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									                                                                  BUILDING ENERGY

             LEASE US
FOR 66,000
  SQ FT.
             YOUR ROOF
             The sun shines on your roof…
             why not get paid for it?
             Energy from the sun is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable power
             source available. Solar Power Network is an Ontario-based, power
             generation company. Using proven solar technology, we partner with
             local businesses to provide clean energy into the electricity grid.
             Solar Power Network                             The Green Energy Act
             SOLAR POWER NETWORK (SPN) is a                  Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in Tariff now
             distributed solar power company using the       guarantees 20-year preferential rates to
             leased rooftops of industrial and commer-       developers of renewable energy. Under this
             cial buildings to provide clean, renewable      tariff, solar electricity is created and fed into
             energy to Ontarians. Over the next four         the power grid, reducing the need for coal- red
             years, SPN will invest over 400M into           power plants. In order to be included in the
             90MW of power on the unused rooftop             20 year program, building owners must sign
             space of 360 buildings. The generation          up before September 30, 2011, after which
             of 90MW of power offsets 59,580 tonnes          the sign-up window is closed.
             of carbon dioxide – equivalent to powering
             14,400 homes.
                                                             Making Business Sense
             Our plan provides many points of genera-        of Green Initiatives
             tion, each site averaging about 250kW.
                                                             Whether the environment is on your corporate
             This network of clean electricity: offsets
                                                             agenda or not, customers are increasingly
             consumption from traditional sources on
             industrial buildings where typically the        rewarding companies that share their concerns
             highest usage exists; integrates ef ciently     about the environment. As a result, business
             into the established utility grid; and can be   partners are increasingly looking to their suppli-
             built faster than a centralized approach.       ers to help them reduce their overall carbon
             SPN has already signed leases to install
             arrays on 50 buildings, with plans to           Why wait for green initiatives to be requested or
             construct an additional 100 sites in the        mandated? Adding solar panels to your roof can
             next 12 months.                                 be a hassle-free way to get greener today.

                                                             S O L A R P OW E R N E T WO R K .C A
 “Our selection process looked at creating a                        Green Benefits
    partnership with a competent developer.                         Unlike other green investments, the building owner
                                                                    and tenants will have the bene t of marketing the
SPN demonstrated technical and operational                          green aspects of solar electricity without any cost
  leadership with their low panel angle that                        to them. As part of our installation, we are able to
minimized the risk for Jamieson. Most impor-                        provide owners with tracking via the Internet and
                                                                    monitoring for tenants and customers to see a
   tantly, this partnership enables us to take                      real-time chart of the solar energy being generated
  bold steps toward a cleaner environment.”                         on their rooftops. In addition, SPN will make
                                                                    available resources and materials to promote your
                         ANDY HOLWELL, Jamieson Laboratories Ltd.
                                                                    company’s commitment to the environment.
                                                                    The landowner will be able to offset their consump-
                                                                    tion with clean power because SPN's solar electric-
                                                                    ity will actually be re-directed into the building -
              WE’VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING:                          without affecting utility rates.
              No Rooftop Penetrations                               Most rooftop owners are already convinced that
                                                                    there are higher rental rates, occupancies, and
              Our installation ensures that the integrity of your
                                                                    asset values associated with “greening” their
              rooftop is maintained. We have chosen mount-
              ing brackets and panel systems that do not
              require penetrations or reinforcements. Our           Solar panels on rooftops provide shade for the
              panels are mounted with a lower panel angle           roof membrane from ultraviolet rays, prolonging
              (10 degrees) to reduce wind load.                     roof life and reducing the need for air conditioning.
              Static loads are typically less than 3 lb/sq ft,
              well within the existing limits of most roof          Our Straight-forward Process
              structures. Low-angle panels are less visible and     1. Sign conditional lease (building owner)
              are unlikely to affect your building’s curb appeal.
                                                                    2. Perform detailed roof assessment (SPN)
                                                                    3. Design the solar system (SPN)
                                                                    4. Complete structural analysis (SPN)
                                                                    5. Receive Ontario Power Authority contract (SPN)
                                                                    6. Receive municipal permit (SPN)
                                                                    7. Install panels, connect to electricity grid (SPN)
                                                                    While the conditional lease allows 9 months
                                                                    to do our design and due diligence, we expect
                                                                    a shorter timeline to pay the upfront payment and
                                                                    execute the monthly lease agreement. With
                                                                    approvals in place, we will deploy the panels and
                                                                    cables on the rooftop. The inverter and meter will
                                                                    be installed in a 10 ft x 10 ft area near the
              GUARANTEED:                                           building’s electrical room. Once the system is
              Trouble-Free Roof                                     built, we will connect to the local hydro company’s
                                                                    electricity grid.
              Maintenance or Replacement
                                                                    Our metering and billing are separate from yours.
              We want to ensure access and maintenance
                                                                    You will continue to be billed based on readings
              of your roof is a simple process. We will remove
                                                                    from your own existing meter.
              a string of panels, once every ve years, at no
              charge in the event that a leak in the roof needs
              to be repaired. We will respond within a few          Lease Agreement Highlights
              hours, 7-days a week, in emergency situations.        Terms and conditions in our lease agreement are
              We will remove our entire panel system, at            similar to those found in landlord/tenant legal
              no cost, should you have to replace your roof         arrangements. Our intent is to pay building
              envelope during the life of the 20 year lease.        owner’s rent while minimizing their risk and any
              On a site speci c basis, we will ensure that          costs associated with the relationship.
              warranties from roo ng manufacturers will not         We insure our panels and equipment so that
              be compromised.                                       building owners won’t see any increases in
                                                                    insurance resulting from our solar systems.
                                                                    We will cover any increases in property taxes
                                                                    resulting from the installation of our equipment.
                                                                    However, we don’t expect this to be the case.
                                                                    Building owners can terminate the lease in
                                                                    the event of demolition, substantial renovation,
                                                                    or redevelopment.
                                                                                                         BUILDING ENERGY

