
                                                   HTS program. Folks put donations in the
helped with the CFC campaigns; our Boston
                                                   red envelopes and bring an angel home to
supporters, Anne Donahue and Betsy
                                                   grace their own trees. Some volunteers make
Thompson, for arranging a special screening
                                                   Chinese New Year dragon trees with red
the movie “Together” in Belmont; Lynn
                                                   envelope scales!
Cobb, for organizing and representing HTS
at the Daniel Island Park Day; Andrea Ralston
for her successful poker game fundraiser;
Garrett Neiman, high school student and big
brother to Gracie who organized a Bowl-A-
Thon fundraiser AND a golf tournament,
dinner and silent auction;

Thanks to Orange County FCC whose
members sponsored a child at its annual
dinner; Olivia Marie Mott, big sister to Lillian
Wen Mott; the Koch family, who had a garage
sale that raised a huge amount with the help
                                                   Fraternal twins Chris and Joey Babal, formerly of
of a matching donation by an employer; the
                                                    Changzhou, sons of Dess and Richard Baball.        LaRae Hosking with granddaughters Annie & Lily
students at PS123, who collected pennies
for HTS; the “Friends of Zoe” Todd, who
sponsored two children in her name; the
family and friends of Chloe Loflin, Amelia
                                                                       U.S. VOLUNTEER CONNECTIONS
                                                    If you are interested in joining Half the Sky’s volunteer efforts, please contact the
Grace Tompson and Julie Manise who
                                                    coordinator nearest you. If you do not use e-mail, please call or write Half the Sky
donated to HTS in their names; the family and
                                                    for contact information. Please also check our new Volunteer Resource Page at
friends of Naomi Alvarado, whose baptism
                                                    www.halfthesky.org. To reach the page, click on “Volunteers” and then “At Home.” You
featured an Angel Tree party; the family and
                                                    can use this new web-based tool to learn more about how to help Half the Sky.
friends of Leah Bauerle who celebrated her
baptism by donating to HTS; David & Patti          Northeastern States, CT, DC, DE, MA,                North Central States, IA, IL, IN, Mi, MN,
Silver’s friend who donated to HTS at their        MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT,                 ND, NE, OH, SD, WI Contact Brenda Mellon
anniversary party; to the family and friends       Contact Anne Poliakoff                              smellon888@comcast.net
of Sarah Xuelian Yandell who donated at            arpoliakoff@sbcglobal.net
her “baby naming” ceremony; the family of                                                              South Central States, AR, CO, KS, LA,
fraternal twins Chris and Joey Babal; and          Southeastern States, AL, FL, GA, KY, NC,            MO,
                                                   SC, TN, WV, Contact Lynn Cobb                       MS, NM, TX, Contact Susana Beck
Dawna Thompson.

As always, we thank the wonderful children                                      Western States, AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT,
whose birthday parties and lemonade stands                                      NV,
                                                                                OR, UT, WA, WY, Contact Betsy Martell

