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Season Ticket Order Form


    ALL SHOWS $72.00                        Cultural Park Theatre Concert Season Ticket Order Form
Our exciting new season package!!!
All performances are on Wednesday
          evenings at 8PM
                                                         PAYMENT OPTIONS: (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH)
* The Nowhere Band Concert                                                              Check #_______
* Ashley Liberty Concert
* Linda Fazzioli Concert                                Circle One:       VISA       MASTERCARD            DISCOVER
* Gene Ferrari                                                                                                              
* Cape Chorale Concert
* The Three Divas In Concert
                                                           CREDIT CARD NUMBER                       EXPIRATION DATE

Use this chart below to help                   Credit Card Billing Address                 Mailing Address (if different)
you plan your season
subscription. The dates in the           ______________________________              ______________________________
column represent the dates of             STREET ADDRESS                                          STREET ADDRESS
the performances for your
package. Please do not select            ______________________________     ______________________________
dates from more than one                  CITY STATE ZIP                                  CITY STATE ZIP
column as this will result in a                            _________________________
delay of processing your                                     PHONE NUMBER
   Snowbird Pass Shows are                                SELECT YOUR PACKAGE, WEEK, & DAY OF THE WEEK
       marked with (SP)
                                                  SEASON PASS (6 SHOWS)             $72.OO x _______ = $ __________
                                                                                           # of tickets     Subtotal

 Box Office: 239-772-5862                CULTURAL PARK THEATRE
                                        SINGLE MEMBERSHIP (Optional)          $15.OO x _______ = $ __________
                                                                                             #        Subtotal
                                           Add Broadway Season (10 SHOWS) $120.00 x _______ = $ __________
                                                                                     # of tickets     Subtotal
                                           Subtract Discount with purchase of Both
                                        Concert and Broadway season packages $12.OO x _______ = $ __________
                                                                                      #of tickets     Subtotal

                                                                                                 TOTAL $__________

                       SHOW                             DATE        DAY      TIME
  The Nowhere Band (Beatles Tribute Concert)            10-19-11    Wed       8PM
  Ashley Liberty Concert                                11-16-11    Wed       8PM
  Linda Fazzioli Concert                                 1-18-12    Wed       8PM
  Gene Ferrari                                           2-15-12    Wed       8PM
  Cape Chorale Concert                                    3-7-12    Wed       8PM
  The Three Divas In Concert                             4-11-12    Wed       8PM

                                  All Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE & UNEXCHANGEABLE

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