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The Vanguard of Enlightenment


									                                 The Vanguard of Enlightenment
                         The Metropolitan Times – The Journal for Urbane African Americans
                                              Understand Your World

The Metropolitan Times is the African American’s ultimate source for national and global awareness; for
 continual legislative updates; for news, features and commentary; for education and wealth acquisition;
for personal empowerment; for cultural events and self–refinement; for subscriber acknowledgement, and
                                                much more.


      Comprehensive profiles of accomplished individuals, organizations, and our everyday heroes.
      African American and Global African History dating back from 5000 BC to today.
      The latest breaking news and information, profoundly investigative special reports, and historical archives.
      Special reports on the movers and shakers of world power, as well as world facts on the histories, peoples,
       governments, economies, geographies, communications, transportation, militaries, and transnational issues for 266
       world entities.
      A selection of exquisite cultural events, an affluent connoisseur section, a travel destination guide, book reviews, and
      An extensive self–refinement section featuring etiquette, fashion, and beauty for both men and women; relationship
       advice; health and fitness; ideal weight obtainment; stress reduction techniques; life strategies; home and garden; and
       success stories of our readers.
      Momentous commentary.
      Interactive philosophical study, inquisition and debates.
      Science, environment, innovations, and issues of faith.
      An extensive family section to help families thrive.
      Subscriber acknowledgment.
      Professional, collegiate and international sports.
      A well–researched wellness section featuring medical, nutrition, holistic health and fitness, information.
      Corporate economic interest awareness.
      Continual legislative updates and pronouncements.
      Personal wealth creation and personal empowerment.
      Event calendars.
      Educational and foreign language acquisition.
      Senior and youth enrichment.
      Networking opportunities, and more.

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About the Metropolitan Times

The Metropolitan Times is an African American owned and operated newspaper that delivers thoughtful coverage via
its weekly periodicals, email periodicals, and email newsletters. It is committed to bringing our readers unbiased,
ambitious, meticulously researched and documented journalism on a wide range of topics. The Metropolitan Times
is dedicated to satisfying the intellectual and cultural interest of our readers.

The Metropolitan Times is "The Journal for Urbane African Americans." It is the ultimate source for national and
global awareness; for continual legislative updates; for news, features and commentary; for education and wealth
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acquisition; for personal empowerment; for cultural events and self-refinement; for subscriber acknowledgement, and
more. The Metropolitan Times has a readership of 63,000.

Our writers are the best in the business, and are graduates of the most respected universities. Our paper is highly
regarded and significantly influences the perceptions, attitudes, and buying decisions of its readership.

About the Publisher

Dr. Valinda P. Gueye has earned a summa cum laude Doctor of Philosophy degree in Holistic Sciences. She is
Board Certified by the American Alternative Medical Association and the American Association of Drugless

Dr. Gueye is an entrepreneur, a real estate developer, a visual artist, a composer and musician, a professionally
published writer, an author, a philanthropist, and an expert on etiquette. Prior to her holistic medical career, Valinda
was a director in two distinguished career fields: human resources and in intelligence.

Dr. Gueye brings to the Metropolitan Times sound business practices, meticulous organizational skills, excellent
managerial skills, a strong company vision, and a plethora of profoundly and accurately researched news,
information, and commentary.

African American Buying Power

Excerpts of the Selig Center for Economic Growth 2010 Report – University of Georgia, Terry College of

In 2010, African Americans will constitute the nation’s largest racial minority market. Despite the severe impact of the
2007–2009 recession, blacks’ economic clout will continue to energize the U.S. consumer market. The Selig Center
projects that the nation’s black buying power will rise from $316 billion in 1990 to $600 billion in 2000, to $957 billion
in 2010, and to $1.2 trillion in 2015.

The 2000 to 2010 gain of 60 percent outstrips the 49 percent increase in white buying power and the 52 percent
increase in total buying power (all races combined). In 2010, the nation’s share of total buying power that is black will
be 8.6 percent, up from 8.2 percent in 2000 and from 7.5 percent in 1990. African–American consumers’ share of the
nation’s total buying power will rise to 8.8 percent in 2015, accounting for almost nine cents out of every dollar that is

The gains in black buying power reflect much more than just population growth and inflation. Of the many diverse
supporting forces, one of the most important is the increasing number of blacks who are starting and expanding their
own businesses. The 2002 Survey of Business Owners released by the Census Bureau in 2006 showed that the
number of black–owned firms increased by 45 percent from 1997 to 2002, or about four and one–half times faster
than the 10 percent increase in the number of all U.S. businesses.

