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									ICAA(E) Certificate in Business Chinese
        Entry Level and Level One
             An Introduction

    Language Networks for Excellence
      Who we are and what we do

Language Networks for Excellence operates on a
national basis, with four key strands of activity:

    ● Resources                ● Training

    ● Accreditation            ● Consultancy
Why ICAA(E) Certificate in Business Chinese?
The Certificate in Business Chinese focuses on giving learners (non-native
Chinese language learners) the opportunities to develop basic skills in
Chinese in a business context.

Flexible in nature, it can be used as:
     End of stage accreditation for learners in year 9
     New language at Entry Level post-16
     Gifted & Talented programmes
     An alternative progression route to GCSE in year 10/11
      alongside GCSE and beyond
     Enrichment/enhancement to vocational route
     Embedded in vocation route, such as Business, ICT, Manufacturing
      …and many more…..
Aims of the qualification:

• Build on vocabulary and phrase patterns.

• Develop candidates’ essential listening and speaking skills in
  everyday and commercial matters.

• Develop essential cultural understanding in a business context.

• To encourage progression by assisting in the development of the skills
  and knowledge which learners will need to undertake further study.
  General        ICAA Certificate in   Occupational
Qualifications       Business          Qualifications

                                       NVQ Level 4
 AS / A level                          NVQ Level 3

  GCSE                Level 2            OCR
Grade A* C       (in development)      NVQ Level 2

   GCSE               Level 1            OCR
Grade D – G                            NVQ Level 1

                    Entry Level
   ICAA(E) Certificate in Business Chinese
       Entry Level (80 GLH/Credits)

The Entry Level programme comprises of four units:

Unit 1 Exchanging greetings, names and business cards

Unit 2 Enquiring about availability for a meeting or conference call

Unit 3 Confirming a meeting or conference call

Unit 4 Arriving for a meeting or conference call
Learners can gain a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade.

There are three assessment objectives: speaking, listening and cultural.

Candidates are required to produce a portfolio of evidence.

In addition to the portfolio, for Pass grades a small percentage of the
learning outcomes are assessed orally.

Merit & Distinction grades are wholly based on a short oral assessment.

Portfolios are internally assessed by teachers/tutors.

Oral Assessment is carried out by an external assessor.
                  Teaching & Assessment Structure
Candidate creates portfolio of        Candidate’s Teacher
evidence for each unit.                (Internal Assessor)           External Assessor scrutinises
                                  oversees creation of portfolio.     10% of portfolio evidence.
Candidate and Teacher sign
Evidence Logs for verification
and to record progress.

                                                                         Candidate’s Teacher
                                                                          (Internal Assessor)
                                 Candidate creates portfolio.         ensures quality of portfolio.
For Candidate to gain a Pass
          grade.                         Candidate sits             External Assessor validates 10%
                                       Oral Assessment.             of learning outcome statements
                                                                         via Oral Assessment.

                                                                         Candidate’s Teacher
                                  Candidate must first fulfil all
                                                                          (Internal Assessor)
                                       “Pass” criteria.
                                                                      ensures quality of portfolio.
  For Candidate to gain a
                                  Candidate creates portfolio.      External Assessor carries out
 Merit or Distinction grade.
                                                                    Oral Assessment for 100% of
                                        Candidate sits
                                                                      Merit & Distinction grades.
                                      Oral Assessment.
         ICAA(E) Certificate in Business Chinese
             Level One (80 GLH/Credits)
  Designed to provide opportunities for learners to further their listening/speaking
  and cultural skills in Chinese in a business context.

  The Level One programme comprises three compulsory units and a choice
  between two further units:

Unit 1   Introductions and cordial exchanges (C)
Unit 2   Confirming & changing a scheduled meeting or conference call (C)
Unit 3   Directions, instructions and modes of transport (C)
Unit 4   Checking into a hotel (O)
Unit 5   Buying and selling in a retail outlet (O)
 Resources from Language Networks
           for Excellence
Language Networks for Excellence have produced Teacher Packs and
Student Activity Books to comprehensively support the ICAA(E) Entry Level
The Teacher Pack is designed as a comprehensive support
package, particularly suitable for assisting native speaker
teachers who are looking for an appropriate, fully
supported, accredited programme of delivery.
It contains a copy of the Activity Book including the audio
CD of listening activities PLUS:
●Additional audio material of suggested answers & dialogues to
●Support notes accompanying each activity.
●Transcripts to listening activities.
●Support material regarding the ICAA(E) Entry Level qualification.
●PowerPoint presentations containing embedded audio clips
covering the key phrases and vocabulary for each unit that can also
be used on your interactive whiteboard. Also included are support
notes with information on how to further extend these slides.
The Student Activity Books contain essential
contextual information on China and its language,
culture and business as well as Speaking, Listening
and Cultural activities that comprehensively cover
each unit of the qualification:

Included with the Activity Book is an audio CD of
listening activities, additional tone and phoneme
practise, plus an audio dictionary covering essential
vocabulary from each unit.

Much of the Activity Book can be referenced as
evidence for this portfolio-based qualification.
Organising the exams - National Centre:

• Allocation of examiners
• Completion of all relevant paperwork
• Provide training and CPD for examiners
• Provide training for teachers / practitioners
• Quality assurance
Resources                          Training

            LNfE – One Stop Shop

Accreditation                Consultancy
          Tel: 01902 518909


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