     On making a difference...                                International Connections
Living in the Southern US, I have been overwhelmed
                                                                                HTS Canada                                  If you live outside the
by the impact of Katrina. At every street corner there
is a tractor trailer collecting donated goods, schools
                                                              Dear Half the Sky,
collecting fundraising money, and kids’ lemonade stands                                                                          United States
and car washes. It’s good to be reminded that there really    My name is Lilli. I am having a birthday party on          Due to the cost of sending newsletters
are people out there with good hearts. Sometimes that         Saturday and I asked kids if they could bring a            out of the U.S., we request a small, an-
isn’t always apparent in our daily lives.                     little donations for Half the Sky instead of presents.     nual subscription fee of $15 USD. We
                                                              I’m going to be 8 years old on October 8th, but my         appreciate your understanding. Please
In the midst of such an overwhelming tragedy I have felt      birthday party is going to be on October 1st. I was
frustrated that I am not doing enough. I have also felt                                                                  send foreign subscription requests and
                                                              born in China, but I’ve been here with my special
overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people in need — it                                                                  payment to:
is hard to know where to start. Sometimes the challenge
                                                              mommy for along time. I will e-mail you again and          Half the Sky Foundation
of figuring out how to give seems so overwhelming that we     tell you how I did…                                        764 Gilman Street
do nothing. But I have come to realize the power of faith                                                                Berkeley, CA 94710 USA
and the power of making a single connection. Each of                                                                 Or fax credit card info to:
us is too small to “save the world” but if you give to one    I have had my party now and I raised $761                  1/510/525-3611
person or one family, you’re doing a world of good. Small     Canadian dollars for Half the Sky. I wonder if
and manageable ideas for a family in need are gift cards,     that’s enough for you? I think it might be. I had a
food, or a phone call. So make an effort to find one person   jumping house and lots of friends and family came.
and give with faith that your gift will be appreciated even                                                                          HTS Shanghai
if you do not know the person you helped.
                                                              We had a great time and everyone was also very
                                                              kind. How can I send you the money?                      Our amazing volunteers in Shanghai an-
                                                              From your new friend,                                    nounce their newest project below.
This leads me to thoughts of Half the Sky, which started
with five families, one idea, a mound of obstacles in the     Lilli Carr
way, and a lot of “faith” that “it was meant to be.” One      Calgary, Canada
step at a time and a passion for the mission is what made
this great organization, which at the beginning helped        We have a growing number of new friends
only a small group of children. Now through the eyes
of volunteers like me, it truly does appear as if Half the    who are, like Lilli, from Canada. If you live in
Sky is “saving the world.” Start small – touch a single       Canada and would like to help Half the Sky by
life- have faith – you’ll be amazed at what might happen      volunteering in your local community, please
in your life.                                                 contact Susan at geowitch@shaw.ca. If you
Lynn Cobb                                                     would like to join HTS on our all-Canadian
Southeast US Volunteer Coordinator/Half the Sky               build next spring in Sichuan province, contact
                                                              workcrew@halfthesky.org or hts-canada@
                                                                  To make Canadian tax-deductible gifts                           HTS 2006 Calendars
   International Supporters:                                  HTS Foundation of Canada (or)
                                                              Fondation HTS du Canada
                                                                                                                       Beautifully photographed by Bund Funders,
                                                                                                                       Georgie David and Andrea Soares, the cal-
      If you live outside the United                          1190 Place Nobel, Suite100                               endars are 35cm x 35cm in size & feature
      States and would like to explore                        Boucherville QC J4B 5L2 CANADA                           12 beautiful photos of people and daily life
      opening a Half the Sky branch                           htsf-canada@halfthesky.org                               in China. Available through the Bund Fund:
      in your country, please contact                                                                                  Contact HTS-Shanghai@halfthesky.org or a
      jenny@halfthesky.org.                                   Telephone: 450/655-1334                                  limited number through the HTS online store
                                                              (ask for Louise Tremblay)                                at USD$20.

                                                                                                            HALF THE SKY’S
                                                                                                           NEW HOLIDAY CARD

                                                                                                       “FIRST SNOW”
                                                                                               Inspired by Jinshan folk art, this beautiful card, was created by
                                                                                               children for children.

                                                                                               “First Snow” was designed by 12-year-old Michela and 9-year-
                                                                                               old Alexis Kaden of www.sendingourlovechina.org.

                                                                                               See “First Snow” in glorious color at www.halfthesky.org.

                                                                                               Ordering information on p. 15.

