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Sound Reinforcement Contract - Download as Excel


Sound Reinforcement Contract document sample

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									                                  Liberty University
                                  Project Inquiry Form

                                  Important Information:
                                  This form must be approved prior to involving any other departments
                                  Information about this form can be found in the University Project Policy
                                  This form is to be completed electronically.
                                  Approval of this document is not an approval of the project.
                                  If approved, a completed copy will be sent to the Director of Field Operations
   General Information
   Project Name:
   Requesting Department:
   Request Date:
   Campus Location:               North    Main   South    East    Off-Campus     Other:
   Square Feet:
   Start Date:                    End Date:

   Project Request
   Provide a general overview of the proposed project and why it is necessay

   Additional Information
      This project involves academic space such as classrooms, library, or faculty space.                          Yes
      Is this project part of the current year budget?                                                             Yes

                                                                               Signature                            Date
      Department Head:
      Dean of School (if academic):
      Vice President/Cabinet Member:
      CFO/Vice President for Finance:
      Chancellor/Vice Chancellor:
      CIP Budget Analyst

   For Official Use Only:

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