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Preliminary estimates from the 2007 Survey of Business Owners show that the number of black–owned firms
increased by 61 percent from 2002, which is more than three times greater than the 18 percent increase in the
number of all U.S. firms. Between 2002 and 2007, the receipts of black–owned firms grew by 55 percent compared
to the 34 percent increase in receipts tallied by all U.S. firms.

Another positive factor buoying the group’s buying power is that African Americans are becoming more educated, so
more of them now have jobs with higher average salaries. Census data show that the percentage of blacks over age
25 who have completed high school or college rose from 66 percent in 1990 to 79 percent in 2000 and to 84 percent
in 2009.

Favorable demographic trends help, too, since the black population continues to grow more rapidly than the total
population. From 2000 to 2010, the nation’s black population grew by 11.9 percent compared to 7.7 percent for the
white population, and 9.8 percent for the total population. Also, the black population is younger: the 2008 American
Community Survey shows that the median age of blacks is only 32.1 years compared to 39.1 years for the white
population or 36.9 years for the total population. Compared to the older white population, larger proportions of blacks
will be entering the workforce for the first time or will be moving up from entry–level jobs. For example, 25.7 percent
of blacks are in the 18–to–34 age bracket, compared to 22 percent of whites or 23.1 percent of the total population.
This will provide an extra push to the group’s overall buying power. Conversely, fewer blacks have reached their
career pinnacles, where the annual percentage increases in salaries often begin to taper off, or are of traditional
retirement age. In 2008, only 8.7 percent of blacks were over 65, compared to 14.5 percent of whites or 12.8 percent
of the total population. Moreover, blacks are consumer trendsetters, which isn’t surprising given that 28.1 percent of
them are under 18 compared to 22.5 percent of the white population or 24.3 percent of the total population.

In 2010, the ten states with the largest African–American markets, in order, are New York ($91 billion), Texas ($72
billion), Georgia ($66 billion), California ($64 billion), Florida ($63 billion), Maryland ($57 billion), Illinois ($46 billion),
North Carolina ($44 billion), Virginia ($42 billion), and New Jersey ($36 billion). Of these, however, Maryland, North
Carolina, and Georgia are the only ones that did not rank among the top ten markets for all consumers.

In order, the top ten states ranked by the rate of growth of black buying power between 2000 and 2010 are Montana
(364 percent), Idaho (294 percent), Wyoming (250 percent), Maine (235 percent), North Dakota (217 percent), South
Dakota (205 percent), Hawaii (189 percent), Utah (186 percent), Vermont (184 percent), and New Mexico (172
percent). All have flourishing African–American consumer markets, but none is among the nation’s ten largest black
consumer markets.

As blacks’ share of the nation’s total buying power expands, business–to–consumer firms can be expected to devote
more resources to developing and marketing products that meet black consumers’ needs.

The Multicultural Dollar

Top Six Expenditures...

1. Housing
2. Food
3. Cars/Trucks
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4. Clothing
5. Health Care
6. Telephone Services

Publisher’s Success

We are currently in the homes of 63,000 affluent African Americans spanning states with the largest African–
American markets. We are expanding exponentially in these states to more influential African American as well as to
the mainstream African American population.

We are anticipating long–term success due to our paper’s informative and intellectually stimulating content.

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Our readers tend to be mature, successful, and financially comfortable. The typical Metropolitan Times’ reader is well
educated, well traveled, and well read, drawing from a wide range of thoughtful resources to build an understanding
of events and issues. Our readers support balanced and constructive journalism and see the Metropolitan Times as
its highest embodiment. They think more highly of companies because they advertise in the Metropolitan Times and
are more likely to buy from them because of their Metropolitan Times advertising.

Affluent                            The mean annual household income is $112,500
                                    The mean household net worth is $1,058,000

Well–educated                       83% have graduated from a four–year college
                                    46.7% hold a postgraduate degree

Upscale consumers                   88.8% own their own home
                                    12.6% own a second or vacation home

Influential                         82.8% voted in federal, state, or local election
                                    37.3% have taken an active part in some local civic issue

Investors                   Samples of investments:

                                    66% own mutual funds
                                    54.4% own common or preferred stock
                                    48.9% own money market funds
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                                    28.1% own bonds or Treasury notes

Age/gender                  Average age is 54.6

                                    Women 59%
                                    Men 41%

Occupation                          51% of our employed readers are professional/managerial

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The Metropolitan Times accepts a wide range of products and services; however, the following categories are not
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The Metropolitan Times:

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                                 Valentine's Day

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