                                                 just in the first six months of Half the Sky’s     ready, funds from HTSFC have also provided
                                                 work in Shaoyang. Later, this stood in stark       very substantial support for our programs in
                                                 contrast to my visit to my younger daughter’s      Guilin, Guangxi Province, where HTSFC
                                                 orphanage in another province, one Half the        President Yves Maurais was a volunteer and
                                                 Sky has not yet reached. There the caregivers      got his start with Half the Sky.
                                                 seemed warm, the children were clean and
                                                 well-fed, but there were no signs of stimula-      Given the nature of my work, which is to
                                                 tion or special nurture for the dozens of babies   raise major contributions from individuals,
                                                 sitting quietly in their cribs. I could see even   groups, corporations, and foundations, I can
          Emily Clarke and friend                more clearly the impact our nannies and teach-     sometimes feel lost in a sea of numbers. Such
                                                 ers have on children every day.                    as the average amount it takes to operate a
NOTES FROM THE                                                                                      center for a year, or the funds needed to equip
FUNDRAISING TRAIL                                Happily, the party in Wilmette is one of           a new center and provide training for the new
                                                 several recent group efforts that are having       nannies and teachers, or the number of gifts
By Emily Clarke                                  a major impact on our centers in China. For        needed for us to meet our budget.
Director of Development, Half the Sky            example, the Consular Spouses of Shanghai,
When I started working for Half the Sky two      after already supporting several of our nannies    So I am especially grateful to our supporters
years ago, I took my second trip to China        in Hefei, Anhui Province, chose to underwrite      for giving me opportunities to see what enor-
(the first was to adopt my older daughter in     the costs of our nanny program in Gaoyou,          mous change those numbers make possible.
1998), where I had the privilege of visiting     Jiangsu Province. The Consular Spouses of          Like hearing from Yiyang Children’s Welfare
five HTS centers, including four in Hunan        Shanghai first learned of our work from mem-       Institute Director Zhu Jianwu (right) about
Province. One of the many highlights of that     bers of the Bund Fund, the incredible group        the dramatic changes he sees in the children.
trip was the time I was able to spend with       of volunteers from around the world who are        Or hearing the story of the Gaoyou foster dad
Director Jiang De Wei of the Shaoyang Social     living in Shanghai and working wonders to          who said there was a hole in his heart when
Welfare Institute. I was deeply moved by his     raise funds and awareness for our programs.        his grown child left home—and now it is full
warmth, his enthusiasm for our programs, and     The Bund Fund’s first fund raiser generated        again. Or seeing a list of children who wait
his absolute dedication to the children in his   enough funding to sponsor the start-up and         for a Half the Sky preschool: children who
care. My memories of that visit came back in     operation of our infant nurture center in Fu-      are blind or deaf, children who carry Hepa-
a rush after a generous group of HTS friends     zhou, Jiangxi Province! And that was only the      titis B or who live with cerebral palsy. All of
in Wilmette, Illinois came together and raised   beginning for this special group of friends.       them, the orphanage director tells us, have
funds at a party one evening in July.                                                               “receptive ability.” All of their lives could be
                                                 This spring, Half the Sky will open programs       transformed with a little help from Half the
Thanks to their contributions—many from          in Yibin, our second location in Sichuan           Sky, and from our amazing donors.
people with no direct tie to the orphans in      Province. Our programs there will be fully
China—we can pay a full year of salaries for     supported by corporate and individual con-         If you would like to donate or help raise
the nannies and teachers in Shaoyang. I will     tributions to HTS Foundation of Canada             funds to sponsor a new or existing Half the
never forget the beautiful faces I saw in Sha-   (HTSFC), and Canadian volunteers will travel       Sky center, contact me at Emily@halfthesky.
oyang—of the babies and their nannies, of the    to Yibin with Half the Sky to set up the center.   org. We have come a long way with help from
teachers, and of the preschool-age children,     To date, contributors to the Canadian-funded       thousands of adoptive parents and friends. We
including the faces in the dozens and dozens     project include Rona, Inc. and Open Arms           have a lot more work to do.
of photographs the teachers proudly showed       to International Adoption, among others. Al-
us of the many activities they had completed
                                                 Where is Half the Sky Right Now?

                                                  Anhui Province                                                                     Hunan Province
                                                     Chuzhou                                                                            Chenzhou
                                                      Hefei                                                                              Shaoyang
                                                  Chongqing Municipality                                                                 Xiangtan
                                                     Chongqing                                                                           Yiyang
                                                  Guangdong Province                                                                     Yueyang
                                                      Guangzhou                                                                      Jiangsu Province
                                                  Guangxi Province                                                                      Changzhou
    Don’t forget me at your CFC!                      Beihai
                                                     Wuzhou                                                                          Jiangxi Province
    U.S. Armed Forces or Federal                  Hainan Province                                                                        Fuzhou
                                                      Haikou                                                                             Jiujiang
    Government employees: Please                      Sanya                                                                             Nanchang
    designate your donation or payroll            Henan Province
                                                                                                                                     Shanghai Municipality
    deducted pledge card to HTS at                    Xinyang                                                                        Sichuan Province
    CFC #2990 during the National
    Combined Federal Campaign.

