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PowerPoint Presentation - AAF Asheville


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									 2009-2010 Rules &
Laveda Miles, NAC Rep 3rd District
Corey Hudgins, ADDY Chair AAFG
                         Why are ADDYs special?

The advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition with
over 50,000+ entries per year.

Mission of the ADDYs is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the art
of advertising.

Only show with tiered competition levels. Local winners compete at a second
level in one of 14 Districts. District winners are forwarded to the 3rd tier, the
national ADDY® Awards Competition.

Unique because judges are tailored for your market.

Responsive to industry changes.
                       Rules & Guidelines

Available at the following websites:

                           Collateral Material

Publication Design (Magazine or Book)
•8A Cover
•8B Editorial Spread or Feature (One editorial spread
or feature per entry)
•8C Series (Covers or spreads or features)
•8D Magazine Design (Entire Magazine)
•8E Book Design (Entire Book)

Special Event Material
Promotional and/or informational items, usually relating to a specific
event/affair at a given location, date, time, etc. This category does not
include Advertising Industry Self Promotion, Public Service or
Advertising for the Arts & Sciences. They must be entered in their
respective category.
        10A Card
        10B Invitation
        10C Announcement
        10D Campaign
                             Direct Marketing

Clarification Added
Mere mailing of a piece does not necessarily
make it direct marketing. The method of shipment
(self-mailer indicia, envelope, etc.) must be evident
and included with the entry.

  Ex: Brochures mailed, TV commercials mailed,
  Newsletter (unless intended as Direct Mail), etc.

Proof of Usage
Non-traditional entries MUST be accompanied
by proof of usage. Include a short paragraph
describing the event or how the entry

Do not send the creative brief

When submitting podcasts, internet commercials or
webisodes, please use a URL address.

URLs should not require any username or password for
access. In cases where this already exists, the entrant
should create an independent URL.

If a Web site is database driven, please indicate this on the
entry as explanation for not including a CD.

Mobile Marketing or Text Messaging may enter using
screen shots or CD.

Web sites (Includes Social Media Websites)
Websites, B-to-B Flash
32A Products
32B Outlets
32C Services
Websites, B-to-B HTML/Other
33A Products
33B Outlets
33C Services

Websites, Consumer Flash
34A   Products
34B   Outlets
34C   Services
Web sites, Consumer HTML/Other
35A   Products
35B   Outlets
35C   Services
                              Consumer Products

Products            Automotive (vehicles only), cars, trucks,
motorcycles, recreational vehicles, manufacturers, apparel &
jewelry, fashion, sportswear, casual, lingerie, footwear, jewelry,
health & beauty, cosmetics, fragrances, health and beauty
products, medications, food, foodstuffs, meats, produce,
confections, snacks, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, beer,
wine, liquors, non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks,
water, tea, milk, coffee, sports beverages, retail products: home
electronics, computers, household products, appliances, toys,
sporting goods and other retail products.
                                  Consumer Outlets

Outlets            Retail stores, department, specialty, furniture,
discount stores, restaurants, fast-food chains,
specialty, franchise, supermarkets, food/convenience stores,
mini-marts, grocery stores and other food retailers, retail dealers,
automotive, boat, motorcycle, (sales and rental), online retail
sites, “virtual store fronts” on Web sites with on-line catalogs,
sometimes gathered into a “virtual mall.”
                               Consumer Services

Services       Media: cable companies, TV networks, newspapers,
magazines, radio stations, travel/tourism, cruise/airlines,
hotels, resorts, destinations, entertainment/lotteries, amusement
parks, movie promos, zoos, lotteries, sports teams, casinos, etc.
retail, hair salons, cleaning, employment, auto services, exercise
spas, communications, telephone companies, telephone directories,
cellular service providers, pagers, long distance services,
Internet providers, professional services, financial, legal, banking,
investment services, brokerage firms, credit cards, insurance
services, healthcare services: healthcare facilities, doctors,
HMOs, corporate/ institutional: company image, self-promotion,
recruitment, energy/utilities, natural gas companies, electric
companies, advocacy, political, religious, lobbying, special interest,
(not public service).
                                             Elements of

Sample of Use
The goal of this category is to recognize only the
creative execution of individual components of an advertising
entry (illustration, photography, music, logo, etc.). Each entry in
this section MUST include a sample showing how the element
was actually used in the advertising message. For print entries,
a sample should be included in the entry envelope. When
submitting a logo, if the type of company is not evident or
obvious, it is recommended to include one or two words
explaining the type of business the logo represents.
                                       of Advertising

     70A       B/W
     70B       Color
     70C       Digitally Enhanced
     Photographic images whose content has been digitally altered
     to create a new image (often one not possible using
     traditional photo techniques). Utilitarian photo retouching,
     color correcting or photo editing alone does not qualify an
     image for this category. A sample of the original photo and
     the digitally enhanced photo MUST be supplied for proper
     70D      Campaign (2-4 of the above).

