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					                  Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information

Name: Peter Edward Cecil Simmonds
Address: 51 Centennial Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041,
New Zealand
Telephone Number: 981 7249, 3482 799
Date of Birth: 14 December 1977
New Zealand Citizenship

Career Goals

     To use my strong interest in foreign languages and cultures
      and my professional skills in the area of international
      relations and trade.
     In particular, a long-term career with the New Zealand
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with a goal of
      representing New Zealand as an ambassador.

Relevant Skills and Experiences

     Lived and worked abroad
     Linguistic skills (Chinese Mandarin, Japanese)
     Private sector experience as a commercial lawyer
     Research, analysis and writing skills
     Negotiation and advocacy skills

Tertiary Qualifications

     Bachelor of Arts, major Japanese Language, University of
      Canterbury, New Zealand, graduated 2002
     Bachelor of Laws, University of Canterbury, New Zealand,
      graduated 2002
     Barrister and Solicitor in New Zealand, admitted 2002
     Diploma in Chinese Language, Christchurch Polytechnic
      Institute of Technology (CPIT), New Zealand, graduated 2010
         o Achievements and Distinctions:
               Awarded best student of Chinese at CPIT for 2010,
                 New Zealand China Friendship Society Inc.,
                 Christchurch Branch (two awards of this kind
                 awarded to CPIT students)
               Awarded CHINESE LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP, 2010, CPIT
         o Grades awarded:
               CHIN411     Introduction to Chinese          A
               CHIN511     Post Beginner Chinese            A
               CHIN512     Intermediate Chinese       A
HSK Testing 2010

     Chinese Proficiency Tests
         o Results for 2010 (Levels 1 to 6 highest level; level 6
               Examination (Level 3) pass, score of 261 from 300
               Examination (Level 2) pass, score of 180 from 200
     Awarded CPIT HSK AWARD, CPIT HSK Test Centre, 2010

Work Experience from 8 April 2002 onwards (with approximate

Period: November 2009
Role: Reader Writer
Employer: New Zealand Ministry of Education
Responsibilities: reading examination papers to students, writing
students’ answers, seek clarification of their answers where
                      necessary, and
other associated duties.

Period: May 2006-May 2007 & May 2007-May 2008
Role: native English assistant teacher
Employer: Superintendent of Incheon Metropolitan Office of
Education, the Republic of Korea
Responsibilities: planning and writing teaching plans, teaching
English in a classroom environment, public speaking, limited
management of students and other general duties.

Period: March – May 2006
Role: Senior Solicitor
Employer: Peter Ian Richardson trading as Richardson & Co Lawyers
of Christchurch, New Zealand
Responsibilities: customer service, drafting and analysis of
agreements and documents, writing legal correspondence and a
legal opinion, conveyancing, trust accounting, and other general

Period: February 2006
Role: GP Frontliner
Employer 2Evolve Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia
Responsibilities: Fundraising, account for funds raised and other
general duties.

Period: Late November, December 2005
Role: Law Clerk
Employer: Michael Quinn, Damian Scattini & Warren Jiear trading
as Quinn & Scattini Solicitors of Queensland, Australia
Responsibilities: carrying out general legal work including
research, letter writing.

Period: October & November 2005
Role: Sales Assistant
Employer: Pool Mob Pty Ltd of Queensland, Australia
Responsibilities: customer service, analysis of pool water to
determine health of pool and, if needed, sale of recommended
products for safe and healthy pool conditions.

Period: April 2002 – September 2005
Role: Staff Solicitor
Employer: Harman & Co. (now Harmans Lawyers) of Christchurch, New
Responsibilities: taking instructions from clients, giving legal
advice to clients, drafting agreements and other documents,
letter-writing, corresponding with other people and
organisations, marketing, trust accounting and other general

Voluntary work experience for 2010 and onwards (approximate

March – October 2010
Wharenui School - Teacher-aide

March – September/ October 2010
Christchurch Boys’ High School - Teacher-aide

14 January 2011 - ongoing
Community Law Canterbury – Information Line Worker
Responsibilities: receive and respond to telephone calls from
                                 people seeking legal


     Participant, Adult Chinese Choir, Rewi Alley Chinese School
      and Cultural Centre/ Rewi Alley Academy
     Masters Swimmer, Wharenui Sports Centre
     Dancer, Ceroc Modern Jive
     Foreign travel and learning foreign languages (including
      Chinese Mandarin, Japanese)


1. Mr Qi Lubao
Head Teacher / Programme Leader of Chinese School
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Mobile Number: 0212391855
Email address:
2. John Patrick Sullivan
Lawyer of Community Law Canterbury
Home Address: 922 Jeffries Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch 8052, New
Telephone Numbers: (Work – direct) (03) 371-3816; (Cell-phone):
Email address:

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