HTS Crews Remember...cont.
Continued from Page 3
the children. Some would stop to smile and                                                                of this soulful fabric. The stories vary in
stare at the strange, paint-covered foreigners.                                                           emotional depth and intensity the way a
A few enthusiastically helped us assemble                                                                 tapestry varies in color.
the furniture. And I saw the universal truth
behind the saying “kids will be kids,” as                                                                 Maybe I should tell you about the Snapping
some young pranksters stuck their fingers in                                                              Lessons. Maddie, our hip17-year-old crew
our paint. By the end of the fourth day, the                                                              member, was teaching Sandra and me to
transformation in Haikou was astonishing.                                                                 cha-cha with the aide of a sound system
The classrooms looked bright and beautiful.                                                               aka boom box. “One-two-cha-cha-cha-a-a”
As I swept the floor and helped put the last                                                              Pretty soon we had a giggling six or seven-
toys on the shelves, I felt immensely grateful                                                            year-old observer peeking in at the ruckus.
and humbled by my experience.                                                                             After another minute or two the grinning boy
                                                                                                          ran off to get his cronies in mischief. Come
I still think about those children every single                                                           see what these crazy women are doing, I
day. I wonder how they are doing in their new                                                             imagine he said, you’re not gonna believe it.
schools and how their lives have improved.                                                                He brought back three others, pointing at us.
Looking back, my role in the projects was                                                                 One, a sassy imp of a girl with sparks in her
minuscule. In fact, there are several painted                         Cindy Happel                        brown eyes, jumped right in. She boogied
bookcases that might look better if I hadn’t                                                              with reckless abandon, as if she was born to
been the one holding the brush. It almost          day’s work. Our clean hotel rooms with fresh           dance. We were all giggling and dancing like
seems like an unfair trade-off. I gave them        sheets, hot showers, toilets that flushed, and         mad, three paint-stained crew members and
some unskilled labor. They gave me one of the      an abundance of food to eat at the end of the          four silly kids. Or four dancing kids and three
most rewarding experiences of my life.             day, versus the stark reality of an orphanage          silly crew members? It was magical.
                                                   life. The image of the kids, piled up at the
                                                   smudgy windows of the institutions every               Impulsively, Maddie started to snap her
                                                   night, waving through them and shouting                fingers in rhythm to the music and the dance,
Cindy Happel                                       out their noisy good-byes in boisterous good           and Sandra and I joined in. The children, who
Portland, OR                                       humor as we left for the day, sticks with me.          had been wildly swinging to the beat, stopped
She had given him three pieces of candy-like       It has become a black and white photo in my            dead in their tracks to watch this new finger
cough drops just before we left for the day.       mind. You know the kind. Moody, shadowy,               action. Hawklike in their intensity, the kids
Three. The gangly, deaf seven year old with        and brooding. The HTS build has become                 honed in on what we were doing to make that
the stand out ears that broadened his toothy       a tapestry of such images of generosity and            snap-snap noise. Somehow these children
smile grabbed them and ran off. Caroline,          stark reality, a weaving of multi-layered,             had missed the all-important finger snapping
the giver, and fellow crew member Sandra,          multi-colored stories that form the strands            stage of child development! So grinning
watched as he scampered off, feeling                                                                              like fools, Sandra, Maddie and I held
certain the boy was going to hoard                                                                                their fingers, and demonstrated a most
his precious treasure. Instead, much                                                                              impressive textbook finger-snapping
to their surprise, he ran to show a                                                                               technique until they got it. And they
couple of his buddies. Even more                                                                                  got it. Simple joy-making, simple
astonishing, this generous child                                                                                  music. It ended as the laughing kids
shared his sweet gifts with them.                                                                                 exited the room with a dance in their
                                                                                                                  step, a snap in their fingers, and a smile
When I heard the story, I was                                                                                     in our hearts.
dumbstruck. I could not imagine that
the children received much in the way                                                                              I liken my experience of the build
of gifts, much less candy—that this                                                                                to the heart’s awakening I felt when
child would share his small happiness                                                                              we adopted our children, Maia and
left me choked up and speechless. Yet                                                                              Jackson, eight and six years ago.
he and his friends shared the sucking                                                                              At that time my mother sent a baby
pleasure together, waving their                                                                                    congratulations card to us that read:
enthusiastic thank yous to Caroline                                                                                “You think you know what love is
through the windows as she left the                                                                                and then you have a child.” I thought
orphanage for our hotel at the end of                                                                              I knew what love was, and then I did a
the work day.                                                                                                      HTS build. Some mystic said it best:
                                                                                                                   The more you love, the more you love.
She left. They stayed. We left the                                                                                 How did I forget this basic life lesson,
grounds each evening and returned to      Haikou preschoolers come down to see their new preschool for the first   to be reminded again in China?
our hotel rooms each night after a full                                                                                                    Continued on Page 11
                  Gifts from HTS preschoolers to the children of the US Gulf Coast

                              By Wen Zhao
                              Preschool Program Director,
                              Half the Sky

“I want to take an airplane to go get these American friends and I can
also carry them on my back. If we are too tiny to carry them on our
backs we can hold them and we will not let them fall down.”
                                       —Wuzhou Little Sister Wu Yun

 I am turning my column over to the words and drawings of the tiny,
generous children in our Little Sisters preschools who want so badly
to help the children in America suffering as a result of Hurricane

These children, who have so little, nevertheless want to give what they
have to American children in need: “I want to give them water and I
want to give our toys to them.”

These children with no permanent homes nevertheless want to build
houses in New Orleans: “I will earn money to build houses for our         Little Sisters and Brothers in Changzhou, displaying
American friends.”                                                                  their gifts to their American friends
These children want to cheer up those in pain: “I drew a microphone
for our American friends because I want to sing American songs for

These children want magical help for their American friends: “I
made a robot who is very strong and will help you get rid of the water
faster.”                                                                                                   “Please don’t cry.
                                                                                                            I will make you
These children want to share their preschools: “I made a backpack for                                           happy.”
our American little friends so they can come to our school here.”
                                                                                                            - Xiao Hua
What a great gift you have given these children in China by providing
preschools they are proud of, that nurture their imaginations, their
empathy for others, and their belief that they can make a difference
in the world!                                                                                                  “I made cell
                                                                                                               phones for
                                                                                                               my American
                                                 “We made very                                                 friends so we
                                                many latnerns for                                              can call each
                                               you. These lanterns                                             other.”
                                                have good wishes
                                                    from us.”