Elements of Advertising
Much confusion, much discussion about
entries by photographer or agency.

In Elements of Advertising, entries may only be entered in
the CBSA, DMA or MSA in which it was created. (Deleted
– not by the agency using the element.)

The entrant’s address will determine into which local show
the work is entered.
                       Things to Remember

69E Broadcast (Demo Reels go in this category)
• Pieces entered into Advertising for the
  Arts & Sciences, Public Service or Industry
  Self-Promotion cannot be entered in any other
• Each Elements of Advertising entry must
  include a sample, showing how the element
  was actually used.
                           Things to Remember

•   Entry numbers go on back right hand corner of

•   Do not send original or irreplaceable artwork.
    It will not get returned.

    Mistakes go all the way to national competition.
                       Things to Remember

Identify your entry properly.
   Don’t repeat the client name as the title of your
   entry. Name it so that it can be easily identified.
   Suggest the headline if a print ad.

Be sure to proofread your entry.
   Awards, winners’ book, presentation scripts, press
   releases are printed from what you enter.

List credits in the order or importance.
   Only the first four will be shown on the award or
   screen. All will appear in the Print On Demand
   winners’ book.
                        Manifest Form

Manifest Form
You will be required to sign a Manifest
 Form, listing all of your entries.
                                        Entry Format

Transparent, plastic envelopes recommended. No mounted
entries will be accepted. It is against the National rules.

DVDs are the only accepted format for video and television

Audio CDs are the only accepted audio format.
   No AIFF, MP3, WMV or Wave files.

Entries must be able to play on a consumer DVD or CD
player. If it doesn’t, it is subject to disqualification.
                               Entry Requirements

PDFs are required if you want your
entries in the awards party screen show
and the Print On Demand winners’ book.
• Name the PDF file with entry number & title.
• File size should be 1-2MB (not more), 3 x 4 inches or 4 x 3 inches.
300 dpi. (Not full size)
• Do not submit PDFs with multiple entries in one PDF. One entry per
• One CD for all your entry PDFs is best; put multiple PDFs on disk.
               Entry Format - Interactive

Submit URL addresses
  URLs should not require username or password for
  Create an independent URL if part of larger site.

Supply 8.5” x 11” color screen shot
   Homepage, pop-up banner, email, e-card, etc. It
   becomes important if there is a question about what is
   what. Put the entry number on the back of this printout.
                  Entry Format - Interactive

CD of the site/entry
If site is database driven, indicate this on the entry as
explanation for lack of a CD being included.

Do not submit executable files.
Executable files cannot be judged and will be disqualified
without reimbursement of entry fees.
Entry Format – 3D
Entry Format - Print
Entry Format - Broadcast
                                    Entry Fees

Pay entry fee online
      Or bring check with entries
Entry Fees
      Member              $65
      Non Member          $85
      Student             $20

Print a copy of the manifest, sign and bring with
your entries.
Student ADDYs
Students must be enrolled full or part-time in an accredited US
education institution.

Work must be created while entrant is a student not employed in the
advertising industry. Student intern work is eligible.

Comps, original photographs, illustrations, etc. all become the property
of AAF and will not be returned. Do not send irreplaceable artwork.

Work created for NSAC is eligible in the year following their
$20 per entry

National Ad 2 provides a cash prize of $1,000 for Best of Show entrant.

No fee to forward Golds at any level

There were no Student category changes this year. A full list of
categories can be found at www.aafasheville.org in the Official Rules &
Guidelines document.
              Dates to Remember

 Professional & Student Entries Due:
Friday, January 8, 2010; Noon to 7 PM
at BP Solutions, 24 Wilmington Street,
         Asheville, NC 28806

Friday-Saturday, January 15-16, 2010

           Awards Party:
     Saturday, February 20, 2010
Tricia Speziale Edwards, 828-236-8991

    Tim Shumbera, 828-210-8214

     Laveda Miles, 864-351-2741

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