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					                                                           Risk Assessment
The following is an example of a partially completed risk assessment for a Learning Space Design project.
The first group of risks are the kind of things you would consider during an Options Appraisal before settling on the overall approach.
The remainder are more operational issues once building is underway. As with any major project you will need to review the Risk Log regularly and certainly
at all major milestones.
Most of the risks could occur in any major new build. We have listed quite generic risks and you will need to more specific about actual cause and effect. We
have not completed the ‘Likelihood’ and ‘Impact’ columns as these variables depend on your unique situation. There will of course be many more risks to add
but this may give you a useful starting point.

Risk                                          Likeli-    Impact      Risk Management Approach/Mitigating Actions                      Early Warning Signs
Example risks at design stage
Fluctuation in property values means                                 Study past trends                                                Businesses moving away.
property being sold off is worth less than                                                                                            Lots of land/property for
anticipated                                                                                                                           sale
Regeneration of an area means land you                               Consultation with local authority RDAs etc                       Announcement of
intend to purchase is more expensive than                                                                                             regeneration schemes.
anticipated                                                                                                                           Purchase of nearby land
Archaeological remains on site delay                                 Consultation with County Archaeology Service and English         Proximity to known sites
building work or affect planning consent                             Heritage. Commission a survey before plans are finalised         in Sites & Monuments
Environmental factors delay building work                            Consultation with Local Authority and English Nature.            Proximity to known SSIs
or affect planning consent                                           Commission an environmental audit before plans are
Rights of Light Issues affect planning                               Seek specialist advice                                           Proximity to other
consent                                                                                                                               buildings
Pollution on site requires costly clean up                           Consultation with Local Authority. Commission a survey           Records of former
                                                                     before plans are finalised                                       industrial activity
Example risks at build stage
Curriculum needs change during lengthy                               Review the business case at every milestone. Design for          Change in pattern of
delays at planning or building stage                                 maximum flexibility                                              enrolments locally or
                                                   Risk Assessment
Technology changes during lengthy delays                    Review the business case at every milestone. Design for          Look for these via key
at planning or building stage                               maximum flexibility. Monitor hype cycles and updates from        technology events or
                                                            JISC. Leave purchase of end user equipment as late as            publications
User requirements change during build                       Involve users at planning stage. Ensure you have visual          Users don’t understand
leading to time delays and/or increased                     representations etc they can understand. Use Space Data          plans. Space Data
costs                                                       Sheets to confirm requirements. Have strict change control       Sheets not fully
                                                            procedures in place after sign off.                              completed.
Building on an occupied site leads to                       This would be the subject of a detailed health and safety        Options Appraisal shows
increased health and safety risks                           assessment and management plan.                                  this to be a likely choice
Example risks post occupation
Insufficient storage space in new build                     Estimate storage requirements accurately in your Space           Areas in old building are
                                                            Data Sheets. Challenge requirements at the design stage          untidy due to lack of
                                                            and look at ways of making business processes less paper         space. Requirements in
                                                            intensive.                                                       Space Data Sheets.
New technology is not robust                                Pilot key technology early and identify alternative technology   Experience of others.
                                                            as a back up where appropriate. Use the JISC infoNet             Issues in pilot tests.
                                                            System Implementation infoKit. Seek views of other
                                                            organisations who have implemented the technology.
Staff do not use new technology effectively                 Pilot some new technology before the move. Build staff           Poor attendance at
                                                            development into the plan. Train at the right time not too       training. Usage statistics.
                                                            early. Offer incentives for examples of good practice.
Learners do not use new technology                          Plan their induction. Ensure they understand expectations.       Usage statistics. Quality
effectively                                                 Good design of learning activities.                              of student work
Staff unhappy with changes to business                      You are likely to face much more specific risks in certain       Staff turnover. Student
processes (resulting in them going back to                  areas however general approaches include: involve staff in       complaints. Processing
old ways/high turnover/processes not                        process design; liaise with places where the new process is      delays.
working effectively)                                        working; identify how and when the changes will be
                                                            evaluated. Use the JISC infoNet infoKits on Process
                                                            Review and Change Management.

                                                   Risk Assessment
Some spaces prove unfit for purpose                         Involve users at planning stage. Ensure you have visual        Space usage more or less
                                                            representations etc they can understand. Use Space Data        than expected.
                                                            Sheets to confirm requirements. Think about cleaning and       Complaints. Queues.
                                                            maintenance requirements. Keep an eye out for potential
                                                            changes to curriculum needs. Set up appropriate evaluation
                                                            mechanisms and respond to feedback.
Green Travel Policy not working due to                      Liaise with local public transport companies and local         Volume of cars belonging
lack of alternatives to car travel                          authority in order to encourage appropriate provision at       to staff and students
                                                            planning stage.                                                parked in surrounding
                                                            Introduce car pool system (and give priority to these in car   streets.
                                                            park as an incentive to users).                                Complaints from local
                                                                                                                           Public Transport
                                                                                                                           timetables not reflecting
                                                                                                                           the needs of the
Green waste policy does not work due to                     Effective communication with both staff and students. Use      Green waste being put in
lack of participation by students and staff                 rewards if appropriate. Use student and staff unions to        standard bins.
                                                            promote the policy.
Green waste policy does not work due to                     Identify standby facilities in case required. Ensure that      Recyclable materials
ineffective removal of recyclable materials                 service expectations are agreed and understood by you and      being left behind.


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