                                                  “Colorful flowers are blooming under the blue
                                                  sky. I hope this picture will make you happy.”
                                                      - You Zhi, limited vision

                  “Now that your houses are gone, I
                  made a flying mushroom to the Sun
                 to ask the Sun to get rid of the water
                          for you.” - Chen Lai

                                                                                              “I hope you
                                                                                             can go home
                                                                                              now in this
                                                                                             car.” - Li Tong

“I want to sing a song for
you. I hope you are feel-
    ing better.” - Yun

                                                           “We are having Mid-Autumn Festival with deli-
                                                           cious moon cakes that made me very happy. I
“I will make a beautiful house for our friends who need    want to make all of you happy, so I am drawing
    it and we can play seesaw together.” - Min Kang        moon cakes for you. ” - Wang Hui
                                                  party will result in a storybook ending for all              Institute wish all you good people that every-
                                                  the children.                                                thing in your lives goes smoothly.

                                                  Last June when we had the end of the week                    Words such as these remind us of why the
                                                  party at Yiyang Children’s Welfare Institute,                work is important and also remind us that the
                                                  the nanny supervisor marked this special oc-                 work is appreciated. Increasingly, adminis-
                                                  casion with words that she wrote expressing                  trators are also expressing their appreciation.
                                                  how the children feel. These words were so                   In the past two months, we have received
                                                  moving to me, I thought you all would like to                two letters from the Director of the Yiyang
                                                  read these thoughts as expressed through the                 Children’s Welfare Institute (the text of one
                                                  eyes of the children.                                        letter is on page 8) expressing thanks to Half
     Janice Cotton and daughter Kathryn
                                                                                                               the Sky and the committed groups of parents
                                                  We are the healthy and disabled orphans of the               who have devoted so much energy to changing
BABY SISTERS NEWS                                 Yiyang Children’s Welfare Institute. Although                the lives of the children.
Through the Eyes of the Children
                                                  we cannot speak, we can feel that you are all
By Janice N. Cotton                               good people. When we came to the room that                   And recently Director Feng of the Xinyang
Infant Program Director, Half the Sky             you had furnished for us, ahhh... we were very               Social Welfare Institute wrote to one of our
                                                  surprised. How pretty it is!                                 supporters: “Since we started cooperating with
                                                                                                               Half The Sky Foundation, great changes have
As I am writing this column I am thinking         To be honest, in the past we have always been                happened in our children. Little babies do not
ahead to the upcoming build in Guangzhou. I       sitting in those wooden potty chairs and could               only lie on the bed, but have grandmothers to
eagerly anticipate builds because the training    not move freely. Sitting was very tiring.                    cherish them; older children do not play with
for the nannies generally occur at the same                                                                    no aim, but have teachers to teach them--the
time. While I’m teaching and learning from        In the future, everyday we can come to this                  children are not lonely anymore.”
these special women, the work crew is busy        big activity room to crawl, roll around, jump,
transforming classrooms into places that sup-     and play. How lucky we are. We know that                     Words such as these confirm that this impor-
port the children’s development. Each day we      you did not mind about the heat or the far                   tant work changes lives. And such enthusi-
see progress – walls are painted, shelves are     distance to come to be close to us.                          astic support from administrators helps our
sanded, and toys are unpacked. The crew and                                                                    programs run smoothly.
I grow more eager to see the children, nan-       We thank you for helping us train a lot of nan-
nies and teachers interacting and learning in     nies, as well as letting the nannies learn how               Builds are times for working, learning,
beautiful environments.                           to observe and satisfy our needs.                            sharing, laughing, making new friends, and
                                                                                                               renewing our commitment to the children left
The build culminates in a party where we          In the future the nannies will all use this                  behind. The work that begins with a group of
celebrate the week’s work and most impor-         knowledge when taking care of us as we grow                  devoted build volunteers and newly trained
tant, the children and women first experience     up. They will help us to develop healthy and                 nannies, preschool teachers and foster parents
what will follow. At these parties I watch the    properly with our bodies, emotions, cognitive                continues, with wonderful results. The efforts
children and listen to them laugh. I scan the     abilities, and communication and language                    of all are bringing the children closer to that
nannies’ faces, watch them as they interact       skills.                                                      storybook ending.
with the children, and remember the days
that we shared. I hope that the storybook         The children of Yiyang Children’s Welfare
                                                                  Dear Half the Sky Foundation,

                                                                  Greetings to all of you! We received the two bronze plaques from you today. We would like to inform you
                                                                  of it and thank you for you generous donation to us!

