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					                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Position title:             Communications Manager, Amazon Network Initiative

Reports to:                 Amazon Network Initiative Leader

Supervises:                 N/A

Location:                   Brasilia

Date:                       August 31 2009

 I.     Mission of the Amazon Network Initiative:

Building upon four decades of experience in the Amazon, the Amazon Network Initiative (ANI) is
WWF’s response to matching the scale and impact of the threats currently affecting the Amazon.
The ANI is built on the conviction that the fate of humanity is inseparable from the fate of the
Amazon, and that humanity has within its reach the means to ensure a dignified life for all without
destroying the Amazon Biome’s natural endowments upon which our collective well-being is
based. Our proposed vision, of:
         An ecologically healthy Amazon Biome that maintains its environmental and cultural
         contributions to local peoples, the countries of the region, and the world, within a
         framework of social equity, inclusive economic development and global responsibility
is the compass that has guided the design of the ANI and, we hope, will steer its implementation
for years to come.

 II.       Major Functions:

To lead the development and implementation of the communications strategy to advance the
goals and objectives of the Amazon Network Initiative as well as to facilitate internal
communications about the ANI within WWF; serve as the WWF network focal point for
communications for the Amazon Network Initiative (ANI); work to ensure that stakeholders and
partners (governments, international organizations, companies and individuals) understand and
support the goals and objectives of the ANI; identify and build new international communications
opportunities for WWF in the Amazon; develop superb working relationships within and outside
the WWF network and advance WWF’s ANI strategy at all levels to create the maximum impact.

 III.      Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Strategy: Develop and implement, with input from and in coordination with the ANI team,
WWF-Brasil, LAC and the NOs and POs working in the Amazon, the communications strategy
for the ANI within agreed timetables and budgets, ensuring integration with the initiative’s
strategies, and targeting key audiences to build an international profile for the ANI and maximize

the impact of conservation program achievements.

2. Workplan: Develop an annual workplan for communications activities, monitor compliance and
provide support and guidance to ensure objectives are met. Plan and monitor the use of
communications budgetary resources to meet workplan objectives.

3. Communications materials: Assist WWF offices supporting the ANI in identifying and
obtaining, from the entire Amazon region, feature stories and other materials (footage, audio,
images, etc.) to facilitate global/regional advocacy, communications and fundraising activities.
Plan and coordinate with communications areas of WWF-Brazil, LAC and the POs working in
Amazon to identify and obtain these materials.

4. Communications products: Working with the ANI team, write, edit, commission, produce and
distribute newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, leaflets, films and other communication products to
disseminate the ANI, according to the communication strategy, ensuring that all communications
materials comply with WWF's visual brand identity and meet the needs of WWF-Brazil and the
POs working in the Amazon.

5. Web: Develop and maintain the ANI Community on Connect and work with the WWF-I web
team to provide fresh and engaging content relevant to the ANI on the Amazon site on Work with other WWF offices engaged with the ANI to ensure their Amazon
web content is accurate and reflects ANI strategies and achievements.

6. Internal communications: Develop an internal communications strategy for the ANI using
existing platforms (e.g., ANI Community on Connect, ANI Newsletter) and new platforms as
needed to foster rich and effective internal communications both within the ANI team and the
broader WWF network, to build and maintain WWF buy-in for the ANI and generate optimum

7. Research: Oversee, conduct and/or synthesize existing market research as appropriate to
inform the communications strategy and campaign proposals designed to increase awareness of
the importance of and threats to the Amazon and position WWF with key audiences.

9. Partnerships: Identify and build partnerships with individuals, groups and organizations that
support external communications for the Amazon at the regional level in accordance with
communications strategies of WWF-Brazil, LAC and the POs working in Amazon

10. Media: Develop and maintain positive working relationships with targeted online, print and
broadcast journalists working at the Amazon-wide level. Support ANI focal points for
communications in WWF-Brazil and the POs in their work with national media.