Our Experience                                                  Corporate Founders
Solar Power Network is af liated with a family of environ-      Michael de Pencier owned and operated Toronto
mental companies including Green Living Enterprises and         Life and Canadian Business magazines and is former
Investeco Capital.                                              Chair of World Wildlife Fund. He is a member of the
                                                                Order of Canada.
Peter Goodman, SPN’s President, is a Professional
Engineer and former Chief Engineer of TELUS Corp. He            The Honourable William C. (Bill) Graham, PC.
has extensive experience from TELUS Mobility in acquiring,      Director, Graymont Limited; Director, Sea NG Corpora-
building and operating hundreds of infrastructure sites on      tion; Former: Minister of Foreign Affairs, National
leased rooftop spaces across Canada.                            Defense, Leader of the Opposition and interim Leader
                                                                of the Liberal Party of Canada.
Steve Eng is our VP Engineering. Steve has designed/
built more than 70 solar PV systems integrated with Hydro
utilities across Ontario. SPN is using similar solar PV
design and technology as was recently completed for            “I found SPN to be very knowledgeable.
Hydro One in Brampton.                                          They have an open and transparent
Wesley Stevens, who acts as our Chief Financial                 process which really put me at ease.
Of cer, is an economist and nancial analyst with Navigant
Consultants. In addition to supporting Ontario Power Author-
                                                                At rst, I was apprehensive of the
ity on the Integrated Power System Plan and the Feed-in         20 year commitment required by the
Tariff, he has consulted with several electric utilities and    rental agreement. Surprisingly, my
private developers of solar projects in Ontario and the U.S.
                                                                roofer pointed out that the solar panels
JCM Capital and Solar Power Partners (SPP)                      might actually extend the life of my
have signed an agreement with SPN to provide full
project nancing for the rst 20 MW of commercial-                roof by shielding it from UV rays!”
scale rooftop installations starting in 2011.                   BILL MECHANIC, Checker Industrial Ltd.
“Solar Power Network not only helped us maximize the
 value created out of an otherwise unproductive asset,but
 did so in an environmentally and socially responsible way.”
 CARL MERTON, Reko International

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