                                                                  We really appreciate that you have brought us the Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program. Since the children
                                                                  joined the program, wonderful changes have happened to them. To be honest, in the past, our infant
                                                                  nurture room was small and the caregivers had too much work to do, which had negative influences on
                                                                  the children’s growth.

                                                                  But now, it is totally different. The nannies you trained for our children, under the guidance of the nanny
                                                                  supervisor, work very hard together. They devote all their love and care to the children. Compared
                                                                  with before, the children have achieved great progress in their social, cognitive, thinking and motor
                                                                  developments. Whenever I walk into the infant nurture room, I can see our children enjoy a happy time.
                                                                  Some are learning to walk, some are practicing standing, and some are staring into the mirror, playing.
                                                                  Younger babies are lying in the nannies’ arms receiving loving kisses and gentle touching. Several older
                                                                  children are engaged in playing the toys on the floor. And there are others who are sitting next to their
                                                                  nannies, listening to them sing…

                                                                  Again we want to express our sincere gratitude to Half the Sky and the sponsors for the changes you
                                                                  have gifted to our children!

      Yiyang CWI Director Zhu with HTS nannies and children       Yiyang Children’s Welfare Institution
                                                                  Director Zhu Jianwu
HTS Crews Remember...cont.
Continued from Page 9

                                                  helping the children still in orphanages were
                                                  powerful motivators for me to become a crew

                                                  I loved seeing the difference that Half the
                                                  Sky is making for the children. The Gaoyou
                                                  foster parents are remarkable because they are
                                                  dedicating so much of their lives to taking care
                                                  of children with special needs. I loved walking
Charles Day                                       around Gaoyou and learning more about it.
Seattle, WA
When we adopted our two-year-old daughter         The build continues to have a big impact on
Sarah, I didn’t know anything about her           me. When I came back I put together a book
culture and I couldn’t find out much about        about Gaoyou (www.aboutgaoyou.com) as
the town she came from, Gaoyou.                   a fundraiser for Half the Sky even though           These Yiyang babies would soon be spending their
                                                  I hated English in school and have never                days in the arms of loving HTS nannies.
Sarah was a year old, but she couldn’t sit up     worked in publishing.
or crawl. She’s recovered well, but I worried                                                        checked in to a sparkling new, 16-story hotel
about the children who didn’t get adopted.        As for Gaoyou, I can’t wait to go back.            and prepared for a banquet that evening with
Learning about my daughter’s culture and                                                             Yiyang’s mayor.

Yiyang, Hunan - Summer 005                                                                          But while downtown Yiyang appears on the
                                                                                                     upswing, very little has changed for the city’s
Anne Donohue                                                                                         most vulnerable residents: the hundreds of
Boston, MA                                                                                           babies in its two orphanages, the Children’s
Back in January 1998, when we adopted our                                                            Welfare Institute (CWI) and the Social
daughter, China was not allowing adoptive                                                            Welfare Institute (SWI). On Monday, after
families into the orphanages in the wake of                                                          a brief greeting from the CWI’s director, we
controversial reports critical of conditions in                                                      were taken to the babies’ rooms. The first thing
China’s state run orphanages. But after much                                                         I noticed was the noise, the piercing cries from
cajoling, we convinced our guide to drive                                                            dozens of babies. The next sensation was the
us by the exterior of the building to see the                                                        smell, a strangely syrupy combination of
                                                                                                                                     Continued on Page 14
gate, where, we were told, our daughter had
been abandoned the previous summer. It was                                                                          
January and near dusk; the windows on our
minibus were steamed up from the four hour                                                           Betsy Thompson
ride from Changsha to Yiyang. We were given                                                          Portland, ME
about thirty seconds to snap a few shots and      I had heard about the proposal by some
get out of town. My pictures of that building     Yiyang parents to ask HTS to build at Yiyang
are dark and grey and mysterious. But for         a year earlier. I was supposed to be teaching
eight years, it was all I had to show my          in China on a Fulbright in the spring of 2004,
daughter about where she came from.               but my father was diagnosed with a brain
                                                  tumor just weeks before we were to leave. He
Fast forward to June 2005. My husband,            died three months later, and we never got to
daughter and I were on a bus heading to           China. When I heard about the HTS proposal,
Yiyang. Eight years ago I had traveled a          I thought this would be the perfect opportunity
muddy, single lane cowpath; our driver played     to finally get to China and do something
chicken with the oncoming cars. This time, it     special in my father’s memory.
was a deluxe full-sized coach bus, traveling
along a smooth new highway that connects          On Sunday June 12, we entered the city
Yiyang and Changsha. Travel time, a little        of Yiyang (pop. 350,000) on wide paved
more than an hour, not the four hour trek of      roads, lined with public parks and sculpture
our previous visit. Now, instead of screaming     gardens, high rise buildings adorned in neon.         From Lily Thompson’s travel
infants, we were surrounded by a group of         The bikes that lined the streets eight years
chatty young girls, ranging in age from 5 to                                                            book, created by her mother,
                                                  ago had largely been replaced with cars.
10, several of whom had been adopted from                                                               Betsy, to prepare her for the
                                                  There was nothing here that resembled the
Yiyang.                                           place I visited in 1998. Or so it seemed. We                  Yiyang build.
Special Gifts                                                        More information on all of these gifts on page 15 and at www.halfthesky.org
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                                               mei mei (little sister)                                                      Introducing....
                                               Portraits from a Chinese Orphanage                                           Good Morning China
                                               by Richard Bowen                                                            by Hu Yong Yi
                                               introduction by Amy Tan                                                     A whimsical view of mornings
                                               afterword by Karin Evans                                                    in China that will delight even
                                                                                                                           the youngest child.
                                               Chronicle Books, 2005
                                               8-1/4 x 9 in; 144 pp; 90 duotone                                            6”x8” hard cover
                                               photographs                                                                 32pp, full color with
                                               Hardcover                                                                   pop-up surprise at end
                                               ISBN 0811847349                                                             traditional Chinese binding