11. Cross-cutting: Identify priorities for providing communications support and training to the ANI
Core Team, making the necessary links across the strategies, as well as between the Amazon
Network Initiative and other relevant Network Initiatives (e.g., Market Transformation NI, Forest-
based Carbon NI).

12. Reporting: Prepare communication project descriptions, budgets, and progress reports on a
timely basis, as mutually agreed, to the Amazon Network Initiative Leader.

 IV.      Profile :

   Required Qualifications
   • University level qualifications in Journalism or Communications;
   • Desirable Post-graduated level in a relevant subject;
   • At least 5 years communications experience in a high-profile, preferably non-profit,
      organization with responsibility for devising, formulating and implementing
      communications strategies and workplans;

•   Knowledge of WWF’s organizational structure, goals, policies, and activities is a distinct
    advantage, as is familiarity with the Amazon Network Initiative and Amazon conservation
    issues in general;
•   Knowledge of Amazon reality and professional experience in at least one Amazon
•   Familiarity with a wide range of communication tools and approaches, their potential
    impact and their suitability for an organization like WWF.
•   Experience working in an international, multi-cultural setting is essential;
•   Demonstrated success in communicating complex issues in a easily understandable and
    engaging way to a wide variety of audiences at all levels using diverse channels (print,
    radio, web, TV, etc.).

Required Skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese,
   preferably both;
• Excellent computer/internet skills and in-depth knowledge of relevant computer software
   and hardware for desktop publishing;
• Ability to multi-task and work independently and effectively to tight deadlines without
   compromising quality;
• Willingness to travel;
• Ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts;
• Ability to communicate and present information concisely and comprehensively;
• Excellent team player

Behavioural competencies
• Adheres to WWF’s values, which are: Passionate & Optimistic, Challenging & Inspiring,
  Credible & Accountable, Persevering & Delivering Results.
• Demonstrates potential in the following critical competencies:
                 Establishing strategic direction
                     • Establishing and committing to a long-range course of action to
                         accomplish a long-range goal or vision after analysing factual
                         information and assumptions; taking into consideration resources,
                         constraints and organisational values
                 Change Leadership
                     • Continuously seeking (or encouraging others to seek)
                         opportunities for different and innovative approaches to
                         addressing organisational problems and opportunities
                 Selling the Vision
                     • Passionately selling an organisational strategy; creating a clear
                         view of the future state by helping others understand and feel how
                         things will be different when the future vision is achieved
                 Drive for Results
                     • Setting high goals for personal and group accomplishment; using
                         measurement methods to monitor progress towards goal
                         attainment; tenaciously working to meet or exceed those goals
                         while deriving satisfaction from the process of goal achievement
                         and continuous improvement
                 Managing Global Teams
                     • Facilitating team-building process in a socially and culturally
                         diverse environment by promoting openness, flexibility, respect in
                         order to effectively enable each team member to be performant
                     • Identifying and understanding issues, problems and opportunities;
                         comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions; using
                         effective approaches for choosing a course of action or

                              developing appropriate solutions; taking action that is consistent
                              with available facts, constraints and probable consequences

 V.      Working Relationships:

1. Internal: Within WWF, the ANI Communications Manager reports directly to the ANI Leader,
working closely with the ANI Strategy Leaders and other ANI Core Team members, ANI
communications focal points based at WWF-Brazil and WWF offices in the Amazon region,
Communications and Marketing staff at WWF International and at National Organizations
supporting the ANI and with LAC ANI Support Unit Staff. The position holder will also require
regular contact and coordination with other Amazon region communications officers, staff of
WWF-Brazil and WWF offices in the Amazon region, and WWF Network staff.

2. External: As part of the ANI Core team, this post is crucial for ensuring the successful
communication of the Initiative to a well-defined set of audiences, from business and industry to
governments, NGOs, donors and consumers. WWF needs to be seen as an organization with
the authority and vision to convene the required partnerships to maintain an ecologically healthy
Amazon biome. To meet this need, the ANI’s communications will position the Amazon as a
global icon, while supporting the individual strategies of the initiative.

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