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					Civil Skills Data PROJECT
 – a Joint Service activity
What you should know…

   Background to the project
   Benefits to the reservist
   Benefits to the ADF
   Data the ADF is seeking to record
   Principal policy aspects relating to the recording and
    use of civil employment and skills information held
    by ADF reservists
   Data collection process
   Salary payment for completing survey

   Strategic Reform Program identified requirement to
    record the civil employment details, qualifications,
    employment experience, and details of ethnicity of
    ADF reservists
   Activity to be completed by end 2011
   Reserve Force is primary focus, but may be extended
    to all ADF members at a future date
   Recognition that many reservists have a diverse range
    of skills of potential value to the ADF
Benefits to the reservist…

   Avenue to use civil skills in a military
    environment without necessarily serving in the
    usual military role
   Use of reservists’ civil qualifications and
    experience acknowledges their additional
    talents and is likely to provide them with a
    greater sense of fulfilment in their ADF role
   May provide increased deployment and diverse
    Service employment opportunities
Benefits to the ADF…

   Inventory of skills will provide full visibility of the
    talents held by Reserve members
   Provide opportunity to better select individuals for
    peacetime and deployment tasks
   Scope to improve recruitment
   Scope to improve civil employer support of Reserve
   Shift similar information held in offline databases &
    manual systems to a tri-Service centralised system
Principal policy aspects relating to the
recording and use of civil employment and
skills information held by ADF reservists…

   Divulging information being sought is purely voluntary
   Members cannot be compelled to use their civil skills
    unless there is an emergency situation
   Civil employer cannot be contacted by Defence without
    the prior approval of the reservist
   Information provided by members is treated in
    accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988
Principal policy aspects relating to the recording and use of
civil employment and skills information held by ADF
reservists Cont’d…

   The duration and location of service utilising civil skills is to be
    by mutual agreement between Defence and the reservist
   Formal qualifications are to be authenticated
   Self-claimed skills are to be authenticated when skills are to be
    accessed. Reservists may be required to demonstrate their claim
    of competence for self-claimed skills if necessary when the need
   There will be no loss or increase in remuneration involving civil
    skills except where the occasion may require temporary higher
Data to be recorded & managed on
PMKeyS                  Respondents will choose from a
                        ‘drop down’ list. Provision to
                                                   record o’seas qualifications
   Basic and higher education degrees by an accredited institution,
    eg from a university:
    -   graduate certificates
    -   graduate diplomas
    -   advanced diplomas
    -   associate diplomas
    -   bachelor degrees
    -   masters degrees
    -   degrees with honours
    -   doctorates
    -   provision to record major studies within degrees
                                Respondents will choose from a
Data to be recorded &            on down’ list.
                        managed ‘dropPMKeyS… Cont’d

   Diplomas and Vocational Education & Training qualifications
    issued by a Registered Training Organisation, eg TAFE. These
    qualifications include:
     - advanced certificates

     - associate certificates

     - certificates levels I through IV

     - diplomas

     - graduate diplomas

     - licentiates
Data to be recorded & managed on PMKeyS… Cont’d

   Professional and/or trade registrations. These are ‘licences’ or
    other legal authorisations to practice a profession or trade, eg:

     -   domestic plumber’s licence               ‘Drop down’ lists for
                                                      each of these
                                                      categories of
     -   Solicitor’s Practice Certificate          information. Free
                                                    text field if req’d.
   National driver’s licences

   registration/membership of professional institutions, eg Fellow,
    Australasian Royal College of Surgeons
Data to be recorded & managed on PMKeyS… Cont’d

   Self-claimed skills including languages. These should be
    significant skills members possess, which are not formally
    recognised by a qualification issued by a Registered Training
    Organisation, eg:
                                               ‘Drop down’ lists for
     -   carpentry                            each of these categories
                                               of information. Free
     -   ARC and MIG welding                     text field if req’d.

     -   database construction
     -   double entry bookkeeping
   Self-claimed language skills, eg language skills not formally
    accredited by LANGS
Data to be recorded & managed on PMKeyS… Cont’d

   Civil employment and industry details, including:
    –   employer’s name and address and point of contact details (note that
        Defence cannot contact a reservist’s employer without the consent from
        the reservist)

    –   occupation (actually, this reflects the member’s industry experience rather
        than a position title which often is less informative)

    –   industry sector, indicating the type of industry in which the reservist is
        employed, eg                                      ‘Drop down’ lists for
                                                        each of these categories
            Automotive construction
                                                         of information. Free
            Health                                        text field if req’d.

    -   business sector, eg public or private
Data to be recorded & managed on PMKeyS… Cont’d

   Cultural details, including
     -   member’s ethnic group
     -   country of birth of mother and father
     -   language 1st spoken by mother and father other than English
     -   religion (optional)
Data not to be provided…

   Qualifications from ADF provided training
   Statements of Attainment
Data collection process…

   Initial data capture activity will operate from Feb 2011
    until Dec 2011
   Data will be downloaded from web site:
    -   Data not requiring authentication will be batch uploaded into
    -   Data requiring authentication will be forwarded to Service
        agencies for further processing and entry into PMKeyS
   Data collected will be destroyed following entry onto
Data collection process…Cont’d           Funded from Project

   Reservists will be paid a half day Reserve pay for
    completing the formal survey (commencing Feb 2011)
    and recording their information. Payment process will
    be automated negating the need for the submission of
    an Attendance Diary

   Members will get access to the survey after they register

   Assistance can be sought at
Data collection process…Cont’d

   Members will need to provide certified true copies of:
    -   all formal qualifications
    -   memberships of professional institutions
    -   relevant authorisation to practise a profession and/or trade
    -   vehicle licences
   Services will have separate arrangements for processing
    data that requires verification and members will be
    advised accordingly
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