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a certificate with the child’s photo, name, date of birth and
                                                                      a Half the Sky-trained nanny in our Baby Sisters Infant Nurture
welfare institution and a quarterly report on the child’s
progress and can write or send cards to the child. You may            Centers
also send small gifts to your sponsored child, which are
generally shared among all the children.                          $5 A One-Month Child Sponsorship which provides nurture
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$3,000 – HTS Guardians can pledge $1,000 per year or
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             BIG SISTERS NEWS
Many children in institutions do not find families before the age of 14,
when they can no longer be adopted. Half the Sky is as committed to           Ye Liangshan is one of about
helping those children as it is to helping babies and young children.         100 older children in insti-
We love to receive letters from our Big Sisters. And we are gratified         tutions all over China who
when our Big Sisters tell us about their newborn self-confidence,             are receiving personalized
like Hefei Big Sister Ye Liangshan, who knows she has to work                 help ranging from tutors for
hard, but also now believes that she can “overcome any difficulty.”           university entrance exams to
                                                                              vocational education to com-
Dear Aunts and Uncles,                                                        puter science to art, music and
I have already graduated from primary school and am studying in               English. Like Zhu Dan they
                                                                                                                         Ye Liangshan
junior high school. I have made great progress in English in the Big          are very grateful for the help,
Sisters program, and I also get a third prize in the English Olympics         which gives them the hope
competition. I am quite happy about it, but I won’t be complacent. I          that they can live productive lives when they leave the institutions
will keep on studying hard to make greater progress! I know that I will       where they grew up. Please help us help older children in China’s
be busier with my study next term, but I believe that I can overcome          institutions by becoming a Big Sister sponsor. To sign up, please use
any difficulty. I will continue to study diligently and seriously in junior   the order form at right.
high school! Best wishes, Ye Liangshan

HTS Crews Remember...cont.
Continued from Page 11
                                                                              nannies had clearly learned the importance of bonding with their
urine and coal from the coal bricks used for cooking. And then I saw          charges. With their clean and revived babies, they were rolling on the
the babies: lined up in their wooden potty seats, or wedged into tiny         new mats and carpets on the floor, playing with new toys, in a brand
cradles, flat on their back. Room after room of babies, almost all of         new play room. What a sight! It is hard to overstate what a difference
them girls. There were no screens on the windows, so most of the              five days made in the lives of these little ones.
children were covered in bug bites.
                                                                              But for me, the morning was bittersweet. All week I had seen the
I was in tears; my husband was as well. My daughter just wanted to get        woman who had handed me my daughter eight years ago, but without
out of there. But we stayed and held a few babies, cooing and playing         a translator, I was unable to communicate with her. Finally, I got my
peekaboo, as if these were any other babies. But they weren’t. The kids       chance to speak with her. She came with a gift of pony-tail holders
seemed listless - a blank stare was all I got in return. My heart broke       for my daughter and we presented her with a photograph of our travel
over and over again. The experience confirmed my worst fears about            group from eight years ago. The tears were flowing freely. Another
how my daughter had spent the first six months of her life. When I first      piece of the puzzle of my daughter’s early years fell into place.
held her eight years ago, she had no muscle tone, a horrible rash on
her backside, and seemed to have never seen her hands or feet. Now            At the party, we cheered when Jenny Bowen announced that the
I understood, first-hand, why she was in the condition she was.               orphanage director would throw out the boxed-potty seats, and the
                                                                              too-small cradles, and replace them will full-sized cribs and western
After that first day, things began to look up. The crew of ten got to         style potty seats that would only be used for toileting, not restraining
work sanding, prepping, and painting and painting and painting. Our           children. We cried as one of the nannies gave a heart-felt speech,
daughters all went off to an air-conditioned conference room with             thanking us from the babies’ point of view, a speech Janice Cotton
three Chinese ayis. What they did all day, I still don’t know. But my         cites in her column on page 10. But the most poignant moment for
daughter had a blast with her ten new “best friends.” I had a blast           me came at the end. We were signing our name on the wall and while
getting to know the folks on the crew. Fortunately for me, there was          everyone else put their hometown, I signed my name and added “for
another die-hard Red Sox fan and we reminisced about the glorious             Dad, xoxo,” and once again, I was in tears.
World Series victory last fall. (Even better, there were no Yankees
fans, or at least none that would admit it).                                  There are no words to describe what your heart feels like when you
                                                                              complete a project like this. I have seen my share of sorry stories in
On Thursday we started work at Yiyang’s SWI. The situation there              my years as a professional journalist and I have somehow remained
looked much better. The babies had normal sized cribs and bouncy              detached from the emotion of it, often looking for the dark side of a
seats, so at least they had some mobility. They looked cleaner, more          good deed. But being part of this build has turned me from a jaded
engaged, and the ayis seemed to show genuine pride in their little            journalist into a sappy idealist, and it feels great! I am inspired. Thank
charges. We were working in the hallway right outside their rooms             you Jenny Bowen for doing what we all wished we had done when we
so it was easy to take a baby break and remind us exactly why we              adopted our kids….taking care of all the ones we left behind.
were there.

On Saturday morning, finally clad in something other than painter’s
clothes, we returned to the CWI for a party. The newly-trained HTS

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   (e.g.. “donation in honor of...”)                            I want to be a HTS Nanny Sponsor. I will commit to a pledge of                                 $50 per month or      $600 per year

                                                                I want to be a HTS Child Sponsor. I will commit to a pledge of                                $25 per month or     $300 per year

                                                                In order to double or triple the amount of my donation, I have enclosed my company’s matching gift

      Please send me cards, gift certificates, clothing and/or posters:
                         MEI MEI:                                           For The Children                          Good Morning China
         Portraits from a Chinese Orphanage
         1@$35 / 10-19@$30 /                                            $75 each                                           1-9@$30
                 20+@$25                                                                                                   10+@25
          90 duotone photographs                                                                                                                       Name__________________________
          Introduction by Amy Tan                                  Spiralbound, full-color,
         Afterword by Karin Evans                                 The HTS Training Manual,                              By Hu Yong Yi
            Signed by the author,                                         Edited by                              Hardbound w/Chinese Sewing
               Richard Bowen                                            Karin Evans                                 Special Limited Edition
     HTS Cards & Posters                                                 HTS New Great Wall Poster                       HTS Original Poster
       All HTS CARDS NOW                                                                                                 $25 each or
                                                                                                                         $50 each
          $25 PER BOX!                                       $50 each
      Please see our store at
                                                                                                                         (if signed &                  _______________________________
                                                                                                                         numbered by
        www.halfthesky.org                                                                                               the artist:
      for more HTS cards at                                                                                              Valerie Sokolova)
           $25 per box.
                                                                                                                     Shipping & handling :
               HTS Sweatshirts*                                              HTS Tees                                               MEI MEI: Add $3
                                 Child $20                                              Child $12
                                                                                                                     1 item $5.00
                                                                                                                                       per book     State/Prov.______________________
                                 Adult $25                                              Adult $15                    2 + add $2 each
                                 Color: Grey                                  Grey & Blue Adult: S-XXL               Outside us:
                                 Child XS - L                                 Grey Child: XS-M
                                 Adult: S only                                Blue Child: XS&L                       1 item $10.00                  Zip/PC__________Country_________
                                                                              Butter Yellow & Golden available
                        *Note: Sweatshirts run a bit small                                in all sizes               2 + add $3 each

     Quantity                              name of item - Description                                               color price                price


                                                                                                                                                        Payment Method:       We accept Visa, MC and Amex

                                                                                                                                                             Check        Credit Card


                                   All Amounts Are us dollArs.                                                     S&H
                    PleAse remember to include shiPPing And hAndling chArges.
                   sPeciAl exPress mAiling AvAilAble At extrA cost. contAct hts.                                                                       _____________________________
                               Helping her hold up half the sky.....

     Half the Sky Foundation
                                                      nonprofit org.
                                                       u.s. postage

     764 Gilman Street
                                                       Berkeley Ca
     Berkeley, CA 94710                               permit no. 1360

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